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A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 2

 Key: FD, MC

Description: A young woman shows up at the Spirals Nightclub to ask for a job as a stage hypnotist. But she may just be the distraction that Nadia needs to help her relax.

    Back at Spirals there was a soft, almost timid, knock at the front door. Celene made her way up the stairs and over to the entrance, only to see a nervous looking young woman standing there. Her hair was too light to be brown, but too dark to be blonde. It was more similar to Celene’s current dirty blonde color than anything. Half was tucked up into a ponytail while the rest was left to hang down her back, just past her shoulder blades.
    Celene unlocked the door and pushed it open with a bit of a grunt. “Can I help you?” she asked as professionally as possible, given the day she’d already had.
    The young woman responded in a surprisingly melodious Australian accent. “Hi, yeah, I was hoping I could apply for a position as a stage hypnotist? Or an entertainer, something like that, mate.”  
    Celene blinked at the young woman, who appeared to be in her mid twenties. “I’m sorry, you actually WANT to work here?” She said, completely failing to hide her surprise.
    “Well, yeah?” The young woman responded in confusion. “I’m a hypnotist, and I’d like to try my hand at stage hypnosis. I think it might be fun!”
    Celene's deadpan expression didn’t falter in the slightest as she stared at the young woman. “Seriously, this place is a nuthouse. Complete with two managers that hate one another, an entire staff of hypnotized bimbos, and a secret corporate overload that likes to communicate through a hypnotized messenger. You really don’t want to work here. Have a good day!”

    As Celene went to close the door the young woman finally asserted herself and placed her hand firmly on the door. “Look…” she started, trying to give her a charming smile. “I think we got off on the wrong foot here, mate. My name is Abigail, I’m a certified hypnotist, and I’d like a job.” Given how nervous she had been just moments ago, her tone was surprisingly even and confident as she stared into Celene’s eyes. “I know you don’t think that I’d like it here, but I think that what you're really saying is that you don’t like it here. That you're a bit stressed out by your co-workers and your job. And that’s alright, mate. But I’m sure if you just let yourself take a breath, and relax for a moment, I’m sure that I can help you see that this is exactly where I want to be. And it’s exactly where you want me to be, too…you can see that now, can’t ya?”
    Abigail watched as Celene unconsciously took a breath and visibly relaxed. She let the slightly older woman process what was happening for a moment, but cut her off before she could respond. “Isn’t that better? To just let everything go for a moment, and just…listen and relax. You work in a hypnosis nightclub. I’m sure you’re quite nervous around us hypnotists…but it’s ok. I’m just one of the girls, just one of your mates that you like to hang out with when you're away from all of this. When you just want to sit down and talk, sit down and relax, and let all the stress, all the worries just melt away from your mind and body. And you’re just able to sit, and listen. To just really focus on what your mate’s sayin’ now. Isn’t that right?”
    As Celene listened closely to the young woman, following each of her softly accented words, she began to relax against the door she was trying to close. The muscles in her face were loosening and her shoulders had started to sag, and she barely responded to Abigail's question with a soft sigh as her head nodded gently.
    Abigail smiled and moved closer to the security guard, gently pushing the door open. “See, it’s alright. Everything is alright. And as you just sit here, listening to my voice, you can’t help but just let your mind start to drift away. To let your thoughts just, go on break for a bit. After all, you are at work, and it’s time for you to take a break. Time for your mind to just go to sleep…time for you to just…sink…and sleep.” The young Aussie said as she snapped her fingers.
    Celene had drifted off long before Abigail snapped her fingers. There was just something about her voice that managed to draw Celene in and help her relax. And as she leaned against the door, she couldn’t help but get lost in Abigail’s soothing accent. Of course she was unaware that her body had begun to relax, or that her face had gone slack. She was barely aware that she had been blinking a bit more than usual, but just as she realized that she heard a snap. And the softly spoken word ”sleep” echoed through her mind. It sounded like such a lovely idea, and it was so easy for her to just close her eyes…and sleep.
    Abigail smiled as the once obstinate security guard simply relaxed and closed her eyes. A moment later the young woman’s head slowly drifted down and to the side before it came to rest against the door frame. “That’s good, mate, that feels so much better now, so much nicer to just relax. Don’t you think so?”
    Celene nodded softly as a slow smile formed on her face. “I thought so.” Abigail said “Now that you’re asleep, now that your mind is far, far away from work…your body can simply open up the door. And take me to whomever I need to talk to about getting a job. You can do that, can’t you?” she asked in a soothing tone.
    Celene sighed out a soft “Mmhmm” before standing up and holding the door open for Abigail. “This way, please, Miss.”She said softly as she led Abigail into the club.
    Down the street, a tall, thin, dark skinned woman, watched with a smile. “Well…” she thought, “since security seems to be occupied, I’ll just let myself in.” She chuckled to herself as she turned down the alley and walked around to the club’s loading dock.

