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Thief In The Mind - Part 1

 The first part of a writing challenge with BBHaywood. The parameters of the challenge were to write a story about a thief who hypnotizes his victims and, if he finds them attractive, he’ll take some of their clothing too. Along with a sexy female cop who is pursuing him. This is part one of that story.

To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Subject: You’re not going to believe this one...
Sent: March 12th 20XX 6:38PM

Hey Sis!

I hope that test you were studying for… what was it for again? Forensic Psychology? Anyway I hope you’re preparing for that test! That class was a bitch and a half when I was at the academy. So don’t take it lightly, okay?

Anyway, you asked me to keep you apprised of my current cases for your field study work and wow do I have a weird one for you today. We got a visit early this morning from a distressed insurance agent for Dabears Insurance company. They specifically deal with one thing and one thing only….diamonds. Doesn't’ matter if it’s rough cut, rings, or necklaces. They deal only in diamonds. I know because he said that five times. 

His issue was that an heiress, who was in town for some kind of charity ball or something over at McCormick Place, insured a necklace with them for the evening. When he called her this morning she had no memory of ever insuring the necklace, or ever even OWNING the necklace.  Sounds crazy right?  Of course it does!

Well I figured this would be an easy case to solve, all we have to do is simply talk to the woman and clear up the misunderstanding.  Well this is where things get interesting.  She most definitely does not recall ever owning the necklace or ever seeing it.  Even though there is a picture of her… on her website… wearing the exact necklace that she claims to have never seen before.  Curious.

So I figured this was a case of insurance fraud or something goofy like that, so I headed over to McCormick Place to talk to their security.  At least two of the guards that were there last night recall seeing Miss Swansong wearing the necklace in question. We were able to pull the security footage from the evening and send it over to the N.C.P.D. for evaluation.

When I got back to the station they had already combed through the video and left it for me on my computer. In the video you can clearly see Miss Swansong walking around with the necklace on at the beginning of the ball. She did all of the normal things a rich beautiful heiress would do; mingled, flirted, and danced.  Around middle of the night she seemed to become a little taken with a man who asked her to dance.  Once they started dancing they didn’t sit down for an hour.

But that is when I noticed something…about mid way through the dance, her necklace vanishes from around her neck. She was in a bad angle on the floor at that time, and there is about a five minute gap between when she is visible with the necklace and when she reappears without it. Still dancing with the same man.

When we asked the heiress about the man she didn’t remember him at all!?  I mean seriously… completely no memory of dancing with anyone for more than five minutes. When I described the man to her she just blanked out and said that she had no memory of that man. It was fricking weird, sis!  I asked if she would be willing to talk to the police psychologist about the matter and you would have thought I had accused her of killing Kennedy. She screamed and ranted and raved and then threw a cell phone at me.  Apparently the super rich don’t realize we carry tasers… and batons… and guns. Idiot.

To make matters worse, when I got back to the station, the video footage from the ball was erased! It was completely gone! The only person in the whole department that had access to it was me. It was in my private server folder and now it’s completely gone.  I know I didn’t erase it. I would remember that. But now it’s just gone. 

I gotta tell ya Sis, I know it sounds crazy but I think the guy hypnotized Miss Swansong somehow, and used that to steal her necklace. I just can’t figure out how the file got erased. 

Oh well. Study hard Sis, the academy is no joke!  Love you!



To: Thief’s Apprentice
From: Thief In The Mind
Subject: Charity Ball
Sent: March 12th 20XX 9:37 AM

Greetings pupil.

As I stated in our first email I am going to send you detailed reports of my actions during my time in New Chicago. I expect that these emails will be read, understood, and then deleted and shredded so that there will be no digital footprint with which to trace back to me. Should anything trace back to me, you know what I am capable of, and what I am willing to do.

Now that the unpleasantries are out of the way, on to something more… educational. Last night was the annual charity ball benefiting a charity for animals or some other ridiculous thing. Of course events like this are prime hunting for individuals like ourselves. Everyone attends and anyone who is anyone is going to show off what they can. The best part is that anyone not already attached to a relationship will usually show up alone so that they can rub shoulders with the other eligible singles at the party. Everyone hoping to go home with a prize or two, or three, for the night.  I should be no exception to that rule.

