Friday, October 29, 2021

Werewolf Transformation - Hypnosis session log

 In this trance log, four of my friends, Ivy, Kitty, Princess, and Psyco all sat down for a little bit of a surprise trance, i didn't tell them what we were doing before hand just that it could get a little out of hand. 

I then proceeded to hypnotize them into werewolves. this is the full trance log as honestly I tried for more then two hours to edit this thing down and there was no way to remove anything without taking away the context, so I would treat it more like a story that you read that the girls in question were kind of knocked out cold while it was being written. 

If you are curious to try being a Werewolf yourself, the video that was created from this session can be found here: Werewolf Transformation 

And the Outtakes for said video can be found here: Outtakes for Werewolf Transformation 

Sweet... so this will be a transformation based hypnosis script that is halloween themed... now i dont wnat to spoil it, but im sure you can narrow down that that might be, and since it's halloween i don't plan to pull any punches as well it's halloween. Everyone ok with this?


Amazonian Princess
Go big or go home

Psyco Turnip
Sounds like fun, agreed with the going full boar.

....full boar?

If at any time this gets to be too much for you (which honestly I doubt but im covering my basis) just send me a dm and i'll wake you in private ok?

Amazonian Princess
You got it Hoss


Just allow yourself
to get into a comfortable position
a place where you can easily relax
and focus on my words now.
and just allow yourself
as you start to relax
to let the world around you
simply fade away
and instead imagine around you
a cool, blustery fall night...
you can become aware of the leaves
swirling around you
blowing in the wind
see the tree's
almost totally bare
almost completley empty of leaves
swaying in the breeze
as the thick clouds
slide past a dark sky
maybe your walking down a quiet city street
or maybe you find youreslf in a dark
secluded forest path
it's whatever would fit
your own personal tastes here.
but whereever you are
just allow yourself to slowly
and easily
walk through the scene
letting it become more and move vivid
with each and every step
that you take now
feeling the cool air
moving along your skin
and hearing the crunching
of the leaves
beneath your foot as you walk
it's relaxing...
in it's own way
and for some reason...
you don't feel scared
something inside you makes you feel
isn't that right ladies?

Amazonian Princess



Psyco Turnip

good girls
but as you walk
you start to notice a light
peaking out from behind the clouds
a bright
full moon
start to light up the night
casting shadows from the trees
and the swirling leaves around you
but as you see it
you begin to feel something
something deep inside of you
something powerful
and hidden
you begin to feel your body changing
your arms and legs becoming stronger
and larger
you feel your skin starting to grow hair
and feel yourself
even hear yourself starting to growl
and stretch
you become larger
your clothes start to rip around you
shredding against your growing form
you feel your shoes break
as you take a step out of one
then the other
your feet are larger
you almost feel more steady on them
your legs beneath you are firm
and steady
you feel a tail
extending out from must above your butt
swishing from side to side
you can feel this can't you ladies?


Psyco Turnip
Yes, tail swish.

Amazonian Princess


you stumble a bit more
your clothes getting in the way
and stretch
ripping the last of them in half
it doesn't matter what you were wearing
the discarded piece fall away
you arch yoru back
as you feel the muscles in your back and arms
stretching and expanding
yoru shoudlers growing larger
and then you feel your face
your ears starting to slide up your head
your nose and mouth stretching our
getting longer
you feel your teeth getting sharper
and the fur around your head
and neck growing all around
curled up and stretching
you feel your mind
simply switch off
as a very different..
mentality takes over
and powerful
you feel yoruself inhaling deeply
the cool night air sliding into your lungs
as your arch yourself back
and let out an eerie
echoing howl into the night
you can barely belive it's coming from you
as it echos long and far
into the distance
you notice that any animal
dogs or birds or bugs
that were around
instantly go silent
a predator is about.
and they know it
and you can feel that power
coursing through your body
isn't taht rigth now ladies?

shakes mmhmmm

Amazonian Princess


Psyco Turnip
Yes, feel the power.

very good
you can feel how strong you are
how confident
but as you look at your surroundings
you realize the world...
seems very different to you now
your eyes are sharper at night
you see more clearly then you did in the day
and your ears pick up
even the tiniest of sounds
as you sniff the air you become aware of even more
things you couldn't see
or hear
the slightest sensations
all around you
you start to move through the world
running faster then you ever could
jumping over fences
and fallen trees
you can feel your heart beating
and your lungs moving air
in and out at a speed you could never do before
you feel almost... wild.
as you move through the forest
how do you feel like this now ladies?

