Trisha is an artistic young grad student at New Chicago University.  She has a strong body build and looks like she could tackle a football player without any effort despite the fact that she is only five foot eight inches tall. She has golden blonde hair and likes the change the style quite often. She tends to dress in outfits that show off her D-cup chest and accentuate her legs. Making sure odd fashion choices as wearing high heeled stilettos with blue jeans.

Despite being a grad student she really doesn't know what she wants to do with her life yet and tends to shift from one area of study to the next at high speeds and often without warning anyone including the school itself. That indecisiveness plays out in the rest of her life as she tends to switch from one thing to another without telling anyone around her.

She is by far one of the most experimental girls at N.C.U. and is openly bi-curious and willing to not only take charge but put herself in a position of submission or peril if she thinks it might lead to a new experience. She has no problem with being on top, or on bottom but the idea of two people being equal bores her.

Trisha along with Laura are responsible for rescuing Eve from her accidental stint as a cryogenically frozen guinea pig.


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