Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Casting Couch Naps

Key: MD, MF, Sleepy,

Description: Bridget goes for an interview with a director who has more than a professional interest in her. (This is a commissioned story for DL77 ).
    Bridget checked herself in the reflective panel of the elevator as she rode the lift up to the top floor. She was nervous, but you would never know by looking at her. Being an actress had taught her how to put on a good poker face and use it to her advantage. As the doors opened, she stepped out of the elevator and was greeted by a rather bubbly blonde receptionist. “Can I help you, miss?” the receptionist said with a well rehearsed smile.

    “Yes…” Bridget began with an equally rehearsed smile. “I was called in for an interview with Mr. Sommeil, something about a part in his newest film.” she finished as pleasantly as possible.

    The bubbly smile on the blonde’s face never faded for a moment. If Bridget had looked closer she would have seen the glazed, distant look in her eyes as well, almost as if she were running on autopilot. The receptionist’s hand moved over to the phone and clicked a button. “Mr. Sommeil, your 3 o’clock is here.” she said in a friendly tone.

    Moments later a door on the far side of the room opened and a nervous looking man  stepped out. He was in his mid fifties with slick, black hair that had obviously been dyed several times, but wore a genuine smile. “Come in!” he said happily, trying to hide the nervousness in his voice. “Come in, please, miss…” he started before she cut him off. 

    “Please, just Bridget.” she said, giving him a thousand watt smile.

    The man smiled, almost like a child meeting their hero for the first time. “Bridget…” he said softly. “Please, sit down.” He gestured to the couch in the corner of his office, near a high backed chair with an ashtray next to it.

        Bridget took a seat on the end closest to the chair, allowing her firm, sexy legs to be prominently on display. It was just enough to show off her hard work at the gym, but not to be overly suggestive. As the man sat down in the chair next to her, she gently folded her hands on her knees to look professional and ladylike...while squeezing her chest together to give him a much more appealing view of her cleavage at the same time. Hollywood was only partially about how well you could act...the other, larger portion, was about how good you looked.

    The man glanced up and down Bridget’s body as he reached next to him and pulled out a cigarette with a blue filter. “Do you mind if I smoke?” he asked with a smile, although he already knew the answer.

    Bridget gave him the best fake smile she could manage. “Not at all!” she lied. It was one of the more disgusting things that she hated about Hollywood, almost all of the executives smoked, undoubtedly to cope with all of the stress. But how were you supposed to tell a big name director or studio executive “Yes, I do mind if you smoke, it’s disgusting and vile” in their own office. It was one of many pet peeves she had about the industry.

    The director smiled as he took a long, slow drag of his cigarette and exhaled a plume of smoke, that was almost blue in color, up into the air over Bridget’s head. This was another of her pet peeves, all of the executives seemed to pride themselves on just how much smoke they could if it were some display of dominance. Bridget, however, was unimpressed. “So, tell me…Bridget…” the director started, giving her an overconfident fake smile to hide his nervousness. “Where do you see your career in the next ten years?”

    It was a standard question that every executive asked, designed to make sure that you have ambition. It was also designed to weed out those whose ambition conflicted with their own. Bridget smiled, she knew he was looking for an answer that would help his career, not hers. She was merely a tool. But since she already knew that, she had been able to formulate a response. One that would give him exactly the answer he wanted to hear, and would make him think that she would be an asset to his career...when in reality he would be advancing her own. It was a game of chess, one everyone played but no one ever admitted to…and she was about to make her first move.

    Bridget pretended to think for a moment and then took a deep breath to prepare her response. But the moment she did, her nostrils and lungs filled with the scent of the smoke that had come from the director’s cigarette. It had a strong, almost sweet scent. “It smells like...lilacs…” she thought to herself as she inhaled the smoke. The effects hit harder than she could have expected. Her posture began to visibly loosen as her eyes rolled up into her head, while her shoulders lowered and her hands began to slide from her knees. She let out a soft sigh that almost sounded like a moan as her head began to slip forward.

