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Settling In - Spirals - Part 7

 Key: FD, FF, MC,

Description: Xander confronts Nadia while Brenda arrives to try and save Sara from Midnight.

    As the subliminal messages continued pumping through the nightclub, causing all sorts of wonderful changes in the oblivious patrons, things weren’t going quite as smoothly in the DJ booth. Tammy still sat at her workstation, completely oblivious to Celene who was passed out on the floor next to her. But what was more impressive was that she was also completely unaware of the screaming match taking place right next to her between Xander and Nadia.

    “You have no right to be here!” shouted Nadia angrily. “This was my gig! I was hand picked for it!”

    “So was I! I guess they didn’t have faith that you could handle the job!” Xander snapped back just as sharply. “Why do you even want this job? You’re always jumping from scheme to scheme and then running away, why do you want to do this again? You hated it the first time!”

    Nadia caught herself as a tear began to form in her eye and quickly shifted her expression back into one of solid resolve. “Why are you even here? Your failure at the last club is what made it go under and cost us all our jobs!”

    “I lost just about everything in my life!” Xander shouted, looking angrier than Nadia had ever seen. “I lost just about every friend I ever had! And then I found this place again…and it has people I know here. People that actually still give a damn about what happens to me. It’s a chance to try and rebuild my life from the ground up. So fuck you for trying to take that from me!” 

    For the first time Nadia noticed that it wasn’t just anger in Xander’s voice…it was pain. She wasn’t sure she cared, to be honest, but she could relate. “Do you know how hard it is to constantly move from place to place all the time? To always wonder how long it will be before you have to move on? Or just how nice it is to have a little stability, even for a little while?” She said as her voice began to soften.

    As Xander inhaled deeply he noticed the slightest tremor in Nadia’s energy. She was trying to hide her emotions, and she was doing an amazing job. But buried underneath her anger and frustration, the tiniest bit of pain had slipped out just long enough for him to notice. Instead of yelling, he took a deep breath and answered calmly. “I do have an idea of how that feels. I’ve had to move on many times throughout my life…and I can understand wanting a place where you can just…be…for a while.” He turned away from Nadia and looked out at the club and the dancers in it, the ones on the floor as well as the three that were hypnotized onstage. “For what it’s worth…I’m sorry.”

    Nadia was completely taken by surprise. “You’re...sorry?” she asked in shock. “I didn’t know that was something you were capable of.”  Her tone shifted as she tried to playfully give him a hard time. She noticed a slight grin on his face as she moved next to him and stared out at the club. “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry too. For what you were put through…and my part in it. They told me they had all the information they needed to convict you, but if I could confirm everything that they would let me off with a warning. I didn’t…I didn’t realize what they would do to you. What they would take from you. And I’m sorry for that.” she said softly, letting the sincerity in her voice show for the briefest of moments.

    Xander cracked a small smile and gave Nadia a sideways glance. “Thank you, but it wasn’t your fault. It was mine. I crossed a line…let my ego get the best of me, and didn’t think it through.” He said with a sigh, before a long, awkward pause. “ we are.”  

    “Here we are.” Nadia confirmed, still staring out into the club. “The dancers onstage are your doing, I assume?” she asked, trying to hide her genuine curiosity.

    Xander nodded in reply. “I thought they might liven up the place.”

    Nadia smiled as she watched the three young women continue their dances while the subliminals worked on their minds. “They are lovely.” she admitted, “Is that one on the left from the old club? She seems familiar.”

    “Kind of.” Xander responded. “She was a student doctor at the local hospital, but I don’t think she ever came into the club. I bumped into her here about a week or two ago. Surprised the hell out of me.”

    “I thought she looked familiar. She hasn’t aged a day!” Nadia said, surprise and a hint of jealousy evident in her voice.  

    Xander chuckled. “I said the same thing. She’s actually an elf, I knew her for years and never even knew.” he said, laughing as he realized he’d set himself up for an easy insult.  

    Nadia just shook her head. “That hair of hers hides her ears quite well.”  She said, realizing she was letting go of an easy opening. “And the other two?”

    “I met her friend, the other elf tonight, before I hypnotized both of them. The human blonde I met at a coffee shop. Although I’m not sure she has any conscious memory of meeting me.” He admitted, realizing that every interaction he had had with Cat involved her being completely hypnotized the whole time.

