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The Spy That Froze Sleepygirl - SHR

Key: FD, MD, MF, MC

Description: Sleepygirl takes on the role of a spy in a hypnotically induced dream, and attempts to steal a new form of immobilizing sedative. Surely there is no way this plan could go sideways.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 4-26-20XX
Subject: The Spy that Froze Me!

    I may have spent a little too much of my free time this weekend watching spy movies. In my defense only two, but apparently that was enough to carry over into my dreams. Not that I'm complaining because, come on, being a spy would just be cool...  
    Anyway, you'll appreciate this! As you may or may not have guessed by now I was a spy in this dream, looking for some kind of new sedation chemical that essentially froze the person it was being used on. They would be able to be moved, but essentially wouldn’t be aware of it. So, on me I had three things: one was a coating for my shoes that would allow me to be completely silent when walking (tell me that wouldn't come in handy on a daily basis), another was a tranquilizer dart gun, and the last was some kind of audio device which let out a silent pulse that would hypnotize whoever it was directed at. Anyway, the building I needed to get into was within my sight, so I waited until there was a large group of people headed in to sneak in unnoticed. Which was a good idea, until they started to disperse once they were inside. At that point I had to hide behind a pillar so no one would notice me, because apparently wearing all black with knee high boots and exceptionally tight clothing would have been a tell that something wasn't right? As I was planning my next move I looked around me and noticed that Nicole was sitting at the reception desk, which would have been my only way out. I assumed I would have to incapacitate her, and started pulling out the tranquilizer gun. Before I could do anything to her, though, this guy came up to the desk and started talking to her. It seemed innocent enough at first, but then he pulled out a taser and moved behind her as she was going through some files in a drawer. Before she could do anything he covered her mouth and slid the taser into her back. As she slumped down in the chair, he pulled out a pocket watch and started swinging it from side to side as his other hand held her eyes open. I saw him talking to her while she nodded sluggishly in agreement, and that went on for several minutes before he kissed her and began making his way toward the elevator. Thinking I'd follow him I tried to get past the desk, but she saw me and, even though she looked pretty dazed, grabbed my arm, and asked how she could help me. She definitely wasn't going to let me go so I pulled out the tranq dart again and got her with that. Oh if my friends only knew the shit that happened to them in my dreams. She slumped back down into her chair while I headed for the elevators and reached them just in time to stop the door with my hand. As they opened back up I saw a man smiling at me, oddly enough he reminded me of you even though I don’t think it actually was you. He just had your mannerisms. I didn’t have much chance to notice because the next thing I knew there was a flash in my face and I was standing in the hallway while the elevator headed back toward the lobby. The only thing I was missing was my tranquilizer gun.
    I didn't want to wait for the elevator again so I headed for the stairs instead, making my way to the level above where I knew the chemical was, so I could sneak in from above. Once I got to the floor I found an air vent to sneak into and started moving through that. While I was doing that I noticed a room with three women wearing lab coats inside, but when I got a closer look I noticed that the three women were Eve, Klaire and Jessy. With them was another woman dressed in a business suit, who turned out to be Laura. From my position I heard them mention the chemical and that they were going to do a demonstration of it, which..piqued my interest a little more. Eve grabbed a dart off of the table in front of them and began moving towards Klaire with a devious smile. Before Klaire had time to notice, Eve poked her with the dart and watched as she froze in place, kind of like her body was on pause or something. Then Eve and Jessy started moving her, demonstrating that they could do so and she still wasn't aware of anything that was going on. Laura seemed satisfied with that and walked out of the room and down the hall as Jessy trailed behind her a few moments later. Lucky for me, I was able to follow them through the air vent as she entered what looked like a locker room. I was about to go follow her when I saw the guy from earlier stop Laura in the hall and start talking to her. As they talked he raised one of his hands, which had a ring on it, and a puff of gas shot out of it and hit Laura straight in the face. A smile crossed her face as she slid closer to him and began rubbing his hand and even undoing her shirt a bit, before leaning in and kissing him deeply. They moved into her office not long after that and I can only imagine what happened based on what looked like a shadow of her taking off her clothes under the door. At that point I went back to following Jessy, who was almost finished in the locker room. I snuck in and took out the