    She managed to catch herself just as her head started to fall and sat up again. This time, her smile seemed more groggy and tired as she began to continue with her rehearsed response. “I’d like to see myself getting into bigger budget films…the kind that take morrre risks” she slurred.

    She was visibly struggling to maintain her focus, but, ever the professional, she used her acting skills to get out of the situation. She took a moment to slowly shake her head, attempting to clear it before she began again. “Sometimes in a movie, you habe to step out of your comfort zone. Where fings will make you stretch and grow. That isn’t alwayze easy…but it is impertant…” she said, slurring more and more as she continued to speak.

    The director smiled as she watched her struggle. The chemical in the smoke had a time delay that allowed him to safely inhale and exhale it, but after that it would activate into a strong, almost overpowering, sleep agent. And the effects were quite lovely to watch. He had never intended to listen to Bridget’s reply, and as she slowly rambled on with her clearly memorized answer he was able to take in all of her lovely features. He was especially enjoying watching her facial muscles slowly loosen, as her smile faded and her words became more slurred.

    Bridget’s head began to fall forward again as her eyes fluttered closed, but again she caught herself as her head jerked upright. “It’s imporfant too be professional at all times...” she continued as her words slurred even more.

    The director continued to exhale more of the cigarette smoke into the air over her as he watched her closely. She was still babbling on about things she knew he wanted to hear, but he couldn’t help but notice how loose her folded hands were becoming. They would loosen an inch here, and then hold steady for a few moments…only to relax and slip again a moment later.

    “I fink if I were to be giben a rool, one that would challenge fee…” Bridged began to slur. Her head was starting to bob again, and her eyes were getting so heavy. Every blink seemed to be an eternity for her. Nevertheless, she knew she had to make a good impression and struggled to reply. But she was getting so sleepy. She didn’t notice her grip fading as her hands both slid off of her knees and fell to her sides. Didn’t notice her shoulders slump as she fell back against the couch. The impact, however, woke her up a bit as she shook her head again. “I’m so sorry…” she said, clearly struggling “what…was I…” she started as she trailed off, nodding slowly.

    The director simply smiled as he took another long drag of his cigarette and exhaled it over the young woman’s head. Her eyes blinked several times, each time longer than the last, until they finally stayed closed. She struggled to keep her head up, but her body was relaxing without her consent. Her right knee slipped off of her left as her legs uncrossed. The impact of her foot hitting the floor caused Bridget’s head to shoot upright and her eyes to open wide for just a moment, but it was short lived as the cloud of smoke slowly descended over her. She took in a deep breath and her eyes crossed again as a long, slow sigh escaped her lips, causing her head to fall instantly back to her chest. She was deeply asleep.

    The director smiled and looked over her sleeping form. She was far more beautiful than he could have ever imagined. But after a moment, and to his great surprise, Bridget shook herself awake, and looked around in confusion. Apparently she was far more resilient than he had given her credit for as well. In a slurred, sleepy voice, like she had just woken up from a long nap, she asked what she had been saying. “You were telling me about your career…” he said, taking in another long drag and exhaling in her direction, “and how you feel about adult scenes.”

    “Oh…” she said as she tried to sit up, only to have the latest cloud of smoke drift down over her.  “Adulting is herd…ya gotta prepar yerself, and go ta the gym…my nipples is hard…” she mumbled as she slumped back against the couch, her head struggling to stay up yet again. But as her eyes crossed and rolled back into her head, it was clear that it was going to be a struggle she would lose. It took barely a few seconds for her entire body to visibly relax as she let out a deep sigh and sank into the couch, her head falling back and pushing her out chest for the director to admire.

    The director couldn’t help but laugh as she struggled to stay awake. She’d been right, her nipples were indeed hard and visible against the fabric of her shirt. Apparently she had a secret kink for being sedated… or maybe it was just a side effect of the drug. He didn’t know...or care. He was, however, impressed with her resistance to the drug, given that his supplier had assured him it would put just about anyone out with only a few puffs. All of the previous girls he had used it on were out that time. But he had used up the entire cigarette on Bridget and she barely succumbed to its effects.

