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Pledging the Sorority - N.C.U. - Part 2

Key: MC, FD, FF, Sleep, Chloro

    As the young ladies settled down to discuss Rayne’s education in hypnotism and her accomplishments as a hypnotist, Trisha seemed more and more impressed. “Well…” Trisha started with a smile, “It’s pretty clear to me that you’ve managed to master just about every challenge that Laura has thrown your way so far. But what is it that you feel is your greatest challenge…the one you haven't been able to fully conquer yet?” The question seemed to make Trisha’s eyes light up even as she asked it.

    Rayne instantly knew exactly what the answer to that question was…Klaire. However, she didn’t want to admit to having issues with her own roommate. How would that sound? She could hypnotize several strangers, but couldn’t manage to hypnotize her own roommate who she lives with?  Rayne decided she would have to think up something that sounded intelligent and challenging, yet put her in the best light possible.

    Laura, on the other hand, completely circumvented that thought process by chiming in with an oblivious smile. “Klaire, her roommate. She’s kind of a bitch.”

    Rayne wasn’t sure if what she was feeling inside was death due to embarrassment…or the start of a plan to murder Laura. They felt so similar. Fortunately for Rayne, the admission didn’t have the negative impact that she had feared.

    Once Laura had let the cat out of the bag, both Trisha and Carly nodded in understanding. “I can relate…my roommate freshman year was such a super bitch. I woke up one night to her and her ‘boyfriend’” she said sarcastically, using air quotes, “having sex in the bunk above me. When they realized I was awake I heard her boyfriend ask her if she thought I would want to join in. I threw up as I was running out of the room.” Carly finished her story with a shiver. “I hated her.”

    Trisha, of course, took an entirely different approach. “Was the boyfriend cute? Was your roommate? Are you still roommates with them? Just curious…” There was no hiding her constant sex drive, even in her attempt to seem innocent.

    Carly nearly gagged “No to all questions.” It was followed by another violent shiver and a loud “GAAAAAAAHHHHH! Get that image out of my brain!” 

    Laura and Rayne laughed off the awkward situation, with the focus now on Carly, and Rayne’s embarrassment subsided enough for her to explain the situation to Trisha. Not only how Klaire had been behaving, but also how she had been trying to use what she was learning with Laura in order to try and make headway into smoothing out the situation. With the ultimate goal being to hypnotize the cranky bitch into being more…civil.

    “Can you hypnotize someone into being more civil?” Carly asked, genuinely curious and trying to take down as many notes on the conversation as possible.

    “To a point…” Laura chimed in “You can’t make a person do something they don’t want to do. But if you find the right way to word the suggestion and pu the right spin on the idea, you can make just about anyone…do anything you want.”

    Trisha nodded approvingly as the conversation turned to her favorite topic...making someone do something they normally wouldn’t. “Does she have any interests that you could use against her?” she asked excitedly.

    “Apparently she likes trashy vampire novels.” Rayne explained with an eye roll. “Although I tried doing a vampire induction on her today, you know the whole ‘look into my eyes’ thing with the stupid hand wave that’s so cliche. All she did was get angrier.” Rayne seemed almost embarrassed to have to admit not only her failure, but also that she tried the induction.

    “Did you use the Transylvanian accent?” Carly asked “I vant to drink your blood, Va Va Va!”

    Laura couldn’t help but laugh and, in the same accent, replied with “Look…into my eyes...you are getting sleepy, very sleepy!”

    Rayne was practically burying her face in her hands at this point. “Please tell me you don’t think that’s what’s missing?” she asked, desperate for an answer other then yes.

    It was Trisha that spoke up with a more hopeful answer, albeit in a devious tone. “No, it’s not the voice, it’s the attitude. And not the stupid hand gestures. It’s the confidence in the way they do things. They are subtle and powerful. When they give a character a command, they do so in a way that is gentle…but with complete confidence, as if they know deep down inside that the character…not even the strong heroine…can resist them. And to a girl that feels she is a strong woman, which I’m assuming from your description that Klaire feels she is, knowing that even a strong heroine can’t resist…is freeing.”

