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A Little Cruise - Part 4

Key: MD, Hypno, MC, Freeze, Sleep

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        Xander casually strode along the deck of the giant cruise ship, heading towards the bow. He was following a young woman wearing a flowing green dress, the kind that was tight along the top but had a skirt that went down to her knees.  She had dark red hair that curled along her back, and a braid tied around the back of her head.  He hadn’t seen her face since she popped out onto the deck and started to head towards the bow. 

        In truth Xander was terrified, he was actually approaching the young woman to do, basically what all Incubi do. Talk to the woman, seduce her, enthrall her, hypnotize her, and drain her. Not necessarily in that order.  But as he moved closer and closer he started to count how long it had been since the last time he drained a young woman.  At first he figured it had been a few weeks,  then he realized that it had to be at least months, many months, and then it moved into years.  When he finally realized how long it had been since he drained a woman of her energy, he had to go back eight years in his memory. And by this time he had forgotten he was being a creepy stalker and tailing the young woman and failed to notice that she had stopped. So he bumped directly into her.

        “Oh I am terribly sorry!” he said gently placing his hands on the young woman's shoulders so she wouldn’t fall from the impact.

        The young woman, who had let out a bit of gasp when she was bumped into, started to laugh and turned around with a smile.  Her face was lovely, nice and round in shape with a tiny nose and a pair of green eyes hidden behind her thick framed glasses.  “It’s alright” she said with a giggle “are you ok, sir?”

        Xander smiled, clearly embarrassed, and nodded that he was ok “It’s a beautiful night and I was distracted. I’m Xander.” He nervously extended his hand for her to shake.

        The red headed young woman blushed a bit and shook his hand “Lynn” she replied.

        To his credit, the one thing Xander was good at was small talk, he was able to make anything into a conversation point and just drag it out to the point of stupidity. Ultimately his goal was usually to work the conversation into an induction, or to get close enough to let some of his other abilities work on the young woman.  But this time he just seemed to keep up the small talk. He was too nervous to go on.  They had talked about the stars, the ocean, the dining hall, the banquet that Lynn had just come from, even her dress.  All of these things could have been used to hypnotize the oblivious young woman, but Xander chickened out on all of them.

        Lynn was in the middle of a long winded description of just how intricate the stitching was on her dress, when Xander looked up and noticed Sandy standing about 30 feet away behind a bulkhead, looking at Xander. It was clear from his antics that he was trying to encourage Xander to make his move.  Xander just shook his head nervously before quickly looking back at Lynn and nodding as she continued to describe embroidery or some other stitching method that he didn’t understand.

        Sandy realized that Xander would probably just sit there and waste an opportunity if he didn’t get at least a little nudge in the right direction, so he stood out from behind the bulkhead and adjusted his tuxedo. He had no real intention of walking over there, but Xander saw him and immediately fell for the bluff, believing that Sandy, who had already pushed him into one hypnotic situation with a young woman, was about to do exactly that again.

        Xander realized he had to take action, so, without Lynn noticing, he raised his hand up in a ‘stop’ motion to wave off Sandy.   Then looked at Lynn and asked “let me ask you something, if I may, miss. When you think of a place in your mind, that is completely relaxing, a place where you can simply let go and be yourself, what comes to mind?”

        This was, of course, a trap. A trap that Lynn walked face first into. She thought for a moment then gave a relaxed sigh, “a beach” she said with a smile. “That's why I am on this cruise” she said, taking on a slightly embarrassed smile “The beaches we stopped at before starting to head home were beautiful.”

        Xander nodded with a smile and asked “would you mind if I showed you a trick?”

        The curious Lynn looked at him and nodded eagerly as she tried to hide a shy smile.

