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Driveabout - A Walk In The Woods, Part 2

Description: After hypnotizing Emily, one of the park workers and Granddaughter of the ranger, Xander makes camp for the night and waits for her suggestions to kick in...

Key: MC, MD, M/F

Part 1

    Xander had made his way up the trail for about two hours until he finally made a primitive camp near a west facing cliffside.  It didn’t take him long to build a small fire, and lay out his bed roll for the night.  It was nice to simply be able to sit and watch the sun slowly set while he worked on his orbs.

    The conversation with Emily had been extremely helpful, it was like it somehow managed to loosen the part of his mind that was locked down by the depression. The part that gave him access to his powers. 

    He took a deep breath and looked out at the sunset with a smile before opening his hand and focusing on his energy.  A moment later a small orb full of colors, swirling and blending together, formed in his hand.  It was small at first, but the more he focused on his energy the larger the orb got.  Each breath in helped it stabilize and each breath out helped it to steadily grow.  After a few minutes he had managed to grow the orb to the size of a baseball, a decent size for a normal strength orb. It was the largest orb he had made in almost eight years.

    He was able to stabilize the orb for a few moments before letting its energy reabsorb into his body. He looked up to watch the sun set behind the mountains in the distance before he heard the sound of leaves rustling.  He turned to the side to see a wolf standing at the edge of his camp site.  “Well… Hello.” He said cautiously. He was expecting company but this was not what he had in mind. Although he wasn’t really afraid of the wolf, it was unusual to see one this close to a human, and even stranger to see it this close to a fire.  Wolves tend to avoid both by instinct, so his first thought was that something was wrong with the wolf.

    As he watched the animal carefully, it slowly started to move towards him, avoiding the fire yet still moving closer to it than he felt a wolf should. As it came closer and closer he was getting ready to grab the wolf should he need too, but before he could the wolf began to lick his face. 

    With a surprised look in his eyes he looked back at the wolf, which leaned in closer to him and started to lick around his mouth.  “Ewww!” he thought to himself but then noticed something about the wolf, it was moving in an odd fashion.  The wolf put one paw on his knee and leaned in, still licking his face, but the feel of its paw slowly changed. He looked down at the paw, confused “what the hell….” he let slip as he watched the paw slowly start to elongate and grow into fingers.

    Before he could react to the sight before him,  another furry hand-like paw turned his head back toward the head of the wolf. The snout of the animal had sunk in closer to its face and its ears had slowly started to shrink and move to the side of its…. no. To the side of her head. The hair around its face was fading away as Xander looked the creature in the eyes. “Emily?!” he asked in shock.

    The face of the wolf contorted into an odd smile as more and more of the hair started to fade away from her face. “Surprise!” She said with a wink before leaning in and kissing Xander full on the mouth. The incubus responded to the kiss as best he could while still being confused as balls.

    The body of the wolf continued to contort and shift. The thin short legs started to become thicker, and longer.  The hair shrunk away to reveal beautifully tanned skin and muscle tone.  The tail shrunk away into the naked rear end of the girl as the hair faded away from her body. As the hair receded on her back the long black hair grew out from her head. Without the ponytails to constrain the hair it came down to just below her waist if she were to stand up.  Finally, her breasts slowly expanded and shifted from down near her stomach area up to her chest where they belonged. Her hands held Xander’s face and kept him in a nice deep kiss.

    The transformation ended some time before the young woman broke the kiss and looked into the confused eyes of the Incubus. “You told me to meet you here… I have arrived.” She said with a relaxed smile and a look that seemed to imply she was only half there mentally.

    “I did…” Xander said looking over the now naked young woman. “However, I kind of expected you to walk here…on two legs.” He was still kind of in shock by what had occurred. He had, after all, never been seduced by an animal before. The wolf-turned-woman leaned in with a smile and kissed him again, sliding her hand along his chest.  Xander enjoyed the kiss and slowly processed out what had happened in his mind before gently breaking it. “You’re a Lycanthrope… a werewolf…I mean obviously that's the only thing you could be, but I kinda had to put that out into the air before the realization broke my brain.”

    The naked young woman giggled a bit “Skinwalker…I’m a skinwalker. Werewolves are vicious and uncontrollable animals. We are in control of our actions.” She paused to look over the incubus, finding him alot more attractive than she had earlier in the day…before she fell under the effects of his orb. “Well, relatively speaking.” she said with a smile, moving up and straddling his legs to sit on his lap.

    He looked up slightly into Emily’s eyes, she wasn’t very tall after all so sitting on his lap didn't’ really give her that much of a height advantage. But he was looking for something in her eyes, something he thought he could see but wasn’t entirely sure. “Are you still hypnotized, Emily?”  He asked, figuring that was the easiest way to tell one way or another.

