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A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 5

Key: MD, FD, MF, MC, Hypno

Description: Xander enjoys the fruits of his labor at the aquarium, and returns to discover that Nadia has had a rather productive day herself.

    Back at the Aquarium, Katheryn was in the middle of giving Xander a personalized tour. Her knowledge of every single animal and plant in the building was quite impressive, to say the least, and her delivery remained completely professional. Her behavior, however, had changed dramatically.
    Despite her professional and knowledgeable tone, she was practically latched onto Xander’s left arm and leaning her head against his chest. She whispered each description of the animals they passed into his ear with a giggle, and followed it with a gentle kiss on his neck or a lick of his ear. Of course in her mind it was perfectly normal. She wasn’t giving a tour to a random stranger that she had just met, she was showing off the aquarium to her favorite crush. The more reserved and professional parts of her personality had been put to sleep, temporarily of course, to allow the more repressed, flirty, and sexual sides to come out. The result was a very knowledgeable, liberated young woman who was more than happy to indulge herself with the man next to her.
    Xander was more than happy to let her indulge herself, by the way.
    As they made their way through the crowds, Xander couldn’t help but be amazed at how people were naturally trained to look away from a couple who were engaged in more intimate displays of affection in public. Some would be inclined to pay more attention to them, and of course he would get the occasional thumbs up from a guy who wanted the world to think he was a player. But for the most part, they had almost complete privacy in the middle of a crowd.

    They stopped in front of a large tank, about twelve feet wide, full of tropical fish when Katheryn leaned up and whispered into Xander’s ear. “I want to show you something.” She said, licking his ear lobe quickly and then pulling him over to a door that read “staff only.” Her badge unlocked the door as she held it up and the two of them slipped inside.
    The room itself wasn’t much more than an access area for staff to get to the lighting and pumps for the tank outside. The entire wall was filled with the tank they had just been looking at, except they were on the other side of the tank and looking out at the people in the aquarium.
    As the door closed behind them, Katheryn pushed the incubus against the glass of the tank and pulled his head down to kiss him. She was barely five feet tall, so Xander had a good ten inches on her, but her aggression made it quite easy for her to pull him low enough to meet his lips.
    The action actually took Xander by surprise, and for a moment he didn’t know what was going on…he could be an idiot like that…but once he figured it out he began to return the kiss. There was a passion to her kiss, a desire that was being released for probably the first time in a long time in her life. She was free to let all of her pent up energy and arousal run free without a hint of worry or concern.
    Xander however, was a little concerned. “Well now…aren’t you in a mood. Not worried that people will see us?” He said, breaking the kiss and gesturing to the crowd on the other side of the tank. But as he looked closer he couldn’t help but notice that no one seemed to be paying attention to them. They were all looking at the fish. He knew people tended to ignore public displays of affection, but this was like they were completely invisible.
    Katheryn smiled and licked Xanders lips playfully, taking a step back to untuck her shirt. “They can’t see us.” She said, smiling as she pulled the form fitting shirt up to expose her stomach. “It’s got a one way background.” She continued, pulling her shirt up higher and exposing a rather dull, tan bra, before slipping it up and over her head. “We’re completely alone…they can’t see a thing.” She said as she unclasped her bra to reveal her breasts, then undid her curly red ponytail to let her hair flow freely along her shoulders and back.
    "Is that so?” Xander said with a smile as he took a step closer to the topless, hypnotized young woman and slid one hand along her back to pull her closer, while his other hand began teasing her nipple softly with his thumb.
    “It is…” She said, leaning up to kiss him gently. “I’m all yours.” She said huskily, having no idea just how accurate that statement was in her current hypnotized state.
    Xander leaned in and began to kiss his hypnotized prey, deeper and more passionately this time. He had also been on his best behavior for much of the day, and just like Katheryn he was now free to indulge himself. As she responded to the kiss he moved his hands along her body, caressing and massaging every place that they touched, until he made his way down to her jeans and slowly unzipped them.
    Katheryn’s hands had been holding Xander’s face in the kiss, but when she realized where his hands were moving she quickly began to undo her belt and allowed her jeans to fall to the ground. For a moment she thought about kicking them away, but was quickly distracted by the feeling of something sliding along her thigh. It wasn’t one of Xander’s hands, it was too long…too thin and muscular as it coiled around her right thigh.
    Under normal circumstances she probably would have brushed it off. But since they were in an aquarium, which was home to creatures such as…poisonous snakes… her mind forced its way back to reality and broke the kiss. She looked down at her leg, expecting to see a snake, but instead found a thin, red demon tail wrapping itself around her thigh.  
    She let out a gasp as a look of confusion crossed her face, while her hypnotized mind struggled with what she was seeing. “You’re…you’re an…” She struggled to form thoughts while Xander just smiled at her.
    “An incubus…yes.” He said, grinning deviously as the tip of his tail made its way under her mismatched dark green panties. “Why do you ask?” He said playfully.
    Despite creatures like incubi and demons, vampires and elves being common knowledge, they were all very rare, and Incubi even more so. And as she struggled to comprehend what she was seeing, to form a thought of any kind, Xander began kissing her again as his tail slid between her legs. She gasped mid-kiss as she felt his tail slide into her most intimate of places, and her resistance disappeared as her conscious mind shut down once again. The tail began coiling its way deep inside of her as she squirmed and writhed on it, losing herself in the pleasure.
    On the other side of the tank, a slight glow could be seen coming from the spot where Katheryn’s body was pressed against the glass. Her life energy started to illuminate just enough to shine through the background of the glass as Xander drained it from her into himself. A loud moan could be heard coming from the orgasmic young woman and then the glow faded, and all was silent.
    A few moments later Xander emerged from the room with a subtle smile on his face as he closed the door behind him and continued with his afternoon.
    Back in the room the lights were all off, and on the other side of the tank people watched the fish swim peacefully through the water. None of them were aware of the all but naked redhead, slumped against the glass and sleeping peacefully on the floor. She’d be there for hours, and would wake up confused, with a large gap in her memory, but strangely wouldn’t be bothered by any of it. It would almost be as if she had been programmed to simply…brush it off.

