Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Partners In Trance - Hypnosis Session Log

 Key: MC, MD
Description: Two young ladies volunteer to help me do a real hypnosis demonstration in which they find themselves part of a small experiment in forgetfulness.

[Hypnotist’s Note: Below is a very brief conversation that Inspired the idea. We were trying to figure out a trance idea for a real hypnosis video I was making for my Youtube channel, Hypnotic Experiences. This Idea was thrown out as a possibility]

Sleepyhypno 12:54 AM
no I kind of more do hypnotic fantasies then stuff like "forgetting your name"

Sleepygirl 12:55 AM
yeah, bit of a difference :cP

Sleepyhypno 12:55 AM
I mean don't get me wrong I'm perfectly happy making the two of you forget your names, but, that seems like something I'd more do as a bonus log more than a session I'd turn into a video.

Ivy 12:56 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: However, that brief little interaction gave me an Idea… or more specifically reminded me of a sequence from one of my favorite stories “Natasha and Dorothy, Psychology Lab Partners”  by JamJanSandwich  with that in mind I proceeded to do a little… bonus trance with the two unsuspecting young ladies.] [Also note they had been hypnotized for the last hour or so so they were both a bit suggestible still.]

Sleepyhypno 2:15 AM
How are you two doing sleepy wise? Do one or both of you need to head to bed soon?

Ivy 2:15 AM
No, I'm good

Sleepygirl 2:16 AM
I'm ok..ish..

Sleepyhypno 2:17 AM
I was wondering... if you two might like to do a little experiment... one that I would definitely log to post on spirals? it came to mind when we were talking earlier and I'm curious to see if I can get it to work...

Sleepygirl 2:17 AM
you have my interest

Ivy 2:17 AM
Ooooo, interesting

Sleepyhypno 2:18 AM
I'll take that as a yes and consent to proceed then?

Sleepygirl 2:18 AM
proceed :cP

Ivy 2:18 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:19 AM
Now, you two have been in groups together before at least three times now by my count (which I suck at numbers so who knows if that's right or not) does that sound about right to you ladies?

Sleepygirl 2:20 AM
I think so

Ivy 2:20 AM
twice, at least

Sleepyhypno 2:21 AM
well I think there was the time in SL [Second Life], then there was this trance, was there one last week where you both were involved? I think it was the ummm...  the tied to doll induction?

Sleepygirl 2:21 AM

Ivy 2:22 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:22 AM
Were you involved in that one Ivy?

Ivy 2:22 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:22 AM
ok so it's been three times then correct?

Ivy 2:23 AM

Sleepygirl 2:23 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:23 AM
and you've both found that you can go under in a group, like this pretty easily especially when it's just the three of us, right?

Ivy 2:24 AM

Sleepygirl 2:24 AM
I would say so

Sleepyhypno 2:24 AM
now I don't think you two have had a chance to just sit and talk yourselves, am I correct in that?

Sleepygirl 2:25 AM
yep, you're correct

[Hypnotist’s Note: What I'm doing here is called a ‘Yes string’, basically I am asking them a series of things that I know the answer will be ‘Yes’ too. This creates a pattern in their minds so that later on when I ask them a question that isn’t exactly as cut and dry as yes or no, they will be more likely to follow the pattern and answer ‘yes’. Basically I'm already programming them, and they don’t realize it.]

Sleepyhypno 2:26 AM
so you two haven't had time to really forge a connection with one another.
but the two of you have known me... for several years
we've both had experiences together,
we've both listened to one another
and helped one another through different hard times
and helped explore different things about ourselves
explored things with hypnosis.
We have a connection one that you can almost feel, when you think about it.
Does that sound correct to the two of you?

Ivy 2:28 AM
that's very good
and correct

Sleepygirl 2:28 AM
it does

[Hypnotist’s Note: And here is the pay off of the ‘Yes String’, I talked about above. I’ve also now started to lay the groundwork that Ivy and Sleepygirl have a connection. This connection will be very important for the plan I have in mind going forward.]

Sleepyhypno 2:28 AM
as such you would know the kind of person that I am.
and would know the kind of people that I would hang out with
which may vary
but when I say that you two. have a lot in common
you'd believe me wouldn't you?

