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This Job Bites - Part 3

Description: Newly made vampire Kelli is merely a pawn in a struggle for power. But she’s a cute pawn.

Key: MC, MD, FD, M/F,

    It was a normal Tuesday morning on the top floor of Card Enterprise’s headquarters. The usual ‘core’ executives were all in their sealed central offices and the rest of the outer rim executives and staff were busy moving about their mornings. That is, until the elevator door opened and Kelli stepped out. She was wearing a very slinky dark green dress that looked more suitable for a nightclub than a place of business, but was just conservative enough to pass. Nevertheless, it still managed to get everyone’s attention.

    As she made her way down the hallway, the staff could only stop and stare at Kelli, who was swaying her hips and giving everyone a thousand watt smile. A young male executive who was busy flirting with one of the clerical staff noticed Kelli as she approached and the color faded from his face. Kelli couldn’t help but laugh, his attitude was very different then it had been last night. “Good morning, miss.” he said timidly as he bowed his head to avoid looking her in the eyes as she passed.

    “Good morning” she said as she grinned and made eye contact with the cute brunette clerical aid he was flirting with. “You can do better.” she said confidently to her.

    The words echoed through the young woman’s mind as her eyes glazed over. She simply whispered “I can do better…” as she turned and walked away from the young man.

    Kelli made her way to the central lobby and smiled at the receptionist behind the counter. “Good morning. You know in all the times I’ve seen you, I never got your name. I’m Kelli…” she said, extending her hand to the secretary who already knew her name.

    The secretary swallowed nervously as the confident, beautiful woman introduced herself. “I’m… I’m…” she said, stumbling over her words as she extended her hand. The moment she touched Kelli’s hand, her thought process ended. She simply stared ahead blankly as her face went slightly slack and her eyes closed part way.

    Kelli smiled, “I guess it’s not important right now. You can tell me tonight, when you let me walk you home. Isn’t that right?” The young secretary nodded slowly and mouthed a response, but no sound came out. Kelli simply smiled. “Good girl.” she said as she leaned across the desk and kissed her gently on the lips.

    The secretaries eyes fluttered up into her head as her body sagged and sank into her chair. Kelli couldn’t help but smile. “Looks like you’re already falling for me.” she said with a grin.  She let the young woman’s hand slide out of hers and, before it managed to fall limply into her lap, the young secretary opened her eyes and looked around with a confused expression on her face. Kelli was nowhere to be seen, but that didn’t matter, the secretary had no memory of seeing her in the first place.

    Kelli walked into her office and closed the door, the one thing she liked the most about having an office was the privacy. No one could bother her in her own office.  She moved behind her desk and as she was about to sit down a hand gripped her shoulder. Kelli jerked in fright, but the jerk seemed to only half complete, as she was left frozen in mid reaction. The female executive…her mistress…simply leaned in from behind and whispered into her ear. As she did, her hand cupped Kelli’s breast and massaged it deeply, vigorously, and then slid a small object between them.

    Kelli stood transfixed while all of this happened, until she finally replied, in a monotone voice, “Yes…today is the day…I understand, mistress.”  A moment later the hand on her shoulder seemed to fade away and Kelli sat down at her desk, turning on her computer as if nothing had happened. And as far as she was aware…nothing had.


    A few hours later there was a knock on the door of Alan Card’s main office. The charming businessman opened the door with a smile “Ah, ladies… come in, come in. I trust you have gotten acquainted?”

    The redheaded executive in the blue business dress smiled and, in a polite but somehow devious tone, said “Indeed, we are quite familiar with one another already.”

    Kelli blushed as she seemed to revert to some of her shy tendencies around Alan. “She’s helped me to acclimate to my new position here.”

    “Splendid!” he said with a genuine smile as he offered the ladies a seat on one of the rather large couches surrounding a very old antique coffee table. “So, what can I do for you today ladies?”

    Kelli smiled nervously as she looked at the executive. After a reaffirming nod, she slid a file folder across the table to Alan. “Here is the report you wanted on Furlings Electrical, Sir.”

    Alan raised an eyebrow. “You finished this already?” he said looking back and forth at both Kelli and the executive, who gave affirming nods. “Most impressive, my dear. Most impressive.” He spent the next several minutes flipping through the pages examining every line of Kelli’s findings. The size and detailed quality of the report was second only to Alan’s ability to completely digest all of the information that was in the report. “A marvelous job!” he said, setting the file folder down. “They seem like an excellent acquisition! I’m sure you’ll see to the details won’t you?” he said looking at the executive.

