Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Pink Socks Pastrami Heroines Art Jam - N.C.U.

Key: FD, FF, MC, HU

Description: Trisha ropes Rayne, Laura and Eve into her entry for the #pinksockspastramiheroinesartjam
    Rayne sighed as she turned the corner and headed toward Trisha’s dorm, only to walk face first into Laura and Eve, who were standing in the hallway. “Let me guess…” she began, rolling her eyes. “We all got the same cryptic message?”

    Laura and Eve blinked at one another as Laura held up a shopping bag. “Bring a super heroine costume…”

    “A pair of pink socks…” continued Eve, holding a handful of pink socks.

    Rayne sighed and held up the cooler she’d been carrying as she finished the instructions. “And the makings for a sandwich.” She lowered the cooler in frustration. “What the hell is she up to now?”

    Before anyone could speculate about Trisha’s motives, the door to her dorm room flew open and the excited grad student bounced with glee. “Oh you’re all here, perfect!” she squealed, quickly grabbing Eve and Laura and yanking them through the door. Just as she reached back out to grab Rayne, the redhead deflected her hand with a mildly annoyed smile

    “I’m perfectly capable of walking through a door…thank you.” Rayne said, walking through the door under her own power.

    Trisha laughed playfully as she stepped aside and let the annoyed girl pass. “Alrighty then…you all brought what I told you to, right?” she started, closing the door behind her.

    Each of the three girls took a moment to hold up the items. “Ok, we all brought what you wanted us to…but what is this for?” Rayne asked, taking a seat on the edge of the bed after she placed the ingredients for the sandwiches in the small fridge Trisha kept in her room.

    “It’s for an Art Jam!” Trisha exclaimed excitedly.

    “A...what?” Rayne responded with a look that somehow managed to resemble annoyance and confusion at the same time.

    “An art jam?” Trisha asked, confused as to why no one else knew what she was talking about. “You know, where a bunch of artists get together and create artwork that follows a theme decided by the creator. You know…on DeviantArt?”

    Unfortunately, Trisha was greeted with three completely blank stares. She stared helplessly at her three friends, looking from one face to the next...desperate for any sign of a positive reaction. Or any reaction at all.

    Finally, to Trisha’s relief, Laura finally spoke up. “And what exactly is the theme for this?” she asked curiously.

    “Pink socks, pastrami and heroines!” Trisha gleefully announced, practically bouncing in place as she did.

    Once again, she was greeted with three blank stares.

    Trisha’s shoulders visibly sank. “Come on guys…please?! I really want to be able to post an entry into an art jam, I never get to do things like this…please? Pleeeeeaaaaseee?!” she was practically begging at this point and bouncing up and down like a small child. Of course, Rayne didn’t notice the begging so much as the bouncing of her chest. 

    The three girls looked at one another and shrugged. “Alright, what do we need to do?” Eve asked with a smile.

    “Excellent!” Trisha screamed as she grabbed her three friends and hugged them tightly. “I’ll need you to change into the costumes I had you bring, but put on the pink socks with them. Then I’ll make us some sandwiches, and we just take a picture…that's all!”

    “Alright…” Rayne started “but I’m not changing here.” she finished, folding her arms and glaring at Trisha. “We all know you won’t behave the moment you see the three of us getting naked, we can change in our rooms and then come back.”

    Laura glanced over at the usually conservative Rayne. “You’re ok with walking across campus dressed as a superheroine?” she asked, thinking that she had managed to point out a flaw in her plan.

    “I have a trench coat and it’s cold outside, no one will know!” Rayne shot back.

    “Ok, ok...” Laura quickly raised her hands in surrender. “I was just checking.”

    “That’s fine, you guys head back to your rooms, change, and then meet back here as soon as you're done. This is going to be great!” she squealed again, grabbing the three of them for another hug.

    Eve was the first to return from her room, given that it was just a few floors above Trisha. Laura and Rayne, on the other hand, would be coming from the opposite ends of campus. As Trisha opened the door wearing her bathrobe, she took one look at Eve and had to pick her jaw up off of the floor. “Holy shit!” was all she could get out after a few moments of blatant staring.

