Monday, February 7, 2022

Superhero Misadventures 2 - Hypnosis Session Log

Ever wonder what a hypnosis session that goes horribly wrong more or less looks like? Ever wonder how you should as a subject deal with something like that? Or as a hypnotist handle your own royal cluster-fuck. Well I present you with this log. The main issue is that I was too tired to be doing a scripting session. but I was behind schedule and needed it done, so I pushed and in the process I made several mistakes. The overall session went well but I made many mistakes and one of them was pretty big, so I'm posting this here as a way for you to learn from my mistakes!

This log was used to create the Hypnotic Experiences video Superhero Misadeventures, which you can find here:

The more adult version can be found on my Hypnotic Experiences Patreon page here:

Sleepyhypno 10:50 PM

so. I know you all know that this is a superhero based script... do any of you want to know the details for approval before we go into it?

Ivy 10:52 PM

Personally, I'm good

Psyco 10:52 PM

Ya the surprise is something I look forward to.

Sleepyhypno 10:53 PM

heheh, ok. SG already gave me her blessing off screen.   for the purposes of permission, are you ladies all ok with me hypnotizing you in what will end up being an adult oriented trance and then posting an 'redacted' version of this log online for people to read and enjoy?

(you all know i've had a frazzled as fuck 2 weeks. so im being overly cautious just so i don't make a fatigue related mistake)

[This should have been a warning sign to me. Doing a hypnosis session as complicated as this requires a lot of thought, and energy. I was severely lacking in both. BUT I thought I could handle it. I was wrong. Although the session went over relatively well, I made a lot of mistakes that I normally don’t make. So let this be a lesson for you, if you are not at your best there is nothing wrong with simply saying “I’m not up to this tonight” and backing down. Your subjects, if they are worth anything at all, will understand. And You will make far fewer mistakes. That being said I will be pointing out the two very big mistakes that I made in this script, hopefully so any future hypnotists reading this can learn from my mistakes.]

Ivy 10:55 PM

You have my permission

Psyco 10:55 PM

Indeed I understand and fully consent to all shenanigans planned or otherwise.

Sleepygirl 10:57 PM

also giving consent for shenanigans

Sleepyhypno 11:04 PM

I want to thank everyone for participating in these with me all the time. I have a lot of fun with these and it makes the writing process go SOOOO much faster.

Sleepygirl 11:04 PM

awww are you being sentimental?

Ivy 11:05 PM

Hey, it's (literally) our pleasure

Sleepyhypno 11:05 PM

heheh yes i am. let me have it' it's been shit the last two weeks and im Emo =cP

Sleepygirl 11:05 PM

awwwwww :cP you're welcome, though, you know it's never a problem

Sleepyhypno 11:06 PM

I'd also like to thank Psyco publicly if I haven't already once, doing these scripts with live people was her idea originally and it's SOOO helpful

Sleepygirl 11:06 PM

im glad it helps you, honestly :c)

Sleepyhypno 11:08 PM

alright, if there are no questions, is everyone ready?

Ivy 11:08 PM


Sleepygirl 11:08 PM

ready when you are

Psyco 11:08 PM

Hooray, I'm helping. ^^

Sleepyhypno 11:08 PM

hehe yes yoyu are =cP

Psyco 11:08 PM

I'm ready.

Sleepyhypno 11:08 PM

alright ladies, enjoy your nap =cP

Just allow yourself to get...

into a comfortable position

a place where you can simply


and unwind

while you focus on my words

just let yoru body get comfortable

and feel yoruself breathing

slowly and easily

as you focus on my words

hearing them softly


echoing in your mind

as you simply let yoruself

breathe in

and breathe out

letting the world around you

fade away

drifting so easily

and gently

down into trance

you can feel your muscles loosening

and relaxing

letting go

as you sink

deeper and deeper

down into the words

letting everything fade away

and letting a new world

take it's place.

a world where you...

are a superhero

with your own unique set of powers

and abilities

that suit you, and your personality

maybe you've fantasized about this before

or maybe it's the very first time

but just that super hero persona

form in yoru mind.

feel how strong

and confident it makes you feel

feel how the abilities

and powers that you have

that you've always had... deep inside

just seem to manifest around you

you can feel that can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:12 PM


Ivy 11:12 PM


Psyco 11:12 PM


Sleepyhypno 11:12 PM

Very good

Just spend a moment

or two...

in your mind

exploring the powers that you have

maybe your super strong

or super fast

maybe you can manipulate time

or the thougths of other people

maybe you shoot fire

or ice

or maybe it's something else

something totally unique to you

something that you've thought up

all on your own

i'ts completely ok for you to make this persona

this super hero... all your own

because this hero...

is you...

and just how your powers work

how expertly honed they are.

you can feel that you have years of experience

training to use

and harness your powers

and just feel how good it feels

to use them

how exilerating

and exciting it is

to use these special gifts

what are your gifts now ladies?