Ivy 2:29 AM

Sleepygirl 2:29 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:29 AM
and you two do have a lot that I think you have in common
you have a very similar job in the same field
you both know me
for many years
you both have an interest in hypnosis
and in 'sleepy' aspects of fantasy
you both love to read
and both enjoy scifi
and fantasy
These are all true for both of you, aren't they?

Ivy 2:30 AM
I believe so

Sleepygirl 2:30 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:30 AM
and you can easily see now, how these things can create a kind of connection in a way
maybe not a personal one like you have to me
but you are connected in your jobs
connected in your fields
connected by knowing me
connected by sharing an interest in fantasies
fantasies where you might be put to sleep
connected by fantasies of being hypnotized
and connected by being hypnotized in these sessions
you two have a connection
in these ways.
don't you agree?

Ivy 2:31 AM
I can see that

Sleepygirl 2:32 AM
I would agree, yes

[Hypnotist’s Note:  this is where that ‘Yes String’ starts to really shine.]

Sleepyhypno 2:32 AM
so you two would kind of be, like partners in this little experiment that I'm going to do.
and partners are a kind of connection
but like all partnerships, different people have different roles,  different responsibilities.
one person has to take one side of things
while the other person has to take another
but still you are both working on the same experiment.
you are both connected by the experiment
and by the partnership that you both have, by agreeing to this experiment.
you do agree to this experiment don't you?

Sleepygirl 2:34 AM

Ivy 2:34 AM
yes, I agree

Sleepyhypno 2:34 AM
good so you two have a new connection, from the experiment, and from your role in that experiment.
and you know what that makes you right?

Ivy 2:35 AM
...willing participants

Sleepygirl 2:35 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:35 AM
your close,
but I do like that you are both thinking the same way now
that's another kind of connection
when your thoughts start to move in the same way
but the two of you, in this experiment are partners correct?

Ivy 2:35 AM

Sleepygirl 2:36 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:36 AM
good, at least we understand one another. and partners should be acquainted with one another, you both know each other's screen names.  I don't know if you want to share your real names or not (I'll edit them out of the log if you want to share them, you don't have too)

Ivy 2:37 AM
Ok, I will
^waves* Hi, my name is Ivy

Sleepygirl 2:37 AM
yeah I don't mind, I'm Sleepygirl waves

[Hypnotist’s Note: Obviously I edited out their names here. But by getting them to use their real first names, I also created a more personal connection that people don’t always have with a screen name. I also edited out my own first name below which I started to use as a way of showing I was also a part of this, just in a different way.]

Sleepyhypno 2:37 AM
very good,
and you both know my name is Sleepyhypno
but that's another connection.
a name is an important thing
to creates a familiarity
not only to things that are yours...
not only to others
but to yourself
you can see that can't you?

Sleepygirl 2:39 AM

Ivy 2:39 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:39 AM
So with all of these connections, you two partners, Sleepygirl and Ivy have an experiment to help me with.
but you have different roles in the experiment, I need one to be the subject, and one to be the observer.
now if I know the two of you.. .
and I do...
both of you just thought to yourself "oh I hate volunteering!"
at the same time you just went "but I love to be the subject of hypnosis"
all while going "but I don't want to volunteer if my partner wants to volunteer"

Ivy 2:40 AM

Sleepygirl 2:40 AM
I plead the fifth

Sleepyhypno 2:41 AM
while also going "but what if they don't want to volunteer I should do it so they don't have too"

Ivy 2:41 AM
...and thus the overthinking cycles continue

Sleepyhypno 2:41 AM
and it continues for both of you...

Sleepygirl 2:41 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: what I’ve done is called ‘Demonstrating authority’, I’ve basically shown that I have an expert level understanding of the situation, in this case what the two of them are thinking. This has a subconscious effect of making the people listening to you trust what you say even more. So they are more likely to agree to something because I say it, playing into the ‘Yes String’ from earlier. While pointing out, and even creating more and more connections between the two of them.]

Sleepyhypno 2:41 AM
which is another connection that you have.
you can both see that I was completely right about you with everything I just said, can't you?