    Standing in the hallway was Eve, dressed in the most screen accurate Wonder Woman costume you could imagine. She had it all; the bracers, the tiara, the sword and shield. It looked just like the armor from the most recent movie. The only thing missing were the boots, which had been replaced with pink socks. “Like it?” Eve said with a smile as she slowly spun around to show it off.

    Trisha continued staring the girl up and down for several moments. Eve’s tall, strong frame filled out the costume tighter than it was probably intended to be, but it also accentuated her natural curves and firm legs. “Holy shit, yes!” Trisha exclaimed, louder than was appropriate in a shared hallway. She instantly realized her mistake and yanked Eve into the room before anyone else decided to have a look for themselves.

    “That looks amazing!” she said, blushing as her mind frantically struggled between focusing on the task at hand…and the arousal she could already feel building in her.

    “Thanks. It doesn’t quite fit right, I had to borrow it from the drama department.” she said as she bent over to pull up her right sock, inadvertently showing off her butt to Trisha in the process.

    And just like that the conflict in Trisha’s mind was gone. “Hey, did you ever see the movie Superman 2?” she asked, taking a few steps closer to Eve without even realizing she was doing it.

    “Yeah.” Eve said, standing up and stretching her back as she adjusted her armor. “It’s one of my favorites. I love the whole reversal thing at the end, breaking the bad guy’s hand…it’s an amazing scene.”

    “Yeah…there was something I always wondered about, though. You know how Superman was able to basically hypnotize Lois Lane with a kiss, right…do you think that would work on anyone?” she asked, letting her voice slowly drop into a more hypnotic tone.

    Eve was still stretching her arms and limbering up, not paying attention to Trisha. Which, of course, she should have been. “I don’t see why not…after all, he is Superman. I mean, I’m pretty sure it would work on just about anyone, even the other heros and heroines.” She chuckled at the thought. “Would have been hilarious to see him do that to Zod or something.”

    Trisha laughed as she slowly started to undo her bathrobe. “Do you think Zod would have the same power?”

    Eve shrugged, adjusting her sword and shield as she gazed out the window. “I’d assume any Kryptonian would have the power. It looks like Laura is leaving her dorm, she should be here in a few minutes.” Eve said as she spotted Laura across campus.

    Trisha dropped her bathrobe to the floor and completely ignored her comment about Laura. “So you agree that any Kryptonian…would be able to hypnotize anyone…simply with a kiss. That the moment their lips would touch, the person they were kissing would feel their mind simply slip away…deeply and completely…and they would fall into a deep, hypnotized state now…isn’t that right…Wonder Woman.” Trisha said, sliding up behind Eve.

    Eve giggled as she started to turn around towards Trisha. “I guess that would be…wow! Who are you dressed as?”

    Standing directly in front of Eve, trying to look as tall as possible with just pink socks on her feet, was Trisha dressed as Powergirl. Complete with cape, skintight leotard, and of course the boob window that the character was well known for. Fortunately, Trisha’s chest was easily up to the challenge of filling the window nicely. Trisha smiled and moved closer to Eve, sliding a hand along her arm. “I’m Powergirl…” she said confidently. Eve’s eyes were wide with shock as she stared helplessly at Trisha.

    “Who…who’s Powergirl?” she managed to ask as she tried to back up.

    Trisha smiled down at her. “Superman’s cousin. With all the same powers and abilities…that he has…” she said simply.

    Eve barely had time to process the thought as she let out a soft “Ooohh…” before she was cut off by Trisha pulling her close and kissing her. Her eyes flew open in shock as she struggled against Trisha’s grip, but even as she did something about the situation changed in her mind. This wasn’t Trisha kissing her…this was Powergirl. And since Powergirl was Kryptonian, that meant her kiss had special...effects. That was where Eve’s thoughts ended as she sighed softly in the kiss and began to go limp in Trisha’s arms.

    Trisha, of course, was well aware of Eve’s reaction. It was exactly what she had been planning on. She also knew that if the plan worked, there would be no way she could move Eve by herself, the armor alone made her difficult to move. So as she felt her friend slowly slip away into a hypnotic sleep, she guided her down onto the bed where she landed softly. Her body bounced on the bed as her hair flew up and then slowly settled down against her shoulders.

