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Discovering her Interest - N.C.U.

Description: While trying to figure out a way to make peace with her roommate, Rayne decides to learn hypnosis. Her first stop on this quest is the library, where she runs into some strangely familiar faces.

Key: FD, F/F, MC,

    Rayne sat on her bed reading the notebook from her psychology class. It had been a week since she found the notes from her first day and still she couldn’t believe what she was reading. “Open yourself up”, the notes started, “experience hypnosis”, “make a decision to be hypnotized now”, “Let your hand raise”, “let it feel lighter and lighter”,  “able to float up into the air.” No matter how many times she read the notes it still didn’t make sense to her.  But still she continued reading on…  “OMG! I can’t put my arm down! What the heck is going on? How is this possible?” “Hypnotized? But hypnosis isn’t real! It’s all fake how can she be…”, “I’m going to be hypnotized? I’m going to be hypnotized! Am I already hypnotized?!  OMG! I’m being hypnotized!  I’m being hypno…” The last part always gave her a shiver.

    She had finally come to terms with the fact that the notes were hers. She had written them, there was no question about that. But still, she had no memory of being hypnotized. Just thinking about it, the idea that she was hypnotized somewhere, she assumed in class, by someone made her skin flush with embarrassment and excitement.

    Unfortunately for Rayne a brief encounter with the person who had run the hypnotic  demonstration, a grad student by the name of Trisha, resulted in her memory being hypnotically erased. As well as Trisha’s due to poor wording. It happens. But it left Rayne with a bit of a mystery.  A mystery that would be interrupted as her roommate Klaire barged into the room and immediately came to a stop as she looked over at Rayne.

    “What are…you…still doing here?” Klaire asked in a disgusted tone.

    Rayne gave a soft sigh. She was trying her best to make some kind of connection with Klaire, but it never seemed to materialize no matter what she did. Nevertheless she decided to give it another shot and sat up with a smile, ready to give a polite reply.

    Only to have Klaire raise her hand with a single finger in the air and cut her off. “Wait! I just remembered…I don’t care!”

    With that, Klaire marched over to her chair and sat down, putting on a pair of headphones and picking up a book, going completely dead to the world.

    Rayne sat back with a disgusted look on her face and gave Klaire an evil glance before taking a deep breath and relaxing. “How can one girl have so much attitude!” she thought to herself before glancing back over at Klaire. She was wearing a sundress that had a deep, plunging neckline which showed off her rather ample chest. “And why do I find her so attractive?! I’m not attracted to bitches!” she thought.  Then she came to a stop mentally “wait a minute… I’m not attracted to girls!  Am I?” Her thought was derailed by Klaire pulling her legs up to fold them under herself as she read, giving Rayne an ever so brief glimpse up her skirt. “Ok, maybe I’m just attracted to her!” She thought.

    She moved back to her notes, not really thinking about them but instead pondering how exactly to make things with Klaire work. She was pretty sure that despite Klaire’s best efforts, her attempt to get Rayne reassigned to another room was going to end in frustration, if it hadn’t already ended that way.  “There has to be a way to get her to like me?” Rayne thought, just as her eyes drifted over her notes where a specific passage stood out to her… ‘I’m being hypnotized!  I’m being hypno…’ Rayne glanced at the passage, then over at Klaire, then back to the passage.

    “Would that even work?” she thought to herself. “I mean hypnosis isn’t real… right?” And then her eyes drifted a bit higher in the notes to the line ‘Hypnotized? But hypnosis isn’t real!’  “Apparently I asked this question once before” she thought as she looked back to the final line of her notes where the word ‘hypno’ ended in a squiggly line as her hand slid off the page. “Ok, well, if I was able to be hypnotized… then she can be, too!” Rayne thought as she got up and headed out of the dorm room with a mission.

    Klaire just rolled her eyes and took off her headphones “Finally!” she gasped in exasperation.


    Rayne figured the best place to go to do research would be the New Chicago University library. You know those big buildings full of books? Where you can do research? The old fashioned way? No? Really? They have public internet, just keeping reading you’ll figure it out. 

    Anyway, she was in the library searching through the psychology section, trying to find any helpful information on hypnosis. It was then that she turned the corner, book in hand, and looked up to see two girls that were both familiar to her, and also strangers. Sitting in front of her, between the shelves of books, at one of the computer stations was Trisha and Laura. She didn’t remember their names, or having ever seen them before, but something about both girls was strangely familiar. Especially Trisha. There was just something about her smile, the energy in her face as she talked, and the eager look in her eyes that just was unmistakable yet completely unplaceable. It also didn’t hurt that she was wearing skin tight jeans and leaning over Laura’s shoulder, making the jeans look even tighter then they were.

    It took Rayne a minute or two of staring before she snapped herself out of her own trance-like, peeping tom state. She couldn’t figure out why she kept finding herself checking out girls, but something about Trisha just seemed so…familiar…and exciting. Instead of deciding to approach the girls to talk, she snuck around the other side of the bookshelf closest to the computer station.  She knelt down behind the bookshelf, peering through the spaces in the books but still only a few feet away, close enough to hear the girls talking.

    “This would be the perfect spot” Trisha said, pointing to the screen over Laura’s shoulder. “It’s centrally located to several of the dorms, it’s large enough for a few bedrooms for upper class students, and has all of the recreation areas that we would need!  It’s perfect!”

    Laura seemed a little less enthusiastic. “I agree that it has what you're looking for” she said as she rolled her chair towards Trisha, who looked her dead in the eyes which made Laura seem a bit more nervous. “But…why do we need a psychology sorority again? I mean N.C.U. has 4 sororities, why are you trying to create one specifically for the psychology department? And even if it gets approved you won’t have enough space here for more than maybe 8 to 12 people to live there. That's not a big sorority.”

