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A Little Cruise - Part 2

Key: MC, Freeze, MD, FD, Sleep

Part 1

    With Veo hypnotized in the center of the stage, her long blackened wings spread out on the stage like a cape, the hypnotist continued to select subject after subject from the audience. It wasn’t hard, with the rare and powerful angel under his spell the audience pretty much believed in his abilities to hypnotize people without question or reservation. He had the rare opportunity to pick and choose his subjects at will. The ones he chose did not disappoint.

    Aside from Jane and Veo, he managed to snag a raven haired beauty named Julie, who was slumped over onto Jane not long after coming up on stage.  On the other side of Veo was Amy, a curly haired brunette who happened to be wearing a bikini top and daisy duke shorts. Can’t imagine why she got picked. The final girl, slumped back in her chair next to Amy was Laura, a young woman with an almost unnatural red hair that was cut just below her ears. Every guy in the crowd was hoping that his date would end up on stage, while every girl seemed to be nervous as hell.  Xander was a mix of confusion, excitement, arousal, and terror. And he didn’t understand why.

    The stage show took on the normal format that you see in every stage show, the girls were woken up with suggestions that the audience was naked… which had Veo staring very intently at Xander, with a huge blush on her face.  Then the girls were all put back to sleep. There is something very exciting about seeing five young women, well four young women and one timeless angel, all sitting there laughing and blushing only to have a man say “look here ladies…” and then simply say “Sleep”. And to watch all of them go from laughing, to focused, to sinking back in their chairs, bodies going limp as their minds simply shut down. Leaving their subconscious minds open to suggestions. It’s a thrilling thing to see.

    Another skit involved the girls thinking they were cats, all except Veo who was told she was a Gryffon. With the other girls on all fours purring and licking their wrists to clean themselves, Veo proudly held her head as high as she could on all fours, with her wings proudly on display behind her. And then the word “sleep” echoed through the auditorium, and she slumped to the floor. He wings opened and extended across the stage covering Laura and Jane, who had been nuzzling one another when the were put back to sleep.

    After a few more skits the girls were brought back to their seats on the stage, and with a wave of his hand over their heads the hypnotist put them all out at once. Since the wave went from left to right most of the girls, Veo included, seemed to fall the right.  Poor Laura nearly fell off of her chair from the extra weight of the other girls all slumped against her. The image caused more than a few pictures to be taken. You can find them on social media under #hothypnoshow.

    It was at this point that the hypnotist walked up to Julie, the girl with the long, dark black hair and put his hand on her head. “To the young woman that I am touching now… “ he began in that classic hypnotist voice tone, “When you wake up, you will have the power of hypnosis, all the powers you have seen me use all bottled up in the tip of your index finger. Anyone you touch with that finger will fall instantly down into hypnosis.”  With that he let go of her head and moved in front of the other girls “As for the rest of you, if Julie touches you with her finger, you will instantly fall back into a deep state of hypnosis. Deeply relaxed and calm.”

    He looked at the audience with a smile and a wink and then woke the girls. They all seemed to sit up and look at Sandy, the hypnotist, waiting to see what would happen next.  Xander caught Veo giving him a smile and wink while before focusing back on the hypnotist, perfectly happy to be on display on stage, not for her benefit, but because she knew it was cranking the wheels in Xander’s head.

    Xander was so wrapped up in what was going on, mainly in exactly how fast his pulse rate was going, that he completely missed Sandy explaining the power that Julie now had in the literal tip of her finger.  He of course got pulled back into the show as soon as she shouted at the top of her lungs “No way!” in the loudest valley girl tone of voice he had ever heard.

    The young woman stood up immediately with her finger held out in front of her like she was carrying a deadly weapon and looked over the four girls sitting next to her. “And it will work on anyone? Anyone at all?” she asked the hypnotist.

    The hypnotist just laughed as he nodded to her. That seemed to be all the encouragement that she needed, as a split second later she reached out and tapped Jane directly between the eyes. 

    Poor Jane wasn’t paying attention to Julie at the time, she was looking at the hypnotist for a moment while he responded to Julie’s question. She happened to close her eyes for a blink and opened them to look at Julie just as she touched her forehead.  The audience was treated to a beautiful scene. She had her eyes closed just as Julie touched her, and then her eyes both opened and rolled back into her head at the same time. So her eyelids opened to nothing but the whites of her eyes.  Her arms sank to her sides and her head tipped back letting her short blonde hair bounce softly as her head landed against Veo’s wing, and then lolled gently to the side, coming to rest on her own left shoulder.

