Nadia is a human hypnotist that works at the Spirals Night Club in New Chicago and formerly the original Spirals Night Club located in another city that is owned by another author. She is 35 with long curly red hair and a very pale complexion. Because of her long history or doing evil and devious things with hypnosis she tends to change her appearance quite often as a way to stay out of the authorities gaze. Often changing her hair style and covering her face with a large hood. She is extremely egotistical and loves to be in control but usually does not have a long term goal in mind. Preferring to stay focused on short term deviousness. This allows her to constantly be working to advance herself and her goals and always leaving something for her to aspire to achieve.

She is a classically trained hypnotists, which means that uses traditional methods of hypnosis including pocket watches and other focal points and the skill of her voice. She tends to avoid magical and chemical forms of hypnosis but will use technological means if it suits her fancy. Despite being an excellent hypnotist she is remarkably suggestible herself and can be easily hypnotized if the person hypnotizing her can resist her own hypnotic charms long enough to put the red head under.

Nadia has a long rivalry with Xander after the two butted heads following a jail break which landed both of them working at the original Spirals Night Club together as Manager and Assistant Manager. Nadia having the superior position only raised the ire of the incubus even more.


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