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Settling In - Spirals - Part 8

 Key: FD, MD, MF, FF, MC,

Description: As the evening wraps up, memories are erased, suggestions are implanted, and future surprises are hinted at.

    Thanks to the subliminals that Nadia had slipped into the music, the lovely dancers that Xander had hypnotized, and a few errant hypnotists in the crowd, just about everyone in Spirals was either hypnotized or hypnotizing someone else. Or both. All in all it had made for quite an eventful grand re-opening.

    Intermixed throughout the crowd were random hypnotists and other species with hypnotic abilities, all with a swarm of enthralled followers around them. Most of the hypnotists had been affected by the subliminals in the music and didn’t even realize that they were indulging their more dominant tendancies. Of course it was no coincidence that Nadia, who had initially set up the subliminals, had the largest group of followers. To her right was Tammy, on her knees while three other female patrons all kneeled at her feet and massaged everything below her waist. Behind her stood four male patrons who took great care in massaging every inch of her upper body while she leaned back and moaned in enjoyment.

    Xander, on the other hand, had made his way onstage to join the three hypnotized lovelies and dance with them, sliding as close as he could to each of the helpless women. But he realized it was getting late…or, more specifically, that it would be dawn soon. And even a night club has to close at some point. 

    As the dance continued he moved the three girls closer to him, sliding his hand along Stacy’s stomach and pulling her in closest. He leaned in and began to kiss her neck as his tail slid along her leg. She was so deeply hypnotized that it didn’t take much for the action to cause a surge of that Xander could control and magnify. As she writhed against him he turned the tingle of joy into a full blown orgasm, and used it to slowly drain her energy. Little by little her body sagged against his until she went completely limp and sighed, fainting against him.

    He gently lowered his old friend to the floor as he moved the two blondes away from her while they danced, not wanting either of them to accidentally step on the poor girl. Once she was safely on the ground, he moved up to Cat and began to massage her back. She leaned back against him and raised her arms over her head, jiggling her chest in a somewhat awkward, nerdy fashion. It would have been sexy for the idea and effort alone, but there is just something sexy about nerdy girls that just makes them even more…arousing.

    Xander pulled her in close and slowly leaned in to kiss her. As he did, her arms slid down around his neck and she held him close while her body slowly leaned against his more and more as he drained her energy. The more pleasurable the act, the easier it is to drain the energy from the subject. And even though a kiss wasn’t nearly as pleasurable as an orgasm, it could be just as enthralling. Cat never noticed what was happening to her, and more than likely wouldn’t have even if she hadn’t been hypnotized. Even as she struggled to keep up the kiss, leaning into Xander with as much energy and passion as she could muster, her body still began to give out little by little. Slowly, her arms slid down his shoulders until they were finally hanging limp at her sides as the last of her energy faded away. Finally, she stopped responding to the kiss and swayed gently on her feet, trying her hardest to stay standing upright...until her body finally gave in and slipped away into sleep.

    She stayed almost completely upright at first, her head just barely tilted upwards and imagining the kiss that had rendered her unconscious. But now that she had slipped into such a deep slumber her body was beginning to fall backwards, almost completely stiff and rigid. Xander was able to catch her easily, and the moment he provided even the slightest bit of resistance, Cat’s head fell back as she slumped into his arms, her chest still jiggling as she did. “Dramatic…” he said with a smile as he lowered the young woman to the stage and turned his attention to Eluran.

    He spun the glassy eyed, blonde elf around like a professional dancer and quickly dipped her over his knee. Instinctively, she stretched out her arm in a classic pose. “Bit of an attention diva, I suspect.” Xander mused to himself.

