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A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 3

Key: Fd, MC, Frozen, Sleep

Description: A mysterious intruder makes her way into the server room of the Spirals Nightclub where she is confronted by the club's head of security, Celene.

    As a hypnotized Celene was busy taking Abigail to meet Nadia, the back door of the club’s loading dock jiggled and slowly swung open. In the doorway was the outline of a woman…the same one who’d been keeping a close eye on the club from the street. She casually looked around as she stepped inside. “No one here to greet me?” She said with a teasing smile. “All the better…makes things so much easier to deal with.”
    She quickly made her way through the building and found the server room. “Oooh…an electric lock. How cute.” She said, smiling and removing what looked like a pen from her purse and gently tapping it to the locking mechanism. The moment she did there was a brief electrical trickle before the door popped open.
    "For me?” The woman said in mock flattery. “You shouldn’t have!” She slipped into the room with a devious smile on her face and pulled her cell phone out next. On the screen was a detailed list of all the devices in the club. The phone appeared to be creating the list itself without any input for her. “Hmmm, HiFi subliminal speakers, able to get down into the 4hz range. That’s an upgrade from the last model.” She murmured while idly glancing down at the screen, observing the tech on display in the room while she waited for the phone to finish.
    Meanwhile, per Nadia’s instructions, Celene was on her way to the dance floor, waking up with each step that she took. She didn’t remember what had happened, or have any recollection of meeting Abigail, but she was aware enough to notice that the door to the server room was open when it shouldn’t have been. Of course, she still had a suggestion to follow, and as she stared at the door, she walked past it completely and out onto the dance floor. Only when she arrived there did she wake up completely. “Why the hell am I here?” she thought to herself for a moment. ”And why is the server room open? I need to close the door.” 

