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Stacy And Xander Fight a Robot

Description: Stacy, a superhero / Fire Angel (an original character by Psyco Turnip) and Xander the incubus take on a horde of robots... to save the city? yes... As a competition to see who could destroy more? Also yes!

Written by Psyco Turnip!

"Mwahaha! Your too late you foolish fire chicken! In mere moments I'll-" The cackling professor staggered backwards, falling on her but as one of her robot guards dives in front of her, blocking the fireball and quickly melting down to slag. "Normally" The Statuesque woman folds her wings as she casually enters the room, calmly walking to the center, she surveys the legion of robots around her and glares up at the professor, reigniting her arm "I'd be more than happy to let you wax poetic about you plans, droning on and on, telling me in exacting detail how you're going to conquer the city or world or whatever your gunnin' for these days" Stacy begins counting on her hand "But A: I Already know your plan, B: I already foiled your plan and C: I'm not in the greatest of moods right now so can we skip the part where we fight and I break all your toys and just have you surrender, please?"  

Professor Blackthorn picks herself up, straightening her lab coat and huffs "The nerve of some people, regardless, you can't stop my radio broadcast tha-" "Ya I'm going to stop you right there" The Superheroine interrupts "Your radio broadcast might have gone through but it never left this room, hard to broadcast without a dish to send out the waves, eh?" She gives the sputtering professor a toothy grin and plants a hand on her hip "So like I said, can we rap this up, I'd rather not rough up your small army but I will if you push it" Red faced, professor Blackthron shoots back "You think you have it all figured out! I have contingencies in place for you, such as" the professor taps a button on her wrist pad, powering up all the bots at once and opening up the roof, flooding the room in flame retardant foam, dousing everything, putting out her fire Stacy looks around and sighs "...Fuck" The front line of robots raised their right arms and in unison and fired their sonic cannons "Shit!" Stacy tries to dive free but is blasted into and then through the wall. Groaning amongst the rubble Stacy hears the professor laugh maniacally, it was however quickly drowned out by the whine of sonic cannons powering up for another shot, cursing Stacy rolls and quickly jumps back to standing, sprints around a corner, diving into an unoccupied office behind a desk furiously wiping the foam away from her arms, wings and legs. The robots fire into the office, blowing out the window and shredding the desk. 

"Having fun?"  

Stacy jumps at the voice from behind her, she looks up and sure enough There was Xander, floating just above her, smiling down at her, relaxed stance, knowing smile on his face. "What are you doing here?" Stacy seethes "I saw fiery explosions on the top of a skyscraper, guessed it was you and thought I'd check it out, or more accurately check you out" Xander winks as she groans at the terrible entendra. "Well, here I am, ogling done? Now if you don't mind, I have a professor to catch and beat into a pulp" "Oh you mean Jennifer? Don't worry about her, she probably a third of the way down the building on her way to the police, real set on turning herself in" Xander states matter of factly picking something out from under his nails. "What do you mean on her way to the police?" Xander makes a tsking sound and looks at her out of the corner of her eye "You don't honestly think you're the only pretty lady I have triggers planted in their pretty heads, do you?" Stacy opens her mouth to argue stops and scowls as she burgeoningly nods to the statement. 

"Regardless, it might be the wrong type but seeing you covered in white fluid is fun and all but how are you doing?" "Just peachy-keen" Stacy grimaces, wiping more foam off herself "Really? because it kinda looks like you're getting your ass kicked by robots" Xander looks down at her with a smug smile, Stacy flairs her wings, stands quickly and huffs, poking his chest with an accusatory finger "Hey! do you have any idea how hard it is to melt steel covered in fire retardant foam while you yourself are covered in the same damned foam!?" She exclaims waving her hands wildly about, Xander winces as a piece of foam nearly gets flicked into his eye, he looks down seeing foam all over his shirt, he chuckles.  