    With a grin he pulled her upright and began kissing her deeply, more aggressively than he had the others. The beautiful elf responded with just as much passion and flare, which of course didn’t last long as Xander drained her energy. The elf’s hands were softly holding on to Xander’s hips, like she was a damsel from an old movie gently holding on to the hero, but it didn’t take long before they slipped to her sides and hung there limply. The kiss broke a moment later as she sighed softly and her head fell forward against Xander’s chest. Xander smiled and lowered the now sleeping elf to her knees, then gently to the stage floor where she could sleep off the effects of being drained with the others.

    As he stood up he noticed the subliminal messages in the club were beginning to kick in again. He glanced up at the DJ booth to see Nadia pointing to her wrist, a way of telling him it was getting close to closing time. He nodded in acknowledgement and gave her a boy scout salute as he moved backstage. The track that Nadia was having Tammy play would…convince the dominants to wipe their subject’s memories and send them home, as well as make their own memories a bit fuzzy. Xander was, of course, able to block this out, but had no desire to stick around for the clean up. His subjects wouldn’t remember a thing anyway. He grabbed one of the waitstaff as he slipped backstage and instructed the staff member to see to it that the girls on stage made it home safely. Conveniently, the staff had been undergoing extra conditioning and he knew that they would follow any order given to them. As the staff member nodded and walked away to complete their instructions, Xander walked out the back door with a smile on his face. The sky was dark with just a hint of light creeping up over the horizon. It would be dawn soon, and he did so love a sunrise.

    Not long after, Veo walked into Spirals to see a rather...unique sight. She could also hear, and block, the subliminals filling the club and immediately knew something wasn’t quite right. But what really raised a red flag was seeing row after row of hypnotized patrons slowly filing out of the club while mumbling “I had a wonderful time…nothing unusual happened…I will tell my friends…I will return” over and over again. Not to mention the small harem of people waiting for Nadia outside of the DJ booth, including the DJ, while three hypnotized dancers  were all carried offstage and looked as if they had been drained by Xander, even though he was nowhere to be found. She was starting to wonder what the hell had happened here.

    Of course the final red flag came when she noticed Midnight manipulating the memories of two unconscious young women who she had clearly drained. As she continued to look around the club, she made her way over to the succubus with a confused expression written on her face. “Um, Midnight…what the hell happened here?”

    “Oh, hey Veo!” Midnight said with a chipper smile as she caught one of the staff and instructed them to carry Sara and Brenda home before turning back to her angelic friend. “What’s up?” she asked cluelessly.

    “I was hoping you could tell me?” Veo answered, the frustration evident in her voice as she looked around at the mass of hypnotized patrons slowly leaving, or in some cases being carried out of, the club. Even the hypnotists seemed to be a bit glassy eyed. “What happened here? Where’s Xander?” she asked, growing a bit more concerned.

    Midnight shrugged. “Dunno…” She answered as she looked around, wondering where he had actually disappeared to.  

    “You don’t know?” Veo asked, instantly annoyed. “You were supposed to watch him and make sure everything went smoothly tonight!”

    “I did.” Midnight replied in a very honest manner.

    “You did?!” Veo responded as she looked around, pointing to all of the hypnotized people leaving the building. ”And just how do you figure that?”

    “Simple!” Midnight started happily, “You told me to watch him.I watched him enjoy his work and hypnotize at least one of the dancers on stage and drain them. Everyone had a great time, no one is going to remember anything unusual about tonight when they wake up, not even me…not that there was much unusual to forget.” She admitted, not even batting an eye as she discussed the hypnotic suggestions that would affect her later. “The building isn’t on fire, and no one died. Everything’s fine. It was a success!” She finished with a smile, absently pulling out her cell phone to write herself a note about Sara and Brenda so she wouldn’t forget about them.

    Veo blinked at her friend for a few moments before doing a cartoonish style facepalm and slowly turning on her heels to head towards the door. She knew that despite her confusion and annoyance, picking a fight with Midnight about it wouldn’t solve anything. She would have to take matters into her own hands and find Xander herself.

