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Pledging The Sorority - N.C.U. - Part 1

Description: Rayne meets Trisha, the head of the hypnotic sorority that she is pledging. But why does she look so familiar?

Key: MC, FD,

    “It was a dark, and stormy night…” Rayne read to herself. “Who writes this crap?” She was curled up on a chair in her dorm room, reading one of the vampire novels she had spied under Klaire’s bed. She had managed to find a copy of it at the library and was using it to try and find a connection, an ‘in’, if you will, into Klaire’s mind. But so far she had gotten hung up on the cheesiness of the novel.

    A moment later Klaire walked in, giving Rayne her typical scoff and eye roll upon seeing that she not only still existed, but was still her roommate and was physically in the room. The nerve! But as the disgust on her face faded, her gaze shifted dramatically. Her eyes locked onto the book that Rayne was reading and nearly popped clean out of her head. The rest of her, to her credit, remained completely unphased. Even her facial expression didn’t change, although there was a definite redness creeping into her cheeks. Perhaps from anger, perhaps from embarrassment…but probably a little of both. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Klaire asked through clenched teeth.

    Behind the book, Rayne hid a devious smile. She could see Klaire’s reaction just over the top of the book and knew that even reading it was having an effect on her. “Just reading. Have you ever read any of these vampire romance novels? I just picked this one up today but it’s…fascinating how the vampires seem to exert their influence over the young heroines. Don’t you think?”

    Klaire quickly regained her composure. She didn’t want to give away any more information then she may have already. “I don’t read trash novels…” she started as she turned away, desperately trying to get the redness she could feel in her face to fade “They treat the women like frail little waifs. Only a moron would find that exciting.” Of course she had to get her hourly dig in at Rayne.

    Rayne let the insult roll away as she closed the book with a smile, seductively leaning forward on her bed. “What…you don’t think having a seductive vampire tell you to look into their eyes now Klaire…would be exciting?”

    Klaire’s face turned even more red, only now a small amount of excitement was added into the anger and embarrassment that she was already feeling. She took a deep breath and sighed, using her normal frustrated tone to mask her true feelings, then spun around to glare at Rayne…only to find her younger roommate standing just a few feet away. Her right arm was in front of her face, and the edge of her jacket draped across it like a cape as the redhead waved her hand forward and backward at Klaire, opening her hand as she went forward and then pulling her fingers together as she pulled away…trying to imply that she was pulling in Klaire’s attention.

    Klaire gasped for a moment at finding Rayne so close to her. The scene itself had been exciting for her…until Rayne had gone full stereotypical jackass. But it was exactly the shift that she needed to regain control over her emotions. The excitement and embarrassment she had been feeling was gone, leaving only the anger. Just the way she liked it. The brunette glared at Rayne and cocked an eyebrow, meeting the redhead’s gaze. “And just when I thought you couldn’t be more of a moron…you rise to the occasion. Bravo, dumbass.” 

    Now it was Rayne’s turn to be embarrassed as she lowered the jacket and tossed it to her bed. She was going to try another method but couldn’t seem to look Klaire in the eyes. She had lost her nerve. Fortunately for her, a second later the alarm on her cell phone went off. In one quick motion she threw the book on her bed and grabbed her bag. “Gotta go!” she said as she left, slamming the door behind her.

    As soon as the door was closed, Klaire sprang into action. She sprinted to the door, grabbing the desk chair on the way, and in one smooth motion placed the chair under the door knob with one hand while deadbolting it shut with the other. Then, before her body had even come to a stop, she shifted and started to run towards her bed. She pulled off a perfect baseball slide right under the foot of the bed and started pulling things out from underneath it frantically...until she finally pulled out her secret box of vampire novels. She quickly opened it to check; all the books were there…all in the right order…nothing had been disturbed. 

    She sighed in relief and held the box close to her, as if she were hugging it, while glaring over at the book on Rayne’s bed. Almost as if she was expecting the book to move…or attack her. “What the hell just happened?”  She whispered to herself…


    Trisha sat in her dorm room taking to Carly, a sophomore and friend of hers. The two were in a small sitting area in the corner of Trisha’s massive dorm room, at least it was massive by college standards. The room was about twice the size of a normal dorm room, and she had it all to herself. The extra space allowed her to have a small seating area with a two seat couch, and an armchair, as well as a small table by the window and a microwave. It also allowed her to have a full sized bed which was practically unheard of in a college dorm room.

    The two ladies were talking, catching up on life, but at such a high speed that I couldn’t possibly repeat it to you here, because roughly one second of conversation would fill five pages...and I’m not even sure that any of it was coherent to begin with the first time around. Women… am I right?

    Anyway, after a few minutes of conversation that more closely resembled the Binaurs from Star Trek TNG than actual human speech, there was a subtle knock at the door followed by a very brazen loud thumping.

    Trisha moved to open the door with Carly following behind her, as she did Laura, who was all smiles as usual, came in to hug both Trisha and Carly. It was clear that the three of them had known each other for some time. All the while a very shy and confused looking Rayne stayed out in the hallway, not really sure what to make of the scene in front of her, as all three girls tried to out talk the other.

    Once the conversation finally slowed down, Laura motioned for Rayne to come in. “Ladies, this is Rayne. She’s our first official pledge to the sorority!” Laura said as she gave Rayne a tight, one armed hug. “Rayne this is Carly, a friend of ours, and Trisha, the president of the sorority. Or at least she will be once the paperwork is done.”