    She smiled down into his eyes and slid her nose along his “Of course” She replied before kissing him gently. “Not as deeply as before, but do you think I’d be sitting on your lap, naked, if I wasn’t at least partially under your spell” She finished the line by sliding her tongue playfully along his upper lip.

    Xander ran his tongue along hers and smiled “I was starting to think you weren’t going to make it, or that the effects had worn off. It was my first orb in years, after all.” He leaned in and kissed down her neck while his hand started to slide along her stomach.

    Emily moaned a bit and whispered into his ear “Well you did leave me to hike here as it was getting dark, I had to make up the time somehow.” She bit his ear with a very wolf like growl. The bite caught Xander off guard, who pulled back and looked her in the eyes with a look of startled surprise.

    As the surprise faded into a bit of a chuckle he waved a finger at her to scold her “Now now, little miss, behave…”

    Emily cut him off before he could finish his sentence “Or what? You’ll use another orb on me?” She asked as she leaned in and kissed him. “I don’t know if you have it in you…” she teased.

    Xander raised an eyebrow and smiled “If I do…you’ll end up completely under my spell, you know that, even in your semi hypnotized state, don’t you?”

    “Uh huh” she answered as she leaned in and nibbled on his neck softly “That's the point, silly” She sat herself back on his lap and looked into his eyes and the glazed hypnotized look started to fade, as if she was willing herself to wake up a bit. “It will help you heal.”

    Xander almost looked like he was about to cry, it was one of the sweetest things a complete stranger had ever done for him. Then jerked as a realization came to mind and he asked nervously “And you’re ok with this?”

    Emily’s eyebrows raised up rapidly “Umm yeah, have you seen yourself, dude? You’re, like, super cute. Now granted I know part of that is the hypnotic suggestions talking, but you were pretty easy on the eyes before you whammied me with that first orb.” She leaned in and kissed him softly “It just kinda makes it easier for me to admit it to you… and myself.” She said giving a seductive little wink.

    Xander smiled at her with a deviously playful grin “Well then…” he said before he dipped her over his knee, causing her to let out a very loud, high pitched scream before catching her and pulling her up to look face first into a stable, bright, baseball sized orb of hypnotic energy flashing in front of her eyes.        

    “Oh!” was all Emily managed to get out, the colors played across her face and orb reflected in her eyes. Xander watched closely as her pupils dilated, and her lovely face went slack.  The hand that was on his shoulder, to keep her steady, slowly slid down his shoulder… pausing at his back before surrendering to gravity completely and sliding down to land limp at her side.

    “That’s a girl” he whispered to the young woman as he lifted her up and laid her down on his bed roll, sliding his free hand along her naked form as he left the orb hovering over her face. “Just let go… and give in to your desires…”

    As the orb faded from in front of Emily’s face the effects definitely did not, her eyes remained dilated and she looked up at him with a lazy grin and pulled him down into a deep, passionate kiss.  His hands moved along her frame while his tail coiled around her leg. The smile on Xander’s face was soon replaced with a look of determination as he threw the cover of the bed roll over the two of them and started to go to work.


    As the sun rose over the forest, Xander stood on the cliff’s edge looking out over the park.  In his hand he had managed to form a softball sized, stable orb that was bright and vibrant. This was pretty much the largest he would ever need. 

    He re-absorbed the energy and looked back at his campsite. The fire was small but warm enough to keep the sleeping form of Emily from getting cold as she slept off the effects of the previous evening in Xander’s bed roll.  She had been the first girl he had drained in a long… long time.  The energy he got from her had reinvigorated him and he couldn’t thank her enough.

    He moved over to her and stroked her cheek gently. One of the side effects of being drained by an incubus is that the girls memory is usually altered, at the very least. If she remembered anything about last night it would be nothing more then a very erotic dream. Her subconscious would fill in the rest of the gaps naturally with believable reasons for her being where she is, and her clothes being nowhere to be found. Still, Xander tried to help her to remember just how much of a help she had been. He wasn’t sure if it would help her remember or not, but he had tried leaving a small amount of his energy in her mind. A tiny orb to help her remember the truth. 

    He tucked her in and stoked the fire… it wouldn’t be long until she had rebuilt enough energy to wake up. Experience told him that he should not be there when she did.  He leaned in and kissed her cheek softly, whispering into her ear “Thank you Emily…” 

    With that he moved to the edge of the cliff and jumped, spreading his wings and flying off into the sunrise and feeling a renewed sense of self and purpose.  Then he realized that his truck was at the other end of the park and shifted west to go and get it.

    As he flew past, Emily stirred and sat up, holding the blanket from the bed roll against her bare chest. She smiled as the light from his orb faded from inside of her mind. “Good luck Incubus.” She said with a smile.    

The End… For Now.

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Characters: Xander

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