While wandering the outskirts of the dance floor I discovered a young heiress, a Miss Gabrielle Swansong I would discover later. I don’t know much about her and quite frankly I don’t care, however she did catch my eye with the necklace she was wearing. A very elegant 24 karat gold necklace with multiple diamonds in various settings, the largest being a nearly priceless 38 karat diamond.  It was too good to pass up. Fortunately Miss Swansong was easy on the eyes as well. She was wearing a very slinky red dress with a sequined pattern woven into the fabric. Of course the pattern was designed to draw your attention to her physical features.  She had brown hair that was dyed to look ‘dirty blonde’ and her hair was done up in a very ornate design. Quite stunning to be sure.

Of course when I approached her to ask for a dance I made sure to take her hand in such a way that my diamond watch flashed just right to get her attention. These rich socialite types are so easy to sway, flash a little cash, show a little… I hesitate to use the term… ‘bling’ and they will fawn all over you. 

The dance was slow and romantic, the perfect dance for what I had planned. Dancing ‘cheek to cheek’ as they say, puts you in the perfect position to whisper into a young woman's ear. For your education I shall give you a rough description of the induction I used on her. You can file this one under action inductions.

Dance Induction, whispered into the woman's ear while dancing.

Isn’t it so nice to just let your body go, and let it… surrender… to the music. To feel the rhythm of the music moving through your body. Every drum beat, every cord, every part of the melody. Sliding into your body. It feels so good to dance. Feel the pulse of the other person, though your own skin. To feel their body moving with yours. It’s almost like you can simply… focus on your body.  On the movements of your body, as you sway, and slide.  As your body glides along the floor. All the many movements, the muscles moving all in unison. Such a complex feat, and yet so easy to do, the less you think about it, the easier it becomes.  You can simply watch your body sway, observe it as it moves with me. No need to think, no need to question, just easy to let go, and get lost in the music. Lost in the dance.  You don’t get to let go very often miss… So many things on your mind. But right now, nothing matters. Nothing needs to be dealt with. The music, and your body… will take care of everything. You can simply let go. Letting every beat. Every cord, every melody, take you deeper… and deeper… into the dance now miss.  Just let everything go. Let your body run on autopilot.  Your mind, your tired, tired mind, can simply… go to sleep miss. Asleep on your feet. Dancing to the music as it takes you deeper… and deeper. All the way down. Where you can hear nothing but the music… and my voice.  Where you are aware of only the dance. Only the dance now miss…. Only the dance.

By this point she was lost in the dance. The only signs that she was asleep on her feet was that her pupils had dilated, and her jaw, usually so tight and respectable, was hanging open slightly. It is a lovely sight to see, I must admit. Taking a woman who is so strong, confident, in control. A woman who can have anything she wants, and simply taking her mind and flipping it off like a light switch. It’s an amazing feeling.

Of course as I taught you before you need to be aware of security and cameras at all times. After she was sufficiently hypnotized I slowly danced her to spot that was blind to the cameras and out of the field of view of security.  With my hand around her back it was easy to unclasp the necklace. Her dresses allowed the perfect vehicle for me to snatch the prize. Instead of taking it off her neck in plain sight. I let it slide down between her breasts, quite lovely I might add, and retrieved it from the slit in the side of her dress.  After all, she is well known as being rather loose. No one even noticed.

Of course I continued dancing to make sure no one had noticed what had occurred, as well as to add a few suggestions to our dear Miss Swansong’s undefended subconscious mind. There is really no greater satisfaction than to have a young woman show up at your hotel room with no idea why she is there, no knowledge of who she is meeting, or having ever met you before. But simply finds that it is the natural and normal thing to do.

Of course you have to send them on their way at an hour that is late enough that most everyone has gone to bed, but early enough that she is home before the early risers get in the way.  I find 5 AM to be the perfect time for that. Of course I did indulge in a small hobby of mine. She had the most fascinating sparkling red garter around her leg. Proof that she was intending for the evening to become a little.. heated. I had to keep that of course. Souvenirs are such a dangerous thing for people like us, but such an exciting thrill at the same time. It’s not like she will remember she had it, or the necklace for that matter, or me, or her visit to my room. All of that was erased from her mind. A skill I hope you are practicing like I taught you.

Very well then, you should have plenty to consider from this email. Always be sure to lay low for a day or two after you strike. Make sure there isn’t any heat on you.  I expect an encrypted email detailing your next test by Friday.

Regards pupil.

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Characters: Officer Jennifer, Cadet Lindsey, The Apprentice, and ThiefInTheMind

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