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This Job Bites - Part 2

Description: Kelli shows up for her first day of work with a very stark change in her appearance, and her attitude.

Key: FD, M/F, MC, Hypno

    The elevator doors opened on the executive floor of Card Enterprise’s headquarters as a sultry young woman stepped out of the elevator. She was thin and pale, even more so than she had been the previous week, but now she had deep red hair that came down past her shoulders in waves. Her attire was extremely sensual...for business attire. She wore a dark green pencil skirt dress with a jacket, which was unbuttoned enough to show off the cleavage that was on display from the dress. Her glasses were gone, but she was sporting a pair of high heels and walking confidently in a heel to toe fashion with a sexy grin on her face.

    Behind the reception desk, the receptionist was stunned by the redheaded beauty that was walking towards her. She mustered up all of her professional confidence and smiled at the young woman. “Can I help you, miss?” she asked politely.

    The redhead smiled. “Why yes you can. You can show me to my new office, at your earliest  convenience of course.” Her smooth, confident tone managed to sound both authoritative and flirty at the same time.

    The receptionist simply stared at the young woman for several long moments with a stunned look on her face. Finally, she managed to regain her composure enough to ask “May…I have your name please, miss?”

    The redhead just laughed. “It’s me, silly… Kelli. We met last week when I came in for my interview. Don’t you remember?”

    The receptionist’s mouth nearly dropped to the floor. She did, in fact, remember Kelli from last week, and knew she was coming in to start the first day of her new job…but the woman before her looked absolutely nothing like the Kelli she had seen the previous week. Even her voice had managed to take on a more sultry, older tone. “Oh, right, I’m so terribly sorry! You look very…amazing…I mean, different, this week.” She blushed furiously as she got up from her desk. “This way please, miss…” she said, leading Kelli to her new office.


    Kelli’s office was small, especially compared to Alan’s, and was accessible from the same hallway that lead to the main office. There were no windows inside, also just like Alan’s, which suited Kelli just fine. She was surprised by just how harsh the sun felt today. The office was also furnished to the same high standards as Alan Card’s office, with various antiques and paintings adorning the walls and a beautiful hardwood desk that looked like it was at least 200 years old.

    As Kelli walked in, she gently slid her hand along the desk and shivered. For the first time in her life it was like she could connect to it, like she could feel its history. It was amazing.  All at once, in a brief flash, she saw its entire history...from the person who carved it out, right down to the last person to use it. Another redheaded executive that had just been promoted. It was a strange feeling, to say the least.

    She was about to take a seat at her desk when Alan, her new boss, walked in “Ah…I see you are becoming acclimated to your new surroundings.”

    Kelli jumped, not realizing he had entered. But unlike the previous week she kept her cool and simply gave him a warm, almost flirty, smile. “Absolutely, the office is lovely. Thank you so much, Mr. Card.”

    Alan looked her over, not just as an employee but as a woman, which was evident in his face. “I see the employee orientation has done wonders for you as well... “ he smiled and handed her a rather boring manilla envelope. The kind you find in every office…everywhere. “Here is your first assignment. I expect it to be ready by the end of the day on Friday.” He turned to walk away, raising a finger playfully as he waved it back and forth at her. “Don’t be late.” His tone was both playful and threatening at the same time.

    “Of course not, Mr. Card.” Kelli said confidently as she flipped open the file and took a seat at her desk, diving into her first assignment.”


    Day passed on into night, and Kelli was still hard at work at her desk. The secretary and most of the floor had left for the day, all except for Kelli and one or two other executives on the outer ring of the building’s main level. The area with windows. She was in the middle of doing research on her computer, having nearly finished her first assignment, when all of a sudden she seemed to stop. Her face went completely slack and the files she was holding fell from her hand and onto the desk. For a split second her eyes shifted to a shade of bright yellow, then back to her natural blue. She stood up from her desk, quickly and gracefully despite wearing high heels...and even though her body moved as if she were fully awake, her face never showed the slightest hint of expression.

    She exited her office and tiptoed quietly to the office door of Alan Card, gripping the knob and turning it slightly. The knob didn’t budge at first, but then, as if all on its own, a click could be heard as the door unlocked and allowed Kelli to slip inside.

    The office was completely dark and empty, despite no one having seen Alan Card leave for the evening. It was like he simply disappeared into thin air. Of course Kelli, who was deeply entranced at the time, never once thought or cared about his whereabouts. Instead she moved quietly to Card’s desk, where she reached into her pocket and pulled out a USB thumb drive and placed it into his computer as she turned it on.

    The computer made several stereotypical noises. Bings and bongs, grinding sounds and ticking of the tiny LED lights as they turned on and off. It was all very technical. Until finally there was another stereotypical ‘Ding!’

    Kelli removed the USB drive and placed it back into her pocket again, then closed the computer and stood up to head towards the door. As soon as the door was closed behind her, the expression returned to her face. She was done for the night, so she simply decided it was time to leave, as if it was her own decision.

    As she made her way to the elevator, a young man stepped out directly in front of her. She didn’t have time to stop and bumped into him in such a way that he had to catch her to stop her from falling. Of course he also managed to skillfully cop a feel of her breast and butt while doing so, which implied that it was not exactly an accidental meeting.