    Rayne and the others were all fixated on Trisha as she finished the description, each thinking it over in their own way, but it was Carly who spoke up first. “What do you mean…exactly?” she said, glancing over her notepad and waiting to take down more notes.

    Trisha smiled deviously. “I mean that people check their desires against their own perceptions of reality. A woman who considers herself to be a strong independent woman, but who still has fantasies of being helpless and controlled, is not going to want to fall prey to some second rate villain with powers that only affect bimbos. But, give them a villain whose powers affect everyone, regardless of mental or physical strength, well then they have an excuse…and that’s really all you need with hypnotism is to find the excuse that they need and give it them.”

    “So…” Rayne said, trying to absorb as much as she could, “she likes vampires because of their attitude, their power, and their confidence. I just need to present that confidence to her, and maybe do one or two little vampire things and she will fall under my spell, more or less?”

    Trisha smiled. “Be subtle.” she explained “You have to be subtle with her so she won’t realize what you’re doing. Lay out the expectations for her in a way that lets her know you’re in charge now. If you’re confident enough, she should drop. You have done expectancy inductions haven't you?”

    “Ummm, I…I think we did?” Rayne said, looking over at Laura questioningly. But before Laura could answer, Trisha bounced out of her chair with a giggle.

    “Oh I love doing these!” she said as she went over to her dresser and started rifling through her clothes, only to appear a second later holding a large white tube sock. “Perfect!”

    All three girls gave Trisha a look that could be best summed up as wondering if she had, in fact, lost her damn mind. But before any of them could vocalize that thought Trisha cut them off by aiming the sock at Laura. “You like spy movies don’t you?  Like really, really like spy movies...am I right?”

    Laura gave Trisha an even more confused look. “Umm…yeah, I do. What does that have to do with your sock?”

    “Everything!” Trisha said, seeming more and more insane as the conversation went on. “Now, if I remember correctly…there was that one spy movie where the heroine was kidnapped by the villian, and he used a rag soaked in…shit what’s it called….I’m totally spacing on what it’s called….”

    “Chloroform…” Laura responded, as she started to realize where Trisha was going and blushed as she tried to hide her smile.

    Trisha gave her a wicked smile in return. “See, I knew you remembered. In fact I seem to recall you stirring…getting a bit uncomfortable in your seat as you watched the heroine slowly getting weaker and weaker, as the big…strong man held her in place with his nice firm body, as she slowly fainted into his arms from the fumes….”

    Laura was visibly turning beet red as the others finally noticed and started to giggle.  With a bit of a nervous laugh, Laura finally spoke up. “Yes…I do remember that, but, again, what does this have to do with your dirty sock?”

    Trish looked as though she had completely lost her train of thought as she looked down at the sock. “It’s not dirty…it’s completely clean! See!” she held it up to her nose and inhaled deeply. “Perfectly fine!  Rayne, Carly, help me out here.”

    Rayne, who was more on guard than Carly, took the first sniff and nodded at Laura that it was, in fact, clean. She was followed by a very confused Carly, who sniffed the sock and nodded in agreement. Trisha moved back to her bed and smiled at Laura. “Your turn.” But instead of moving to Laura, she stayed standing where she was, making Laura come to her.

    Laura looked at Trisha skeptically for several moments before she finally stood up and walked over, leaning in and sniffing her sock cautiously. “You need more fabric softener.” she replied jokingly.

    Rayne and Carly laughed while Trisha replied with a sarcastic “ha ha.” Laura smiled playfully and wiggled her eyebrows before turning around to walk back to her seat…but that was exactly what Trisha wanted.

    The moment Laura’s back was to her, Trisha quickly grabbed the blonde around the waist with one hand and placed the sock over her mouth with the other, careful not to cover her friend’s nose.

