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A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 6

Key: MD, FD, MC, MF, FF, Hypno

Description: Xander and Nadia enjoy the fruits of their labor while the new employees of Spiral’s enjoy their own personal homecoming celebrations.

    Backstage in the dressing room, Abigail was practically vibrating with excitement after her first successful stage show. She wanted to celebrate, to dance and mingle with the guests in the club, and just enjoy herself. But yet, she found herself just as happy to sit in the dressing room. She didn’t know why, it just felt like she was waiting for something…or for someone.
    A moment later the dressing room door opened and in walked Nadia with Celene trailing behind her.  “Shouldn’t you knock first?” Abigail asked, more from the embarrassment of being startled than anything else.
    “Why?” Asked Nadia with a grin. “I practically own the place.” she said, placing her hands on her hips and giving Abigail a cocky smile.
    Abigail shifted her weight and folded her arms with a huff. “That doesn't matter! You don’t just get to barge in my room, what if I had been naked or something?”
    Nadia raised an eyebrow. “Oh, you mean like this?” she asked innocently, snapping her fingers in front of Celene’s eyes.
    The head of security had been watching the whole situation with a bit of a glazed look in her eyes until Nadia’s fingers snapped before her eyes. She let out a soft gasp as her body straightened while she began to remove her clothes. There was nothing flashy about her actions, she simply began to unbutton her shirt until it was completely open and then let it fall to the floor. Next were her jeans, which she unbuttoned lazily and slid down her legs. A moment later her bra joined her shirt, forgotten on the floor. Finally she bent over, sliding her panties down and stepping out of them before standing at attention once again.

    Abigail, however, was unimpressed “Oh that’s very professional!” She said, mocking Nadia in her thick accent  “Is that how you run this place? More like a dominatrix than a manager? No wonder you have such a hard time finding staff.” Of course as she said that, she realized that the club was actually pretty well staffed and that everyone seemed to enjoy their jobs.  
    Nadia laughed as she stepped closer to the young hypnotist. “I think it has more to do with my magnetic personality,'' She smiled deviously and raised her hand to snap her fingers,  “And a bit of skill on my part.”
    But to her surprise, Abigail grabbed her hand and tossed it aside. “Get that outta my face, mate!” Abigail said with a surprising amount of confidence. “You think just ‘cause you’re in charge and might have a little more skill at being a hypnotist than some others, that you can just make everyone here just do your bidding like some kind of queen? That’s not even original! And what was your plan anyway?” she asked, pointing to the now naked Celene. “To make me strip like her? With nothing more than a little finger snap?” And as she finished, she snapped her fingers at Nadia.
    Of course, since Nadia was directly in front of Abigail, she also snapped her fingers in front of her own face. And as soon as she did so she instantly stood at attention, hands falling limp at her sides as her face went slack. She opened her mouth to protest, but nothing came out, and instead it just hung open as she stared ahead. Finally, her hands moved up to her shirt and she began to disrobe, just like Celene. All while Nadia giggled like a schoolgirl with two new toys.

    On the other side of the nightclub, Xander sat at his desk chair while a very hypnotized Veronica slowly moved around him and sang a lovely solo.
    As the song came to a close, the young woman sat on Xander’s lap and leaned in, close enough to be nose to nose with him as she sang the last line of the song. As she finished, she dropped the non-existent mic from her hand and began to kiss him passionately.
    As the incubus slid his hand over her dress, he was surprised to discover that her body was incredibly well built. You could see the definition on her arms while she was singing on stage, but up close he could feel the definition of her biceps…among other things. He slid his hands over her back and shoulders, then down her legs as far as he could reach. He couldn’t help but be impressed at just how built every part of her felt. “She must be an athlete,'' he thought to himself as he ran his hand along her thigh and slowly up her stomach. “Or a bodybuilder.” His hand cupped her breast, caressing it slowly, careful not to snap the young woman out of her trance. She had, after all, been hypnotized by Nadia, and he didn’t really trust her abilities…at all.
    But as his hand found the young woman’s breast, and the kiss from his hypnotized gift deepened, his concerns about Nadia began to fade as he enjoyed her peace offering. The young woman’s body began to give off a slight blue blow as he slid his tongue along hers. A small sigh escaped her lips, and for a split second he thought he saw her struggling to wake up, but it passed quickly as she fell back into the kiss.
    He could feel her energy draining into him, but was surprised to find that it was somehow more…pure than others he had encountered.  He chalked it up to her fitness level and simply enjoyed the surge that he was getting from it. But as he drained more and more of her energy, he noticed that she was lasting much longer than most human women would, although she was still responding to the kiss more sluggishly as time passed. She seemed to have an unusual amount of energy. And the more he drained from her, the more he wanted. He slid a hand behind her head and gripped her hair, pulling her head back enough to kiss her neck as his other hand caressed her breast.
    Veronica let out a soft moan as the glow in her body became brighter as it rapidly rapidly drifted into Xander. The incubus held her close, sucking on her neck as her moan became louder…and then almost all at once the glow in her body faded and shifted to Xander’s. Her moan turned to a sigh as she collapsed against the incubus while he held her to him.
    He let her fall back into his arms, moving his lips from her neck sliding his tongue down to her breasts as she slept. “Mmm, very tasty. Thank you, miss.” He said, smiling as he enjoyed the feel of his sleeping prey a bit longer. He took a few moments to simply enjoy the feel of a strong, sexy young woman against his body…after all, what was the point of draining a lovely young woman if you didn’t enjoy the rewards to their fullest.
    After a few minutes, he gently picked the young woman up and moved her to the desk chair and admired her body as he set her down. The only movement from her was the gentle rise and fall of her chest as she slept. She looked so peaceful, and yet with every breath a little bit of her hair would sway as her body moved. The incubus smiled and quietly moved to the doorway and switched off the light to the office, pausing to look back at the sleeping woman. “Sleep tight.” he said with a smile, closing the door behind him as he made his way back out into the club.