Psyco Turnip
Wild and free Sir.



Amazonian Princess

good girls
as you move through the wolrd around you
you become of something
something moving
you can smell their scent
a specific scent you seem to know...
as if from another life
the scent of soap...
another sniff and you become aware of cotton
you hear foot steps...
hard on the ground
step... step... step...
crushing leaves as the creature walks
no care for stealth
unaware you are there
you start to close in a bit closer
seeing them as they walk
as they stumble down the pathway
you can hear thier keys jingling in their pockets
and begin to growl
you start to stalk this person
on all fours
elongating your body as you get closer
but then you step on a twig
and hear a snap
echo through the forest
the person turns and sees you
as you let out a viscious growl
and they scream and begin to run
you can feel yourself almost laugh
chuckling at your prey
as you start to stalk them
but then...
you hear something else in the distance...
a call...
a howl...
far away
another wolf....
but there is something about this cal
that seems to move into your mind
seem to beckon you...
seems to pull you
wihtout thining you abandon your persuit of your prey
and begin to head towards the howl
getting louder in the distance
how do you feel ladies?



Psyco Turnip

Amazonian Princess

good girls
you feel yoruself moving
more and more quickly
something about the howl
just seems to tickle the back of your mind
seems to change how you think
how you feel...
moments ago you were wild and on your own
but now you feel a sense...
of belonging
and a sense of obedience.
in the distance you can see
the sourse of the howl
large and lit up on the moon light
a huge werewolf standing up
howling into the night
echoing through the trees
and into the distance
it's the Alpha...
the one that turned you..
the one that controlls you
you find yourself running to their feet
but your not alone
other wolves has joined you
but all seem to be equally as...
by the howl.
as you move in close
feeling submissive
feeling their power
feeling helpless to their call
you can feel their call deep inside... can't you ladies?



Amazonian Princess

Psyco Turnip
Yes Sir.

good girls
the Alpha seems to look over the pack that has formed
they seem to be both proud
and angry
sniffing at the members one by one
until they come to you
sniffing along your neck
along your head
you feel something...
more then hear it...
a rumbling coming from them
from deep inside of their throat
even with your enhanced hearing
you can barely make out the sound
but you feel it
feel how it reacts on your heart
on your nerves
you start to get more excited
your head races
and your blood pumps
but al lthe while
your wild little mind
seems to simply fall
under the spell of their growl
you look down at your feet
and simply let the growl
move through your body
through your mind
claiming you as theirs
inducting you into the pack
wild and strong as you are
you find yourself helpless
in the Alpha's power
isn't that right ladies?

wow, yes


Psyco Turnip
Yes Sir, helpless.

Amazonian Princess

you feel the alpha slowly moving around you
their growl
echoing throuhg your body
you feel your body starting to shiver
starting to tingle
a pleasure... seems to build inside of you
as if every nerve
every fiber of your being
was becoming...
even aroused
you feel it in your mind
as your entire body seems to be tingling
all at once
like the hands of a skilled lover
touching every part of your body
and connecting with your soul
all at the same time.
the alpha moves around you
staring at you
as they keep growling
and the pleasure in your body builds
deeper and deeper inside of you
echoing into yoru mind
taming you...
claiming you...
taking you as theirs
every growl seems to move through your body
through your mind
deeper and deeper
stimluating more and more of your body
and letting the pleasure
build ... deep inside of you
you can feel that can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip
Yes Sir, deep inside me.