    Julie giggled with joy and patted her feet on the ground like an excited little girl before running, finger first with her arm extended, around Veo to touch Amy on the head.  Amy’s reaction would have made you think that she had been hit physically harder than she was. The moment Julie’s finger gently touched her head, Amy’s whole body jerked, her head flew back like she had just taken a punch to the forehead and her eyes slammed shut. Her brown curly hair flew back as her body tensed up, then all at once she went limp, her shoulders and her D-cup chest pulling her forward onto her knees. As her arms hung limp down by her feet and brown wavy hair spilled out around her head.

    Veo let out a small giggle as Julie turned to her with the same kind of look a small child has when you hand them a toy sword. She thought she was all powerful, invincible, and she had her sights set on an actual angel as a way to prove it. Veo saw the look in her eyes and gave a confident grin. “Oh honey… “ she said raising an eyebrow “Don’t let the power go to your heeeaaa….”

    Before she could finish the sentence Julie reached out and tapped Veo on the head. Her eyes seemed to roll up into her head, while her eyelids rapidly closed and her head fell forward. Her wings, which had been folded up behind her, went limp and slid down, counter balancing the weight of her torso and leaving her basically sitting up straight in her chair, with her head slumped to her chest. Her long brown hair fell along her shoulder framing her cleavage perfectly.  Or at least that’s what Xander thought.

    From his vantage point in the audience Xander was practically hyperventilating. It had been so long since he had been exposed to hypnosis like this that it was kind of overwhelming him a bit. His desires and kinks turning back on in his brain felt weird, like remembering a part of him, a big part of him, that he had forgotten long ago. It was a nice feeling, but a seriously scary one as well.

    Julie looked around at the audience and started to gloat about how she was all powerful, then glared at Laura as she started to walk towards her with an evil grin “Come my pretty” she said taking on a truly classically scary tone “it’s time you took your nap…”

    Laura started to stand up to move away but Julie grabbed her arm and spun her towards her. Apparently the girl had skills, who knew? As Laura was spun around in surprise from being grabbed she tried to block Julie’s incoming finger but missed. Obviously Laura did not have skills. The red head struggled but Julie simply evaded her block and tapped her on the head. To the audience’s delight Laura let out a loud gasp as her head jerked back like Amy’s had and then let out a long slow sigh as she start to sink to the floor. Julie grabbed on to her wrists and helped to guide her to the floor letting her simply lay there with her red hair splayed out across her face.

    At this point Julie turned to the hypnotist with a look that proved power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts in the sexiest of ways. As the raven haired girl started to confidently walk heel to toe, almost stalking the hypnotist, she wiggled her finger in a ‘come here’ motion at him.

    The hypnotist however simply smiled and put his hand on his chin and tapped his lips with his finger and then asked her “what do you think you would do with me, with them, if you had me under,” then waving at the audience added “if you had all of us under?”

    The young woman just kept moving towards him with a smile “why don’t you come here and find out?” she asked with a grin.  The hypnotist smiled and stood his ground, confident that his own suggestion would not work on him, but also confident that it would work on her. As she moved in closer he didn’t move a muscle as she tapped his forehead with her finger.

    Nothing Happened.

    Like a comic book villain she looked at her finger then tapped it against his head, again and again. Then glared at her finger in frustration. “Why isn’t this working!” she shouted.

    The hypnotist smiled and asked to see her finger. She held it out to him and he took her hand and moved her finger around examining it. “Hmm…” he said with a grin “it looks ok, can I see your other finger?” She held up her other hand and examined that pointer finger as well, and then in one quick motion touched the two fingers together.

    Julie’s face took on and instant look of shock as her eyes opened wide and she gasped in surprise. Then all at once her eyelids slowly started to sink, her knees wobbled then started to give way.  She sank down to her knees, the impact causing her eyes to slam shut and her head to fall forward. Her long black hair covered her face and allowed gravity to pull her head to the side as her entire body slumped to the right then landed on the stage. The only movement from then on out, was the slow rising and falling of her chest as she breathed.

    Sandy, the hypnotist, turned on his heels to the audience and bowed with a smile as everyone erupted in applause. Even Xander. After a few moments he put his hands up to calm the crowd as he moved to the center of the stage.  “It’s getting close to closing time for this little adventure of ours, but for those of you who have seen my show you know I like to do something a little more…special…for the end of my shows.” A few members of the audience clapped while the rest looked around confused.

    Sandy turned to the girls on stage and held his hand out towards Jane. As he did, what looked like a fine mist came out of his hand, and coiled along the stage until it got to Jane. The mist seemed to slide along her body and appeared to almost slip into her ears. Jane stood up, but not in a way that you would expect, it was almost as if the mist was lifting her to her feet. Her legs and hips were upright while the rest of her upper body was still limp and slumped to the side, almost hovering in the air without any support other then the mist.  Her body was brought to an upright position, but her arms were limp at her sides and her head was bouncing from side to side as she walked, rolling around as if all of her neck muscles were limp and loose.

