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A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 4

 A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 4

Key: FD, MC, Freeze, Sleep, Hypno

Description: With the mysterious stranger frozen, Nadia sees a way that Abigail can prove herself worthy of a place at the nightclub.

    In the back office of the club, Nadia was enjoying the show before her. Abigail had managed to remove her jacket and completely unbuttoned her shirt, and was in the process of sliding it down her back to show off the tan bra underneath. Meanwhile, her body slowly gyrated to the beat of a song that only she could hear.
    That is until the alarm went off and snapped her out of her trance. “What…what's going on?” she asked, blinking in confusion as she looked around the room.
    Nadia sighed and rolled her eyes in frustration as she stopped filming. “Damn it.” She grumbled, standing and slipping her phone into a pocket. “You might as well come with me.” she said as she passed the confused Abigail.
    “Come with you? Come with you where, mate?” The young woman asked, not realizing that her shirt was almost completely off.
    Nadia made her way to the server room, the source of the alarm, while Abigail followed her. Even though her shirt was off of her shoulders, it hadn’t quite reached the point of sliding down her back just yet.
    Nadia was quite surprised at the scene before her when they reached the server room. “Well now, what do we have here?” She said getting as close to the clear protective barrier as she could. Inside the room were the frozen and plastic coated forms of both the intruder and the head of security, Celene. Given the states of their unconscious forms, it was clear that there had been an altercation, and that Celene had lost.
    While Nadia took a moment to survey the room, Abigail managed to catch up with her at the door. “What the hell?!” she asked, noticing the two frozen women in the room. “Why do you have a mannequin in your computer room?” she asked, trying to make sense of the situation.     

    Nadia pulled out her phone and started to swipe through the control app for the security system. “It’s not a mannequin.” she said flatly to Abigail. “It's a security breach.”
    “A what?” Abigail asked, as Nadia activated the vents in the server room which slowly started to remove the blue mist. “Are you saying…that’s a person?”
    Nadia watched the mist slowly fade from the room as she nodded. “Mmhmm.” She began. “She was exposed to a kind of stasis gas, that's why she looks like a mannequin. Same for our head of security down there on the floor.”
    “Head of security?” Abigail asked looking around the doorframe which allowed her to finally see the sleeping and frozen form of Celene on the floor. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “Is she alright?!”
    Nadia brought up a status menu on her phone, which showed that both Celene and the unknown intruder were both in perfect hibernation, the only difference was that Celene was showing signs of being sedated. “She’s fine.” Nadia remarked. “Looks like she was stunned, by her own baton no less. She’s gonna be pissed when she wakes up.” Nadia observed as the mist finally cleared and the barrier lifted, allowing Nadia in to look over the mysterious intruder.

