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Hypnotic Earrings - SHR

 Sleepygirl emails me about a dream she had where she was “given” a pair of mind altering earrings.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 9-28-20XX
Subject: I got some hypnotic earrings!

    Self explanatory, I think. Had a short-ish dream last night, a little different from the last few that I've told you about. Mostly in that it wasn't vacation themed, which was surprising. Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining to watch people I know getting knocked out, frozen, and tranced, but sometimes it's nice to be the only one I have to keep track of in a dream. Although I don't know if it's less entertaining for you to have just me to read about in comparison to, you know, ten other people as any case, we're moving on.
    I was walking through a mall, looking at all of the different stores and pretty much just window shopping. Some of the stores were getting ready for Halloween, some were being ambitious and putting Christmas decorations up, but I was content to just wander around for a while and take everything in. As I was walking toward one end of the mall I stopped in a store that looked mostly like a small tech shop. There were a small handful of people in there looking at what they had available, and as I made my way toward the front of the store I saw a man behind the counter holding up a silver tiara and showing it to a girl. It was a little confusing given everything else that was in the store, but I figured there had to be about it, or else why would it be there in the first place? Inside the rest of the case, near the counter, I saw several other tiaras sitting inside, along with some watches, headbands, necklaces and earrings. Even, of all things, a hat. It seemed like a random assortment to me, but like I said I figured there was a reason they were there. And so I didn’t ask any questions…yet.
    I looked back over to the man at the counter and saw that the girl in front of him was now trying on the tiara. She stepped to the side and admired herself in the mirror next to her, and as she did I saw the man pull a small remote out of his pocket and subtly press a button on it. A small arc of electricity was emitted from the tiara, and through her reflection I saw her face go slack and her eyes flash for a split second before glazing over while her arms fell limply to her sides. She stood in front of the mirror, unmoving, almost like she was waiting for something. At a glance you wouldn't really have noticed anything was different, except that a small gem at the front of the tiara was now glowing. While she stood there, the man behind the counter looked down at the remote and began pushing a few more buttons on it. As he did I noticed her breasts enlarge, very slightly, and the makeup on her face became more noticeable. With another push of a button her clothes began to shrink. The pair of shorts she had on slid up her legs and barely covered her bottom half, while her shirt tightened and began to shorten itself, becoming even more low cut to show off her cleavage. When he seemed satisfied with his results, he pushed another button and her eyes came back to life, although her personality was definitely different. Almost more like a bimbo. She giggled at herself in the mirror before making her way over to another man in the store and wrapping her arms around him, pressing her body to his as she flirted seductively. The man that had given her the tiara watched her bounce away with a smile and noticed another girl nearby looking at a headband. With a pleasant smile, he walked over and took one out of the case for her, asking if she'd like to try it on. When she agreed and moved over to the mirror to adjust it, he slid the remote out again and pushed another button. Just like before, the electricity flowed from the headband and her eyes flashed for a brief moment before going blank and glassy as her arms went limp.
    I watched as she stood vacantly in front of the mirror until I saw another man walk up next to me, noticing that I'd seen what had just happened to her. He stopped and asked if he could show me some of the newer arrivals that were behind the counter as well. Against my better judgment, I agreed and walked with him as he pointed out the earrings I'd seen earlier, as well as a watch, a hat, and the headband and tiara that I’d already seen. After he asked if I wanted to try anything on, I paused for a moment and then told him I wanted to see the earrings, which is just ironic since my ears aren't actually pierced. It’s even more entertaining given that I knew what was going to happen by putting them on. You'd think I was actively trying to get myself knocked out. He commented that they were a good choice and walked me over to another mirror to try them on. I saw him pull the remote out of the corner of my eye and managed to ask what he was planning on doing with that. With a grin, and without really answering, he held it up and pushed a button. Instantly, I felt my mind just go blank as I watched my eyes flash briefly in the mirror before my face went slack and my arms dropped to my sides. He started pushing more buttons on the remote and the shirt I'd been wearing seemed to get tighter, it was a button up and somehow the bottom of the shirt managed to tie itself into a knot so my stomach was showing and my breasts stuck out more prominently. Next, the skirt I was wearing seemed to get even shorter, enough to stop at around mid-thigh. As he continued adjusting things and pressing buttons I felt myself getting more aroused and feeling very attracted to him, almost to the point of finding him irresistible. The next thing I knew I was aware again and moved closer to him with a flirty smile on my face. His hands started sliding over my body as he asked how I liked the earrings. I leaned in even closer to him and said that I loved them, and as I wrapped my arms around him he said he might be willing to give them up if I would trade something for them. I heard myself giggle as I asked what he had in mind, and was cut off when he leaned in to kiss me and said we could talk about it in the back. He pushed another button and I followed him into a back room, where he took a seat and pressed yet another button.