    It happened so fast that Laura jumped in shock and would have let out a high pitched shriek if not for the sock over her mouth. Rayne and Carly also jumped in surprise and watched Laura intently. Only something very strange happened…that is to say…nothing happened.

    Laura remained standing there, with Trisha’s arm wrapped around her waist and a sock held over her face, as her eyes looked around in confusion. A moment later a muffled giggle could be heard and the corners of her cheeks perked up to show that she was smiling. But nothing was happening to her. Not a thing.

    Rayne at Trisha in confusion, only to see the older student had quite the devious grin on her face. She winked at Rayne and then started to whisper into Laura’s ear, in a soothing hypnotic tone that seemed very...familiar to Rayne. “What's wrong Laura? You seem confused?”       

    Laura, of course, tried to respond into the sock which only produced a muffled response that sounded more like a laugh than actual words. Trisha just smiled. “See, you all sniffed the sock. And proved to Laura that it was safe…so it’s not going to have any effect on her. Is it Laura?”

    Laura shook her head ‘no’ as best as she could while shrugging with her free hand. The other was still pinned to her side by Trisha, whom Laura was discovering was surprisingly strong.

    “You see…” Trisha started to explain, “Despite having an interest in being chloroformed, the expectation was there that this was just a sock. So nothing happened…but what happens if we change that up a bit. What happens if we ask dear Laura here to imagine that she can feel how cool and damp the sock is…how the smell of the fabric softener that she pointed out I need more of, is actually masking the smell of the chloroform. The chloroform that was too weak to affect you with just a simple sniff….but with time…starts to have a cumulative effect on our dear Laura. You can already start to smell that sweet, subtle hint of chloroform, buried deep under the clean scent of the fabric softener. Hidden away. Maybe you don’t notice it at first…but as every second goes by…as every word slips into your ear…into your mind...you start to smell it more and more. Start to feel its effects…and realize…I have you my dear, sweet little spy…and I’m going to make you tell me…all of your secrets.”

    Rayne and Carly both sat with their mouths wide open, in awe of what was happening in front of them. As Trisha spoke they could see the realization slowly seep into Laura’s mind. They could almost see her nose curl as she could start to ‘smell’ the chloroform that Trisha suggested was hidden deep in the scent of the sock. And finally, as she expertly brought the smell and the fantasy of being a spy back into Laura’s mind, they could see the fantasy take over. Like a switch had been flipped inside of Laura’s mind that engaged her imagination and made all of the pieces fall into place. And as that happened they watched as her eyes grew wide and the smaller coed started to struggle furiously against the much larger and stronger Trisha. The furious and explosive response made both Rayne and Carly jump, but Trisha seemed to be expecting it and held on to the smaller girl with ease.

    “That’s it…struggle...” Trisha whispered into Laura’s ear with delight. “The more you struggle, the more of the chloroform you inhale into your system. The more you inhale, the weaker you get…you can already feel it…creeping into your muscles… creeping into your mind. Your arms and legs are getting heavier…harder to move…harder to struggle…while your mind is fogging over…slowly…easily. Making it harder and harder for you to remember what you’re trying to do...harder to remember why you're struggling…it’s so much nicer to simply relax…and let go…and simply…give in to the sweet…sweet smell that you inhale with every breath now my dear…”

    Laura’s flailing arms seemed to get heavier with every jerk that she made, as her body, which at one point had been thrashing around violently, slowly became more and more passive with each word that Trisha whispered into her ear. Soon her free arm was hanging limp at her side as her eyes started to cross. But every time she would stare off into space, she would shake herself free with a look of determination. A look that faded more and more with each passing moment.

    Trisha smiled wickedly as Laura’s struggling subsided little by little. “That's it, so easy to just let go into the sweet…sweet, scent. Feeling the strength of the person holding you…how their body being against yours…reminds you of how helpless the heroine looked, how she struggled and faded helplessly into the arms of her captor…and how excited that made you, Laura. How images and flashes of what they might do to her filled your mind…filled your dreams. And now you find yourself in that position…and you can feel it building inside of you…deeper and deeper. Wondering…hoping...for what might come next. But knowing the only way you will know…is to surrender…to give in…to sink…sink…sink…into sleep now Laura.”

