Xander Knave

Horns not included (By SleepnDarlin)
Xander is a 2700 year old incubus.  He has traveled the world for most of his life simply moving from place to place in search of what he needs, energy.  As an incubus he has a pair of red wings that shrink down into his back but can extend to be over 10 feet long each. He also has a red tail with an arrowhead tip that he cannot hide so he usually leaves it wrapped around one of his legs. The tail is prehensile and can be used to grab or wrap around things or people, but when he is not consciously controlling it, it has a mind all it's own. Other then the tail Xander appears to be completely human. He appears to be in his late 20's to early 30's with a strong build and broad shoulders.  He has red hair that is kept short to hide the few strands of grey that have crept up due to stress. He usually wears jeans and sleeveless shirts to allow his wings a hole to extend from without destroying his shirt.

Draining Neural (By Rotem Dishon)
As and incubus he has super human strength roughly that of ten men. He also has the ability to manipulate and control energy. He can use his own energy to form hypnotic orbs or to give his eyes a hypnotic glow. He can also manipulate the energy in other people to make them feel certain sensations. His natural pheromones allow him to effect most mortal females leaving them in an excited and open state.  He is also a semi skilled classical hypnotist.  Once he has successfully seduced his prey he is able to drain their life energy from them through intimate contact. The more intimate the contact the easier and more pure the energy drain.  A person who has been drained by Xander, or any incubus or succubus is not hurt from the experience they simply slip into a very deep sleep and wake up eight to ten hours later, depending on physical conditioning.  Their memory of the evening is foggy and clouded, most first time victims will wake up believing it was just a dream, but subsequent draining will help them to remember the situation as being a real event and not just a dream.
Draining Eve (by Rotem Dishon)

Despite his increased strength Xander's body is only slightly more resilient then a normal humans. His skin can be cut or burned and his bones broken. Being an incubus he heals within seconds but the pain is always tremendous as his body never adapts to the pain like a mortal being. He also recently was subjected to a device called a Depressor which left him with deep mental and emotional scars similar to that of extreme clinical depression. This has hampered his abilities and his confidence all around and left him feeling like he has to rebuild not only his life, but his powers.

He has a long friendship with the angel Veo, and through her a long awkward friendship with the Succubus Midnight.


Stacy and Xander Fight a Robot - By Psyco Turnip

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