Ivy 11:15 PM

Invisibility, strength and wind manipulation

Sleepygirl 11:15 PM

time manipulation, strength, ability to understand any language

Psyco 11:16 PM

Shapeshifting, the ability to change my bodies size, shape, density and materials at will.

[Wow! All of those were REALLY good!]

Sleepyhypno 11:16 PM

very good ladies

all of you have done so well

creating characteristics

and powers

that fit with your personalities

i can see those powers fitting very well you now

and as you read the answers of the others

you can simply see just how much it fits them as well

can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:17 PM


Psyco 11:17 PM


Ivy 11:17 PM


Sleepyhypno 11:17 PM

very good

doing so very well now

and as you imagine yourself

using these powers

you also see your uniform

forming around your body

the perfet outfit for your unique superhero

maybe the outfit is practical

and armored

or maybe it's flashy and bright

or slinky and sexy...

or maybe it's a combination of some

or all of those things

it's totally up to you

but just let that outfit

that uniform

form around your body

feel it against your skin

feel how it moves

feel how confident

and strong

it makes you feel

and jsut let all of those feelings





deeper and deeper

into your mind

into yoru soul

let this persona become a part of you

even for just a little while

how does this make you feel ladies?

Ivy 11:20 PM


Psyco 11:20 PM


Sleepygirl 11:20 PM

confident, strong

Sleepyhypno 11:20 PM

very good

and of course the last part of a super hero

one of th emost important parts

is the secret identity

the name

that you choose to use

that choose to be called.

a disguese to hide yourself

from the world

it can be a name that inspires hope

and helps others to feel better when they hear it

or it can be a name designed

to inspire fear...

in the hearts of those who would harm others

it's all up to you

but as you let that name form in yoru mind

and become a part of your special

unique persona

it all seems to simply become one.

deep inside of you

the powers

the uniform

the name

and you...

all together.

you can feel that power

as they merge

as this persona

becomes a part of you..

even if it's just for a little while

in this fatnasy

here with me

you can feel that can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:22 PM


Ivy 11:22 PM


Psyco 11:23 PM

Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 11:23 PM

good girls

doing so well

if your ok with doing so...

would you like to share yoru superhero names with us.

you can keep it a secret

if you want...

or you can reveal yourself to the world, and your friends.

Ivy 11:23 PM

My super heroine name is Paradox

Psyco 11:24 PM

My superhero name is Toppelganger or Topple.

Sleepyhypno 11:24 PM

very nice ladies.

Sleepygirl 11:25 PM


Sleepyhypno 11:25 PM

very good

always in theshadows


how do you ladies feel now that you have all the pieces together... forming a single superhero in your mind?

Psyco 11:26 PM

Satisfied Sir.

Ivy 11:26 PM

like that persona is more complete

more real

Sleepygirl 11:26 PM


Sleepyhypno 11:26 PM

cery good

don't so very well now ladies

and just allow yoruself

to imagine what it would be like

to live a day in this persona

going around and saving people

some times from villains

or some time sjust for the normal

crazy things that happen

in the world

and always being there

to bring hope

and inspiration

to those that need it.

knowing you have an important place

in the world

but as you go about your day

saving people from one things

or another

and your day turns into night

you notice a van

parked behind a bank

and you go investigate

the van is dark

with covered windows

but seems to just be sitting there


wainting for you.

as you approach you see a person get ouf of the van

something about them seems...



your mind flashes back to images

images of you

strapped to a table

lights flashing into your eyes

a hum in the background

a tingling void

deep in your mind

a compulsion...

a compulsion to obey...

you can feel that can't you ladies?

Ivy 11:30 PM

nod nod

Sleepygirl 11:30 PM


Psyco 11:30 PM

Yes Sir.

[I’ve noticed with Psyco that the deeper she goes the more… respectful she starts to be. So when she starts to call me sir… which I did not prompt, I know she’s sinking. And later when she calls me master I know she’s out.]

