Monday, June 15, 2020

The Sisters Brittania

Note: This story is written by Dreamlord, who asked me to host it here! Enjoy!

Ms Sermon tapped her fingers one right after the other. In quick rhythm on the fine wooden desk, like a musical arpeggio. It was 11 P.M. Lightning flashed through the shuttered windows of the Victorian mansion. With thunder close behind. She downed a glass of scotch. Then opened the desk drawer, pulling out a leather bound journal that bore her name.


She felt pretty this night. Prettier than she'd felt in a long while. She rubbed her hand over the cover of the journal and began to remember the events of this day fondly. There had been a girl that came to her door...


"Hi my name is Laura and I'm doing a college paper on the history of new coven. Do you mind if I come in and ask a few questions Ms?"

"Ms. Sermon. B. Sermon. And no sweetie come right in. Sit down in the living room and make yourself at home."

"Thanks. I'm kinda wound tight. Might feel good to sit down." Laura said, with a cute white smile.

"Sit tight and I'll get refreshments. Said Ms. Sermon, leaving Laura alone.

Laura was a gorgeous raven haired beauty. Her eyes were gentle and brown. Her hair, thick, long and straight. Full Bangs nearly covered her forehead. Large golden hoop earrings dangled from her ear lobes. She wore a pink strapless shirt. Along with a short white leather skirt, chain link belt and white tennis shoes.

The student admired the beautiful art work and furniture in the room. Lost in wonder, as Ms Sermon returned, snapping her back to attention.

"Here you are m'lady. A nice cup of tea. I put something in, that may help to unwind you a bit." Brittania said, handing her the cup. After a period of questions and answers. Laura found herself getting relaxed and ridiculously sleepy.

"I... I think, whatever you gave me was a little strong... I can barely keep my... eyes open..." Laura said slowly, fighting her eyes, as her head began to waver and her eyelids drooped. She could feel her eyes wanting to roll, while resisting the urge to doze off.

Brittania watched the young coed struggle. Teetering on blissful unconsciousness. Her eyelids would slowly close and the young student would start to drift away. Then she would catch herself and jerk cutely. Her eyes opening but still crossing and retreating behind her lids.

Brittania walks over and takes the cup from a sleepy Laura's fingers. The coed knew she was falling asleep and tried to force herself to get up to leave.

"I shhhoull falll asssleeepherrre... issssrrrrude..." Laura said in a drunk, half conscious slur. She wanted her whole body to move but could only get her brow and head to respond and raise. But even that was fleeting. Soon her head bobbled and flopped against the chair backing, with a soft thump.

"Oh it's ok Laura. I wanted you to sleep child. That's why I drugged your tea."

"Huuuhmmmm?..." Laura mumbles, only able to turn her head toward the dreamy sound.

Having been given permission, Laura gives up her fight. Her eyes had already closed and they remained that way, as she barely moved her lips, speaking in a mumbled slur. "Thhaaank yooou... Ijuuusssnnneeed ff-ffivvve minussse..."

With that, Laura drew her legs up. Smacking her lips a little, she snuggled into the chair, becoming silent and limp.

Brittania waited a moment and then said Laura's name a few times, at different levels. Getting no response. "I hope you are dreaming good dreams young lady. Because you're gonna be sleeping for a long while dear." Brittania chimed. Tracing Laura's cheek with her bony finger.

She lifted one of the coed's legs and removed her shoe to find her toenails painted white. She did the same with the other, finding a match. Moving on, Brittania undid Laura's belt and slid her skirt down. Finding the student's treasure box exposed. "No panties? Young people these days." Brittania thought.

She then meticulously undid Laura's top. She was wearing a green bra, which made no sense to Brittania but oh, well...

Completely naked, Laura's head and body arched back with limpness, while being removed from the chair. Her mouth was slack in very deep slumber. Brittania wanted to play with that lovely mouth but disciplined herself.

She carefully arm carried the young coed into another room.


Laura began to feel. She was on stone. She heard latin words being spoken in verse and tried to open her eyes but they were still sticky and heavy. She began trying to lift and turn her head.

That's when the young woman stopped and she heard...

"No Laura. You mustn't wake up. Go back to sleep." It was Ms. Sermon's voice. With effort she opened her eyes in time to see the woman staring at her and holding what looked to be smelling salts up to her nose but it wasn't. Whatever it was it quickly discombobulated her and sent her mind reeling back into crushing sleepiness.

She tried to inquire. Her eyes rolling drowsily "Hey?...Whasss haapppin? Whaasss goiiing onn?" But it was only met with the sound of, Shhhh, as she slowly slipped unconscious.

The next time Laura awoke, she could tell she was hanging from something. When her mind cleared further, she saw that she was chained to a wall by her wrist and was in a basement or cellar. There were candles lit in various places.

The next thing the college student registered horrified her.

She was completely nude and clear oil glistened off her entire body in the flickering candle light. Weird symbols were painted on her chest. What the hell was going on?! She began to pull and struggle against the chains.

This was when that seemingly sweet lady, Ms Sermon became visible."I see you have finally awoken. Good. Don't worry your ordeal will soon be over child." She said, in an almost sympathetic tone, as she walked towards the frightened coed with a fine needle.

Laura's lip gave a pre-sob quiver, as she asked. "Wha-what's that? What are you going to do to me? Please! Dear god don't hurt me, please!" She pleads, beginning to cry. There is no emotion in Brittania's face, when she replies.

"Laura, calm down. This is just gonna make you sleep again." The wicked woman steps forward to insert the needle.

"No! No! No! Please... Ahhh!!!" Laura's pleads are cut off by the sting and burn, as the needle goes into her neck.

"Tell you what honey. If you can stay conscious for a half hour. I'll let you go."

"You'll... You'll let me go?" The naive girl says, with a ray of hope.

"Yes dear. All you have to do is outlast what I gave you. Do that and you can go home." Brittania says, stepping back to watch the show.

The first thing to hit Laura is dizzy spells. She fends them off pretty easily by shaking her head. But then she begins to get really sleepy again, just like the two times before. Her body gets heavy against the chains. It's like she took a whole bottle of sleeping pills or something.

Soon, her eyelids sag and her eyes roll upward for the first time. It takes her dulled mind a moment to realize this and snap them from their sleep cycle.

"It's winning honey. You'd better fight harder." Brittania taunts.

Poor Laura is only able to pull her lids up a sliver, while jerking her sagging head. "Noooo... I'lll makeiiit... I wiiilll..."

Minutes tick by and Laura is losing ground fast. Now when her lids creep open, only a sleepy white can be seen.

Brittania steps up and begins to rub the fading girl's cheek. This causes her to mumble faintly. "Juuusssaboutherrre... cagohommmme sssooo... sss..."


Laura's last mumbles fade from Brittania's mind, as the grandfather clock gongs once for the half hour. She picks up a framed, black and white photo of two elderly women, gazes for a moment and then sets it down.

Getting up with journal still in hand, she walks toward the standing mirror, on the far side of the room.

She turns the journal to the inside cover that is inscribed by her mother... "To my daughter Brittania. Born Oct 31, 1912…"

She then looks into the mirror and sees her face and figure peering back at her. It was a face and figure that had once belonged to someone else... Laura.

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