    He leaned in to enjoy the view of his subject, gently reaching his hand out to touch her knee, but the moment he did she was startled awake again. “I like kittens…” she slurred out groggily. “Where do daisy go?” she asked as she looked around through half lidded eyes. 

    “Amazing…” the director mused as he lit his second cigarette and inhaled. He decided that, despite her resistance, she was too far gone to really understand what was going on. It was good enough for him to drop all attempts to conceal his actions. With a long, deep drag of his cigarette, he exhaled another blue plume of smoke directly into Bridget’s face.

    Bridget visibly jerked when the smoke hit her face, even though the physical impact of the smoke hitting her was a subtle one. Although the movement caused her to inhale the smoke deeply again through her mouth and nose. Her eyes opened wide in surprise and began to cross as a goofy grin washed over her face. “Cameraman…im ready fer my cwose upppp…” she slurred as her entire body sank into the couch and slid to the side. 

    The director smiled and decided he wasn’t going to take any chances. He took a few moments to slowly burn down the entire cigarette, exhaling the smoke along Bridget’s sleeping form until there was nothing left. “That should keep you out.” he said with a smile as he sat next to her on the couch.  “Lucky for you I still have a back up plan…” he thought to himself.

    Bridget was sleeping quite deeply and offered no resistance as the director’s hands slowly slid along the curves of her toned and trim legs. They lingered on her thighs for a few moments later before his hands slid under her clothes, cupping her perky breasts as his palms slid across her stiff nipples. He was always amazed by the bodies of the actresses that came through his office, there was something about their workout routines that made them feel so much...firmer...than other girls.

    He grinned deviously as his hand slid down to Bridget’s leg and moved under her skirt. He had been longing to see her on his couch for some time and now he finally had the opportunity to enjoy his most treasured prize.

    But suddenly, and to his great surprise, Bridget jerked awake again. “What?!” she gasped, still groggy and dazed. “Hey! Get outs of there!” she slurred as she pushed his hand away from her skirt. Despite her sleepy state, she managed to stumble to her feet. “I fink I need ta…” she started...but never finished. Standing upright was taking up too much of her concentration, and she was only able to stagger from side to side as she moved towards the door. She was so heavily drugged that she needed to support herself using the furniture around her, but she still managed to move herself in the right direction, albeit somewhat slowly.

    “Aren’t you the resilient one…” the director said as he stood up and reached into his pocket, pulling out a syringe. “I’ve never needed this to subdue a girl…ever.” He moved up behind Bridget and gently cupped her left butt cheek as he quickly injected the contents of the syringe into her.

    Bridget shot straight up at the feel of the syringe sticking her as her eyes widened and some of her awareness came back. She managed to turn herself around and swat away the director’s hand, knocking the syringe away in the process. But she was already too late…it was already empty. “Hey!” she shouted as her voice came back to her. “What the hell do you fink your donking?” she demanded, her words slurring again as the drugs took effect.

    The director simply smiled as he moved closer to her, wrapping his hands around her waist. “Just helping you to get into your...newest role...” he said as he leaned in closer.

    Bridget slapped his hands away and leaned in, pressing her hands to his chest with as much strength as she could and giving him a hard shove. Although the average workout of an actress is designed to make them look good, Bridget was more than strong enough to move him back several feet, causing him to trip and fall. Unfortunately she also lost her balance and fell to her knees. “Ass mole!” she said angrily as she struggled to get back to her feet.

    The director took a moment to stretch his back, he had landed hard but not hard enough to stop him. He struggled to his feet with a grunt and watched as Bridget crawled to the couch and pulled herself up. She was angry, but the drugs were kicking in very quickly. The anger on her face was fading into a giggly, almost confused, smile. She started to laugh as she attempted to make her way back to the door, giggling as the drugs made her forget what she was doing and why she was trying to leave. She knew that was her goal, but the reasons just didn’t seem important anymore.