    Celene made her way back to the server room to close the door, but very easily noticed the intruder in the room. She was, after all, head of security for a reason. “Hey!” she shouted, reaching behind her and putting a hand on her side arm. “What do you think you're doing in there?”
    The woman turned and smiled casually at Celene. “I’m copying the specs of your hypnotic equipment, you guys shave some pretty interesting stuff here. I look forward to reviewing the data when I get home.” Her intent was clearly to annoy Celene into making the next move. However, whether her intent worked or not was irrelevant, because Celene could only make one move.
    Having heard more than enough, Celene pulled her sidearm and steadied in the direction of the mysterious woman. “Alright, put the phone down and step out of the server room.” she said authoritatively. “Now!”  
    The woman smiled and shifted her body to present a more narrow target. Even though she knew it was pointless at this range. “Oooh, is that a Mk 7 Hypnolaser? Or have you gotten the new Mk 8 yet?” Her question somehow managed to be both serious and taunting at the same time.  
    Celene flipped the safety off on her weapon and flashed the woman a cocky smile. “Mark 9 actually. It pays to be good at your job.” She said with a smile before squeezing the trigger.
    A green bolt of energy flew from the barrel of the weapon as she squeezed the trigger, it measured roughly a foot long but moved with lightning speed…and was aimed directly at the mysterious woman’s chest. You can imagine Celene’s surprise when, in that fraction of a second's time, the woman raised her arm and placed a kind of metal bracelet between herself and the laser blast, causing it to deflect harmlessly into the ceiling. The tile it hit flashed bright green for a few seconds as both women glanced up at the glow before locking eyes with one another. The mysterious intruder grinned at Celene.
    Celene was, understandably, shaken by the turn of events. But she was also well trained, and extremely capable of holding her own. “Interesting.” She said flippantly, without a hint of nervousness. Without a second thought, she squeezed the trigger several more times in succession.  
    Blast after blast crossed the short distance between the two women, as the intruder quickly deflected them. One by one, they bounced into different parts of the server room and flashed a bright green for a second or two before fading again. After the fifth shot, the intruder slipped her phone into her back pocket and took on a more defensive position, using the bracelets that she had on both wrists to deflect the blasts.
    After close to twenty shots it was clear to Celene that she wasn’t going to hit the woman, not only because her opponent was skilled enough to deflect them, but also because she was currently out of ammo. “Sixteen shots,”  she thought to herself, “four better than the Mk 8. Nice.”
    Without a word, Celene holstered her sidearm and pulled out a stun baton instead. The baton’s tip lit up in a bright yellow, but instead of the trickling electrical sound of a taser, it made more of a soft, relaxing hum. The security guard took on a brief fighting stance before launching into her next attack.
    For the first time in a long time, the intruder was actually impressed by an opponent. As Celene skillfully, and accurately, made strike after strike with the baton, each one aimed at exactly the right place to cause the greatest effect by the weapon, the woman somehow managed to move her body just far enough for each strike to miss. They were, however, far closer than she would have preferred. After the fourth or fifth strike, the intruder resorted to using open hand deflections to ensure that the baton was staying as far away from her as possible. She knew that despite her superior skill and strength, that she wouldn’t be able to play with the security guard and would have to end the fight quickly.
    Celene, meanwhile,  was careful not to overextend herself. Her strikes would go just as far as they needed to make a hit, and the moment that she realized the strike had missed she would pull back into a defensive position strike again. Lucky for her, her  exercise routine was paying off and she was barely breaking a sweat. And her training at staying focused on her task was keeping her from feeling the slightest hint of apprehension about continuing her assault on the intruder. She was in the zone, and had she been fighting anyone else…she would have won easily by now.
    Unfortunately for Celene, she had met her match. And as she made one more quick strike toward the woman’s leg, the woman quickly swung her wrist down to block with her bracelet, then twisted her arm up to twist Celene’s arm in such a way that she couldn’t quickly retract it and return to her defensive posture. At the same time, the woman swung her body forward and wrapped her free hand around Celene's torso and under her left armpit, moving her hand up and around to the back of Celene’s head. The move caused a momentary distraction just long enough for the intruder to grab Celene’s wrist and take control of the hand that had the baton in it. With her opponent subdued, the intruder pressed her advantage and twisted the guard’s hand in such a way that the baton shifted inwards and struck Celene perfectly in the chest, directly between her breasts.
    The whole thing happened so quickly that the only thing Celene had time to realize was that something had gone wrong. Her mind was instantly thinking of exactly how to get out of the hold that she had found herself in, never once even entertaining that thought that she might lose. That is, of course, until the baton touched her chest…which stopped all of her thoughts, completely.
    The moment the baton touched Celene’s chest, the young woman’s entire body flashed a bright yellow. She let out a startled gasp, more of a physical reaction than a mental realization, then sighed as her body relaxed. The yellow glow faded while her shoulders and arms fell completely limp and her eyes rolled up into her head. Her face went slack as her eyelids closed and her head fell limply forward, rooping to her chest. Had it not been for the intruder having her in a nice tight hold, she would have easily fallen to the ground. But instead, out of respect for her capable opponent, the intruder held her gently. And as she did, she switched off the baton in order to support the young woman’s body without hurting her.
    “Rest easy, sister.” The intruder whispered with a genuine smile on her face. “You have earned it.” She gently lowered the guard's sleeping body to the ground and laid her down in a position that she hoped would be comfortable.
    As the intruder stood up she looked at the baton in her hand, slipping right back into spy mode. “Hmmm. A Mark 4 stun baton.” She looked at the sleeping Celene with a proud smile. “They really did give you all the nicest tech didn’t they?” She continued to examine the baton before setting it down next to Celene. “Set to maximum, that should keep you out for about two hours, given how capable of a fighter you are. It’s barely half the time it would keep a normal person out.” There was almost a note of admiration in her voice.
    Just as she finished examining the baton, the alarm in the building began to sound. The rising and falling klaxon sounded a lot like the red alert warning on Star Trek, but not as loud. At the same time, a solid, clear plastic barrier dropped in the doorway and sealed the room completely. “Security threat detected.” Said a blank female voice from over the speakers. One that sounded suspiciously like Midnight. “Chief of Security has been incapacitated. Server Room breached. Beginning level one countermeasures.”
    The intruder was somehow both alarmed and intrigued by the turn of events. Even though her defenses instantly went up, she couldn’t help but be curious about the sophistication of the security system. It still didn’t worry her, though. There wasn’t much that the building could throw at her that she couldn’t defeat, even that plastic barrier, which was more likely bulletproof acrylic rather than plastic, wouldn’t slow her down in the slightest. She was perfectly safe…or so she thought. She looked around the room and waited, still holding a semi defensive position as a smile crossed her face. “Interesting…”
    No sooner had she spoken, several gas jets activated and the room instantly began to fill with blue tinted gas. Several of the jets hit the intruder on various points of her body,  including one directly in her face. But the moment the gas hit her in the face, the force of the jets and the startled inhale brought the gas deep into her lungs. She never had time to figure out what was going on, or to focus on the details of the gas. Her mind came to a stop almost instantly, and so too did her body. Every muscle in her form gently tensed up just enough to keep her in the position that she was in. Her eyes remained locked ahead as the curious smile was frozen on her lips. While the gas continued to fill the room, a slight plastic sheen appeared on her skin. Little by little, she was slowly encased in a top secret material that placed her body and mind in complete stasis.
    The real irony of the situation was that the technology being used on the intruder wasn’t even listed in the computers. Almost no one at Spirals knew it was even there. And of everything in the building, this would have been the system that the now frozen intruder would have taken the most interest in.
    Finally, the jets stopped as a light blue haze filtered through the room. On the floor lay a perfectly still Celene. Her unconscious form was in perfect stasis and surrounded by the thin, but noticeable, layer of shiny plastic that had put her there. Leaving her doubly incapacitated.
    But the real prize the system had captured was the lovely intruder, whose dark features made the glossy shine of the thin plastic around her stand out even more. Her body remained in a slightly defensive stance, while the confident and curious expression on her face was still. All while the alarms continued blaring around the two motionless women.

To be continued…

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Featuring:  Celene, Veronica.
Mentioned: Nadia, Abigail

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