    Sandy continued his magical looking hand gestures as the mist moved her closer to him. Her feet barely moved, they were more dragged along the stage towards him. He moved back to a spot just off the center of the stage.  He continued to wave his hands as the mist flowed around her body.  She moved almost as if dancing in her sleep, putting her arms above her head and then slowly sliding them down along her chest, along her stomach. Her knees bent and her head looked up a bit as her hands moved to her legs and then seemed to stop.  Her head slowly lifted up and her expression shifted from one of unconsciousness, to one of seduction. Her eyes opened half way to reveal their bright blue hue.  But then something else started to happen.  Her body started to change color.  Her skin started to take on a texture, a rough coarse texture. As it turned to deep, dark grey.  Her clothes slowly started to dissolve, as her body continued to become a darker and darker grey.  Soon her whole body seemed to be completely still.  Her hair even stopped bobbing as it turned into a dark grey, and become one solid mass.  Her blue eyes seemed to fade into one perfectly smooth rounded off piece of granite.   As the transformation finished, the rest of her clothes seemed to slide off of her as if they had been cut, and then reconnected. Perfectly whole sitting in a pile beneath the now naked statue named Jane.

    The audience was roaring with applause as Sandy turned to extend one hand towards Julie, limp on the floor, and the other towards Laura. Again the mist extended from his hands and seemed to pull the two girls up and move them towards him. As they arrived at the location they would be spending the next few days, Laura wrapped her arms around the waist of Julie and leaned her body up towards her. Leaving Julie limp in her arms, her head back with her hair splayed out across her back. As the mist moved Laura’s body into a posture that would almost resemble a vampire and her prey. Laura’s right hand came up and opened in front of Julie’s still slack and sleeping face as Laura’s expression changed to one of confidence, her eyes opening up even though there was clearly nothing behind them.

    Sandy stepped back a bit and continued to manipulate the mist around the two girls, as Julie’s skin started to turn dark black. A shiny onyx coat began to cover her skin as her hair stopped swaying behind her and solidified into one long mass. Laura on the other hand, her skin started to take on a shiny silver tint as her body turned to bright solid silver.  Halfway through the process their clothes just seemed to slide off of them and drift to the floor beneath them into one mixed pile.

    As the audience applauded the newest statue, Sandy moved over to the other side of the stage and held up both hands towards Amy. The young woman’s body was enveloped in the yellowish mist as her body lifted off of her chair. Her head flopped around as if she had no control over her upper body.  Her feet seemed to drag along the ground as she moved closer and closer to Sandy.  When she reached him her body seemed to sink down to her knees, and then leaned back on one hand. Giving her body a kind of wedged shape with her shins and right hand on the ground and her torso in a 45 degree angle up.  Her left hand slid along her stomach as her head turned towards the audience, her eyes remained closed as her body started to change.  Her fair skin became even fairer as her body turned to perfectly white marble stone, with red accent veins running through it.  Her daisy duke shorts seemed to come apart and reform in front of her on the ground, whereas her bikini top simply slid off, as if she had it set up to simply fall away when she wanted it to.

    Seeing his handy work and reveling in the response of the crowd he moved to center stage and smiled “I have been waiting for this all night” he admitted. Then turned to Veo and held up both hands towards her.  A massive cloud of yellowish mist moved towards the angel and surrounded her. The first thing to move was her massive wings, lifting off the floor and up above her sleeping body.  The wings themselves almost seemed like they were used to lift her as her body started to rise without any clear solid footing on the ground. The angel’s head remained straight down the whole time with her arms limp at her sides.  As she slid across the floor Sandy manipulated the mist to move her directly to center stage.  Her feet seemed to move to the ground as her wings spread wide behind her. Her arms moved back, a position that caused her chest to jutt out further than the rest of her, showing off her rather perky breasts in the process. As her arms moved back and her chest jutted out, her head raised up and fell straight back, limply looking up at the ceiling with a peaceful expression on her face. Once her body seemed to be in the right position her skin started to become clearer, almost translucent. Her body took on a light green hue but you could clearly see right through her.  Her wings had a darker greenish hue to them as her entire body turned to a huge crystal.   Her clothes simply slid off of her frame exposing her naked, crystalized form.

   The audience applauded like mad. However Sandy was a bit distracted. He had been trying to make a perfectly clear crystal sculpture, but instead it had turned out greenish, and the wings seemed more black.  Not only that but despite his best efforts, the ornate jewelry that started as a necklace and then coiled down around her arm, studded with gems, had refused to come off, or to change. Leaving it in place on the otherwise crystal statue.  It was curious to him, but he soon forgot all about it; as the audience applause broke his concentration, he turned to them and bowed.

    In the audience, Xander was feeling a much more familiar emotional cocktail. Anger, fear, and rage. Like it or not, Sandy was about to get a visitor.

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