    The director moved up behind her and gently started to sway her hips as she struggled to move to the door. He could hear her giggling, almost humming like she could hear music in her head. He could almost pick out the melody and started to hum it himself. Her hips swayed from side to side as the two of them moved, although her goal was to get to the door, her steps were becoming slower and slower...and it was clear to the director that she would be out long before then. “Going somewhere, my prize?” he asked, leaning in as he poked her sides. 

    Bridget jumped and spun around, laughing as she fell against the director. He held her close while his hands slid along her body and down to her hips. He was able to keep her on her feet and upright since most of her body was supported by his chest and stomach. His hands lingered on her hips as the two of them swayed to the music that he was humming to himself.

    Bridget’s entire world was spinning as flashes of light and clouds of darkness filled her vision. She could no longer remember where she was, or who she was with...she had been trying to do something important, there was somewhere she had to be, but it was all long forgotten now. The music was nice, and she was enjoying the dance. Her arms hung limp at her sides as she leaned into the man she was with...who was he again? She couldn’t help but think she should know that...but as he held her close and swayed with her, she found herself drifting off to sleep again.

    The director couldn’t help but smile as he felt her go limp in his arms. This was more than he could have expected...more than he could have hoped for. He took a few moments to enjoy the dance, holding her up as best as he could while his hands slid along her form slowly and gently.

    “Wash herping misting...” Bridget slurred as she slipped in and out of consciousness. She was struggling to clear her head, to get her vision to lock on to anything, anything at all, but it was all a haze. She was barely aware enough to realize what was happening before a fog washed over her mind and body as she hung limp in his arms.

    The man couldn’t help but smile. “Easy girl…just sleep. The world will be a better place when you wake up.” he finished with a slightly devious tone to his otherwise soothing voice.

    “Butter paste….” Bridget slurred as her eyes fluttered rapidly. She was struggling to keep them open but nothing was working, the best she could do was prolong the inevitable. She tried to say something but the sound that came out was whispered and slurred, and sounded more like a purr than actual words.

    The director gently dipped her over his knee and kissed her softly. “Sleep well my prize.” he said with a smile as he watched Bridget’s eyes flutter closed, the pull of gravity causing her head and arms to fall limply behind her.

    He couldn’t help but smile. It had taken more than he could have ever imagined, but she was finally unconscious, and completely at his mercy. Nothing could keep him from his prize.

    As that thought went through his head the door to his office flew open as splinters of wood scattered into the room from the broken door. In the doorway stood a tall woman with long black hair and pale blue eyes. She was wearing a leather jumpsuit, similar to what you would see in a spy movie, and held a gun in her right hand.

    “Who the…” the director started, surprised, as he glanced behind the woman in his doorway to see that his secretary was slumped over in her chair. Two tranquilizer darts were visible in her sleeping body, one in her neck and the other in her left breast.

    “Amethyst.” The woman in the doorway said simply as she gave him a sideways smile. “You’ll see me again at your trial, I’m sure of it.” she finished matter of factly before putting a dart in the man's neck.

    The sting of the dart caused the director to jerk in pain and drop Bridget, who landed on the ground with a thud. He reached up and pulled the dart out of his neck as the world started to blur around him. He looked up at the woman who had just shot him, and was about to yell, but he was cut off by a second, then a third, and finally a fourth dart hitting him in the chest. He had just a moment to look down before his world went black and he landed on the ground next to her.

    “That’ll leave a mark.” Amethyst said as she holstered her weapon and walked over to Bridget, holding her upright as she checked her vitals. To her surprise, Bridget’s eyes rolled down and her eyelids opened, but just barely. “Well hello…” Amethyst said with a smile. “You're safe now…I’ve got you. Just sleep for a bit, you're safe.” she said reassuringly.

    Bridget gave the woman a groggy, sleepy smile and slurred “yer purrrty” before passing out in Amethyst’s arms.

    “So are you honey… so are you.”  Amethyst said as she slowly picked up the sleeping actress and carried her to the couch.

The End.

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