Monday, February 21, 2022

Hypnotized by a Nurse - Hypnosis Session Log

 Description: Ivy volunteers to help me script out a session that was suggested by Psyco, about a nurse using a stethoscope (which I am incapable of spelling correctly) to hypnotize the patient. 

This video is an exclusive for the patrons of my Hypnotic Experiences Patreon page you can find that video here: Hypnotized by a Nurse - Patreon Exclusive

But you can also find a teaser video here: Teaser for Hypnotized by a Nurse

Sleepyhypno 11:42 PM

well miss Ivy, would you be up to being hypnotized this evening?

Ivy 11:43 PM

hm....I guess I can give it a shot 

Sleepyhypno 11:43 PM

heheh, like i said i'll probably just knock you out and send you to bed when we are done, if thats ok with you?

Ivy 11:44 PM

cracks knuckles sounds like a plan

Sleepyhypno 11:44 PM

are you all ready for bed so i can just send you there whne we are done?

Ivy 11:45 PM

Yeah, all set

Sleepyhypno 11:46 PM

good and may i have your consent to post the log of this (with your approval after the fact of course)

Ivy 11:46 PM

you may have my concent



off to a bad start


Sleepyhypno 11:46 PM

im supposed to be the one typoing here

Ivy 11:47 PM


Sleepyhypno 11:47 PM

heheh, you all set?

Ivy 11:47 PM


Sleepyhypno 11:47 PM


just get yourself into a comfortable position

and allow yoru body relax

and focus on my words

and just feel how easily

your body starts to slip back

into this comfortable state

how easily your mind just seems

to forget everything else around you

how the world seems to just

become my words

and everything else simply fades away

every breathe helps your body to relax

helps your mind to clear

and every word helps you to simply focus

and let go.

to easily just...




deeper and deeper

for me now

into a nice

soothing trance

you've been here many times before...

it's like a warm blanket that just wraps around your mind

and your body

and helps you to drift

deeper into relaxation

deeper into focus now

isn't that right now Ivy?

Ivy 11:49 PM


Sleepyhypno 11:49 PM

very good

and as you relax

into this state

into my words

just allow the world around you

to fade away

and allow a new world to take it's place

your in a doctors office

one of the patient waiting rooms

calmly waiting your turn

waiting for someone to come in

your not here for anything major

just a check up.

but it still always seems

like they make you wait...

and wait...

and wait...


you end up fidgetting an dlooking around the office

and inevitablly there is a simple knock

on the door

and before you can even register the knock

the door swings open

and a rather... attractive...

nurse steps inside.

you can't help but notice just how attracitve

they are to you.

there is something abou tthem,

their simple warm smile

their demeanor

the way they carry themself

and the auro of confidence...

and control

that just seems to...

grab you now.

you can see them can't you Ivy?

Ivy 11:52 PM

yes I can

Sleepyhypno 11:53 PM

just let the image of this nurse

become vivid and clear in your mind..

watching them as they get set up.

what do you find the most...

attractive feature about this nurse Ivy?

Ivy 11:53 PM

their eyes

Sleepyhypno 11:53 PM

very good,

and what color are their eyes?

Ivy 11:54 PM

a bit green, a bit blue

Sleepyhypno 11:54 PM

very good,

how do you feel?

Ivy 11:54 PM

comfy, relaxed

Sleepyhypno 11:55 PM

godo girl

as you watch them

you hear them speak

hear them ask you how you are doin gtoday

and you can't help but notice

just how... seductive

how soothing their voice is.

your not sure if they intended to do that.

or if that is just how they talk

their natural tone of voice

of course your too distracted

to really hear the question

or to answer

and the nurse catches you staring

catches you looking

you can feel a blush wash over your face

as they give you a little smile tell you to sit on the exam table

their is a kind of...

dominance in their voice

but a playful dominance

it's as if they have decided

to have a little fun with you today.

you quickly take your seat on the exam table

and they tell you lay back

and relax

feeling the hard...

form fitting cushions

support your body

while they stand over you

the lights of course shining down into your eyes

obscure your view of the nurse

but you can see them looking down at you


and telling you that this

is a much better place for you.

how does this make you feel Ivy?

Ivy 11:58 PM

I can feel my heart beating from both excitement and nervousness

Sleepyhypno 11:58 PM

good girl

as they look down at you

you try not to look them over

try not to look at them at all

they notice how... excited

how nervous you seem to be

and they seem to revel in it.

you feel them gently slide your shirt

up just a bit

and feel a cold

metalic stetescope

slide along yoru chest

to your heart

the cold metal sends shivers down your body

and you hear what you think is a soft little chuckle

escape their lips.

you try to say something

something witty,

something to break the tension

but they tell you simply


and keep listening to your heart.

you can become aware of your heart

omre then you were before

thumping rapidly in yoru chest

feeling yourself trying to relax

but also felein gthe nurse

sliding their hand along your arum

along your shoulder

a sensual

seductive touch

that doesn't really help you calm down at all now

does it Ivy?