    Carly, at this point, was nearly panting with excitement. Although she wasn’t sure exactly why. Rayne, on the other hand, knew exactly why her blood was pumping. The look of Laura fading so swiftly and deeply in Trisha’s arms was pushing buttons she didn’t know she had! And watching Laura’s body go from thrashes of resistance to sways of excitement…each one getting slower and slower, was making her own pulse skyrocket.  She happened to look up at Laura just in time to see the young woman’s cheeks flush and flex, as if under the sock she was smiling. Rayne envisioned a giggly smile like the kind you would see in an old 60’s TV show…just before the girl would pass out. And as soon as she thought it, Laura’s eyes crossed and rolled up into her head, slamming shut as her head fell to the side. 

    As Rayne looked over the hypnotically helpless Laura, she couldn’t help but notice the two tiny imprints in the blonde’s shirt, as her nipples pressed against it. “Wow…” she thought “she is really, really aroused. Holy shit so am I!” A slight gasp slipped from her lips as she noticed her own nipples were visibly protruding against her shirt.  Fortunately for her, Carly and Trisha were too busy focusing on Laura to notice. And Laura…well, Laura wasn’t noticing much of anything at this point. Rayne did take a moment to glance over at Carly to see if she was equally.... affected. But due to the sophomore’s choice of attire, a wool sweater, she was unable to tell.

    “That… was amazing!” Carly chimed in while trying to write down as many notes as she could.

    Rayne glanced from Carly back to Laura and Trisha, only to notice that Trisha had moved her hand with the sock away from Laura’s face and had it ‘casually’ groping the blonde’s breast while she slowly licked her ear, and whispered something Rayne could not hear into the helpless girl’s mind.

    She was so wrapped up in the whole scene, and just how lovely, and helpless Laura looked, that Trisha suddenly shifting Laura towards the bed made her snap out of her daze. She watched closely, taking in every detail as Trisha supported the sleeping girl on her feet to the side of the bed, then simply stepped back.

    Laura’s legs were sturdy enough to hold her up, and her head was pulled back and to the side just a bit. But her angle had her stomach…and perky breasts…both leaning forward more. It didn’t take long for gravity to kick in and start to pull her towards the bed. A second or two later, the young woman was in a free fall and landed face down on the bed, bouncing gently with her legs hanging off the side of the bed and her arms limp at each side. Her lovely face was plastered into the blankets with her mouth wide open. Completely hypnotized.

    Rayne looked to Trisha, who gave her a satisfied smile before looking back at Laura. “We can’t have you waking up unexpectedly…can we my dear little captive.” The older girl leaned in and grabbed a large handful of Laura’s thick, curly blonde hair and used it to pull her head up off of the bed. “This will keep you deeply asleep…smelling the fumes over and over again. Taking you deeper…and deeper, until I am ready to…interrogate you!” She placed the sock under Laura’s lifted head, then released her hair, letting her face land squarely on the hypnotically suggested chloroform rag.

    Rayne was practically in overload at the whole scene.  Before she even had time to realize what was going on, Trisha was standing in front of her with a big devious smile. “Now you’ve seen what I can do…let’s see what you can do!” She said, holding out a folded up piece of paper in front of her.

    Rayne took the piece of paper and eyed it suspiciously. She took care in opening it, in case it was a trap, but then gasped at what was written inside. Cautiously, she glanced over at Carly who was frantically writing down notes as quickly as she could. Rayne swallowed nervously as she looked back at Trisha, who gave her a knowing nod, and then back to the note in her hand. On the paper were two simple words...

    “Hypnotize Carly.”

To Be Continued...

Featuring: Rayne, Laura, Trisha, Carly
Mentioned: Klaire

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