Amazonian Princess
mm yes

you feel them gently
almost delicately
for such a large and powerful creature
slide a claw under your chin
your long, K-9 like chin
and tilt your head up.
you meet their eyes
and feel yourself almost gasp
you can see the power in their gaze
into their stare
you can feel it moving into your body
into your mind
the wild parts of your being seem to simply
and sink to their knees
a helplessness washes over you
as big and powerful as you are
you are completely captivated
and helpless
you feel your arms sink to your sides
and your knees buckle
as you slide to the ground
and stare up the Alpha
your Alpha...
and feel them growl
and your entire body surrenders
as the pleasure washes over you
and inside of you
feeling your body spasm
in the deepest
and most intimate of ways
as you surrender
to your Alpha
in every way now
you can feel that can't you ladies?


Psyco Turnip
Yes Sir, surrender.

nod nod

good girls
as your body sinks a bit more deeply
helpless and controlled
under their power...
your mind is blank
and empty
controlled and helpless
they slide their claw out from under your chin
and your head simply sinks
and gently
and then they howl again
and your mind simply empties
of any and all thoughts
that might have remained...
your belong to the pack onw
you belong the alpha
how does that make you feel ladies?

owned obedient


Psyco Turnip
Obedient and blank.

good girls
as you sit there
the Alpha towering over you
you hear them howl again
and it's like the wild
free side of your new self
comes to life
the Alpha starts to move
running through the forest
and you follow
and your not alone
you're new pack is with you
tearing through the trees
breaking branches
and kicking up leaves
moving at speed you couldn't imagine
no obstacle stands in your way
you don't even need to go around most of the
you can simply crash through them
destroying whatever it is
that gets in your way.
as you move you hear screams
people in the distance notice the pack
and run for cover
you pay them no mind...
pay them no care
you simply follow the Alpha now
isn't that right ladies?

yes yes


Psyco Turnip
Yes, follow the Alpha.

Amazonian Princess

your pack runs through the forest
and straight through a small town
people screaming and running
as members of your pack
bang into cars
and destroy a mail box
all the people scatter
and there is a power
and viceral
to this feeling
a freedom
freedom controlled by your alpha
the alpha leads the pack out of the town
and up a hill
running as fast as you could imagine
but never tiring
it's like your body has an infinate reserve
of energy and strength
and at the top of the hill the alpha
rears up and lets out out an eerie
inhuman howl
into the night.
you feel yourself
a power inside of you welling pu
and howling into the night
as your pack joins in with you
eerie howls that echo
for miles around
the whole world knows you are there
and the world is terrified
as the howling ends
the pack goes it's own way
and you are free now
to let the viceral
and wild power inside of you
run free
where you go
and what you do
is completely up to you...
you can go and terrorize the town
and run through the forest
and follow the Alpha...
wherever they may take you
i'ts all up to you...
but when your night has ended
and you begin to see the sun
peak up over the horizon
and the power of the moon
fading in the dawn
you'll find yourself
shrinking back down
the hair on your body fading away
the strength
that was always within you
sliding back into it's hiding place
as you simply fade into a deep
hypnotic sleep
you'll wake up when your ready...
but on some level...
you'll know that power is there
that strength
that wild and untamed power
and you'll be able to tap into that power
whenever you need it
to over come a trial in your life
or to simply dominate a sporting event
or simply to scare your friends
with just how strong you can be
when you unlease your wild side
but for now...
simply enjoy being this powerful
wild werewolf
and live out whatever fantasies you may have
until you see the dawn
in your mind
break over the horrizon.
and when you are done...
when you have woke up ladies
let me know you are awake
and how you feel.

awake kinda... still a bit fuzzy... feeling nice calm

Psyco Turnip
I'm feelin' like I just had a good cardio exercise, hearts still racin' a bit.

keeping an eye out for full moon

6 days


awake, I need to go take over the world now; excuse me, everyone

Amazonian Princess
im up feel out of breath

that should be everyone then =c)
welcome back everyone =c0

Amazonian Princess

Hello =cP


For someone who hasn't thought about being a werewolf before, that was a joy ride!

Here is the irony that I totally did not plan.... this file... is set to drop to patreon on the 20th of september.. and the 18th of october publicly... the 20th of both months is the full moon



Amazonian Princess
werewolves assemble!

clears throat ....sorry,that came out more cackley than I thought

Psyco Turnip
Totally didn't plan... Riiight Gives side eye

[I promise I didn't plan this!]

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