    Later that night, Xander walked into the Spirals Nightclub to find a young Australian woman performing a stage hypnosis show. Surprisingly, she appeared to be pretty good at it. She had a rather large group of volunteers on stage and currently had a mixed bag of about four men and five women all dancing like strippers. Each of them were using the other nine volunteers as their stripper poles.
    As he made his way down to the more relaxed seating area on the second level, he found Nadia looking very pleased with herself as she watched the show. “I take it this was your doing?” He asked, pointing to the stage with a genuine smile.
    Nadia smiled and sipped her drink. “Oh, you might say that…” Next to her Xander noticed a woman slumped over onto Nadia’s lap.
    “Is that Celene?” He asked, moving closer to the woman who was wearing street clothes.
    “Yup!” Nadia laughed. “It was a long day, you missed quite a bit.” She said, sounding proud of herself.
    Xander laughed and took a seat several spots away from Nadia, close enough to hear her speak but still not too close. “I’m glad you had a good day. I had a pretty good one myself.” He noticed that the stage show was wrapping up, and as the guests filed back to their seats and the young woman on stage took a bow, a blank expression came over her face as she moved backstage.
    “I think you’ll like this part.” Nadia said with no small amount of pride in her voice.
    “Ladies and gentlemen…” the voice of the DJ, Tammy, said over the loudspeakers, “Please give a warm welcome to our second star entertainer for the evening. The lovely Veronica!” The curtains opened just as a tall, dark skinned and dark haired woman emerged from between them. Her hair was released from the tight ponytail it had been in earlier and was fluffed up around her shoulders and down her back. She wore a classic, purple sequined dress that accentuated her breasts and butt and flared at her ankles.
    She stepped out on stage and began to sing a sultry, seductive song about a woman falling under the spell of someone else…and being unable to resist even the smallest desire that they had for her. It was quite fitting for a nightclub themed on hypnosis.
    “Where did you find her?” Xander asked in surprise as he listened to the woman’s song.
    “She set off the alarm in the server room and was put into stasis by the security system.” Nadia said casually.
    “Ah, that makes sennnn…wait say that again?” Xander asked, starting to realize what she had just said.
    “Nah, you can ask her yourself.” Nadia winked at him. “Consider it a peace offering.” She said, rising to her feet as Celene, who was still clearly hypnotized, stood to follow her. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a little thunder from down under to investigate.” She said, slowly making her way down the stairs towards her office.
    Xander just blinked in confusion at what had just occurred but then brushed it off to enjoy the show before him…and plan his next move or two.

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Featuring: Xander, Nadia, Celene, Abigail, Katheryn, Veronica.  

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