        Xander reached out and gently took Lynn’s glasses by the sides of the frame and slowly slide them off of her. She seemed a bit nervous as he did so but let him finish. He put her glasses carefully on on the neck of his shirt then reached out his hands to place one finger on either side of her temples and slowly started to roll his fingers into the trigger points on her head. “Just close your eyes Lynn” he began “And take a deep, slow breath.  Let yourself breath in and hold it for a moment, and then gently, easily, let it slide out of you. And allow the world around you to simply fade away.  All that matters is my words and the image of a beach, forming in your mind. Just let yourself become aware of the beach forming around you. The feel of the warm sand and cool water beneath your feet. The air blowing gently, and easily through your hair. Feel the sun against your skin, the sand between your toes. Hearing the waves, rolling in and crashing against the sand. And then rolling back out and fizzing like soda pop.  Hearing the gulls overhead cawing and squawking as they fly above the water.  And the trees in the distance, rustling gently against the breeze. You can smell the water in the air,  be it fresh and clean, or salty and strong. The very scent helps you to relax.  And all around you, you can see the colors, the golden sands,  the blue of the water capped with crystal white caps.  The green of the leaves on the trees, rustling in the distance.  The solid brown of the trunks. The black rocks scattered along the beach, and the pearly rainbows of the sea shells scattered around your feet. Just let this become your world,  just feel yourself walking slowly and gently, down the beach. Every step you take, every word I say, only helps to take you deeper and deeper. It’s ok to just lose yourself on this beach.  To let your conscious mind just walk, and walk… and to let my words just sink into your subconscious mind. Able to enjoy them for what they are, able to simply let go and relax and enjoy the beach in your conscious mind, while your subconscious follows my words. You can do that can’t you?”

        Lynn’s eyes were half closed, her face had gone slack a long time ago. Xander’s fingers continued to gently roll along her temples as she simply whispered. “... Yes…”

        Xander smiled and leaned in whispering into her ear “Thats a girl, just let your conscious mind walk, slowly down the beach, and let your subconscious listen to my words… you can simply do that and let your eyes….” He waved his hand slowly over the young woman's eyes as he said “close, my dear.”  When his hand moved away her eyes were completely closed. “Thats a girl, just rest, and relax until I speak to you again.”   He slid his hands off of her temples and took a moment to admire her. Her hands were limp at her sides, and her head was tilted up just a tiny bit, simply because she was shorter than he was and was looking up at him. Her eyes were closed and her face was relaxed, as her lovely curly hair gently swayed across her back in the breeze.  

        Xander turned to where Sandy had been standing to give him a thumbs up, only to discover that Sandy was gone. He didn't’ know when he had left, but at some point he must have realized Xander had succeeded and left him to it. As he stood there with his accomplishment standing blank and relaxed in front of him, Xander did what anyone would do.   A happy dance.

    Back in Xander’s stateroom, he opened the cabin door and gently guided the hypnotized young woman through it. Fortunately for him no one had really noticed him walking her through the hallways. And the one person that did merely gave him a thumbs up and a wink. Old pervert. The ‘stateroom’ was anything but. The bed was barely big enough to fit a single adult, there was one small chair without armrests and one small vanity against the wall.  There was, if you were being generous, about four square feet of space to move around in. This was not the ideal room to bring a date. But, it was bigger than Lynn’s room which they had checked out first.

    The whole way back to the room Xander had wondered what he would do with Lynn, it had been so long and he was so nervous that barely anything was coming to mind. Fortunately an old favorite popped up while on the way back to the room. Once they were inside he situated the girl in the middle of the tiny floorspace, and sat on the bed. He had kicked his shoes off the moment he had come in, and had let his tail, which was usually hidden in his pant leg, pop out and sit next to him on the bed, slowly wiggling from side to side. 

    He looked over his conquest with a grin, she truly was beautiful. “Lynn, I want you to realize, that you are still on the dance floor. That you can still hear the music, feel it thumping in your chest, in your mind. Feel how it moves your spirit. You can feel that now, can’t you Lynn?”