    Nadia nodded approvingly. “Great catch, I have to admit I’m a little envious.”

    “Thank you.”  Xander said with a smile. “The subliminals seem to be having quite the effect on the crowd..” he admitted as he looked back out at the club. Numerous people had paired off or split into small groups, most of which had a clearly defined dominant and sub. On the dance floor two young women danced in front of a man like harem girls, while the second level was filled with men and women sitting in chairs as if they were thrones, with at least one person kneeling in front of them in poses of submission. Not to mention the amount of couples having sex throughout the club. “Quite the effect, indeed.”

    Nadia smiled “Thanks. It was a pain in the ass to get this file into the system. In the end I was able to upload it and alter the staff's daily hypnotic training at the same time….well, Tammy’s training anyway.” She said, sliding a hand along the hypnotized DJ’s cheek. “So lovely…” Nadia said to herself, admiring the DJ with a soft sigh.

    Xander grinned as he turned to face Nadia. “So…” he said, pausing to muster as much strength he could. “Truce?”

    Nadia gave Xander a questioning look, only to be met with a genuine expression of honesty.  “Truce. I’ll stay out of your way, you stay out of mine. Agreed?”

    Xander smiled and nodded. “Agreed!” He held out his hand for Nadia to shake.

    Nadia started to extend her hand, but stopped when it was a few inches away. Xander came to the same realization and pulled his back as well. Neither had done so out of disgust, but both had realized that even though they may have had an agreement, a handshake can be a dangerous thing to give a hypnotist.  Especially a skilled hypnotist. And despite their truce they both had to admit that the other was skilled enough to turn a handshake into an induction.

    The awkward pause hung in the air for several moments until Nadia closed her hand into a fist and held it out for Xander to fist bump. The incubus took a moment to catch what she had in mind and then finally bumped it in acceptance. “Deal.” he said calmly. “Now, turn those subliminals off and let's enjoy the crowd!”

    Nadia smiled as she turned towards Tammy. “You read my mind!” Then, realizing what she had said, came to an abrupt stop and turned to face Xander with a very stern look on her face. “Never…EVER…read my mind.” she threatened.

    Xander just smiled as he opened the door of the booth. “I only read minds above a third grade level.” He said, closing the door behind him before she had a chance to reply.

    Nadia rolled her eyes and slid a finger under Tammy’s chin, tilting the DJ’s head to face her. “Now that he’s gone, my dear…what do you say we go for a little walk?” she said with a devious grin as she led the hypnotized DJ out of the booth and into the club, well aware that the playlist Tammy had created could run for hours on its own.

    Meanwhile, a dark haired woman slowly made her way through the doors of the club and scanned the crowd. She had straight hair that stopped just below her shoulders and was wearing a tight red dress with a slit under her breasts, which showed off the cleavage under her breasts rather than above them. What can I say, women’s fashion is complex!

    As she looked out over the club she finally found what she was looking for, and her heart skipped a beat. From where she was standing she could see her girlfriend Sara on her knees and licking the vagina of the woman sitting in front of her. She could only assume that it was the woman who had hypnotized Sara. The scene was equal parts infuriating, terrifying, and exciting all at once.

    She knew she had to go down and confront the woman, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t scared...or was she excited? It was all so confusing. She took a deep breath and made her way down the stairs until she was standing behind her girlfriend, staring at the gorgeous woman in front of her.

    “Brenda, I presume?” Midnight asked with an air of arrogance. “I see you finally made it.” She said, smirking as she gently tapped Sara’s head. “That’s enough dear…your girlfriend is here to see you.”

    Sara instantly stopped and leaned back, staring ahead with glazed, blank eyes. Even though she was on her knees, her body remained upright but relaxed and otherwise completely limp. “Like what I did to her?” Midnight asked as she motioned a hand towards Sara.

    Brenda looked down at her girlfriend and felt a shiver of excitement roll through her body. “What did you…” she started to ask before realizing she already knew the answer. “How did you do this to her?”

    Midnight gave her an evil smile. “Well that is the question of the hour, isn’t it?” she asked mockingly. “I could tell you…or I could show you.” she said, standing up and moving close enough to be nose to nose with Brenda. Although given their height difference Brenda, like Sara before her, had to stare almost straight up to look into Midnight’s eyes.