[Hypnotist’s Note: Rather bluntly solidifying that ‘expert status’]

Ivy 2:42 AM
mumbles yeah

Sleepygirl 2:42 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:42 AM
and by realizing that...
and admitting that
you two have two more forms of connection
but as that we need to have a subject and an observer...
and I think we both know that you are both going to volunteer for one...
it's ok for you both to volunteer for the same...
the first person to type in what they volunteer for now will get that spot
and the second will get the other.
you may volunteer now ladies.

Ivy 2:43 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:44 AM
and what did you volunteer for Ivy?

Ivy 2:44 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:44 AM
very good
and Sleepygirl what did you volunteer for?

Sleepygirl 2:44 AM
I was going to volunteer for the subject, too...but I think I'm technically the observer now...

Sleepyhypno 2:45 AM
you are...
you both have your roles
and you both volunteered
but as partners in this experiment
you have equal roles
the subject is basically observing the observer
while the observer is also the subject in her own way.
so you are both partners in this still
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 2:46 AM

Ivy 2:46 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: What i did here is basically set up that they are both in their own ways the observer and the subject, So that going forward both girls will be accepting the suggestions without realizing it.That being said that was by far the sloppiest part of this script for me as I got confused how to do it, tried a method then realize a better method mid way through. A lot of this is really just thinking on your feet.]

Sleepyhypno 2:46 AM
and for now
I want you to observe the subject of your observation.
and remember that you are partners
you have those connections.
while I want the subject to just relax
you won't need to enter a trance right now
it's ok to just observe as the subject
the subject of observation
but I want you to think about. how many times you've been hypnotized
either by me, or someone else
by a video or by a room in second life
there are many times you've simply been hypnotized
sometimes deeply blanked,
and others fully awake.
but deeply hypnotized nonetheless.
I'm sure you can agree to all of these things, can't you?

Ivy 2:48 AM

Sleepygirl 2:48 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:49 AM
and as you observe the subject of your observation,
and you think about all those times you were hypnotized
and you realize just how many times they were hypnotized
you make more of those connections
you realize in this experiment that as partners
with that unique connection
that you both share your abilities
that if only one of you has the ability to do something
that as partners you both have that ability
because you share your abilities.
you can see that can't you?

Ivy 2:50 AM

Sleepygirl 2:50 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:50 AM
and the ability I'd like you to think about.
is that between the two of you
and your connection,
the two partners.
at least one of you have the ability to forget
whether you simply choose to ignore what you forget
or whether you imagine hiding that information
deep in your mind
you two as partners can forget just about anything you are asked too.
isn't that right?

Ivy 2:52 AM

Sleepygirl 2:52 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:52 AM
and as you observe the subject of your observation, and read their responses
following your job to observe the subject of your observation. you find that it would be...
quite a treat to see the subject of your observation
forget something...
wouldn't it?

Sleepygirl 2:53 AM

Ivy 2:53 AM
It would

Sleepyhypno 2:54 AM
and so for this experiment...
in order for the subject to forget
the subject would need to be hypnotized
something we know that the subject has the ability to be
something that the observer, of the subject
has probably already noted...
and even felt.
that the subject is already hypnotized.
but they don't realize it.
and as you sit there, observing the subject you were told to observe
partners in every way,
and focused on your observation
you do notice that the subject has already slipped into a trance
even though she doesn't realize it.
Do you find that to be a correct assessment of your partner?

Sleepygirl 2:56 AM

Ivy 2:56 AM
I believe so

Sleepyhypno 2:56 AM
and since your partner doesn't realize that they have slipped into a trance now
we can easily make them forget,
Is that your observation of your partner as well?

Sleepygirl 2:57 AM

Ivy 2:57 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:58 AM
Now you both remember the name of your partner, don't you?

Ivy 2:58 AM

Sleepygirl 2:58 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:58 AM
but wouldn't it be interesting, if your partner were to forget their name.
if they were to simply have their name
hidden from their mind
knowing they have a name of course
we all have a name
but wouldn't it be interesting if your partners name were to simply be forgotten
by your partner now?

