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I Could Usssse a Vacation - Part 1

 Key: MD, MC, Hypno

Description: Actress Victoria Justice goes for a much needed walk in the forest near her vacation villa. Little does she know that something is watching her from the brush. (This is a fan commissioned story!)

    Victoria pushed open the door to the resort lobby with a relieved sigh. It was a beautiful day in early spring, the nights were still cool but the days were warm enough to allow for more comfortable clothing. In this case it was a tight tank top, a pair of equally tight shorts and some comfy shoes.

    She had booked herself a vacation at an out of the way resort secluded near one of the national parks. She couldn’t remember the name, just that it had been named after a military general or something...to be honest, she didn’t really care. All she wanted was the ability to get away from it all and get back to nature. Since it was the resort’s off season it was deserted, and those that were there wanted the solitude of the pool...or the bar. Which gave her the peace and quiet she needed to collect her thoughts. Alone, in the forest. What could possibly go wrong?

    She adjusted her sunglasses as she headed up the main trail. The air was mostly calm, with only the occasional breeze drifting through the trees, and it was early enough in spring that the leaves hadn’t fully grown in yet. Even though they blocked most of the sun, there was still just enough room for dozens of rays of light to filter through the forest canopy.

    The forest itself was mostly quiet, save for a few birds singing and some squirrels running around to forage for what little food they could find this early in the season. The silence made it very easy to hear any sounds along the trail...including a slow rustling noise that seemed to be coming from the underbrush.

    “What is that?” she asked herself out loud as she gazed around a bush and into the underbrush. But all she could see were leaves, twigs, and the last remnants of fall cluttered on the floor. She didn’t see the perfectly camouflaged head of the snake that was staring at her…or the swirls of color that filled his eyes.

    To his credit, Kaa had laid his trap perfectly. He had been hidden and waiting for more than an hour, calmly sitting under the pile of leaves and twigs. As she approached, he used his massive form to attract her attention…coiling his body and leaving his head exposed, just waiting for her to look down as his eyes swirled with his hypnotic power.

    But when she did, he couldn’t help but be disappointed. She merely glanced over him, and nothing happened. “The glasssssssesss” he thought to himself in frustration. The sunglasses that Victoria was wearing were very dark, designed to not only protect her eyes from the sun, but to dull any camera flashes and prevent her from being disoriented. It was a hazard for young actresses…if they were blinded by a flash and tripped even once, the internet would never let them live it down. But since the glasses made everything appear the same color, it completely negated Kaa’s hypnotic powers.

    He stayed still as the tall brunette slowly scanned over the forest floor, then shrugged and continued to make her way down the trail.

    “Well…thisss throwsss a wrench into my plansss.”  he said, frustrated, as he watched her move down the trail. Although he was enjoying the view of her long legs and shapely bottom as she walked away.  “Hhhhmmm” he mused as he tried to formulate a new plan, until finally a smile came to his face. “Yessss…that sssshould do nicely.” He finished as he quickly began to slither through the forest. There was no way he could catch up to her, but he knew the forest well enough…and although his favorite ambush location had failed, he was lucky to know of a backup. One that would help him not only catch up to her, but to eliminate those pesky glasses as well.

    The trail that Victoria was on was a long, winding loop that would end back at the resort, not far from where she started…and from where Kaa was now hiding. Knowing that it would take her some time to walk the full loop, Kaa cut across the forest and climbed one of the larger trees near the end of the trail. He anchored his body along the length of a strong, solid branch, leaving his head and tail free to hang down when the time was right. Now all he had to do was wait, patience is a virtue after all…and snakes are very, very patient.

    In seemingly no time at all, he spotted his target slowly walking down the path towards him, oblivious to his presence as she enjoyed the relaxing ambiance of the forest. As she neared him, he slowly lowered his head down to her level. His timing would have to be perfect, or this would be another wasted opportunity...one that he might not get again.

    Victoria, however, wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on above her. She was nearing the end of her hike, and feeling much more relaxed and worn out than she had been when she started. She was blissfully unaware…exactly how Kaa wanted her.

    As she walked under the branch that he was hanging on, he quickly moved the end of his tail down behind her and let it float up to hook the edge of her sunglasses, lifting them straight up and off of her head. This, of course, caused Victoria to gasp in surprise as she spun around to look for whatever had grabbed her glasses. But by then Kaa was already well out of sight.

    Victoria searched the ground in front of her, desperately trying to find her sunglasses until finally she spun in the direction she’d come from. Only to come face to face with Kaa, hanging from the tree as his eyes swirled with their hypnotic power. “Hello missssss…” he hissed softly.

    Victoria let out another gasp as her eyes widened in shock. Whether it was from the snake’s eyes, or the fact that a snake was hanging from a tree and speaking to her...we’ll never know. I didn’t bother to interrupt and ask. She tried to take a few steps back, but Kaa’s tail slid back down the tree to hold her in place. She thought about running, or screaming, she thought about a lot of things actually… but her body wouldn’t react. Her eyes were fixated on the swirling green, yellow, and purple circles spinning in Kaa’s eyes, drawing her in.