    “I’ll…” Brenda trailed off as she tried to gather her courage, not realizing just how quickly the subliminals were still slipping into her mind. “I’ll settle for you just telling me…please…umm…please, miss?” She said more timidly than she had expected.

    “Aww, are you sure?” Midnight said, walking around the shorter woman and sliding a finger along her arm as she did. “I’m sure you’d look amazing next to Sara…on your knees…hypnotized and unaware.” Midnight finished as she bit her lip, trying to keep her laughter in check from just how much she was hamming everything up.

    However, much to Midnight’s delight, Brenda spun around to face her, placed her hands on her hips and glared up into the succubus’s eyes. “No, thank you…miss. Just…tell me, please.” she said as her voice betrayed her otherwise confident stance.

    Midnight smiled as she unclasped the necklace around her neck and held it up in front of Brenda. It was a beautiful handmade dreamcatcher, a small loop with an artistic spider web-like structure in the middle, and just barely smaller than a quarter. “I used this.” Midnight lied as she let the necklace hang in front of Brenda’s eyes and slowly dangled it from side to side. “She was captivated by it…she found that she couldn’t look away, she had to follow the lines of the web…had to see where they would lead. But each strand leads to another, and another, and soon one strand becomes two…and two become four, and even the strongest of concentrations start to split…and weaken.” Midnight said with a smile as she started to gently swing the dreamcatcher back and forth before Brenda’s eyes.

    Brenda’s eyes immediately started to follow the pendant, but when she realized what she was doing, her eyes slammed shut as she shook her head and glared at Midnight. “That…that won’t work.”  she said, still trying to sound confident, but failing.

    Midnight smiled at Brenda as she snapped her fingers at her side, a signal for Sara to follow the suggestions she had been given before Brenda arrived. “Is that so?” Midnight cooed in a sultry voice as Sara rose to her feet behind her oblivious girlfriend.

    “Yes, I’m here…to rescue Sara. Not…not join her!” she stammered. To her credit she really did want to join Sara, but she was trying to play the hero, here to rescue the helpless damsel in distress. But the hero, or heroine as it were, had walked into a trap.

    Midnight smiled as she kept the dreamcatcher swinging slowly and gently in front of Brenda’s eyes. “I don’t know…I think Sara likes being like this. And she mentioned that you would like it as well, my dear Brenda.”

    No sooner had Midnight finished her sentence then Sara’s hands gently started to massage Brenda’s shoulders. She began sliding her thumbs deep into her girlfriend’s shoulder blades, using her fingers to brace for a deeper, more relaxing massage. Brenda jumped in surprise before letting out an almost orgasmic moan as her eyes rolled up into her head. “Just…relax…” Sara whispered into Brenda’s ear as she started to move her thumbs up to her neck and then slowly back down to her shoulders again. “You’ll love…this feeling…”

    Brenda’s mind didn’t have time to register what was happening. Sara knew exactly how to massage her shoulders and get her to relax. Every tiny, special place on her back and shoulders that would unconsciously trigger the young woman to relax was hit in perfect sequence, again and again, by her very own, hypnotized and controlled girlfriend. “What…what are you doing?” she asked as a soft moan escaped her lips and her eyes struggled to focus.

    “Exactly what I told her to.” Midnight said with a devious smile. “I did, after all, have half an hour to burn. Did you think I wouldn’t set a trap for you, my dear?” She cooed as she gently stroked Brenda’s cheek.

    Brenda was struggling to clear her head, she’d managed to shake a little bit of the fog free and opened her eyes to reply to Midnight, only to lock on to the swinging dreamcatcher once again. Slowly swinging back and forth...back and forth. The words of resistance that she was so carefully crafting never came out, they were lost in a hypnotic fog that easily rolled back into her mind as her thoughts faded away.

    Midnight watched as the young woman’s eyes started to follow the pendant back and forth, becoming more glazed and distant with each pass while her jaw slowly loosened and relaxed as her pupils dilated. It wasn’t long before Midnight knew that Brenda was under her spell, aided by her very own girlfriend. That fact made her smile even bigger...after all, the couple that submits together…stays together. “That’s a girl…” She whispered softly. “Feeling just what Sara felt. Just what you wanted to feel. Blank and relaxed. Open and hypnotized…isn’t that right?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

    “Uh huh…” was the only response that escaped Brenda’s relaxed lips.