Ivy 2:59 AM
it would

Sleepygirl 2:59 AM
yes it would

Sleepyhypno 2:59 AM
and since you are both partners
and share several connections
including the connection in this experiment
it's only right if you were to also forget the name of your partner
don't you agree?

Sleepygirl 3:00 AM

Ivy 3:00 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:00 AM
so as your partner forgets her own name.
it is only natural for you to forget her name as well
and since you are partners
and each share in the rote
and are the subject of the observation, of the subject you are observing
you also realize that the subject has already forgotten her own name.
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 3:02 AM

Ivy 3:02 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: clearly I was tired as that was the most mangled sentence I think I’ve ever written =cP ]

Sleepyhypno 3:02 AM
and you realize that as partners you share in the experiment.
you are both the observer of the subject
and the subject of the observer
and the subject has forgotten her name hasn't she?

Sleepygirl 3:03 AM

Ivy 3:03 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:03 AM
and likewise the observer, as the partner of the subject, has also forgotten the subjects name
hasn't she?

Sleepygirl 3:04 AM

Ivy 3:04 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:04 AM
and this seems totally normal for you as a partner of the subject of your observation to share in her role as subject, don't you think?

Sleepygirl 3:05 AM

Ivy 3:05 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:05 AM
and as you observe your partner, you realize they are deeply hypnotized,  don't you?

Sleepygirl 3:05 AM

Ivy 3:06 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:06 AM
and even more exciting for you to observer
you realize that your partner, does not realize that she is hypnotized,
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 3:06 AM

Ivy 3:06 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:06 AM
In fact they are so deeply hypnotized.
that you realize that the partner has forgotten their own name.
haven't they?

Sleepygirl 3:07 AM

Ivy 3:07 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:07 AM
and what is your partner's name?

Ivy 3:08 AM
it feels like it is on the tip of my tongue

Sleepygirl 3:08 AM
I...don't know

Sleepyhypno 3:08 AM
you have forgotten your partner's name?

Ivy 3:09 AM
I've forgotten her name

Sleepygirl 3:09 AM
I know I know it...

Sleepyhypno 3:10 AM
surely as your partner, sharing in this experience, you could simply ask them their name.

Ivy 3:10 AM
...that feels borderline rude]

Sleepygirl 3:10 AM
I mean it seems so dumb to have to ask

Sleepyhypno 3:11 AM
well since you and your partner are both struggling to remember your name, you could simply volunteer the information to the partner that you are sharing the experience with,

Sleepygirl 3:12 AM
I...don't know the information to volunteer though?

Ivy 3:12 AM
.......Schrodinger situation; we both have names, obviously, but at the same time...we don't

Sleepygirl 3:13 AM
schrodinger's name

Sleepyhypno 3:13 AM
Are you saying that you have not only forgotten the name of your partner, but also the name of your partner's partner?

[Hypnotist’s Note: This wording ‘Partner’s Partner’, aside from being a nightmare for me going forward, was a very clever way to put a suggestion into the girl without referencing them. On some level they know they are their partner’s partner, but by wording it this way it makes it seem like a third person which allows the suggestion to slip right in. This is also directly from JamjanSandwich’s original story and an absolutely brilliant way to word suggestions.]

Sleepygirl 3:13 AM

Ivy 3:14 AM
reading that sentence made my brain take a weird loop....
but yes

Sleepyhypno 3:14 AM
isn't your partner hypnotized right now?

Ivy 3:14 AM
I believe so

Sleepygirl 3:14 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:15 AM
what about your partner's partner, are they hypnotized?

Ivy 3:15 AM

Sleepygirl 3:15 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: And now thanks to that clever wording they have both just admitted, without realizing it that they themselves are hypnotized.]

Sleepyhypno 3:15 AM
Does your partner realize they are hypnotized?

Sleepygirl 3:15 AM

Ivy 3:16 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:16 AM
I see,  so only you know that your partner is hypnotized?

Sleepygirl 3:16 AM

Ivy 3:16 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:16 AM
What about your partner's partner, do they realize they are hypnotized?