Ivy 12:01 AM

no it really really doesn't

Sleepyhypno 12:02 AM

you hear them say

in a rather seductive voice

that your heart is beating...

very rapidly.

and they wonder if you aren't


about something.

or some one.

you can see them giving you a playful wink

as they remove the stethescope from under your shirt

they dont' bother to pull your shirt back down

why would they.

you start to sit up

but feel the nurse put their hand on yoru shoulder

and gently push you back down

you hear them tell you

that you...

need to calm down now...

and that they know just the trick

as you see them dangle their shiny

metallic stethescope

directly in front of your eyes

and tell you in a soothing

seductive tone

to watch the stethescope

as it starts to swing

gently and easily

from side...

to side...

before your eyes now..

how does this make you feel Ivy?

Ivy 12:05 AM

feeling calmer, relaxing more,

Sleepyhypno 12:06 AM

good girl

you watch the stethescope swing

before your eyes

watching it move

back adn forth

slowly and easily

your eyes can't help but seem to follow it

watching it as it moves in front of you

reflecting the light in the room

off of it's shiney surface

and every now and then

if you look


really closely

you can see the reflection of the nurses face

smiling at you with a bit of

a ...

Devious grin

you hear them tell you to just relax

let yourself sink

into a calm

focused state

as you watch the stethescope

swing side to side

your feel the room fading away

feel your eyes getting heavier

and harder to focus

you struggle to keep them open

struggle to continue to watch the stethscope

swing gently in front of you

but then you hear the nurse

whisper into your ear

close enough for you to feel their breathe

warm and soothing

against your ear

a nice ,  soothing word

a single word


how do you feel Ivy?

Ivy 12:10 AM

my head is feeling heavy, my arms are feeling really light, all around, i feel really good

Sleepyhypno 12:10 AM

very good

in the fantasy

you feel your eyes flutter closed

feel yourself sigh softly

as your body sinks

even more deeply

into the exam table

you can feel your heart is a steady

relaxed pace

and you can hear the nurse give a satisfied little laugh

and tell you that you are doing

so very well...

so very good

as you feel your mind

and body




deeper and deeper

into the words of the nurse

you begin to feel their hands.

sliding along your body

as they begin your exam

first they start along your arms

slowly feeling up every part of your arm

your hands

your muscles

your joins

every part

little by little

a soothing

massaging motion

but one that allows them to feel your body

in a more sensual

more intimate fashion

that is usually ...

medically... acceptible

but you don't really mind now...

after all...

your deeply asleep now.

isn't that right Ivy?

Ivy 12:13 AM

yes deeply asleep

Sleepyhypno 12:14 AM

good girl

doing so very well now Ivy

as you lay there

the nurse's skilled hands

caress along your shoulders...

down yoru sides

along yoru stomach

and then up alon gyoru chest

massaging yoru chest

in a deep

circular pattern

you can't help but feel the muscles in your chest


under their skillful touch

but you also can't help but feel yoruself becoming


by their touch

it's as if they know exactly

how and where...

to touch you now.

to stimulate you

to make your body let go

and relax

while being flooded with pleasure

you can feel that can't you Ivy?

Ivy 12:16 AM

oh yes yes

Sleepyhypno 12:16 AM

good girl

you feel their hands move down yoru body

down your legs

massaging and caressing the muscles in your legs

gently making them loosen

their special touch just seems to know

exactly where to press

exactly where to squeeze

to make you relax

and loosen

while still causing a shiver

a tingle

deep inside of you

to ripple through your body

an pleasure you haven't felt before

it's as if they were working your body

like no one else ever has

using their knowledge of your anatonomy

to push all of your... physically

and mental buttons

on eafter another.

you feel them moving up

gently along your hips

and opening up

whatever it is you find yoruself wearing

on your lower half

wiggling it down

exposing you...

but as it happens you hear them whisper



into your ear

it's alright... it's all part of the exam

and you can't help but simply


isn't that right Ivy?

Ivy 12:19 AM

yes , just realx

Sleepyhypno 12:19 AM

how do you feel Ivy?

Ivy 12:20 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:20 AM

very good Ivy,

doing so well

you feel the nurse

gently sliding their hands

along yoru pelvis

along that very

ticklish line

between your leg

and your groin

you can feel the muscles in your pelvis

twitch and jerk

but you can't seem to wake up

your too deep

your too stimulated

to think about waking up

their finger makes the muscles twitch

again and again

as you feel... more then hear

a soft moan escape your lips

followed by a pleased little chuckle

from your nurse

their hand starts to give you

a much more...

intimate examination

moving along your pelvis

along your grin

examining every part of you

knowing just where it push

where to press

to cause shivers

and ripples of pleasure

to move through your body

you feel your heart starting to speed up again

starting to race

as the nurse works your body

making your nervous system light up

and all the while all you can do is lay there

helplessly hypnotized


and feeling the pleasure building

deeper and deeper inside of you

isn't that right Ivy?

Ivy 12:23 AM

wow yes!