Sleepyhypno 11:30 PM

you try to speak

try to ask the person

who they are...

but nothing comes out

you feel ...


all of your powers

all of your abilities

and you just seem to be


locked up

frozen in the moment

unable to think about what to do next

you notice the  person smile at your predicament

and comment ever so confidently

you always did look good, helpless.

the line seems to move through your body

causing a tingle

a shiver

there is a strange things with a lot of heros

they are so powerful

so capable

that one of the only things that helps them

to really feel excited...

is to have the power be ...


to be helpless

despite all of their strength

you can feel that helplessness now...

can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:32 PM


Ivy 11:33 PM


Psyco 11:33 PM

Yes Master.

[Aaaaand she’s out!]

Sleepyhypno 11:33 PM

very good ladies

doing so well now

you struggle against the fog

the helpless feeling that is washign over you

not because you want too

but because you feel you should

it's your job

your duty

to obey...

no thats not right...

it's your duty to serve

to resist...

but resiting isn't nearly as much fun

and you see the person in front of you simply simle

like they are enjoying your struggle

enjoying your predicament.

but they say a phrase

that just seems to slip through your mind

Sleep for me now...

and the world simply fades to black

you feel your eyes roll into yoru head

hear your body let out a soft

gentle sigh

and feel yoru head fall to yoru chest




isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:35 PM


Ivy 11:35 PM

yes yes

Psyco 11:35 PM

Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:35 PM

very good

you hear the person talking to you

programming you

you can tell they are moving around you



you can feel their hand

sliding along your body

along your uniform

along yoru skin

moving as they talk

totally unaware of waht they saying

on a conscious level

but deep down your subconscious

simply absorts

and obeys

you hear them snap their fingers

and your eyes open

but your not awake

your still deeply asleep

deeply hypnotized

as your body moves

as if all on it's own

on autopilot

you move into the bank

as two guards on duty notice you

a look of confusion on their faces

they ahve no reason to fear you

your a superhero

after all

a servant of the people

but tonight you only serve one person

and you serve them completely

you feel yourself use your powers

to quickly

but safely

incapacitate the guards

so quickly they don't even have to realize

what is happening to them

they simply end up helpless

and sleep

maybe exactly like you

or maybe in a way that is unique

to your powers

how do you go about incapacitating the guards ladies?

Ivy 11:40 PM

move the wind around their heads so quickly, they pass out from lack of oxygen

Psyco 11:40 PM

Grab them both by the mouth, morphing my hand to seal their airways till they pass out.

Sleepygirl 11:40 PM

gently knock them unconscious

[I love making my oh so innocent subjects do devious things like knock people out…]

Sleepyhypno 11:40 PM

good girls

all of you are doing so well

so deep and calm


how does it feel to have rendered the guards...


Ivy 11:41 PM

it feels.... necessary

Sleepygirl 11:41 PM

feels good to have obeyed

Psyco 11:41 PM

serving the one.

Sleepyhypno 11:42 PM

godo girls

doing so very well

witht he guards

easily out of the picture now

you move to the vault

a normal person would take days to get through

but your super powered

and your powers can help you to crack that vault

maybe through sheer strength

or maybe using another ability

to pick the lock

or control a guard to open it

it's all up to you

it's your adventure...

well... missadventure

but it takes almost no time at all

for the vault to simply open

inside are riches beyond your wildest dreams

but you have orders

you have a mission

you go to a specific safe deposit box

and remove it from the wall

you don't look inside

but you can tell by the weight

but the feel of whats inside

that it's very important

very special

but your too deeply...


and helpless

to stop yourself

or even think about

stopping yourself

isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:44 PM


Ivy 11:44 PM


Psyco 11:45 PM

Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:45 PM

you feel yourself leaving the bank

your face is blank

and your eye sare glazed

your helpless


unable to resist

unable to even think

as you leave the person

the person controlling you

waits for you outside their van

the back doors are open

and there is a ramp leading out of the van

you hand the person the box

and they smile at you

commenting on just how good

you've been

just how obediently

you've followed their orders

the words seem to tingle through your mind

through your body

as you simply relax

they point ot the van

and you carefully walk inside

inside is a metal frame

on wheels

with a pully and rope

the person that controlls you

that hypnotized you

sets the box safely iside

then moves to you

and tells you

not to move

as they move down and start to tie your feet

tie your ankles together now

how does that make you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:48 PM


Psyco 11:48 PM

Blank Master.