    “Of course, Sir.” She said with confident smile “It would be my pleasure.”

    “Wonderful!” Alan said standing up “Time for a drink!”

    “I’ll get it, if you don’t mind sir?” Kelli said as she shot to her feet and moved to the bottle of brandy that was sitting in an ice bucket.

    Alan smiled as he watched her move.  “Not worried about spilling it, I see…my how you have changed since Friday.”

    Kelli smiled softly as Alan and the executive started to discuss business. She popped open the Brandy and began to pour three glasses. Once the second glass was poured, however, her face went slack and her eyes took on a very…distant look. Her hand reached up to her chest and began to massage it, sliding the hidden vial that the executive had placed there hours before, up and into her hand. She opened the vial and poured it into one of the glasses, and a moment later it was back in her top and her eyes were back to normal. She finished pouring the brandy and carried the glasses back to the table.

    “Here we are!” she said with an excited smile as she handed both Alan and the executive a glass, remaining standing with her own glass in hand and a healthy smile of pride on her face.

    Alan stood up and smiled. “A toast, to a job well done!” he said, tipping his glass to Kelli and then the executive. With a large smile he took a long, slow drink, and savored the flavor of the brandy for a moment. “1624, an excellent vintage.” he said, giving the female executive a devious grin.

    The female executive’s face had lost all of its confidence as she simply stared at Alan with a look of confusion and fear in her eyes. “What’s wrong?” Alan asked as his voice took on a much more menacing tone.

    Kelli looked between Alan and the executive, confused and a little scared as to what was going on. The executive’s voice shuddered just a bit as she replied. “There was…holy water in that glass. You should…you should be dead!”

    Alan grinned deviously as his eyes turned an unnatural yellow, while he set his glass down and moved behind Kelli confidently.

    Kelli, who had started to back up a bit, came to a dead stop the moment Alan’s eyes turned yellow. She stared ahead with a vacant expression until Alan moved up behind her and gently placed his hand on her back. As he did, her eyes turned an equally unnatural yellow and a devious grin formed on her face.

    “You see, it pays to plan ahead... “ Alan said with a smile.


    The previous Friday.

    Kelli had already resigned herself to not getting the job, so much so that the offer took her completely by surprise. She looked up at Alan with a mixture of shock and hope on her face. “Wait…really? Are you serious?” she said, the excitement in her voice plainly evident as she leaned forward in her seat.

    Alan smiled and stood up, extending his hand for her to shake. “Absolutely, if you’ll merely…accept my offer.”

    “Absolutely!” she practically screamed. Without thinking, she stood up and extended her own hand to shake Alan’s.

    But something happened when she did. The second she touched his hand she felt a wave of energy, a tingling, wash down her arm and up into her shoulder. From her shoulder it spread out across her chest and up into her neck and head. For a split second, she thought that she saw Alan’s eyes turn an unnatural shade of yellow. But a split second was all that thought lasted. In fact, it was all any of her thoughts lasted. The wave of energy washed over her brain, her mind, her very soul, and left her stuck in place and staring ahead at her new boss. Her face held the same smile it had when she touched his hand, a slight flexing of the muscles implied that she might have been about to gasp, but never made it that far. The only noticeable change was that the light seemed to have faded from her eyes.

    Alan held her hand, gently, delicately, more like he was dancing with her and less like he was entrancing her. He slowly moved around the table, alongside Kelli, whispering into her ear. “You know my dear…I actually have another problem I might like you to help me solve. A rather…ambitious employee. I want you to help me with that…you’d like to help me, wouldn’t you Kelli?

    Kelli hadn’t so much as blinked since she made contact with Alan’s hand. In fact, it was still in the position of a hand shake, even though Alan had since moved his own hand from that position and proceeded to caress her frozen arm. She didn’t give a single response to his question. Her mind didn’t even hear it.

    Alan smiled deviously. “Splendid!” he said, moving in and brushing his lips along her neck slowly, seductively. “Of course…this job does come with a bit of a learning curve. And a hell of an acclimation period. But I’m sure you’ll do just fine.” He gave a devious, cartoon villain laugh as he lolled his head back, hamming it up to the fullest. But as he came back down a pair of fangs had extended from his mouth and he sunk them deeply into Kelli’s neck.