Sleepyhypno 12:24 AM

very good

are you enjoying yourself now Ivy?

Ivy 12:24 AM

yes im really enjoying myself

Sleepyhypno 12:25 AM

very good Ivy

just allow that feeling to flow through you


and completley

you know all of the places

the secret places that you like to be touch

and you can feel your nurse

finding every single one

but as they do

it's like they manage to touch you

to massage and caress you

in a way far better then ever before

they work the most

sensitive parts of your body

with a skill

and finess

that just overloads you

mind and body

you can feel the ripples of pleasure

moving through your body

through your mind


and exploding through you

and then building again

and again

and again

a wonderful loop of rising

and falling pleasure

over and over again

stimulating you

more and more

until your body simply can't take any more

and you slip from a deep hypnotic sleep

into a more normal


with a soft gasp

and a moan

you feel your body faint

into sleep

and your mind simply shut down

deeply asleep on the exam table

exposed and open

letting the pleasure wash through you

unhindered by being awake

pure pleasure flowing through you

again and again

while your muscles stay deeply

and completely limp

and relaxed

isn't that right Ivy?

Ivy 12:28 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:29 AM

good girl

how do you feel Ivy?

Ivy 12:29 AM

giggly and hot and my heart is beating widly

Sleepyhypno 12:29 AM

good girl

you are free to lay here

deeply asleep

fainted away

and allow the nurse to stimulate

and relax your body

using their skilled hands to push...

all of yoru buttons

again and again

for as long as you'd like

but when you are ready

ready to just relax

you can feel the nurse's hands slowly come to a stop

and simply tell you to rest

to relax

and to sleep...

and then you can rest

and allow yourself to wake up...

when you are ready

but for now

simply enjoy the feeling

the pleasure

that you feel here...

with their skilled hands

working your body


and again...

until you are ready,

to wake up.

you can still feel their hands ca'nt you Ivy?

Ivy 12:32 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:32 AM

good girl

just let that pleasure build insideof you

until you can feel it overlaod

and explode

and let yoruself enjoy one more

mind numbing wave of pleasure

and then simply relax

and let yourself open

and tell me how you feel?

Ivy 12:36 AM

i fell floaty limp and sooooo good

Sleepyhypno 12:36 AM

good girl

how deep are you Ivy?

Ivy 12:37 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:37 AM

good girl

still nice and calm

nice and asleep

so easy to simply answer my questions now... isn't that right?

Ivy 12:37 AM

ye s thast right

Sleepyhypno 12:38 AM

what did you think of this script Ivy?

Ivy 12:39 AM

it's a good length, good pace, nothing stands out as being too out of the ordinary for the scenario, like, it coulld actally happen, which makes it even beter

Sleepyhypno 12:40 AM

very good... is there anything you would personally... like added to it?

Ivy 12:41 AM

yes, i'd like the nurse to lift my hand and place it on themselves, maybe their face, maybe their chest, just some kinda contaact

Sleepyhypno 12:42 AM

i can add that...

since this is psyco's idea... and for her... is there anything you think she'd like added... or that you'd like to add for her...

Ivy 12:45 AM

grin caress her face while whispering into her ear how easily she fell, how she simply surrendered

would adding how the nurse could do...pretty much anything while she was in this state, be too much?

Sleepyhypno 12:46 AM

i don't think so, i think i can add that if you'd like?

Ivy 12:46 AM

I feel she'd really like that

Sleepyhypno 12:46 AM

i do too, and i think the patrons will as well,  they seem to enjoy being...


just like you Ivy.

Ivy 12:47 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:48 AM

is there anything else you'd like to add...  before i send you to bed Ivy?

Ivy 12:48 AM

have the nurse be taller than the listener, not a lot, just taller

adding to the confident subtle dominance angle

Sleepyhypno 12:49 AM

i can do that...

is there anything you'd like to say to the readers of the log, before you slip away to sleep?

Ivy 12:50 AM

in the right skillful hands...helplessness feels swoons incredibleeeeee

Sleepyhypno 12:50 AM

heheh good girl

and in case there is question, how deep are you now Ivy?

Ivy 12:51 AM

around 20, thinking of what Psyco would like took me deeper....and made me way gigglier

Sleepyhypno 12:51 AM

good girl

and do you want to remember this session Ivy... or forget?

Ivy 12:52 AM

I don't pick

Sleepyhypno 12:53 AM


in a moment you are going to go to bed

you will fall into a deep

deep sleep

and dream about the nurse

feeling their hands on your sleeping body

your head

gently cradled against their chest

hearing them whisper into your ear

how easily you fell

how deeply you dropped

when you wake up

you will remember it only as an erotic dream

that is until i send you the log for proof reading

then you'll get to read the session

as if for the first time.

and comment on it as you do....

still not remembering it

but obviously unable to deny what it is that you are ready

is that ok with you Ivy?

Ivy 12:55 AM

yse it is ok

Sleepyhypno 12:55 AM

good girl

go to bed and sleep

and dream


good night.

Ivy 12:55 AM


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