Ivy 3:17 AM
no, unaware

Sleepygirl 3:17 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: and confirmed that they don’t realize they are hypnotized. God, I had fun with this =cP ]

Sleepyhypno 3:17 AM
so you know your partner is hypnotized...
and your partner's partner knows that her partner is hypnotized....
but your partner does not realize she is hypnotized...
and your partner's partner does not realize that she is hypnotized?
as confusing as this sounds it makes sense now, and you agree don't you?

Sleepygirl 3:18 AM

Ivy 3:18 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: Honestly, at this point they were both so scrambled I could have told them the moon was made of cheese and followed up with “You agree don’t you?” and still have gotten yes responses. Hypnotic wording like “you agree don’t you?” coupled with that ‘Yes string’ can have a very powerful effect on a subject]

Sleepyhypno 3:18 AM
and no one can remember anyone's name?

Sleepygirl 3:18 AM

Ivy 3:18 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:19 AM
if your partner is hypnotized. and doesn't know it. will they remember that they were hypnotized when they wake up?

Ivy 3:19 AM

Sleepygirl 3:19 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:20 AM
what about your partner's partner, will they remember that they were hypnotized when they wake up?

Sleepygirl 3:20 AM

Ivy 3:20 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:20 AM
it must be exciting to know that your partner is so deeply hypnotized, that they won't remember when they wake up.

Ivy 3:21 AM

Sleepygirl 3:21 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:21 AM
and even more exciting to know that your partner's partner is so deeply hypnotized that they won't remember when they wake up?

Sleepygirl 3:21 AM

Ivy 3:21 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:22 AM
given the state of your partner.
Do you think you'd like to slip a suggestion into your partner since they won't remember?

Ivy 3:22 AM
no, at least I can't think of one

Sleepygirl 3:23 AM
cant think of any suggestions

Sleepyhypno 3:23 AM
so you cant think of a suggestion you'd like to slip into your partner... but if you had one would you want to slip them a suggestion?

Sleepygirl 3:24 AM

Ivy 3:24 AM
if it were a safe one, yes

Sleepyhypno 3:24 AM
I think the best way to find a suggestion to slip to your partner,
is to have your partner,   ask your partner's partner, for a suggestion they could give them.
So why don't you assume your partner asked, and tell your partner... what your partner's partner might like suggested to them now?

Ivy 3:27 AM
relax around new people

Sleepyhypno 3:27 AM
that seems like a good suggestion for your partner to give your partner's partner
Is there another partner's partner that might like a suggestion to be given? maybe the same or another?

Sleepygirl 3:28 AM
the same

Sleepyhypno 3:28 AM
very good
it seems that the partners have decided, that they would like to give a suggestion to their partner
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 3:29 AM

Ivy 3:29 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:29 AM
then why don't you give the suggestion "to be more relaxed around new people" to your partner...
I know you don't remember your partners name
but you can simply call them your partner

Ivy 3:30 AM
Partner, when around them, it's good to be more relaxed around new people

Sleepygirl 3:30 AM
partner, you'll find yourself feeling more relaxed around new people when you are around them

Sleepyhypno 3:31 AM
very good
you realize that your partner is deeply hypnotized, don't you?

Ivy 3:31 AM

Sleepygirl 3:31 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:31 AM
and that likewise your partner's partner is also deeply hypnotized, isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 3:32 AM

Ivy 3:32 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:32 AM
and that as such the suggestion slipped very easily into the mind of your partner, so easily they aren't even aware.
how does that make you feel to realize you just put an idea into your partner and they don't even realize it?

Ivy 3:32 AM

Sleepygirl 3:33 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:33 AM
you are very much connected to your partner, aren't you?

Sleepygirl 3:33 AM

Ivy 3:33 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:33 AM
good in a moment your partner is going to wake up from her trance
she is not going to know that she was hypnotized
only that her partner was hypnotized.
she is not going to remember her partner's name
and likewise her partner's partner will also forget the name.
but your partner will remember that her partner was hypnotized
although she will not remember her partner's name
If at any time I use your partner's name.
your partner will remember their name
as will her partner's partner remember the name of her partner.
as confusing as this sounds
it makes sense to you now doesn't it.

