Monday, September 27, 2021

Ghost Author - Abridged Hypnosis Log

In this log Sleepygirl sat down with me to help create a hypnosis script that would later because the video Ghost Author, which is a Hypnotic Experiences Patreon Exclusive, you can find a teaser video for that here: Teaser for Ghost Author 

The script itself was an idea submitted by my friend Ivy, but it went very very far off the original idea. The hypnosis in this file is real, however the bulk of the script has been edited to make it more readable, if you are interested in the full unedited log you can find that Here: Ghost Author - Full Log 

Sleepyhypno  10:50 PM

I should note any pauses are probably me transferring information from discord to my notes, and or my router taking a shit again. In either case just allow your mind to continue to drift and stay deeply and completely tranced... unless an unusual amount of time passes.  you know the drill

Sleepygirl  10:51 PM

i do, in fact, know the drill, but duly noted anyways

Sleepyhypno  10:51 PM

good let's begin shall we?

Sleepygirl  10:51 PM

after you :cP

Sleepyhypno  10:52 PM

just allow yourself

to get into a comfortable position

a place where you can just

sit, and relax


don't you agree now Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  10:54 PM


Sleepyhypno  10:54 PM

good girl

and as you start to feel your body

and your mind

drifting down

into my words


isn't that right Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  10:56 PM


Sleepyhypno  10:56 PM

very good

that didn't take very long for you to simply

give in

and surrender

did it now?

Sleepygirl  10:56 PM


Sleepyhypno  10:57 PM

doing so very well.

and as you relax

you become aware

of a world forming around you

in your mind

you start to see rows and rows

of shelves...

full of books.

you can see tables around you

and areas where people can simply


and relax.

where they can pick up a good book

and loose themselves in it.

your in a library now.

and the more you start to look around

the more vivid it becomes for you


you can feel that can't you now Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  10:59 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:01 PM

a person... sort of...

standing in the distance

watching you.

but as you glance over towards them

they seem to almost fade

into the shadows.

as if they were never really there

as if they were made...

of the very shadows they faded into

how does this make you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:02 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:03 PM

yes very curious

but once the person is gone

faded away into the shadows

your mind seems to be drawn again

back to the pull

back to the strange sensation

that you are being drawn


to a specific part of this library


you come across a book.

sitting a pedestal

the book looks ancient.

with a think leather binding

and a solid brass latch

to keep ti closed

the title has worn away

but you tell from the letter that remains

that it was written in a golden ink

how does this make you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:06 PM

feel drawn to it

Sleepyhypno  11:06 PM

good girl  doing so well now Sleepygirl.

you can't help but slide your hands along the book

as you do images,

flashes of the person that you saw

out of the corner of your eye

the person that faded into the shadow

seem to come to mind.


as a story starts to appear

a story just for you...

how does this make you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:09 PM

drawn to it even more

Sleepyhypno  11:09 PM

very good Sleepygirl.

as you the words start to form the story

you begin to read.

every word seems to draw you in.

more and more deeply


but one thing seems clear to you

as you read this story

the author of the story is speaking...

speaking directly to you now.

you can feel that can't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:12 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:13 PM

every word

every sentence seems to caress your mind

and body

like the hands of a lover

every word you read


don't you agree, Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:16 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:16 PM

the more you read

the more you hear them

whispering into your ear

seductive words

sliding one by one

right into your mind

right into your soul


how does that feel to you now Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:19 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:19 PM

very good

doing so well now Sleepygirl

do you see why I thought this story might...

appeal to you now?

Sleepygirl  11:20 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:20 PM

very good

and as the story seems to shift

you feel as if their hands

are not longer sliding along your body

but are phasing into it...


how does this make you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:23 PM

helpless, aroused

Sleepyhypno  11:24 PM

the book in front of you no longer seems important

the author is inside of you

moving through your body

through your mind

through your very soul

you can feel their story

their seductive tale

being weaved into your thoughts


you can feel that can't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:26 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:27 PM

a kind of pleasure that can only happen

when the very core of your being

when your heart and soul

are completely seduced

completely enthralled

and captivated


the pleasure brought to you by this ghost

deep inside of your mind

inside of your body

you can feel this now can't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:30 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:30 PM

and as the pleasure subsides

you realize that you are no longer

in control of your body

you can feel the ghost deep inside

as your conscious mind sleeps in their arms


you can feel that, in your deep sleep can't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:32 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:32 PM

very good Sleepygirl.

and as you move into this new world

this new adventure

you are free to simply relax

and allow this ghost author...

to take your body on an adventure


simply let yourself relax

and let the ghost

explore your fantasies

knowing that when your ready

you will simply wake up

but until then

simply enjoy...