    “It’ssss ok missssssss, you’re ssssafe with me…” the giant snake said as he moved closer to the young actress. He could feel her pushing against the tail that was bracing her in place. He could feel her heart racing more and more, smell the adrenaline moving through her system as she tried to pull away. But he could also feel her resistance weakening as her body relaxed. “Trusssst in me…” he said in a soothing, almost melodic, voice as he moved closer and closer to her.

    Victoria’s mind was struggling to understand what was happening. But the more she struggled, the more her thoughts fogged over, and everything around her drifted further and further away. She tried to clear her head, but nothing happened. She tried to speak, but instead her mouth simply fell open as she let out a soft sigh. She tried to push the snake away, but instead her shoulders sagged and sank. She tried to close her eyes, but instead she looked even deeper into Kaa’s hypnotic swirls of color. She tried to focus her mind, but instead her mind simply went…PING!

    Kaa watched as he heard the ping echo through her mind and saw a relaxed, goofy smile curl across her face. All of her resistance faded as her body stood limply before him, relaxed and calm as she smiled. “That’ssss a girl…” he said, grinning. “Sssso eassssy to jusssst let go…and drift away.”  

    He kept his head directly in front of hers while his eyes swirled their hypnotic spell deep into her already helpless mind. Meanwhile, his tail began to gently wrap around the young actress’s ankles, slowly making its way up her body until only her head and feet were visible.

    Victoria seemed unaware as the snake picked her up off of her feet, flipping her upside down in the process as her brown hair hung loosely below her. The happy, oblivious grin never faded from her face as she rose helplessly up into the canopy, and the higher she rose into the trees the deeper she slipped under Kaa’s spell. By the time they reached the top of the canopy, her own eyes were reflecting Kaa’s multicolored swirls.

    “Here we are missssssss…” Kaa said as he placed the very tip of his tail on the top of Victoria’s head, balancing her perfectly as he uncoiled his body. “You can finissssh your walk now,” he said, grinning deviously.

    Victoria’s body wiggled as she tried to nod her head, but Kaa kept her perfectly balanced. A moment later her legs started to move in mid air. Despite the fact that she wasn’t standing on anything, her feet began to move, step by step. The snake laughed playfully and quickly flipped her upright, her hair fluttered through the air as her feet touched down on Kaa’s back and she began to walk through the trees. Completely oblivious and deeply hypnotized.

    Kaa watched as the young woman slowly walked along his back, causing his body to dip down as she slowly stepped onto a tree branch and continued her walk. The smile was fixed on her face as her eyes shifted from one color to the next in a myriad of hypnotic swirls. Just as Victoria would approach the edge of a branch, Kaa would extend his tail just in time for her to drop down onto it and continue moving gracefully through the trees.

    “Tell me missssssss…” the snake hissed to his prey “Why did you come out here… all alone?” He had asked this question many times of his victims and always enjoyed their responses. This one, however, caught him off guard.

    “I needed…a vacation…” she said , letting out a soft sigh and stepping off of the snake’s coiled back and onto another branch, her hair falling against her back softly as she did. Completely unaware of where she was, what had happened to her…or what was to come.

    “Hmmmm...” he mused. He had heard many answers in the past, and even variations of the same answer Victoria had given him. Usually that his victims just wanted to get away from it all…but her wording stuck with him. “I’ve never had a vacation.” he continued, as his tail moved rapidly to the top of Victoria’s head and spun her around just before she walked face first into a tree trunk, sending her back down the branch she was on. “I trusssst you are sssstaying at the villa?”

    “Mmmmhmmm...” she replied, the same hypnotized grin on her face as she walked past the snake’s head and back onto his tail.

    Kaa smiled and moved with her as she passed. “When are you sssset to head back home, misssssssss?”

    “Tomorrow morning.” Victoria said with a smile, before her face went back to it’s goofy hypnotized grin.

    “Hmmmm…” Kaa said as he leaned closer to Victoria’s ear and began to whisper into her hypnotized mind. With every step she took, more programming began to fill her thoughts as she made her way to the forest floor. “You can do that, can’t you missssssss?” he finished with a smile.  

    “Uh huh…” Victoria said, nodding as she started to mindlessly walk down the path in the wrong direction.

    “Good girl…” Kaa said, spinning her around and sending her in the right direction. “Off you go then…I’ll be waiting.” He said as he watched her walk past him, her eyes still filled with hypnotic swirls and a vacant smile on her face. “Oh…” he said, noticing her eyes “I almost forgot!” Just as Victoria was about to leave the cover of the forest, his tail swung down from the trees and held her sunglasses at eye level.

    Victoria didn’t even flinch as she mindlessly walked into the glasses. They slid onto her face perfectly, hiding the hypnotic swirls in her eyes as she continued to march towards the resort villa.

    Kaa watched her walk down the path and out of sight as he sighed. ”I could usssse a vacation…”

To be continued...

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