    Kelli never so much as blinked.


Back in Alan’s office.

    “You got to her first…she was all a set up. Clever.” The executive said looking down at her brandy glass, realizing that the holy water she had given Kelli to use on Alan was most likely in her own drink.        

    “Can you blame me?” Alan said sliding his hand along Kelli’s cheek. The enthralled young woman simply leaned her head against his hand. “She will make a lovely addition to my collection.”

    The executive only glared more deeply at Alan. “That’s your greatest weakness, you know that don’t you? Your fascination with collections, with art, and…and… “ She looked down at the centuries old table in front of her. “and antiques! Useless, all of them! That money could be used to expand the company! To grow your influence, your power! But you waste it!” She wore a look of disgust plainly on her face as she glared at him. 

    Alan only smiled “This is why you lost today, my dear…you don’t see what art and beauty can really teach you.”

    The executive set her glass down and let her own eyes turn a deep yellow. “I may have lost today, but I’ll be back!” She quickly spun on her heels and her entire body turned a bright glowing blue and then faded to nothing. A moment later, the glow and her form completely reappeared exactly where she had previously been. “Wha…what the hell?”

    Alan simply chuckled.  “If you had paid attention, you would have noticed that this not actually a table at all. It is a relic, from St. Mikal the ponderer. And it has the ability to render a vampire’s ability to teleport… moot.” As he looked at her, a grin spread over his face.

    The executive quickly looked back and forth between Kelli and Alan. “You’ve thought of everything…haven’t you.”

    Alan nodded. “Yes…I have!” He and Kelli both bared their fangs at the same time, hissing violently as they were just about to attack.

    “Except this…” The executive said as she kicked the brandy glass over, spilling it out onto the antique table as she turned to run for the door.

    “NO!” Alan shouted as if he had just watched the love of his life be murdered horribly in front of his eyes. He quickly took off his jacket and started to mop up the spilled alcohol as the executive ran for the door.

    Kelli, now fully aware of who and what she was, gave quick pursuit and jumped gracefully over the couch to chase down the executive. But just before the executive reached the door she turned to Kelli, holding her open hand up in front of Kelli’s face and saying a single forceful word that seemed to echo not only through the room, but through Kelli’s mind. “Sleep!”

    Kelli, who was in full sprint at the time, instantly fell asleep in mid run and came to a stop in a crumpled heap on the floor at the executive’s feet. The executive quickly turned and threw the office door open as she glared back at Alan. “I’ll be back!”

    Alan looked up at her with an evil glare “Foolish woman! You could have seriously scarred the finish!” His care was only about the well being…of his antique relic.

    The executive just rolled her eyes and ran through the doorway, the moment she did she turned into a bright blue flash and was gone.


    Kelli awoke to find herself slumped on the couch with Alan in front of her holding her hand softly. “Welcome back, my dear.” he said with an evil grin.

    Kelli looked around, confused “What happened? Where did she go?”

    Alan patted her hand softly “You may be a vampire now my dear, but you are a weak one. A hypnotic command given from a more powerful vampire than yourself…and you were helpless to resist. She fled, for now.”

    Kelli shook her head, trying to clear it. “I don’t…remember anything. One second I was running at her the next I’m…here? I’m so sorry, Sir!” she said as she realized that she probably allowed the executive to escape.

    “Pay it no mind.” he said, brushing off the notion “She played her cards well and deserves to play another day. And you…you did your job, both of them, perfectly. I couldn’t be prouder.”

    Kelli blushed at the compliment as Alan picked up a file folder off the table and handed it to her. “In fact, here is your next assignment.”

    Kelli took the folder and opened it up, glancing over the pages as she asked curiously. “You’re interested in buying the Spirals Nightclub?” She looked up from the page to stare directly into Alan’s deep, bright yellow hypnotic eyes. Her body sagged a bit as the folder fell from her hands. As she simply stared into his eyes, deeply.

    “That will be up to you to decide if it’s worth it…tomorrow. For today, let’s see what my adversary managed to teach you.” The sound of his zipper opening was faint in Kelli’s mind.

    Kelli’s face showed no realization of what was about to happen, what she was about to do. It didn’t matter, she had given herself to him days ago and was his…forever. “Yes…of course….My Master.”

The End… For now.

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