    Trisha smiled proudly, but before she could enjoy her victory...or her prize...there was a knock at the door. She quickly threw a blank over Eve to cover her, then ran to the door and opened it, only to come face to face with Laura...holding a sword over her head and dressed in a She-Ra costume that was far skimpier than necessary. “By the honor of Grey Skull, I haaaaaave the power!” she yelled, at full volume of course.

    “Oh my god!” she exclaimed in surprise, both from just how skimpy the outfit was and exactly how loud Laura could be. She quickly grabbed her friend and yanked her into the room, slamming the door just in time to avoid being seen by several other grad students who had poked their heads out into the hallway to see what was happening.

    Laura giggled as she was pulled inside. “Like it?” she asked, spinning around to show off the outfit.

    Trisha had to admit it was lovely. Tight in all the right places, but flowy enough to give it that comic book romanticism. The kind where clothing behaves and somehow never seems to get in the way. “It’s great, but...where did you get that?” she asked curiously.

    “Oh, I’ve had it since high school!” she said casually with a smile. “Wore it for Halloween freshman year…it’s a little snug, but it shows off the girls pretty well.” she said as a blush crept up her face. “Yours is amazing!”

    “Huh?” Trisha gave her a confused look before she remembered what her outfit looked like. “Oh, this...thanks!” She noticed that the sword Laura was holding, although plastic, had a jewel in the center of the blade. “What’s  that supposed to do?” she asked, pointing to it.

    Laura looked down at the gem for a moment. “Well, I don’t know what it does in the show, but if you push the button on it…” she trailed off as she pressed a button on the handle. Instantly, the gem in the center of the sword lit up in an array of sparkles and colors. “It does this!”

    Trisha smiled and held out her hand to ‘try out’ the sword, and without a second thought Laura handed it to her. The moment Trisha took the sword she held it up between the two of them, pretending to look at the gem but in reality putting it at eye level with Laura.

    “I could see this having hypnotic powers…” Trisha said, hiding a smile as she lowered her voice into its hypnotic cadence. “That the person holding the sword could simply use it...to draw in the person looking at it. That the lights would simply captivate their mind, and pull them in, deeper and deeper into the spinning, swirling lights. I don’t know what the person would feel…but I have to imagine that they would start to feel their body relaxing, shoulders dropping just a bit...as all of the thoughts just seemed to fade away from them. Leaving their mind blank and empty as they stared…deeply and completely into the magical gem…the magical gem in the magical sword. The power sword…in the hands of Powergirl…” Trisha was careful not to move the sword as she slowly tilted her head to the side, watching Laura’s face as she did.

    To her great amusement, Laura was completely transfixed on the gem as she stood helplessly in place. Her shoulders were limp and her arms loose at her sides, while her jaw hung open slightly. Just enough to get the point across that she was, in fact, completely entranced by the gem.

    Trisha couldn’t help but giggle. “Perfect” she said, smiling as she held the sword steady in front of Laura’s face. “Just…perfect.” Keeping the sword in her hand, she carefully reached back to pull the blanket off of the still-hypnotized Eve. “Now, my dear princess of power…” Trisha said through a giddy smile, placing her finger in the center of Laura’s forehead and gently pushing her toward the bed. ”Sleep!”

    Laura sighed as her head tilted back from the gentle nudge of Trisha’s finger. Slowly, her eyes rolled up into her head, little by little, timed almost perfectly with her fall until they finally closed at the exact moment that she landed next to Eve.

    Just as Trisha was ready to burst from excitement, there was a knock at the door. A confident…slow…knock. With a sigh, Trisha cut her victory short and threw the blanket over her two helpless heroines, leaving only their neon pink socks sticking out from under it as she ran to open the door.

    Instead of the fanfair and shows that Eve and Laura had both put on,  Rayne stood on the other side wearing a long black trench coat. “Am I the first one back?” she asked seductively.

    Trisha tactically managed to stand in front of the lump in the bed and the bright pink socks sticking out from under the blanket. “Yeah, but I expect the others to be back soon.” she said with a smile. 

    “Good.” Rayne said as she stepped into the room and dropped her coat on the floor. Underneath she wore a perfectly skintight black leather jumpsuit with oversized bracelets and a red hourglass emblem on the belt. In a perfectly sexy heel-to-toe fashion, she easily brushed past Trisha and gave her a devious smile. “What do you think?”