    “Careful there, miss.” the man said with a smug smile. “You’re liable to hurt yourself if you keep running around like this without watching where you’re going.” He slowly looked her over, before giving her the kind of smile the captain of the football team might give his next female target. (I was a nerd, not a jock, does it show?) “And where are you off to in such a hurry?”

    For the first time in Kelli’s life she was being propositioned…or more like sized up, as a conquest, and she wasn’t the slightest bit nervous. She looked over the man, desire evident on her face. He was probably in his early 30’s, and well built, which he showed off by wearing a white dress shirt that was tight enough to show off the curves of his muscles. She smiled at him and took on a more innocent expression, as her body shifted into a sultry pose with one hand on her hip and her knee bent. “I’m so sorry, it’s my first day…I’m actually kind of lost. I was looking for a place to just...take in the view for a few minutes.” As she said this she slid a single finger slowly down his chest. “You wouldn’t happen to know of a place that I could do that…would you, sir?”

    The man followed her finger as it moved down his chest, surprised by her forwardness. He gently gripped her hand and smiled. “You’ll love the view from my office…” He turned and started to lead her down the hallway to one of the offices with windows. She followed behind clumsily in her high heels, filling the part of the airheaded ditz perfectly. 

    He opened the door to his office and took her to the window, where she looked and pretended to be the wide-eyed girl she had been the week before. Enamored with a simple view, pretending to be oblivious to the real reason he was locking the door behind them. As she stood there, carefully watching his reflection in the window, he moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

    She turned to look at the man as he leaned in against her, pressing her to the window as he did. “You know…I’m very powerful in this company. Everyone respects me. It would be in your best interest to...stay on my good side.” he said as he leaned in closer.

    Kelli giggled innocently. “I’m sure it would be…any idea how I could do that?” she said with the innocent look of a girl flirting with her crush.

    “Oh, I have one or two.” the man said as he leaned in and began to kiss her. Not your usual romantic kiss, or even a passionate kiss. There was no emotional attachment, only pure unadulterated lust. He only wanted one thing from her and he was going to get it.

    But she wanted only one thing from him, too…and she had every intention of getting it. Kelli responded to the kiss, remaining innocent, or at least pretending to be innocent, as he groped her body. His hands slid along her legs and her breasts, squeezing harder then he should have but not caring at all.

    Kelli moaned meekly and started to whimper. Something inside of her knew this man wanted to be the one in control, the one who was dominating her, so she played along. She felt his hand slide up her skirt and lift it up. She moaned into the kiss and let her hands shake ever so slightly, like she didn’t know what to do. The sound of her panties being ripped echoed through her ears, along with her own internal laughter.

    The man pushed Kelli up to the window, holding her against the glass and spreading her legs with his torso. The soft sound of a zipper opening echoed softly through the room before Kelli felt herself sliding down onto him, as he moved himself into her and began to pump her up and down along the glass for the world to see.

    Kelli continued moaning softly as he continued, she was surprised that for as aggressive and built as he was…he wasn’t very skilled at the act he was trying to do. All ego and nothing to back it up. She leaned into him and kissed his ear while he pushed up into her, grunting like an ape.  She could feel his pulse through her body as a surge of energy moved through her. “You’re going to enjoy this…more than you think” he said aggressively.

    She tilted her head back and looked him in the eyes. “So are you…” she said, and with a gentle blink her eyes turned deep yellow. The man looked at her, confused, as she smiled at him, revealing her new fangs.  

    “What the...fuuuu...” was all he got out, before Kelli hissed unnaturally and sank her fangs into his neck violently. As he screamed and shuddered, Kelli couldn’t help but realize that he was right...she did enjoy it much more than she thought she would.


    A few hours later, the door to Kelli’s apartment opened and she walked in slowly. Her hair was disheveled, and her face instantly went slack as she walked through the door. She had slipped back into a deep hypnotic trance, as if on cue.

    She should have been surprised to find the female executive that had visited her the previous week sitting in her living room. Should have been surprised to find her sipping a glass of wine in an antique chair that she had never seen before, while watching the glow of the fireplace that had never worked since she had lived there. But she wasn’t, she was incapable of being surprised. She was incapable of thought.

    “Did you enjoy your first conquest, my pet?” the executive asked curiously.

    “Yes, my Mistress…” Kelli responded in a monotone voice.

    “I’m glad. I trust you didn’t let that little diversion distract you from your real goal…did you, my pet?”

    “No Mistress…” Kelli responded as she moved next to the chair the woman was in and handed her the USB drive.

    “Hmmmm you have done well, my pet.” the woman said as she took a sip of her wine. “You have done well indeed. And you have earned the reward I promised you.”

    Kelli moved in front of the woman and slid down to her knees. Her face never once showed the slightest hint of expression or awareness. “Yes Mistress…thank you, Mistress.” She said in her far away tone as she leaned forward and slid her head under the woman’s skirt.

    The executive sighed softly as Kelli received her ‘reward’. All the while examining the USB thumb drive. “Such a good girl. Tomorrow we make our move…”

To be concluded....

Featuring: Kelli, Alan Card

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