    Rayne smiled at Carly and shook her hand politely before turning to look at Trisha… a brief flash of the young woman in mid orgasm flashed through her mind. But the angle was weird…almost like she had been between her legs at the time. The image faded as quickly as it had arrived and Rayne brushed it off, given that she had clearly never met Trisha before. She extended her hand and shook it nervously. “Pleased to meet you.” she said about as meekly as she could muster.

    Trisha smiled widely at Rayne. “The pleasure is all mine!” she said as she took Rayne’s hand. The moment she did an image flashed through her mind. An image of Rayne…on her knees, deeply hypnotized. Her red hair was disheveled and her face was buried between Trisha’s legs. Trisha felt the shiver of an orgasm go through her.  And then as quickly as the image appeared, it was gone.

    Neither girl realized that the flashes were actually memories, hypnotized away due to poor wording of their own suggestions, in a hypnotic duel done weeks ago. A duel that neither girl remembered.

    Both Trisha and Rayne couldn’t help but stare at one another, as if they knew each other from someplace but couldn’t figure out where. “Do…I know you?” Rayne asked cautiously.

    “I honestly don’t know...” replied Trisha, searching for the memory. “It feels like I do, but I can’t remember…from where?”

    Laura chimed in. “You wouldn’t happen to be taking Psychology 104 with Bartlet would you?” Rayne nodded softly as she continued looking at Trisha. “Ah, thats it! Trisha did a hypnosis demonstration in Bartlet’s class a few weeks ago.”

    “Oh…I...I don’t remember there being a hypnosis demonstration in that class. Or any class for that matter?” she admitted, confused, as her face started to blush.

    Laura gave her a devious grin “Are you sure? Or do you find if I start to ask you about your hand…starting to rise. Like you could feel it being pulled, gently and easily, higher and higher with every word that I say. Do you think you would find your arm rising now Rayne…or would you be completely oblivious to it until it was straight up and down.

    Rayne seemed to blush even more, less about what was being said and more about the fact that she was the center of attention. Laura had this almost childlike excitement in her eyes, while Trisha and Carly were both staring at her with smiles on their faces. She couldn’t figure out why the two of them were on the verge of laughing. It was really disconcerting to her…and then she felt her arm bump into her ear. “What the hell?!” she asked, startled to find her arm straight up and down next to her.

    As the other two girls laughed at her, Rayne remembered the notes she had found in her notebook that described her arm raising…described her being hypnotized. Before she could complete the thought she felt Laura grab her arm and pull it down rapidly. She heard a word…distant and faint. “...Sleep…” That seemed like such a good idea to Rayne. Her eyes fluttered closed as she let out a soft sigh, and her head fell to her chest, while the world around her went completely dark.

    The darkness was pierced by another far away sound…this time a whisper. “...Wide awake…” and the sound of a finger snap that seemed to echo closer and closer until finally it was nice and loud in her ear. The sound of the snap startled Rayne awake as she looked around at the girls, who were all smiling at her. “What?” she asked, confused.

    Trisha laughed. “Isn’t she cute!” she said, motioning for the girls to take a seat. “So Laura…how has our first pledge been doing? Has she been able to pick up the basics of being a hypnotist as well as being hypnotized?”

    Before Laura could respond, Rayne quickly grabbed the young woman’s face, one hand on either side as she gently moved her curly blonde haired mentor to look into her eyes. “You remember how well I’ve been doing, Laura. You can see all the times in your mind that you simply…slipped away…slowly and gently. All the times your mind was here and then simply started to fade… fade…. fade away. Down easily and deeply… deeper and deeper all the way down into a nice deep…” With a gentle tug forward Rayne finished the induction with a single word… “Sleep!”

    Laura was taken completely by surprise! She barely had time to realize who had grabbed her before she found herself staring into Rayne’s intense eyes, listening to that soft, meek, yet subtly powerful voice telling her to slip away. Trisha couldn’t help but notice how quickly Laura’s body began to sag and relax. How one hand had moved up to grab Rayne’s hand, only to fall limp at her side a few seconds later. The look on the helpless blonde’s face was Trisha’s favorite part. She could tell that Laura, in the back of her mind somewhere, knew that she was about to be hypnotized. And she knew she couldn’t do a thing to stop it…that it was already too late.  The way her eyes rolled up into her head as her face went slack and fell to her chest was easily Trisha’s second favorite part.

    “Wow!” exclaimed Carly breaking the silence in the moments following Laura’s little nap. “That was awesome! She’s so much quieter like this!” Carly said with a smile. Rayne took a minute to look at Carly, she was a little older than her, but younger than Trisha and Laura. Rayne guessed she was about 20 given that she was a sophomore. She was Laura’s height, around 5’4” with brown hair that came down to the middle of her back. It was wavy, but appeared to be that way as a result from having been in a ponytail all day, not naturally. The brunette quickly flipped open her note book and began taking notes.

    “What is she doing?” Rayne asked, giving Trisha a confused look.

    “Oh, she’s taking notes. Carly isn’t really interested in joining the sorority, but she has a paper due on hypnosis for Psychology 237 and she wanted to observe your session today. You did very well right out of the gate, I have to say.” Trisha replied with a warm smile before leaning in and speaking a bit more softly into Laura’s ear “Wouldn’t you agree Laura?”

    Laura nodded gently but didn’t really speak, she was too relaxed to care about anything. Rayne smiled and snapped her fingers. “Wide awake!”

    Laura’s eye shot open with a start as she looked around in confusion. “Wait… what just happened?”

    Trisha smiled at Laura’s response and looked over at Rayne with a warm grin on her face. “Hopefully…the start of a beautiful friendship.”

To be Continued...

Featuring: Klaire, Rayne, Laura, Trisha, Carly

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