    As I looked down at him I felt the urge to start doing a striptease, and slowly started moving my body and undoing my clothes, piece by piece. I untied the shirt and let it fall to the floor, then let my bra slide down my arms to follow it. My hands slid over my body as I swayed closer to him, sliding what was left of my skirt off, then my panties, and when I was completely naked I slid onto his lap. By that point, he'd already unzipped his pants and was spreading my legs, massaging them slowly and moving his cock into me. I rubbed myself up against him as I leaned in and kissed him deeply, and after a moment I felt him push into me and start to rock up and down. I could already feel him getting bigger as I matched his pace and started rocking down onto him, sliding my hands over him and kissing him deeply while my tongue slid along his. I started grinding against him faster and harder, which only made him speed up even more. A few moments later I felt him spasm inside of me and started to cum with him, riding out the orgasm until he kissed me deeply again and rolled me onto my back, pulling out the remote again as he did. Still feeling aroused and attracted to him, I leaned up and kissed him again, just as he pressed another button on the remote. As he did, the earrings flashed again and everything went black as I trailed off in the kiss and fell back gently as it put me to sleep.
    When I woke up again I was back in the front of the shop, the man was showing me three boxes on the shelf that were labeled with Eve, Klaire and Laura's names. He told me to take them before I left and make sure they were properly delivered. With a devious grin, he took out the remote again and said that, for now, I had some selling to do. As he pushed the remote I felt my arousal increase again and felt very bubbly and personable. Nothing really seemed to matter but flirting with the customers and getting them to buy or try on things, so I'm assuming he pressed a button that would turn me into a bit of a bimbo for the time being. Which, not that I’m much for being a bimbo, but it’s kind of freeing! Like, I don’t have to think about anything or really do anything but smile and jiggle from time to time, and people just kind of do what I want them to do. It’s like a totally freeing experience! More people should try it! It’s such a wonderful feeling, and OMG the orgasms are so much better when you don’t have to think about anything. It’s like the pleasure just rolls through your body without anything to stand in its way and you can just scream and moan and let it rush over you. It’s sooooo nice! OMG! Sorry, I think I fell into, like, a sales pitch there, hehe. These dreams get to me sometimes! But anyways that was pretty much how the dream trailed off. So, like I said, a little shorter than the others, but still entertaining.
    Although as I write this I can’t help fantasizing about what might be in the boxes for the other girls. I kind of imagine that Eve would get something more like a necklace or even a locket, I know she likes those. Something maybe with a screen inside instead of a picture so that as she is changed the screen displays a different picture to show what kind of mindset and mood she is in. Klaire I see definitely getting a hat! That girl’s hat collection is insane and I know she wouldn’t be able to resist another. I kind of like the idea that the hat itself would be more something that would control her based on the hat. You know like a cowgirl hat would make her into a slutty country bumpkin, or a flapper hat (which I’m pretty sure she already owns) would make her like a flapper from the 1920’s. Oooh, or what if the hat changed shape or appearance based on what she was programmed to be, it could morph into something new! I mean after all it is a dream so the skies are the limit, right? Laura would definitely have a bracelet, something that could be slipped on her arm. I kind of like the idea of that shifting to be different styles as well. Maybe going from something gold and classy to something plastic and tacky when she ends up as a bimbo.I kind of love this idea!
        Anyways, I thought you might get a kick out of this little dream. I don’t know why, but I have a desire to go put on some really nice earrings and just kind of walk around a mall. Giggles. Who knows, maybe I will! But for now it’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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