    Midnight finished saving the note in her phone and slipped it back into her pocket, only to look up and see that Veo had disappeared.  “Veo?” she asked, momentarily confused but shrugging it off as her eyes began to glass over. “I had a wonderful time…”

    Outside the sun had begun to creep over the horizon as Xander walked to the edge of the pier that looked out over Lake Michigan. He leaned against one of the pillars and looked out over the water as he thought about his evening and everything that had unfolded. For the first time since he had been here he really did think that he might be ok. He’d been telling himself he would be for some time, but he hadn’t really believed it…until now.

    He couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head, barely believing what had happened tonight and how good he felt. He sighed and lowered his head with a smile…and noticed something in the water as he did. The waves of the lake made it hard to see clearly at first, but once his mind finally registered what he was looking at, his jaw dropped in shock.

    Veo landed on the pier beside him a moment later and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. “Hi baby!” she exclaimed excitedly.

    Xander’s head slowly rose, although his eyes lingered on the object that he was still staring at beneath the water, struggling to come to terms with what he was seeing. Eventually his eyes shot over to Veo, his jaw still completely agape as he stared at her, dumbfounded. “What...the hell...did you do?”

    Veo looked into Xander’s eyes with a devious, almost devilish, smile as she wiggled her eyebrows and started to laugh...

    The next night Sara came home from work and closed the door behind her as she shrugged off her purse and jacket, only to be pinned to the door by Brenda who smiled and began to kiss her. They said nothing. They didn’t need to. But as Sara pulled her in closer they slowly made their way to the bedroom, never breaking the kiss. The bulk of their clothing wouldn’t even make it to the bedroom, in case you were wondering.

    As the last of their clothes hit the floor, Sara spun Brenda around and pushed her back onto the bed, landing on top of her and pinning her there. “Naughty naughty…” she said with a smile as she started to lick her lover’s chest, slowly making a figure eight around each nipple.

    “I learned from the best.” Brenda answered with a smile as she maneuvered her hands between Sara’s legs and found her already wet and waiting. Sara moaned softly as Brenda slid her finger into exactly the right spot.

    Sara leaned in and kissed Brenda as her hands took over where her tongue left off. One caressed her lover’s nipple while the other slid behind her neck and massaged it and her shoulders, relaxing her into her own state of pleasure.

    As the two lovers slowly brought the other closer to climax, neither noticed the dreamcatcher on the wall begin to trickle with energy and light up. Neither remembered it being delivered earlier that morning, it just seemed like it belonged where it was hanging over the bed. And as the moans of the two lovers increased the dreamcatcher glowed even brighter, until the energy from the two women could be seen moving from their bodies and up into the dreamcatcher. As both women moaned in the ecstasy of a much earned climax, they both felt themselves becoming weak and tired. Neither would ever assume it was from anything other than a long day and the after effects of the pleasure they were feeling. Once the last of the energy finally left their bodies, Sara fell to Brenda’s side...completely and soundly asleep.

    “That was…amazzzzzz…” Brenda began to say before succumbing to her own lack of energy and falling into a deep slumber. The hand that had been on Sara’s shoulder fell idly at her side on the bed as the two lovers drifted into sleep. Above their bed, the dreamcatcher continued to trickle with the energy it had drained from them.

    Across town, Midnight sat in her shop, the miniature dreamcatcher she wore around her neck glowed brightly as it absorbed the energy from the one in Sara and Brenda’s bedroom. The succubus smiled as she felt their pleasure, and their orgasms, wash over her body as if they had been pleasing her instead of each other. As the glow of the dreamcatcher slowly faded back to normal she composed herself and smiled. “So glad I wrote that note…” she said with a grin. “Those two are going to make excellent thralls!”

The end…for now.

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Featuring: Xander, Veo, Eluran, Cat, Stacy and Midnight
Mentioned: Nadia and Tammy
Guest Starring: Sara and Brenda 

Thanks to :Iconsleepygirl586: for doing the editing for me.  

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