    “That’s the whole point silly!” Trisha said, getting a smile on her face that was both devious and…aroused, believe it or not. “It’s a small enough space to be controlled, we can be selective in who we put in there, and we can run experiments on the occupants the whole time! It’s like having test subjects that pay you for the honor!” Her gaze drifted off into the distance as she imagined a room of twelve scantily clad young college girls, all hypnotized in front of her and ready to do her bidding.

    Laura did not seem convinced “Trisha…you can’t use students as test subjects without them knowing it! That’s unethical! Against the university’s rules! Probably against state and federal law, not to mention…”

    She was cut off by Trisha commenting “erotic as hell…” as she stared off into space with a grin. Only to have Laura shake her shoulder aggressively.

    “Hey! Focus for a minute here!” Laura said angrily “I’m serious about this.”

    Trisha stood up a bit and looked down at Laura. “Alright... “ she said reaching into her pocket “how about I try to convince you, and if I fail I’ll abandon the idea. Deal?”

    Laura looked at her suspiciously “and how are you going to try and convince me?”

    Trisha smiled and dangled a cheap pocket watch in front of Laura’s eyes. “I was thinking this might do the trick….” She started to swing the watch slowly back and forth in front of Laura’s eyes. “Just watch the watch of gold…and soon you will do as you are told. No seriously though, focus on the watch, going back and forth. Your eyes will find themselves just drawn to the watch. As it swings from side to side. Gently and easily now…”

    Laura looked past the watch to Trisha as she commented quite bluntly “Really? First off that's cheating! Second off…where did you get that watch… it’s so… shiny….” Her eyes started to naturally follow the watch as it went back and forth, slowly and easily.

    From her vantage point a few feet away, hidden behind the bookshelf, Rayne could see everything perfectly and her eyes were glued to the watch as it went back and forth, slowly and gently in front of Laura’s eyes.  The curly haired blonde was so close to the watch that her eyes were nearly crossing when the watch went in front of her face. The image of Laura’s face getting more and more relaxed, slowly going slack behind the image of the watch going back and forth, only helped Rayne to sink that much more quickly.

    Trisha watched with a smile as the watch swung back and forth in front of Laura’s face. Every swing helped the junior’s face relax even more. The final sign that she was ready occured when her hand slipped off of the desk and into her lap. “That’s a girl, doing so well now.  Getting ready to just sink” Trisha snapped her fingers “Deeper…” another snap “and deeper” another snap “down” yet another snap. “Into…. Sleep” this last time she snapped her fingers directly in front of Laura’s face.

    Rayne watched as Trisha’s fingers snapped in front of Laura’s eyes. The blonde’s eyes rolled up into her head as her face betrayed a small, faint little smile before her head fell to her chest, curly hair bouncing around the side of her face. 

    Unfortunately for Rayne, who was watching the pocket watch swinging just in front of Laura’s face, to her relaxed subconscious mind the suggestion to sleep and the finger snap, was also meant for her. So a moment after watching Laura sink into sleep, Rayne’s eyes fluttered closed and her head sank gently against the bookshelf in front of her. Her body was relaxed and kneeling on the ground next to the bookshelf, with her head gently resting on one of the shelves. And Trisha was none the wiser.

    For her part the older grad student smiled and put the watch back into her pocket. “That’s a good girl…” she said stroking Laura’s cheek and sliding a finger under her chin to tilt the young woman’s head up. 

    Laura’s hair fell in such a way that it framed her face perfectly while her completely relaxed and sleepy expression shone across her face. 

    Trisha leaned in to Laura “When you wake up, you will realize the psychology sorority is a great idea… You’ll want to help me in any way, with anything that I need. Your first task will be simple. Start to find students, attractive students to join the sorority. You will also find yourself wanting to join the sorority. Isn’t that right?”

    Laura’s head nodded softly up and down while still held up by Trisha’s finger. But unheard by either of the blonde older students, the young redheaded freshman, Rayne, replied quietly with a simple “yes.”

    With a smile Trisha leaned in and kissed the hypnotized Laura, then pulled back and let go of her head, allowing it to fall one more time against her chest. Just enough to make her breasts jiggle a bit, which gave Trisha a shiver as she watched. “Alright, I’m off to go rent the building…you follow your orders.” She said as she turned to walk away, snapping her fingers as she went and saying a bit too loudly for a library “Wide awake!”

    At the sound of the snap Rayne’s eyes and head shot up. Once again she didn’t really realize what had happened, but as she looked around she saw Laura sitting at the computer,  going through the greek alphabet to try and figure out what to call the sorority. Nervously, she stood up and moved over to Laura “Ex…excuse me?” she said timidly.

    Laura spun around with a thousand watt smile “Hi!” she said “What can I do for you!”

    Rayne was so confused as to what she was doing or why that she just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.         “I’m…I’m trying to.. to learn how to do hypnosis. You wouldn’t happen to be able to help me with that would you?” she asked very nervously.

    Laura smiled “Of course! In fact I’m trying to help set up a psychology based sorority that will have hypnosis as one of it’s basic subjects! Maybe you’d be interested in joining?”

    Rayne looked at Laura and a strangely familiar feeling washed over her. Her thoughts seemed to just drift away. She already knew the answer to this question. It wasn’t that she had figured it out in advance, more that it was…just there for her to use when called upon. She smiled nervously and said “Yes… Yes I’d like to join.”

The End… For Now.

Cast: Rayne, Klaire, Trisha, Laura

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