"You're paying for my dry-cleaning" Despite herself Stacy laughs "Fine but if I'm paying, I might as well get some bang for my buck" "Are..." Xander grins "Are you asking for my help?" "Hardly" Stacy growls as she punches into the chest of a robot, melting its core, turning it to slag "I'm just saying if I'm paying for your dry-cleaning, you might as well work for it" Xander crossed his arms, ducking a robot's swing "I don't know, that sounds like work" "Oh? Are you just saying that because you can't beat these goons faster than me?" Stacy challenges raising an eyebrow in his direction. 

"Well now I have to defend my honor" Xander replies catching a robot's arm, throwing the robot clear out the broken window "Why don't we spice things up? Whoever destroys more robots has to pay for all the dry-cleaning and the first round, deal?" She reaches out a hand, daring him to shake it. "A contest? interesting" Xander mused "Any rules?" "break 'em however you can, no interfering with each other and no kill steals. Let's see who does better eh?" "Should we count your previous kills?" "No chance friendo, I definitely don't need a handicap in a contest against some second-rate fighter like you" She smirks, blowing foam covered hair out of her eyes, Xander chuckles darkly and smiles "Ohh, you're going to pay for that"  

"Enough talk, lets give 'em hell!" Stacy leaps over the ruined desk flairs fire over her entire being and roars as she cannonballs into the firing squad, scattering them like bowling pins, she landed on one punching it into ruined scrap metal. Xander quickly flew over her head, ripping one robot apart while piercing another's core with his tail. Shifting her focus back on the task at hand, she dives head first into the violence, ripping, tearing and melting automatons, making certain to keep her tally. Stacy ducks instinctually as a robot sails clear over her head, careening into the wall, she looks over as Xander stomps a robot core and gives her a smirk "I've got twenty-eight so far, you?" Stacy savagely twists a robot in half, and chuckles “Oh that’s cute, I’m rocking thirty-three. Maybe if you put on your big boy pants you might be able to catch up” She condescendingly states placing her hands on her knees, looking down at him on the pile of scrap metal “Come on, make me work for this, I don’t want to feel guilty for taking your money” she sneers, pulling an eyelid and sticking her tongue out at him. “Okay, okay, effort it is” Xander laughs, rushing past her thrashing a robot as he goes. 

Chuckling to herself, Stacy dashes into the room close behind him and collides into his back as he suddenly stops. “Hey! What's the big ide-” Her eyes widen as she notices that the room is overflowing with an endless legion of robots. “It seems Jennifer fixed her replicator...” Xander breaths quietly “Where? I don’t see it” Stacy asks scanning the room. “There” Xander points to a six-foot tube, slowly but surely pumping out one robot after another “Your faster hun, I’ll grab their attention while you slag that tube, ready? Go” Xander leaps into the middle of the army, disabling and damaging as many as he can. “Tube counts as five bots!” Stacy yells as she rockets towards the tech. Careening into the flimsy tube, she crumples it with little effort, smashing the panel with a flick of her wing, slicing it into half a dozen pieces, she turns to see Xander surrounded by piecemeal metal viscera clearly out of breath, one partially destroyed robot grabs Xander’s ankles causing him to stumble, a slight let up in his offence gave the robots the opening they needed, the surrounding automatons turn and fire their sonic cannons at him, punching him into the ground.  

“I got ‘cha Friendo, Hang on!” Stacy leaps and focuses deeply into her core, willing her fire to burn brighter. She lands just over him and fires her supernova, igniting the oxygen in the room into superheated plasma. The roaring winds are her entire being for an eternity of a second, the howling winds was just as quickly filled with deafening silence. Stacy took one staggering step, wavers looks down at Xander who is unaffected by the heat "All...tho-se..are...miii..." Stacy gracelessly collapses, hitting the floor roughly, vision blurred she feels someone scoop her up and rush out the room. She is gently placed on a mostly intact couch, time seems to lose all meaning as she hears metal screeching and rending before blackness takes her.

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Featuring: Xander, Stacy


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