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I Could Usssse a Vacation - Part 2

 Key: MD, MC, MF, Hypno, Kaa

Description: With Victoria under Kaa’s spell, she lets him into her vacation villa for more of an intimate encounter. (This is a fan commissioned story!)

    Victoria walked through the resort with an energetic grin on her face. Her head bobbed softly from side to side with each step that she took, and she even managed to say hi to some of the other guests she passed in the hallway…of course, only if they said hello first. She was responsive, but focused on the task that had been programmed into her mind. The task that she needed to complete. Fortunately no one noticed her eyes, covered by her sunglasses but swirling with hypnotic energy as she made her way to her room.

    Her expression didn’t change as she entered her room and moved to the large picture window, opening it about a foot and pulling the blinds down as well. She didn’t know why she did this…but in her current state it wasn’t important for her to know anyway. Then she moved over to the thermostat and flipped the air conditioner off, setting the heat as high as it would go. At 78 degrees, it was much hotter than she usually liked, but for some reason it felt just right to her now.  

    As soon as her tasks were completed she couldn’t help but feel a wave of exhaustion washing over her. She moved to the chair and sat down, removing her sunglasses as she did...the hypnotic swirls were still visible even through her drooping, half lidded eyes. Little by little the grin on her face slowly faded away while her eyes slid closed and her head fell to the side, landing against the chair. She was too deeply asleep to notice the rustling noise coming from outside the window.

    Meanwhile, Kaa slowly made his way through the flower beds and gardens of the resort. He knew exactly where Victoria’s room was and could feel the heat slowly starting to emanate from the opened window. Air conditioners were nice for humans...but for snakes, the hotter the better.

    It took him some time to move to Victoria’s window, he had to be stealthy after all, but eventually he found himself on the ground outside of her room. After taking one last look around, he moved his body up the wall and into the open window. Inside he could see his hypnotized accomplice slumped over in the chair, sound asleep…just as he had instructed her to be. The room wasn’t quite as warm as he had hoped, but it would do for now. Once he made sure no one was around, he slowly slithered his way through the window, little by little until his massive body was completely in the room. He coiled his body under the open window, next to the radiator, and gently slid the window closed with his tail. Finally, he lowered the shades the rest of the way. No sense in taking any chances, after all.

    He took a few moments to enjoy the lovely view of the sleeping Victoria before slithering his way over to her and coiling himself around the chair that she was sleeping in, keeping his head at eye level with hers. “Wakey, wakey ssssleeeping beauty…” he said with a smile as the hypnotic swirls in his eyes began to form again. He wanted to be prepared in case Victoria’s little nap had broken his spell.

    The young actress stirred slowly and let out a soft moan as she stretched, only to discover that she couldn’t move much at all.  “What the…” she started groggily, “whats going on?”

    “Nothing you need to worry about, missssssss…” Kaa said in his slow rhythmic tone “You're just enjoying your little vacation now…isn’t that right?”

    “Va...vacation?” she asked, confused, as she stared into Kaa swirling, hypnotic eyes. “I’m on…vacccaaa…”  she started, just as another ‘PING!’ echoed through the room. She stopped in mid-sentence as the swirls took over her eyes and the silly smile spread over her face again.

    Kaa chuckled softly, he never tired of watching his victims succumb to his spell. It was stereotypical, but still so enjoyable to see her thoughts trail off and her mind empty. “Yessss...yessss you are!” he said, smiling as he slowly uncoiled from her chair and slithered around the room. “And what a lovely place thissss issss…issssn’t it my dear?” he asked knowingly.

    “Uh huh…” Victoria replied, nodding her head softly as she stared ahead at where Kaa’s eyes had been. The swirls in her own eyes continued to shift as she relaxed back into the chair, her mind empty and oblivious.

    Kaa let out another chuckle as he slid up the wardrobe and extended his body out to the ceiling fan to give himself a higher vantage point. He did so carefully, not wanting to put too much of his weight on the fan...the last thing he wanted was to bring it, and him, crashing to the ground. “You must be sssso warm in here missssssss, it’ssss sssso very hot…don’t you think?” He said, telling Victoria rather than asking her.  

    Victoria nodded in agreement as she let out another long, soft moan. Her right hand slid along her chest and neck as she seemed to begin almost sweating on command.

    Kaa smiled at the sight of the young woman rubbing herself, there was always something...pleasurable about watching that. Even if she was just trying to cool herself off. “Yessss, thatssss a good girl…why don’t you change into one of your…sexiest sets of underwear, my dear?”

    Victoria’s hypnotized grin seemed to widen as she giggled and rose to her feet slowly. “Okay!” she said as she moved over to her wardrobe and flipped through the underwear that she had brought with her. Although she had planned for a mostly private vacation, it never hurts to be prepared. And she had brought the perfect set for an occasion such as this.