        Lynn nodded slowly, her arms were still limp at her sides and her head was leaning down just a bit, with her eyes completely closed, as a small, barely audible “yes…” escaped her lips.

        “You can let the music start to move you Lynn, start to help you sway to the music. Just let your body go. Let the music flow through your body and out of your body in every way that feels right.”  His suggestions were rewarded with Lynn slowly starting to dance,  starting to sway her hips at first, and then beginning to move her arms, and her torso. After a few moments her head raised up but her eyes were still completely closed. She started to sway from side to side and dance to the music that only she could hear. The part he loved the most was watching her hair flow from side to side as she danced.

        After a few moments Xander raised his hands and snapped his fingers as he said “Pause.” To his delight the young woman's mind instantly interpreted the suggestion correctly and in mid dance she came to full and complete stop. She was clearly breathing, but her body was paused in mid sway, her hips off to her left as both of her hands were up above her head. Xander slid off the bed with a smile and begin to slide his hands along her body.  Exploring her hips and her back,  her stomach and her chest.  He leaned in and sniffed the woman's neck. He had seen that in a movie one time and until he actually tried it, some years ago, he could never figure out why, but the scent of beautiful woman was truly a joy to behold.  Or inhale, as it were. As he kissed her neck softly, slowly enjoying the feel of her skin, his hands glided up her back, to the zipper on her dress.  He slowly slid the zipper down, then sat back down on the bed and looked up at his lovely captive. Her position kept the dress more or less where it was, but it was nice and loose on her skin. With another snap and the word “Play” she jumped back to life right into her dance.

        His plan had worked better than he had hoped, and within seconds of resuming her dance her dress slid right off of her arms and down around her ankles.  Revealing her soft white skin, and her only other article of clothing, a pair of green panties. Like most men in this situation he was instantly captivated by her breasts jiggling in front of him.  He sighed as he enjoyed the sight then slowly raised his hand and snapped his fingers again. “Stop” he said aloud, and instantly Lynn’s dancing came to stop. Her head and arms hung limply down as her body stood in front of him. He looked her over with a smile as he cleared his throat. “In a moment a very different kind of music will begin Lynn. And a very different kind of dance. You are no longer on the dance floor you were on, now you are in a private booth, a stripper hired for the night.”  He slid back a bit on the bed and snapped his fingers.

        Without any further prompting Lynn’s eyes opened and she gave him a devious grin as she moved to him and slid herself down along his chest, and sat on his lap. Gyrating and grinding into his groin as her chest bounced in front of him.

        Any nervousness that Xander was feeling had faded away the moment her dress fell away from her body. He slid his hands along her all but naked frame and started to kiss down her chest. Slowly moving to her nipples and sliding his tongue around them. Lynn didn’t even flinch from this position, she just continued to dance and grind into him. She didn’t even seem to react when Xander’s demon tail slid around her leg and started to dance it’s way up her thigh. She looked down into his eyes, her own completely blank, dilated, and empty, then started to kiss him.  He responded to the kiss with a bit of pent up passion, and pulled her close as he rocked into her groin even though he was still in his jeans.

        One thing he did notice was that the young girl was not being drained. Usually when an incubus is in the middle of a…passionate encounter, the energy from his partner would drain from her into him. Leaving her completely passed out for hours to come. Her memory faded to nothing but a dream.  But this time she was just as eager as she was when they started, and he couldn’t feel anything draining into him.

        This should have given him pause, and for a few moments it did.  And then Lynn broke the kiss and gently mashed his face between her breasts.  At that point pretty much everything else was forgotten.

        Aren’t breasts wonderful?

        He wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her up and to the side, laying her down onto the bed as he moved on top of her. He kissed her as his hands slid along her body, down her leg and up to caress her breasts; his tail slid along her leg.

        It would be the first step to healing the wounds the incubus had sustained, it would be a night to remember.  Except for Lynn. Lynn wasn’t going to remember a thing.

Part 5.

Characters: Xander

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