Ivy 3:36 AM

Sleepygirl 3:36 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: God bless them, as I barely followed what I said]

Sleepyhypno 3:36 AM
but you will find that the connection, of the partners will still be strong
so much so that anything that happens to your partner
will also happen to your partner's partner
at least until the experiment ends when your partner goes to bed
this is ok for you and your partner isn't it?

Sleepygirl 3:37 AM

Ivy 3:37 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:37 AM
very good
then your partner
and your partner's partner will wake up on the count of three
remembering what they observed, but not what was observed by their partner
wide awake
I assume your partner should be awake now?

Ivy 3:39 AM
maybe she is....

Sleepygirl 3:39 AM
I would hope so :cP

Sleepyhypno 3:39 AM
What about your partner's partner, did she wake up?

Ivy 3:39 AM

Sleepygirl 3:39 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:39 AM
and what is your partner's name?

Sleepygirl 3:40 AM
I should know this...

Ivy 3:40 AM
to be fair, we've only said them to each other once

Sleepygirl 3:40 AM
that's a valid point

Sleepyhypno 3:40 AM
well then why don't you reintroduce yourself to your partner

Ivy 3:41 AM

Sleepygirl 3:41 AM

Ivy 3:41 AM
Seems like a good solution to that issue....

Sleepyhypno 3:41 AM
well go on then

Ivy 3:41 AM
you first

Sleepygirl 3:41 AM
oh no that's ok, you first

Sleepyhypno 3:42 AM
Do you remember what happened to your partner?

Ivy 3:42 AM

Sleepygirl 3:42 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:42 AM
and what happened to your partner?

Sleepygirl 3:42 AM
she was hypnotized

Ivy 3:43 AM
She underwent hypnosis

Sleepyhypno 3:43 AM
and what was done to her when she was hypnotized?

Ivy 3:43 AM
She forgot my name

Sleepygirl 3:43 AM
she forgot my name, obviously

Sleepyhypno 3:43 AM
Did anyone else get hypnotized other than your partner?

Sleepygirl 3:44 AM
no, just her

Ivy 3:44 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:44 AM
so your partner was hypnotized to forget your name?

Ivy 3:44 AM
That would be a better outcome than her forgetting it outright

Sleepyhypno 3:45 AM
well that is what you said happened?
isn't it?
that your partner was made to forget your name?

Ivy 3:45 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:45 AM
Do you two remember my name?

Sleepygirl 3:45 AM
of course

Ivy 3:45 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:45 AM
What is my name?

Ivy 3:46 AM

Sleepygirl 3:46 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:46 AM
do you want me to tell you your partner's name... or do you want me to tell your partner your name

Sleepygirl 3:46 AM
tell me my partner's name

Ivy 3:47 AM
Partner's name

Sleepyhypno 3:47 AM
your partner's name is Ivy
and as such Ivy can remember her name, as can Ivy's partner
as well as Ivy can now remember everything that happened to her.
but Ivy's partner still does not remember her name, nor what happened to her, nor does Ivy remember her partner's name

Sleepygirl 3:48 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:48 AM
Ivy, what do you remember?

Ivy 3:49 AM
I remember being hypnotized, my partner was as well, each was made to forget not only our partner's name but our own along with the belief that it was only our partner that was hypnotized and not us

Sleepyhypno 3:50 AM
How do you feel about that partners?

Sleepygirl 3:51 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:51 AM
Ivy, would you like me to help you remember your partner's name?

Ivy 3:51 AM
Yes, I would

Sleepyhypno 3:51 AM
Ivy your partners name is Sleepygirl

Ivy 3:52 AM
points I KNEW that

Sleepygirl 3:52 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:52 AM
and as such Ivy and Sleepygirl can now both remember their names, their partner's names and everything that happened to their partner and their partner's partner
and this is the experiment that popped into my head when we were talking about a script to make you forget your name =cp

Sleepygirl 3:52 AM
which was clearly a success :cP

Ivy 3:52 AM
Spur of the moment, how exciting

Sleepyhypno 3:53 AM
not really, this whole thing was in a porn story on MC stories (that I'll be linking in the description when I post this log) I followed the induction in that story pretty heavily =cp
but yeah, that seemed to work wonders on both of you.