    Trisha could barely keep her mouth from hitting the floor as she looked Rayne up and down. “Wow. I...didn’t take you for the cosplay type?” she managed to get out as she continued to take in the sight before her.

    Rayne shrugged. “I’m not really.” she explained as she moved to the chair and put her left leg up on it and began removing her boots. “My ex-boyfriend in highschool had a thing for superheroines.” she continued, pulling off the boot to reveal the neon pink sock and then switching legs. “It was a major turn on for him, so I made this outfit as a way of…stimulating him.” she finished with a wink as she removed her other boot. Barefoot, Rayne was barely five feet tall, so as she turned around she could only stare up at Trisha, who towered over her. “I even built a few things to help him with the kinky side of the endeavour.”

    As Rayne finished, Trisha moved herself in front of the bed to conceal Eve and Laura. “What kind of…things?” she asked, looking for her opening.

    Rayne shrugged again.  “I used to have a bunch of gadgets, but the only ones left are these. ” she said, holding up the bracelets. “They have a built-in water gun, so when i would do this… “ she moved her hand up and a puff of water vapor came out of the bracelet. “He would roleplay that it was sleep gas.” She giggled at the memory “It was actually pretty cute in a cheesy kind of way.”

    Trisha smiled and took a step forward. “What makes you think there wasn’t really sleep gas in there, Rayne? I mean, you do look the part of a spy. I’m sure you even find yourself now…feeling the part of the spy…the power...the attitude that comes from the uniform. It’s so easy for you to just let that persona wrap around you…become you…like mine becomes me. These costumes are more than just mere fun and games, they have a power in our mind...a power that makes us more than we are. My costume, for example...gives me super strength.'' As she said this she gently placed her hand on Rayne’s arm and began to move it. She could feel Rayne’s body tense, but thanks to the suggestion in her mind, her arm gave way and moved as if Trisha did, in fact, have super strength. Even though Rayne was truly the stronger of the two.

    “How…how are you doing this?” Rayne asked, shocked that Trisha had become too strong to physically resist.

    Trisha smiled and positioned Rayne’s hand so that her wrist was against her chest. “I told you…I’m Powergirl…just like you’re Black Widow. And just like this…is sleep gas!” she finished, gently pulling Rayne’s wrist into position sending a puff of water vapor up into Rayne’s face.

    Rayne gasped as the mist hit her skin. Despite her confusion, her face visibly began to relax as she looked back up at Trisha. “But…it was just…waaaatttt…” she never finished her thought, instead letting out a soft sigh as her eyes slipped closed. 

    Trisha couldn’t have been happier…that is, until Rayne started to fall. Despite Trisha’s claims of being Powergirl, she was, in fact, still quite human. And Rayne, being a bit of a gym bunny, was built like a tank and far heavier than she looked thanks to the muscles hidden under her costume. Trisha did her best to support the limp freshman, but her best wasn’t enough. In the end all she could do was lower Rayne to a seated position on the floor, with her upper body supported by the bed. “Well...that’s good enough for me.” she said, nearly exhausted from the effort.

    Some time later, Trisha set up her camera and crawled onto the bed. On her bed lay Eve, dressed as Wonder Woman, face down and having been hypnotized by a Kryptonian kiss. The bulk of her body was completely limp with only her left arm and leg hanging off, allowing a clear view of her face. Laying next to her was Laura in her She-Ra costume, laying on her back but slightly propped up against Eve. Her head was tilted to the side, exposing her neck to show off her sleeping face. On the floor between the two of them, leaning against the side of the bed, was Rayne, in full Black Widow garb. Her legs were spread and her head was leaning against the bed to show off her face, but it had begun to slowly tilt to the right side. Trisha had taken the opportunity to unzip Rayne’s jumpsuit enough to show off some of her cleavage. Their neon pink socks were, of course, on display and visible to the camera as well.

    Satisfied with her display, Trisha placed a sandwich on top of Laura’s exposed chest and laid down on the bed, propping herself up on her left side so she was visible over Laura. Of course she made sure to show off the famed ‘boob window’ of Powergirl in the photo as well. She took a moment to admire the scene and laughed to herself. “Everybody say cheese!” she said as the flash of the camera cemented their place in the art jam.

The end... For Now.

Featuring: Trisha, Rayne, Laura, and Eve

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