    In the backstage dressing room, Nadia was lounging lazily on the couch while a hypnotized Abigail leaned against her. The young Australian had her hand inside Nadia’s shirt and was rubbing her breast tenderly as she kissed the older woman.
    Nadia was surprised by how much of a novice the young woman was. It was clear that she had never felt up a woman before, or at least someone that wasn’t herself. Her movements were eager and generous, but she lacked the understanding of exactly where to press, where to touch. Her kiss was much the same. There was a nervousness to it, an insecurity that Nadia couldn’t pinpoint. Ultimately, it was of little concern to her. She had her prize. And now that Abigail would be spending more time at the club, Nadia knew that she would be able to help expand her knowledge and awaken the deeply repressed desires inside of her. And if those desires weren’t there…well then, she’d simply have to create them for her.
    Celene, on the other hand, was actively busy between Nadia’s legs. The head of security had two fingers sliding deep inside Nadia while her tongue slowly circled around her clit, rubbing it for a moment and then swirling around it over and over. Nadia closed her eyes and moaned as Abigail began to suck on her neck while the first of many orgasms rippled through her body. “Oh yeah…very relaxing day…” She murmured to herself as she grabbed Abigail by the hair and pulled her in for a deep kiss.  

    As the sun began to creep over the horizon, Xander made his way to the end of the pier on the beach behind the nightclub. He had taken a moment to grab a sandwich from a local deli, who happened to be open to serve the early morning workers that kept New Chicago running in the background, and took a seat on the pier.
    He smiled as  the first glimpse of the sun started to peek out over the horizon, making the water of Lake Michigan turn a bright orange as they reflected the sunlight. Taking a bite of his unwrapped sandwich, he glanced down at the water. “Well, I had a pretty good day yesterday.” He said with a smile as he ripped off a piece of the sandwich and dropped it into the water.
    “A nice little fight with Nadia,” he continued with a smile, “a lovely encounter with an employee of the Aquarium.” He stopped to take a bite of his sandwich, and then ripped off another piece, dropping it into the lake again before continuing with his mouth still full. “I should bring her here some time. I think she’d like to just sit here…you know?” He asked, seemingly to no one as he swallowed the bite of his sandwich. “And then I rounded out the night with a little snack of a very athletic corporate spy.” He ripped the remainder of his sandwich in half, pausing to think about what he’d just said. “We’ll probably have to deal with the bigger implications of that at some point.” The remainder of the sandwich was dropped into the water as he stared off into the distance, deep in thought. “Or I could let Nadia deal with it. She seems more invested anyway.” The sun had started to rise over the lake as he looked out at it, shrugging to himself.
    He took a deep breath and looked down at the waters of the lake next to the pier, while the pieces of sandwich slowly sank down into the lake and disappeared one by one. He smiled softly. “I need some sleep…hopefully today is a little less exciting.” He winked and smiled down at the water, then headed back down the pier for home. A small ripple in the waves of the lake was the only response he received.

The End…For now.

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Featuring: Xander, Nadia, Celene, Abigail, Veronica

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