Sleepygirl 3:53 AM
heheh yeah no kidding

Ivy 3:54 AM
With the plus that this whole thing may hold the record for most times "partner" has been used in a single sitting

Sleepyhypno 3:54 AM
dear god yes =cp
you two were also 'under' for nearly an hour and a half

Sleepygirl 3:55 AM
you may have broken a guinness world record :cP
seriously? holy shit

Ivy 3:55 AM
hahahaah, love it

Sleepyhypno 3:55 AM
and that's the low estimate
Why don't you tell your partner how you felt watching her go under and not realize it, and also watching her forget her own name and yours, and never realize it?

Ivy 3:56 AM
Sleepygirl, it was really interesting watching you go under, not only because you were going under, but also the gradual nature of it, like a very unusual event you get the fortune to witness

Sleepyhypno 3:57 AM
(for reference I started the 'experiment at 2:17 am, and woke you and restored yoru names at 3:51am)

Sleepygirl 3:58 AM
Ivy I really enjoyed watching you go under and the nature of the experiment in general
also that's 2:17 am your time :cP

Sleepyhypno 3:58 AM
yes, as it's nearly 5 am now
for you

Ivy 3:58 AM
Eastern time zone?

Sleepygirl 3:58 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:59 AM
we should all go to bed,  unless you think I should do something devious to your partner before we send her to bed?

Sleepygirl 3:59 AM
I mean it's 5am and i've been in and out of trance for the better part of the evening, I don't have the filter to argue against something devious

Ivy 4:00 AM
*covers your mouth" wow, your deviousness is darn right insatiable., hahahah

Sleepyhypno 4:01 AM
Do you think I should put your partner to sleep, and send her to bed, or do you think I should make her forget your name again and tell her how she handled forgetting things tomorrow?

Ivy 4:01 AM
I vote simply go to bed,

Sleepygirl 4:01 AM
hmm...decisions, decisions

Sleepyhypno 4:03 AM
hehe well, why don't you say goodnight to your partner, and maybe tease her a bit about how easily she forgot her own name =cP

Ivy 4:03 AM
ha, seeing as I straight up forgot mine, it would seem a bit hypocritical
But the first part is doable

Sleepyhypno 4:04 AM
that's never stopped anyone =cp

Sleepygirl 4:04 AM
heheh I'll just say goodnight Ivy, for now...maybe don't forget your name so easily next time :cP hehehe (not that I'm one to talk)

Sleepyhypno 4:05 AM
good girls

Ivy 4:05 AM
Good night, Sleepygirl!!

Sleepyhypno 4:05 AM
In a moment ladies your partner is going to slip into a deep deep state of sleep.
and likewise as your partner slips into this deep hypnotic sleep
your partner's partner is going to slip into that state of hypnotic sleep
deeply open and relaxed
just like your partner
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 4:05 AM

Ivy 4:05 AM
that's right

Sleepyhypno 4:06 AM
[Several triggers in both girls were used here, both with their names and words ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner’s partner’ substituted for them]
and now your partner is deeply hypnotized
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 4:06 AM

Ivy 4:06 AM

Sleepyhypno 4:06 AM
and in a moment your partner is going to go to bed
falling into a deep relaxing sleep
and letting her brain digest everything that happened here
and tomorrow
when your partner is free
she's going to either email me...
or simply talk to me in im
and tell me what she thought about this entire evening
and the experiment
you can see your partner doing that so easily
can't you?

Sleepygirl 4:07 AM

Ivy 4:07 AM

Sleepyhypno 4:08 AM
and likewise your partner's partner is also going to follow these suggestions
after all
they are partner's
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 4:08 AM

Ivy 4:08 AM

Sleepyhypno 4:08 AM
godo girls
then it's time for your partner
and your partner's partner
to simply follow their orders
and go to bed

If you curious to see what the girl's reactions were to reading this log several weeks later you can find a reaction file available to all patrons on my patreon here: Partners In Trance - Girl's react to the logs

Partners in Trance - Hypnosis Session Log
Partners in Trance - Follow up
Partners in Trance - Girls reactions to the logs (Patreon Exclusive)

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