hypnotic device I still had in my pocket, then turned it on and pointed it at her. Slowly, she started to stop what she was doing until she was just standing there, staring ahead while the pulse kept hypnotizing her. Of course, I took advantage of this and asked her where they were keeping the drug. and once I had the information I moved her back into a chair that was in the room. Since she was still hypnotized I just waved a hand over her face and told her to sleep before I pocketed the device again. Before I left I grabbed her lab coat and walked back down to the room Eve was in. She was so busy she just kind of nodded without even looking up when I walked in. I found the cabinet Jessy had told me about and inside was the disk with the formula, six small darts, and a bag of powder with a giant caution label on it. I took the darts and was about to leave before I decided I should probably incapacitate Eve too. She was distracted enough, so I snuck up behind her and gently poked her in the side with one of the darts. Just like in the demonstration, she froze in place, right in the middle of what she was doing. With that I headed back out of the room and back to Jessy, who I used another dart on to immobilize as well, I guess at this point my thought was why not? After that I passed Laura's office again and heard whispering from in the room. I could hear who I could only assume was the same guy I saw her with before asking her where the chemical was, and her answering him. I was curious so I peeked my head in just enough to get a glimpse, and sure enough it was the same guy dangling the same pocket watch in front of a very naked Laura.
    And as is the case with these dreams of mine, I ended up watching a little too closely and found myself following the watch, too. So when the guy asked her where the chemical was...I answered. That got his attention and he turned, keeping the watch dangling in between both of us, to look at me, and asked who I was. He asked if I had any of it and I was trying to fight it at that point by trying to avoid the watch as much as I could. But, not so surprisingly, that didn't work out in my favor and I just kept watching and slipping deeper. The man leaned in, keeping the watch in front of me, and started stroking my cheek, telling me that he enjoyed our encounter in the elevator earlier. That would have filled in some blanks if I had been aware enough to think about it. This time when he asked if I had any of the chemical on me, I told him yes and he started running his hands over my body, searching for the darts and taking a few liberties along the way. Once he found them he took them out of my pocket and raised his hand, where the same gas he used on Laura gently hit me in the face. I felt what I can only assume were the same effects that she did, and started seductively kissing along his neck and flirting until he asked what we should do about Laura. Still feeling flirty, playful, and more than a little turned on at that point, I said we should use one of the darts on her. He took one of the darts and snapped his fingers in front of her eyes, she woke up and leaned in to kiss him, and he of course took advantage of that for a moment before sliding the dart into her arm, freezing her in place. With her incapacitated he moved back to me, one thing led to another, and I was naked not too long after. I'm sure you can use your imagination as to what happened after that. But I will say that once the dream reached its...climax...he used the dart on me as well (the fact that he held up the dart and asked before, during or after before he did anything is part of the mannerisms that reminded me of you by the way...just something i could see you doing).
    The strange part is that after all that happened I kept cycling through the different rooms that had Eve, Laura, Jessy, Klaire, etc all frozen in them. Kinda like I was watching time pass while they were frozen. It was actually vivid enough that I felt like right before I woke up was when I unfroze and dressed and ran out of the room to avoid being seen by anyone. So basically it felt like it lasted all night, which is different. But yeah, that was that, like I said, too many spy movies lately, maybe? Anyways, now it’s time for me to forget!

[Note: I found the snippet below in my list of saved emails but I cannot find the full version. I don't know if she ever sent it or not. So enjoy as a little bonus!]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 4-26-20XX
Subject: [Irrelevant as the email had nothing to do with the topic below]

[Bulk of personal email omitted for… obvious reasons]
    Second notable thing is that I had an interesting dream once I finally went to bed last night. I will write out a more detailed description at some point, but I will say that it involved you spraying me with what looked like a tiny bottle that had this mist in it. The mist froze me (slowly) and, well, you had fun teasing me while I was freezing, and even more so once I was fully frozen. I'll leave it at that for now. I will write up something more detailed when I don't have a million other things to be doing, but I thought I would at least mention it… But now it’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to :Iconsleepygirl586: for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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