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Movie Theater Trance Out! - SHR

Key: MD, MF, MC, Sleep, Chloroform, Freeze

Description: Sleepygirl reflects on a dream she recently had about her and her friends going to a movie. One that none of them seem to remember, although they all agree that they really did enjoy it.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 2-28-20XX
Subject: Movie Theater Trance!

    Self explanatory, you know the drill! Also, I think this may be a self-answering question but how did suggesting that you try my trigger work out last night? Because that's the last I remember before I'm assuming I conked out. Like I said, I feel like I know the answer but confirmation is always a nice thing. In any case, here you go!
[Hypnotist’s Note: Given that this was years ago, I’m thinking this might have been one of the first times I had a sleep trigger in her. Or at the very least an updated one. “Sleep Name” is kind of dull I’ve updated over the years. In any case I’m guessing this went well.]
    I was with Laura, Eve and Niki in this one, and we were all walking into a fairly crowded movie theater. Not crowded enough to feel confined, but there were quite a few big groups of people and some long lines spread across the entrance. We got our tickets and milled around in the lobby for a few minutes, trying to get through the other groups of people and killing a little bit of extra time until our movie started. Laura and I stood in one of the concession lines while Eve wandered over to an arcade room that was nearby, and Niki waited for us near one of the entrances to the hallways that led to the theaters. As I was waiting with Laura I started watching everyone in the lobby as they talked and got ready for their own movies. Near one of the entrances to the theater there was a large platform set up, with a backdrop behind it, that was acting as a makeshift display for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. [Note: this would date this E-mail back to around 2014 or 2016] People were gathered around it as others climbed up on the platform and posed in front of the backdrop, and quite a few of them were getting creative and recreating scenes to really make it seem like they were in the movie. As I watched everyone posing and taking pictures I noticed that Niki had moved from her spot near the hallway entrance over to the display area. She was people watching while she waited on us, looking somewhat entertained but also a little bored too, and both of us watched as a group of guys climbed up on the platform and posed for their picture before jumping down. One of them, who'd been sneaking glances at Niki the entire time they'd been waiting, looked like he was toying with something in his pocket but I didn't think anything of it. As the guys made their way through the crowds, I saw him separate from the group and lost track of where he ended up from there. Meanwhile, Niki tried to make her way past the display and back to the hallway, but got stopped as a group of people passed in front of her. While she waited for them to pass, I saw the guy from the group moving up behind her. As I watched he pulled out a cloth from his pocket, moving in closer to Niki, and quickly snaked an arm around her waist while he reached up and wrapped the cloth over her nose and mouth. Her eyes opened wide and her arms moved to her face to try and pull him away, but he took one of hers with his free hand and held it down. She kept struggling but soon her efforts started to slow and the hand that was still trying to fight him off slowly dropped to her side. Her eyes fluttered as her body sagged back against him, still trying in vain to free herself from his grip. Eventually her eyes slid shut and she went limp against him as he steadied her body and held her upright. He dragged her around the corner of the display and they disappeared for a few moments. Meanwhile, I turned my attention back to the rest of the lobby as Laura and I moved out of line to find Eve in the arcade room. Laura excused herself for a moment and as I made my way out of the groups and over to the arcade room, I saw that Niki had been moved to the main display and left there, posed and still unconscious.
    As I moved over to the arcade room I caught sight of Eve, who was in the middle of a conversation with a guy I didn't recognize. He'd just walked back over to her, holding a drink that he offered to her with a smile. She took it cautiously and sipped it as they continued talking. I might have been seeing things, but I thought I'd seen him slip something into the drink as he was bringing it to her. In any case, they kept talking while I waited for Laura, and nothing really seemed unusual until I noticed Eve moving closer to the guy and acting much more flirty. The entire time that I was standing there, she kept inching closer and playfully caressing his arms, until eventually he leaned in and began to kiss her. She pressed herself into him and returned the kiss deeply as he started to push her back toward the wall and into the corner of the room. No one seemed to notice anything unusual about the way the two of them, Eve especially, were behaving. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him slip his hand under shirt and begin massaging her chest. He continued playing with her and feeling her up as I looked at the time on the clock and headed inside to the movie. I made my way through more groups of people into our theater and found a seat for myself in the back row. A few rows ahead of me was Laura, who had somehow snuck in without my noticing. As the lights dimmed, I noticed the guy sitting next to Laura toying with something that had a light on it and that seemed to be pulsing. In the dim light of the theater I could see Laura look toward him, rather annoyed, and lean in to say something. I don't know if he said anything back but he didn't seem phased by her comment and instead seemed to be trying to show her the light. Whatever the light was attached to was pulsing slowly as he leaned in and whispered something to Laura, who was unusually still. I could tell she was captivated by it, given that she had yet to move or make any comments to the guy next to her. He’d stopped talking at that point and was simply holding it in front of her and letting it continue to pulse. After a few more moments, he turned the light off and began whispering in Laura’s ear again while his arm slipped behind her shoulders. Her head was still angled down at the space where the light had been and she seemed oblivious to the fact that it had disappeared. The lights were completely down by this point so it was difficult to see much more than that, though in the shadows I swore I saw him removing her shirt and bra.
    As I sat there watching the movie I noticed someone slip into the seat next to me out of the corner of my eye. There hadn’t been many seats left when I sat down, so I didn’t think anything of it. The next thing I saw was something dropping down into my field of vision, being held by the man next to me. I started to object when a light started coming from it, faintly but enough to draw me to it. As I looked closer I was able to see that it was a watch, similar to one I’d seen used in comic books, and in addition to the light that I was seeing there was also an energy being emitted from the watch as well. It almost seemed like the energy was reaching out to me and drawing my attention closer to the watch. Of course by the time I realized what was happening I couldn't look away. The watch had started to sway ever so slightly, too, but I was so focused on the light and the energy that were captivating me that I barely noticed its side to side movements. And since we were in the back row of the theater no one noticed all of this happening. I felt the man's hand sliding up my arm and across my chest as the watch continued to enthrall me while I stared ahead helplessly at it. At some point the watch was lowered, but I was so far gone I didn't even notice. As soon as the watch disappeared I felt the man feeling me up again and starting to undress me. His hands were under my shirt, undoing my bra and slipping my shirt over my head as he massaged my breasts. Before long he'd undone my jeans as well and was turning me toward him to kiss me deeply. His hands roamed my body as I automatically returned the kiss, vaguely aware of him instructing me to move onto his lap. When I did, I felt his hard on start to tease me and then enter me. I rocked mindlessly with him and matched his rhythm as he pumped into me deeply while his tongue roamed my mouth. He kept his pace at first while he fondled and kissed me, but eventually started to rock into me faster and faster until he started to cum. The next thing I knew I was awake again with the lights in the theater slowly starting to come up. I looked around, completely oblivious to everything that had just happened and only remembering having enjoyed the movie. As I looked around for my things, though, I noticed my shirt was missing and I was sitting in the middle of a public movie theater with just my bra covering my top half. My shirt was sitting next to me and, feeling more than just a little confused I pulled it on and looked for Laura who was getting up from her seat as well.
    The two of us left the theater, finding Eve and Niki as we did. None of us seemed to remember anything odd happening that night, but of course we also didn’t really remember much of the movie either. Even though we couldn’t stop mentioning how much we’d enjoyed it. People crowded the lobby again and we made our way through more groups than when we'd left. As we moved toward the exit at the front of the building I noticed the same group of guys  that had been posing for the display picture when we were going in. Two of them moved around us while the other two excused themselves and tried to get around us. As they maneuvered through the people I felt, for a split second, something tap me on the shoulder. I started to turn around, but my head barely turned before I felt my body stop. It was like, for some reason I had just been completely put on pause. I couldn’t move. I was just staring ahead blankly, slowly breathing. Around me, the other three members of the group had done the same to Laura, Niki, and Eve who were all frozen alongside me, All just kind of staring in whatever direction we had been looking when we were touched and frozen. The boys moved us out of the way of the main aisle and set us up near the wall in such a way that we looked more like a display of four girls enjoying themselves as they were leaving the theater. I looked like I was trying to turn to see the person that tapped me, and was set up in front looking back at the rest of the group. Eve was in the middle of finishing a handful of popcorn, and Laura and Niki were talking to each other with big smiles on their faces. We looked completely natural, and no one would have suspected anything if they just glanced at us. It was definitely button pushing.
    And, for most intents and purposes, that's where I remember the dream ending. I think you put it best by saying I have a twisted dreamscape. In any case I hope you enjoyed this, but now it’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Laura, Eve, Niki and Sleepygirl

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