    She set it on the bed and began to slowly strip off her clothes, much to Kaa’s delight. With her eyes still full of multicolored, hypnotic swirls, she grabbed her tank top and pulled it over her head. Her body wiggled as she pulled it off, more to put on a show for the snake than to actually assist her in taking the piece of clothing off.

    Once her top was discarded she kicked off her shoes, one by one, with a level of grace that was surprising for someone so deeply hypnotized. She then placed her left foot on the bed and slowly rolled her sock off, almost as if she was doing a strip tease and dragging out the moment. Instead of repeating the motion with her right sock, though, she quickly pulled it off and flung it over her shoulder with a giggle.

    She moved closer to Kaa and slid her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and wiggled them down ever so slowly, taking her panties off at the same time. Kaa was pleasantly surprised as he hung gently from his vantage point. Victoria, however, stood up with a playful look on her otherwise relaxed face and spun around, hiding herself as she removed her bra and tossed it over her shoulder in Kaa’s direction.

    The massive snake was easily able to move out of the way as he continued to enjoy the view. In her entranced state, Victoria didn’t realize that she was already giving him a show by standing in front of a mirror. He watched as the young actress picked up her sexy lace panties and stepped into them, slowly sliding them up her body. The panties were a calming blue color and, much to his enjoyment, mostly see through.

    She turned to face the snake, still giggling as her eyes continued to swirl with his hypnotic energy. Her breasts were on display as she pulled a lace bra over her head and down her chest. The bra itself was merely a formality since the material was just as see through as her panties and left almost nothing to the imagination.

    “Whaddaya think?” she said, giggling, despite the dazed tone to her voice. In reality she was so deeply hypnotized that she wasn’t even aware of what she was doing. Her mind was deep asleep while her body was acting on autopilot and following the commands given to her by the hypnotic serpent.

    “Very nice…” Kaa said as he slithered down from the ceiling fan, sliding across the bed towards her. “Very nice, indeed.” He slowly began to coil his body around Victoria, taking his time to enjoy a more up close and personal view as he did. Soon, he was wrapped around her right leg, her stomach, her shoulders and part of her neck…until he was finally at eye level with her.

    “You look so tired…” he said, grinning deviously as he slowly began to squeeze the body of his helplessly hypnotized prey.

    Victoria looked at him with the same giddy grin even as he tightened his grip on her, slowly making it harder for her to breathe. Of course, her mind was too empty for her to have anything to say on the matter. Little by little her breaths became faster and shorter as he coiled more of his body around hers. Finally, when it seemed like she was having trouble breathing at all, she began to turn a light shade of pinkish red. Kaa leaned in, looking deeply into her eyes as he whipsed “Time for you to ssssleep, my dear girl cub.”

    Victoria gasped as her eyes rolled up into her head and her body went completely limp in his coils. Her head fell against the snake’s body, still tightly wrapped around her neck, and lolled to the side. Kaa giggled and tilted her towards the bed and let her fall into it, as limp as a ragdoll as she finally gasped as he released her from his grip. Her breathing slowly returned to normal, albeit slower since she was once again deeply asleep.

    With Victoria completely passed out, Kaa slithered onto the bed and began to coil around her body once again. Somehow he managed to slide along every inch of her frame as his tail wiggled its way up her leg. He was silent except for the occasional “sssssshhhhhh” from time to time as he worked to pleasure every part of Victoria’s body at once.

    The bulk of his coils were focused on the more sensitive spots of Victoria’s body...her legs, her chest, and her inner thighs, which his tail was holding open as he gently continued to explore. At the same time, he also focused on the more relaxing parts of her body...her shoulders, arms, and feet. His goal was to create an experience of complete pleasure and relaxation for his unconscious guest.

    A moment later Victoria jerked and gasped as his tail found its ultimate goal. Despite her unconscious state she still let out several moans of pleasure as her body occasionally jerked from the pleasure Kaa’s tail was bringing her. Minutes passed as her breathing became more and more rapid and her soft moans became louder and more high pitched. It wasn’t long before she let out a high pitched squeal and sighed as she fell back against the bed, even more limp and deeply asleep than before. And even deeper under Kaa’s spell.

    Kaa laughed as he slowly tightened his grip on her again, absorbing her body heat as he began to sing softly. “Trusssst in me…Jusssst in me...And you’ll ssssee…”

    The next day a well rested Victoria checked out of her hotel room after having a large traveling trunk delivered to her room in the early hours of the morning. She walked with it, sliding her hand along the trunk lovingly as she gave the bellhop a goofy grin. “Be careful with it, please…it’s very important and precious.” She wore her sunglasses again, which hid the swirling spirals in her eyes rather nicely.

    Inside the chest Kaa giggled as he felt himself being loaded into the cargo area of the SUV that had come to pick up Victoria. “I’ve alwayssss wanted to take a trip to L.A.” The massive snake said, smiling as he coiled himself up tighter and settled in to take a nap. “And after all…I could usssse a vacation.”

The End?

Part 1

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