    Nadia sat quietly inside the back office. She was still angry at Xander, but was trying to let that go so she could focus on more productive things. Until there was a knock at the door. Nadia sighed and put down her phone in frustration. “What?! She yelled at the office door.
    To her surprise, a very hypnotized looking Celene opened the door and walked in, a blank expression on her face. Behind her stood a visibly nervous looking young woman. But before Nadia could ask what was going on, Celene spoke up in a relaxed, monotone voice. “This is Abigail.” She said flatly. “She is a hypnotist. She would like a job as a stage hypnotist.” After that Celene simply seemed to just…shut down. She didn’t move, didn’t speak, she just stood there, breathing gently and staring off into space.
    Nadia turned in her chair as Abigail entered the room. “So…” she began, her accent mixing with her nervousness. “This wasn’t intended to be my resume,” she said, gesturing to Celene. “But she wouldn’t let me in so I thought this might help me show off my skills.” The young woman stepped closer to Nadia and extended her hand with a smile. “I’m Abigail!” she said excitedly.
    Nadia’s face instantly lit up in a smile as she rose to her feet to take the young woman’s hand. “Pleasure to meet you!” she said with a genuine smile as she shook Abigail’s hand. “I’m Nadia…now… sleep!” She said as her expression became much more devious. She jerked the young woman's hand down hard enough to make her shoulder and her head follow in response.
    Abigail was taken completely by surprise. She managed a soft gasp as her body jerked forward and her eyes shot open. The look of confusion was evident on her face, until she heard the word “sleep.” And just like Celene…she couldn’t help but think of what a lovely idea that was. Her vision became blurry as she felt a wave of heaviness come over her body. There was barely a moment’s hesitation before her eyes closed as she sighed and fell face first against Nadia’s chest. She had been completely hypnotized in less than three seconds.
    Nadia smiled as the previously nervous, and previously awake, young woman landed against her chest. She gently steadied Abigail with her free hand and began to whisper into her ear. “That’s a girl…nice and deep, nice and relaxed. So easy to just sink…down into sleep, down into my words…isn’t that right?” She said with a smile.
    Abigail responded with a muffled “mmhmm” against Nadia’s chest. The rest of her body was completely limp, and if it hadn’t been for Nadia’s support she would have been a pile on the floor.
    “That’s a good girl.” Nadia said, grinning. “So easy to just stand up…legs nice and sturdy, nice and strong.” As she said this she could feel Abigail straightening up a bit. She was far from standing upright, however, her shoulders and arms were still completely limp at her sides, and her head had almost fallen down to her chest. The hair that had been flowing freely down her back was now covering up part of her face. Nadia brushed a few strands away and slid her hand along the young woman’s cheek, slowly tilting her head up. “Let’s take a better look at you, shall we?” She said with a smile as the lovely features of the hypnotized young woman became more visible. “Well now…you certainly are a stunner, aren’t you.” She murmured.
    As Nadia looked up, however, she remembered Celene was still in the room. She was still unresponsive and just stood there, staring vacantly ahead. “I trust you have things to do?” She said sternly to the hypnotized security guard.
    “Yes Miss.” Was the very relaxed, monotone reply.
    “Then do them. Leave this room and return to the dance floor. There you will wake up, remembering nothing of bringing this lovely young woman to me.” She continued, her voice softening as her hand trailed down Abigail’s chest.  “And you will go about your day as if nothing has happened. Understand?”
    Celene nodded slowly. “Yes Miss. Nothing has happened…forget…” And with that she turned around and left the room, leaving the two women alone.
    Nadia’s glare slowly faded as she turned to look more closely at the lovely young woman before her. “Well now…” she said with a smile. “It looks like I have you all to myself.” She moved back to her chair and sat down. “So you want to be an entertainer…you want to be up on stage, is that it?” she said, crossing her legs and leaning back.
    “...yyyesss…” Abigail responded slowly. Despite the drawn out, relaxed tone of her voice, her accent was still very much present even in trance.
    Nadia smiled at how cute, and unintentionally sexy, the accent sounded. “You know…to be on stage you need to be able to look the part. You need to be able to captivate the audience, simply by walking on stage.” Nadia said gently, motioning to her own, rather attractive, form. Do you think you can do that, my dear little protege?”
    “...yyyeeesss…” Came another soft murmur from the hypnotized young woman.
    Nadia laughed softly as she relaxed in her chair. “I thought you might feel that way.” She said, picking up the phone on her desk and opening the camera. “Why don’t you show me a bit of what you…bring to the table my dear. You can start by doing a strip tease for me…no need to be nervous…it’s all a part of the job. All part of the…position that you so desperately desire now.” She said with a grin as she began recording.
    Abigail nodded softly. “...yess…waant this job…so badly…” She whispered as her body began to sway. Her hands lazily slid up her body and began to unbutton the first few buttons of her shirt, allowing her hands to slide along her chest and up her neck.
    Nadia smiled. “Mmm…this might just be exactly what I needed today.” She thought to herself as she leaned back to enjoy the show.  

To be continued…

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Featuring: Nadia, Celene, Abigail, Veronica.

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