Sleepygirl  11:39 PM

brain rebooting...please hold... :cP

Sleepyhypno  11:39 PM

plays elevator music

Sleepygirl  11:41 PM

ok thats better :cP

Sleepyhypno  11:41 PM

now without looking how long do you think that was? time wise

Sleepygirl  11:42 PM

20 ish minutes?

although its almost 12:45 so maybe longer

Sleepyhypno  11:44 PM

it was in fact, 49 minutes =cP

ish like give or take two minutes, we started at 11:52 your time and ended at 12:39

Sleepygirl  11:45 PM

yeah it didnt feel that long :cP

Sleepyhypno  11:45 PM

they never do.  See why I thought you'd enjoy this one?

Sleepygirl  11:45 PM

yes actually i do :cP

Sleepyhypno  11:46 PM

any thoughts on the whole idea?

Sleepygirl  11:47 PM

well i like the idea, for starters :cP

and it seemed to work pretty well overall, nice way to incorporate being enthralled by a good book into being possessed by a ghost basically :cP heheh

Sleepyhypno  11:49 PM

yeah i was proud of that =cP

Sleepygirl  11:49 PM

heheh it was quite nicely done :cP

Sleepyhypno  11:50 PM

What's funny to me is that the idea Ivy gave me to start this and how it ended up were totally different.

Sleepygirl  11:50 PM

heheh how so?

Sleepyhypno  11:52 PM

originally it was from the perspective of a person that works in the library going around picking up books that are out of place and finding one that really catches them and then being hypnotized by a random person in the library that left the book there as a trap, waking the person and having them follow them to a back study room for a little 'intimate time' only to have them be triggered to sleep and left there along but she had a small note about there being ghost stories and all libraries having a ghost and when i got into it the two merged in my head and well this was the result

Sleepygirl  11:53 PM

heheh i see, honestly i think i like your merging of the two better...although hers is pretty good too :cP

Sleepyhypno  11:53 PM

hers would make a better story then a hypnosis script i think.

Sleepygirl  11:54 PM

it probably would

Sleepyhypno  11:55 PM

So now the question is, how devious are you feeling? are you wanting to tease ivy about you knowing what it is and not her, or just let it be a secret till then.

Sleepygirl  11:56 PM

i'm good with letting it be a secret til then :cP

Sleepyhypno  11:56 PM

like little secrets huh =cP

Sleepygirl  11:57 PM

i'll never tell :cP

Sleepyhypno  11:57 PM

[Sleepygirls "tell the truth' trigger], yes you will...

Sleepygirl — Yesterday at 11:58 PM

well that's not fair :cP

Sleepyhypno — Yesterday at 11:59 PM

I know.  Do you like little secrets, Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl — Yesterday at 11:59 PM

yes, yes i do

Sleepyhypno  12:00 AM

maybe this should be a secret kept by just one... so you can enjoy the experience the same as Ivy when it's done.

Sleepygirl  12:01 AM

that could be fun...

Sleepyhypno  12:01 AM

so you're totally fine with me blanking your memory of the last, hour or so?

Sleepygirl  12:02 AM

yeah i would be :cP

damn you [trigger that makes her tell the truth]...

Sleepyhypno  12:03 AM

heheh, fortunately i have another trigger just for that kind of situation

Sleepygirl  12:03 AM

which one would that be again? :cP

Sleepyhypno  12:03 AM

this one

[Sleepygirls memory erasing trigger] you will forget the entire hypnosis script we just went through, and belive you just logged on to Discord. the entire rest of our conversation will be completely forgotten now Sleepygirl.


Sleepygirl  12:06 AM

hello :cP

Sleepyhypno  12:06 AM

how are you doing?

Sleepygirl  12:06 AM

tired but otherwise ok, how about you?

Sleepyhypno  12:07 AM

not too bad,  i was thinking of doing a session or two tonight with a group.. you want ot join in? or too tired?

Sleepygirl  12:09 AM

i could join in

Sleepyhypno  12:10 AM

Sweet, i'll send you a group chat invite once I'm ready =c)


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