Monday, August 23, 2021

Snake's New Pet - Hypnosis Session Log

This is an edited version of a session I did with my friends Psyco, and Wonderkitty. The script itself is edited for time, but the girl’s responses are full and complete. This script was used to create the real hypnosis youtube video that you can find here: Snake's New pet

If you really want to read through the whole log you can find the full unedited log here:  Snake's New Pet - Full Hypnosis Log

Sleepyhypno 12:26 AM

hehe, literally LITERALLY right there, hang on a second =cp

ok, get yourselves comfortable i'll be starting in a moment.


... ...

... ... ...

... ... ... ...

... ... ...

... ...


ascii art.

Just allow yourself

to get into a comfortable position.

a place where you can just let your mind


you can see that can't you ladies?

Wonderkitty 12:30 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:30 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:30 AM

godo girls

doing so well

so easy to just relax into this wonderful


isn't that right ladies?

Psyco Turnip 12:35 AM

Yes Sir.

Wonderkitty 12:35 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:35 AM

good girls

doing so well


as you walk in just looking around

your free to focus on a few of the other animals

even petting one or two

as you walk through the store

do you ladies have a favorite animal in the store?

Wonderkitty 12:38 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:38 AM

I love cats.

Sleepyhypno 12:38 AM

good girls

free to see the cats

out of the corner of your eyes

being playful as the roll around

wrestling with one another.

or playing with a ball

while others just sit and watch

with that wonderful look that only cats can give

that look of simply

'why are you here?'

you can see that now

and get a little laugh can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 12:39 AM

Yes Sir.

Wonderkitty 12:39 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:39 AM

good girls

it's ok to laugh some times in trance

laughing helps you to sink

even more deeply

even more quickly

and it helps you to enjoy yourself

now and always


you can feel that can't you ladies?

Wonderkitty 12:42 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:42 AM

Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 12:42 AM

the eyes seem to penetrate

deep into your mind.

you don't know why

but you can almost fee lit

looking into your mind


just helps you to simply




deeper and deeper now

How do you feel ladies?

Psyco Turnip 12:45 AM


Wonderkitty 12:45 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:45 AM

very good

seeing your fell subject respond

helps you to feel more and more

of what they are feeling

helps you to simply


and surrender just a bit more deeply

helps it to become more and more vivid for you now

isn't that right ladies?

Wonderkitty 12:46 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:46 AM

Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 12:46 AM

good girls

as you stare deeply into the snakes eyes

you don't even realize that your mind

has emptied

that you've simply become


and open


your mind is asleep now

completely asleep

isn't that right ladies?

Psyco Turnip 12:49 AM

Yes Master.

Wonderkitty 12:49 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:49 AM

good girls, doing so very well

as you stare at the snake




how do you feel as the snake gets closer and closer to you now ladies?

Wonderkitty 12:52 AM

no feeling

Psyco Turnip 12:52 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:52 AM

good girl s

completely helpless new


puppets for this wonderfully seductive

and compelling creature

isn't that right?

Wonderkitty 12:53 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:53 AM

Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:54 AM

very good ladies

doing so well


how does this make you feel ladies?

Psyco Turnip 12:57 AM

Mindless Master.

Wonderkitty 12:58 AM

nervous tingly

Sleepyhypno 12:58 AM

very good ladies

it's completely ok for you to have your own experience

feeling what you feel

and enjoying it

while being aware

in the back of your mind

what the other young woman is feeling

your both on the same journey

the same path

but having very very different experiences

isn't that right ladies?

Wonderkitty 12:59 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:59 AM

Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:59 AM

very good

the more the snake slithers down your back

the more of its body seems to squeeze

and press against your skin


how do you feel now ladies?

Psyco Turnip 1:03 AM

Aroused, open.

Wonderkitty 1:03 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:03 AM

very good

you can feel the snake coiling around your body


learning exactly how your body works

where all the right places are

to reward you

reward you for obeying

but also

to control you

how does that make you feel now ladies?

Wonderkitty 1:07 AM


Psyco Turnip 1:07 AM

Obedient and aroused.

Sleepyhypno 1:07 AM

very good ladies

and how do you feel,

as you see the responses of the other girl

and know that she too

is completely and totally coiled up

helpless and controlled

by a snake?

Wonderkitty 1:08 AM


Psyco Turnip 1:08 AM

Deeper and excited.

Sleepyhypno 1:08 AM

good girls

doing so very well


how do you feel being this snakes... ride now ladies?

Psyco Turnip 1:11 AM

Submissive and aroused.

Wonderkitty 1:11 AM

reeally excited

Sleepyhypno 1:12 AM

the expertly moves you

every step getting easier

and easier

as the snake learns to control you

control it's new ... pet


it's as if the snake

can read your memories

maybe even your thoughts

how does that make you feel ladies?

Psyco Turnip 1:15 AM


Wonderkitty 1:15 AM

open aroused

Sleepyhypno 1:19 AM

helpless and unaware

you feel the snake moving

coiling along your body

along all of those special places


raising your pleasure deeper

and deeper

isn't that right ladies?

Wonderkitty 1:21 AM


Psyco Turnip 1:22 AM

Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 1:22 AM

you ladies can even feel the snake

slowly sliding the tip of it's tail

inside of you

hitting all the right places

all the right space

isn't that right?

Wonderkitty 1:22 AM


Psyco Turnip 1:22 AM

Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 1:23 AM

you feel your pleasure building

more and more deeply

the very tip of the snakes tail

being used expertly

to hit all of the right places


how does that feel?

Psyco Turnip 1:27 AM

Gratifying Master.

Wonderkitty 1:27 AM

areally really good

Sleepyhypno 1:27 AM

good girls


staying nice and warm now

that feels good now doesn't it ladies?

Psyco Turnip 1:28 AM

Yes Master.

Wonderkitty 1:29 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:29 AM

good girls

and as you lay there

feeling the snake coiled along your body

mind drifting away

deeper and deeper


and simply let me know

when you wake up

all on your own .

Psyco Turnip 1:35 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:35 AM

how do you feel?

Psyco Turnip 1:36 AM

Very relaxed, pretty satisfied. ^^

Wonderkitty 1:37 AM



Psyco Turnip 1:37 AM

Very much so.

Sleepyhypno 1:39 AM

heheh any comments?

Wonderkitty 1:40 AM

i had one, forgot what it was tho, hopefully it'll come back

Sleepyhypno 1:41 AM

hehe if it doesn't im pretty pleased with the script. that was an hour and ten minutes!

Wonderkitty 1:41 AM

dang, it didn't feel like it at all

Psyco Turnip 1:42 AM

I was a fan of it.

Long inductions are better in my opinion though.

Wonderkitty 1:43 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:44 AM

they are far more in depth then a more rp style trance, not as interactive so it falls on me to keep it up but i'm caffeinated so im good =cP

Psyco Turnip 1:44 AM


Psyco Turnip 1:45 AM

My malls still have stairs... >.>

Sleepyhypno 1:46 AM

yeah, i might go back and tweak that in post a bit make it flow a bit better, irony is i've spent the last three days thinking up this script and when it came to start my brain went "right lets go... what induction are you using?" and i was like "ummm duuuuh.... errr... uhhh... what?"

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