    “Good girl.” Midnight smiled as she moved her hand under Brenda’s chin and used it to make the hypnotized woman take several steps forward. “That’s a girl…let’s just spin you around.” She said as she carefully turned Brenda around so that she was facing Sara, keeping the dreamcatcher in her line of sight the entire time. The hypnotized lovers were not technically staring at one another, although neither would have comprehended what they were seeing anyway. “There we go…” Midnight said, happy with how smoothly that transition had happened. “Now…kneel!” she commanded.

    Without so much as a thought, Brenda lowered to her knees in front of Sara. The brunette still had her hands on Brenda’s shoulders and continued massaging them while Midnight lowered the dreamcatcher down just barely above Brenda’s face.

    “Good girl.” Midnight said as she slowly pulled Sara closer to Brenda “Lift your lover’s skirt, my dear...and pleasure her as you normally would in this situation.”

    Brenda raised Sara’s skirt up and leaned in, moving her panties out of the way with her teeth. She slowly kissed her lover’s most private area and slid her tongue deep inside as she began pleasuring Sara, staring up at her with blank, vacant eyes the entire time. Sara, needless to say, responded with a moan as her eyes immediately began to roll into her head.

    Midnight watched her newest conquests with a satisfied smile on her face. “I really did miss this club!” She thought to herself as her tail began to slide under Brenda’s skirt and between her legs, gliding under her panties and slowly sliding into Brenda. .

    The moment the tail entered her, Brenda gasped into Sara’s pussy as her tongue began moving even faster. Which, of course, made Sara gasp in pleasure, only for her to be met by Midnight as she pulled the hypnotized woman into a deep, passionate kiss. The kiss was more than just a guilty pleasure, however. While Midnight held Sara in the kiss with one hand, she slid her free hand down to rest on top of Brenda’s head and began to focus on the energy inside of her two hypnotized thralls…and then connected their energy to hers.

    For the first time, the two lovers were closer than they had ever been. Not only were their bodies inside one another, and their minds in the same open state, but thanks to Midnight the two could actually feel one another's pleasure. Brenda could feel every twitch of her tongue deep inside of her lover's pussy as if it was in her own. She could guide her tongue expertly to give her as much pleasure as possible.

    Sara, on the other hand, could feel Midnight's tail deep inside of Brenda. And how it was coiling and wiggling, hitting all of the perfect spots at once. The pleasure that Midnight was giving Sara was transferring to the pleasure that she was feeling, and she responded by deepening her kiss with Midnight. She never consciously realized what was happening, of course, she was just repaying passion with passion.

    Midnight was feeling the pleasure coming from both women, and manipulating it…driving them to feel what she wanted. Both girls’ arousal had long past the point of orgasm, but Midnight was holding them back. With every moment that passed she denied them their climax, and let it build deeper and deeper inside of them. Eventually it would be more pleasure than either girl had ever experienced...of course by that point she would let them feel it. All at once.  

    The flood of pleasure took all three of them by storm at the same exact time. Each girl could feel the pleasure of the other two, and their combined orgasms made the two human girls cry out in pleasure. Midnight, on the other hand, simply shivered and moaned. She could feel them both shuddering with the pure electric joy that was rolling through their bodies as the energy she had built up inside of them exploded over and over again.

    But as their climaxes faded, Brenda and Sara’s energy began to fade and drain from them. As the energy poured into Midnight, the succubus held Sara closer in the kiss, feeling both girls grow weaker by the minute. Midnight supported Sara just a bit as she felt Brenda’s body fall limp on the floor between the two girls while Sara’s arms went limp and fell from Brenda’s shoulders, hanging gently at her sides. And then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, she simply let go of Sara and watched as she swooned to her knees and fell to the floor beside Brenda. Leaving both girls completely hypnotized, drained, and unconscious as they laid face to face, completely helpless and unaware of what had just happened.

    Midnight let out an exhilarated sigh.“I could use a drink!”

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Featuring: Xander, Nadia, Tammy and Midnight
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Mentioned: Celene, Eluran, Cat, Stacy

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