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Five Nights At Spirals - Prologue

 Key: MC, Plot

Description: In a dark security office, in a hypnosis themed nightclub, a single guard must try to keep track of the roaming hypnotists hell bent on enthralling her mind. Can Lindsey make it through Five Nights at Spirals? 

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon for Lindsey as she sat in her studio apartment, lounging near the window while she read a soothing romance novel. Of course, her peace was short-lived when her phone went off a few moments later. It was her sister Jennifer’s ringtone. 

“Hey sis,” she said, reaching for her bookmark. “What’s up?” 

“Hey Linds! would you feel about getting a job?” the noticeably nervous voice on the phone replied, getting straight to the point.  

“I see you’ve been talking to Dad…” Lindsey said with a sigh as she settled into the couch. Clearly her peaceful weekend was about to be shattered by the constant nagging of her overly involved family. “You two should know better than anyone that it’s hard enough just being a police cadet. Why do you need to be on my back about this? ”

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone. “Linds,” Jennifer started apologetically, “I didn’t mean it that way, I swear. I have a job for you! Well, it’s more of an assignment really, from the New Chicago PD.” 

Lindsey’s eyes widened as she stared at her phone. “Wait.” she started, “Are you serious? Like a real police assignment?!” Even through the spotty reception the excitement in her voice was clear. 

Jennifer giggled playfully. “Absolutely. But I do have to warn might be dangerous. We honestly don’t know for sure.” She continued, sounding much more serious. “Don’t tell Dad…at least not until it’s over. That is, if you’re still interested?” 

Lindsey sat up straight in her chair. “What’s the assignment?” she asked. 

Jennifer’s smirk was practically noticeable through the phone. “It’s right up your alley, actually. Have you heard of the Spirals Nightclub?” 

Lindsey’s brow furrowed. “No, should I have?”

“Apparently,” Jennifer began, “it’s a hypnosis themed nightclub. Which, I know, sounds corny. But it appears to be co-managed by an actual incubus, and there have been reports of other hypnotic beings spotted inside, including vampires and at least one succubus.” 

“Sounds like a recipe for disaster if you ask me.” Lindsey said matter of factly “Have you received reports of anything unusual going on in the club?”

“Yes and no.” Jennifer said, sounding unsure of herself. “We get reports. But when we look into them we either find no evidence of wrongdoing, or the people that file the reports retract them before we can even start an investigation. If it was one or two incidents we wouldn’t even worry about it, but we’ve gotten twenty two in the last month.”

“So…what exactly do you want me to do?” Lindsey asked even more curiously. 

“I want you to get a job!” Jennifer said as Lindsey’s phone dinged, indicating that she had a new email. “I just sent you the ad that popped up online this afternoon. We’d like you to apply!” 

“Interesting…” Lindsey said, pulling up the advertisement. It was a standard, almost old school, ad with a picture of spiral taking up the lower left corner. Next to it were a few paragraphs of text that Lindsey read aloud to herself. “Spirals Nightclub: Hypnosis-themed nightclub looking for a security guard to work the night shift. 12am to 6am.”She paused for a moment. “I guess that would be the hours of a nightclub, wouldn’t it?”  She thought to herself. “Monitor cameras, ensure safety of equipment and staff...seems easy enough.” She finished with a shrug. 

“Keep reading.” Jennifer said, holding back a smirk. “It gets waaaaaay better!” 

Lindsey raised an eyebrow as she continued to read. “Not responsible for memory gaps or personality alterations. Wait, what the fuck?” 

“And the absolute best part…” Jennifer continued sarcastically, waiting for her sister to catch up. 

“Payment of $120 a week?! Are they joking?” Lindsey said in shock “To apply, call 1-888-blnk-ur-mind. This is insane, who would ever want this job?” She asked, still staring at the ad.

Jennifer let a long pause hang in the air. “You would, would.” She finished matter-of-factly.

“Oh...shit.” Was Lindsey’s only reply as she realized what she had just agreed to. “So you want me to apply for the job, go undercover…and report back to you every night?” She said with a heavy sigh. 

“Well...not exactly.” Jennifer’s tone betrayed a shoe that was about to drop. “So they don’t suspect you, we need you to work at least a week in the club. Just five nights at Spirals. That’s all. Then you can report back, ok?” 

Lindsey sighed in frustration, but ultimately she knew it was an important job that would be good for her career. “Alright...fine.” She conceded. “But I swear to god if I get hypnotized to be some kind of bimbo, this is all your fault.” 

Jennifer snickered. “Linds...I doubt anyone would notice the difference.” 

To be continued…

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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