Monday, September 13, 2021

A Little Self Care - Abridged Hypnosis Log

This log was created with the help of my friends Wonderkitty, and Psyco who were kind enough to sit in for me and let me trance them out. It is an edited log, the only thing that is edited is the actual script and their responses are still left intact!  If you would like to see the full unedited log you can do so here: A Little Self Care - Full Log

You can also find the video that I created using this script here: A Little Self Care 

Sleepyhypno 2:22 AM

ok are you two all ready?

Psyco Turnip 2:25 AM

Oh ya, good to go.

Sleepyhypno 2:25 AM

always so eager =cP


WonderKitty 2:26 AM

Is good

Sleepyhypno 2:26 AM


just let yourself get

into a comfortable position


you can see that now can't you ladies?

WonderKitty 2:30 AM


Psyco Turnip 2:31 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:31 AM

good girls

every step you take

helps the world around you to become

more vivid

more clear


Would you like to join me in this special place?

WonderKitty 2:34 AM


Psyco Turnip 2:34 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:34 AM

good girls... so easy to follow along, so easy to type and just lose yourself in this trance


you can feel that now can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:38 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 2:38 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:38 AM

good girls

doing so well

so easy to just let go


you can feel that can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:41 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 2:41 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:41 AM

good girls

The energy then gets exhaled by the trees


you can feel that can't you ladies?

WonderKitty 2:45 AM


Psyco Turnip 2:45 AM

Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 2:47 AM

live an energized

and healthy life


that's ok with you isn't it ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:48 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 2:48 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:48 AM

Most people

in their lives

are usually their own worst critic

we think about things that happen

or how we behave


how do you feel ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:52 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:53 AM

good girl you are most definitely appreciated,

you both are

WonderKitty 2:53 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:53 AM

very good

self love can take many forms


don't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:56 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 2:56 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:57 AM

yes,  i know you do

it's perfectly ok to decide


Do you like that ladies?

WonderKitty 3:00 AM


Psyco Turnip 3:00 AM

Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 3:00 AM

very good

doing so well


you can do that can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 3:04 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 3:04 AM


Sleepyhypno 3:04 AM

very good ladies

and now,


simply let yourself wake up

and tell me how you feel

there is no rush

take your time

and relax

Psyco Turnip 3:12 AM


Sleepyhypno 3:12 AM

very good my friend, how do you feel?

Psyco Turnip 3:13 AM

All floaty.

Sleepyhypno 3:13 AM

that's good to hear honestly

WonderKitty 3:14 AM

I thinki say blissful

Sleepyhypno 3:15 AM

welcome back i was kind of wondering if you were just going to drift off

WonderKitty 3:16 AM

I'm wondered the ssme thing myself

Psyco Turnip 3:16 AM

I might still...

Sleepyhypno 3:16 AM

are you awake currently wonderkitty?

WonderKitty 3:16 AM

Uh huh

Sleepyhypno 3:17 AM

do you ladies want me to put you back down, and send you to bed?

WonderKitty 3:17 AM

Kinda, yes

Psyco Turnip 3:18 AM

I should be heading to kitchen/bed.

Sleepyhypno 3:18 AM

you should be,

but you can head to that hypnotized just like wonderkitty if you'd like.   if not it's ok too

Psyco Turnip 3:18 AM

That does sound nice.

Sleepyhypno 3:18 AM


you can finish what you were typing psyco?

Psyco Turnip 3:19 AM

By all means, go ahead.

WonderKitty 3:20 AM

This kitchen/bed thing, the bed is in the kitchen?

Psyco Turnip 3:20 AM

Naa I clean my kitchen before bed every night.

Sleepyhypno 3:20 AM

I tend to give her suggestion to keep her hypnotized while she does that








nice and deep

nice and relaxed


you can do that can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 3:22 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 3:22 AM

Can do that

Sleepyhypno 3:22 AM

good girls


That's ok with you ladies now isn't it?

WonderKitty 3:23 AM


Psyco Turnip 3:23 AM

Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 3:23 AM

good girls

Is there anything you'd like me to suggest to you before you go to bed?

WonderKitty 3:24 AM


Psyco Turnip 3:24 AM

No Sir.

Sleepyhypno 3:24 AM

good girls

then on the count of three

you will both log off

and carry out your suggestions

sleeping deeply and soundly until you need to wake up

and remembering everything that happened tonight

and hopefully how much you enjoyed yourselves




go to bed NOW ladies

good night

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