    Abigail cautiously followed Nadia into the server room and quickly knelt down to check on Celene. To her surprise, Celene’s clothes felt perfectly normal, but her skin had a very thin…texture… to it. Almost like a smooth coat of plastic, not much thicker than a layer or two of plastic wrap. It was cool and smooth, and gave off a shine that made it easier to see. But other than that she looked perfectly fine. “Can she breathe like this, mate?” Abigail asked, still trying to make sense of the situation.
    Nadia, on the other hand, was slowly walking around the intruder and taking in her features. She was tall and had an athletic build, even her posture in a relaxed fighting stance managed to be quite…alluring, and sensual. Her eyes implied that she was intelligent and calculating. Her skin and hair were both dark, which made them stand out against the shine of the plastic coating around her. Although up close Nadia was able to see that her hair was actually a dark brown and not black, it just appeared black due to the lighting in the room. “Who are you…” Nadia mused to herself.
    “Hey!” Abigail yelled a bit more forcefully.
    Nadia snapped out of her fascination with the mysterious stranger and looked at the young Aussie with a look of annoyance. “What?!” she shouted.
    “Can she breathe?” Abigail asked, concerned that Celene and the other woman could both be in serious trouble.
    “No.” Nadia responded casually. “They are both in stasis, they don’t need to breathe. Their bodies are basically on pause.” She said, extending her hand and sliding it along the stomach of the stranger. “They are both…completely helpless…” she mused more to herself then to Abigail.
    Abigail raised her eyebrow and stared at Nadia. “You..ok over there, mate?” she asked cautiously.
    Nadia let a little devious giggle slip as she continued to run her hand along the core of the intruder, helplessly in stasis before her. “Oh, I’m just fine.”  she said, giving Abigail a smile as a plan formed in her mind. “You said you wanted a job here…and I think I just might have the perfect test for you.” Abigail stared at Nadia in confusion as she began to laugh like a stereotypical cartoon villain.
    A few moments later the two of them had managed to carry Celene’s frozen form into the back office and placed her on the couch. As they took hold of the intruder and stood her upright, Abigail sighed. “Why are they both so heavy?”
    Nadia smirked at the younger woman. “First of all, you're out of shape and weak. Second of all, both of them are clearly trained fighters with physical abilities to match. Muscle is heavy. You should try getting some.”
    Abigail sighed in frustration and folded her arms across her chest. “Oh fuck off, mate!” She was about to continue ranting when she looked down and finally noticed that she was practically shirtless. “What the…how long have I been like this?!” she practically shouted.
    Nadia laughed and took a spray can out of a nearby supply cabinet. “At this point, about half an hour or so.”
    “Is that why it’s so cold in here?” Abigail asked, buttoning up her shirt.
    Nadia shook her head no and then struck a pose. “When you're wearing head to toe leather…” She said, motioning to her body and showing off the leather pants and jacket that she was wearing, “you tend to like it a little cooler. They don’t say this stuff is hot for nothing.” With that she turned back to Celene and started to spray the frozen security guard from head to toe with a light airy fog from the can.
    Abigail watched in amazement as the mist slowly dissolved the plastic like coating on Celene and she started to breathe again, very slowly, very calmly. “Mate!” Abigail shouted “Ya did it!” she said excitedly.
    Nadia gave Abigail a satisfied smile and handed her the can.“Yep, and now it’s your turn. Not only to thaw someone out, but to also prove that you deserve to work here.” Nadia finished with a smile.
    Abigail took the can and gave Nadia a confused look. “What do you mean?” she asked, looking back over at the frozen intruder. “You want me to use this to free her?”
    Nadia nodded as she sat down on the couch next to the sleeping Celene. Of course she took the opportunity to slide her hand up and down the passed out security guard's butt. “Yes, and then I want you to hypnotize her. I’ll take care of the programming once she’s under. But if you can manage to overwhelm her resistance, the job of stage hypnotist, or at least one of them, is yours.” Nadia’s posture was one of confidence, and control, she knew she held all the cards.
    Abigail looked at the intruder for a moment, apprehension visible on her face, and then looked back at Nadia. But as she saw Nadia raise a questioning eyebrow, as if to ask if she was going to do it or not, Abigail made her decision and began to spray the intruder from head to toe with the mist. When she was finished, she tossed the can to Nadia and waited for the woman to come out of stasis, assuming the most confident posture she could manage.
    The plastic sheen slowly faded from the woman’s skin, and then all at once she blinked and gasped in surprise. She looked around the room, first at Abigail and then behind her to Nadia, who paused for a moment to smile and wave before returning to her groping of Celene’s butt. “Shit.” the woman replied. “Paralytic gas.” She continued, sniffing the back of her hand. “Wait…no…stasis gas. Cryometholnitrate. Impressive.” She took another slow sniff. “Lilac scented, too,  nice touch.” She finished and straightened herself, glaring at Abigail. “Out of my way. Don’t…make me move you.” She said coolly.
    Abigail took a deep breath, despite her nervousness. “Sorry, mate, you got yourself frozen in the server room. We’ve got to check you first before we can let you leave. You understand, insurance and all of that, ya know?” She said as calmly as she could, holding a penlight and aiming it at the intruder's face. “Can you follow the light for me please.” She stated more than asked.
    The intruder blinked as the light shone in her face and then glared at Abigail again. “Seriously, this is your plan? To hypnotize me with a pen light? You don’t really think I’ll fall for this, do you?” She said as her eyes seemed to unconsciously follow the light in front of her.
    “I’m not trying to hypnotize you.” Abigail said as her voice became slower and more rhythmic while she moved the light back and forth in front of the woman’s eyes. “I just need to check your focus. Just need to make sure you can follow the light, from side…to side…back and forth. You can resist it and complain all you want, mate. But your only way out of here is on the other side of this test. So you might as well just take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and relax. And follow the light, so I can make sure you’re ok. Once that's done, you'll be free…free to go relax, and let go…all you want. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
    Despite her confidence, the woman couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of the light as it moved back and forth in front of her. And although her posture didn’t change, her expression seemed to soften ever so slightly. “Yeah…I’d like that…” she said softly as her breathing began to slow. After a few more swings of the light from side to side, her shoulders began to sag…and after several more swings her hands slid down her body and fell limp at her sides. There was a brief realization that flashed across her face, as if she knew something was happening for that split second. She opened her mouth to say something, but her eyes kept following the light from side to side and all she could do was sigh as her face relaxed completely. Her mouth never closed.
    Abigail smiled softly as she kept moving the light back and forth in front of the woman. “That’s it mate, almost done.” She said before lifting up her other hand slowly. “One last thing, all I need for you to do is just take a deep breath in…and hold it…” She paused, watching the woman do as she was instructed. “That’s it…now just let it out…slowly…gently…feel your body relaxing down and…” She paused again, then snapped her fingers. “Sleep!”
    The woman exhaled slowly, just like she was instructed to do, and then at the sound of the snap her eyes fluttered closed while her head nodded forward. And there she stood. Asleep on her feet, breathing slowly and easily.
    Abigail smiled confidently and turned off the pen light, slipping it into her pocket as she turned to glare at Nadia. “Well, did I pass?” she asked, almost with a tone of defiance.
    Nadia patted Celene’s sleeping form on the butt and rose to her feet, walking over to Abigail with a familiar smile. “Excellent, welcome to Spirals!” she said, extending her hand for Abigail to shake.
    Abigail reached for Nadia’s hand and then pulled back quickly. “Wait a minute, you did that once before! You used it to hypnotize me, you little bugger!” she said feeling accomplished for more then one reason now.  
    Nadia smiled and tilted her head to the side in mock innocence. “Who…me?” she said playfully.
    Abigail shook her head, chuckling to herself, and held up her fist instead for a fist bump. “Ya, you!” she said, laughing. “But thank you, it’s nice to be here!” she said proudly.
    “I’m sure it is…” Nadia said with a genuine and confident smile as she bumped fists with Abigail. Then, without skipping a beat, she quickly raised her hand and tapped Abigail on the forehead with three fingers, all at once. “And…sleep!”
    Abigail was caught completely off guard and gasped in surprise as she stared at Nadia. Her eyes slid closed as she sighed softly and her entire body sank to the floor. First to her knees, and then slowly falling over to her side with a gentle thud.
    Nadia smiled and lowered her hand, looking around the room at the three helpless young women. Her attention was especially focused on the mystery woman and Abigail, both helplessly asleep. “You’ll both make excellent additions.” She said with a devious grin.

To be continued.

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Featuring: Nadia, Celene, Abigail, Veronica

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