Ivy 11:48 PM


Sleepyhypno 11:49 PM

you feel your ankles being tied together,

nice and tight

and then feel the pully

tightening the rope

your body starts to wobble

but your super powered

so you resist

until the person with you simply simple


and tells you to sleep

as you feel them touch your forehead

with a single finger

all at once your body goes limp

it's like every muscles

simply turns off

you land on the floor of the fan

with a soft thud

and feel your legs being pulled




until you are sitting on yoru back

with your legs in the air

the one controlling you now

starts to tie your knees together..

nice and tight

but also wraps the rope around the back of your neck

and head

it doesn't hinde ryour breathing

you can still breathe easily and gently

but ti does pull your head

off the floor

and up to your knees

folding you

like a tight little V

how does that make you feel now ladies?

Ivy 11:52 PM


Sleepygirl 11:52 PM

blank, helpless

Psyco 11:53 PM

Used Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:53 PM

very good

you feel your hands

being moved behidn your back

your wrists tied together

arms hanging limp behind you

only your butt

is still on the floor of the van

but the person continues to tie you


and tighter

around your thighs

and around your chest

pulling the rope and making your chest

touch the frotn of your thighs

making the V even tighter

and typing the rope

around your butt

and around yoru lower back

making it nice and supportive

as you hear the pully


as you feel yoru feet

rising higher

and igher

your legs pull on the ropes

and the ropes pull on yoru back

and you feel your body

lift off the van floor

your hands slide along the cold metal floor

as you go higher

and higher

until they too

simply start to hang

limp and helpless

suspended in bondage now

how does that make you feel ladies?

Ivy 11:56 PM

absolutely helpless

Sleepygirl 11:56 PM


Psyco 11:56 PM

Helpless Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:56 PM

as you hang there

completely helpless

you start to feel the hands

the hands of the one that controlls you

slowly removing your uniform

any armor or hard pieces

are gently removed

piece by piece

making yoru body hang more limp

and helpless

and then you hear the simple


of a knife

and the ripping sounds of your clothes

your uniform

being cut away

you feel the cool night air against your skin

as more and more of yoru body

is exposed

the clothes peal away

piece by piece

leaving you naked

and helpless

swinging slowly

and gently

as the pully softly squeaks

supporting you

how does this make you feel ladies?

Ivy 11:59 PM


Sleepygirl 11:59 PM


Psyco 11:59 PM

Suspended and controlled Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:59 PM

good girl s

is this ok with you ladies?

[Always important to ask your subjects “Is this ok?” you’ll see in a bit, not asking caused a bit of an issue and it was completely my fault.]

Ivy 12:00 AM

nod nod nod

Sleepygirl 12:00 AM


Psyco 12:00 AM

Yes master.

Sleepyhypno 12:00 AM

good girls

as you sit there



you feel something

it almost feels like a rope

but it seems to move on it's own

it has a rubbish feeling

as it coils around your..

pelvic region

[Didn’t even notice until after the session that I said the rope had a ‘rubbish’ feeling instead of rubberish feeling. But the subjects did notice. This was a mistake on my part. I misspell a LOT of things, most people will ‘autocorrect’ for it and all of the subjects did autocorrect it. BUT it stood out to them. I didn’t even notice. It’s a sign of a really good subject that they could read that and correct it, but as a hypnotist I needed to be paying more attention as I was writing this script.]

it seems to know exactly what to do

where to go

to stimulate you

and all of your most

private of areas

you can feel the coiling


and shifting

as it adjusts to fit your body

your unique shape

and pleasure centers


maybe it wraps around you

in a very special way

or slides into you

or just rubs

the right part of your body

just the right way

but you can't help

but feel the pleasure that it gives you

moving through your body



tingling as you hang there

feeling the pleasure build

and build

more and more depely

you feel your body starting to pant

starting to sweat

the device seems to heat up

seems to vibrate

and give tiny little

stimulating shocks

in all the right places

your mind is blank

and helpless

you can't resist

as it fills you with pleasure



you can feel the pleasure building can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:04 AM


Ivy 12:04 AM


Psyco 12:04 AM

Yes Master, completely filled.

Sleepyhypno 12:04 AM

the pleasure helps you to sink



deeper and deeper

into the hypnotic spell

the spell of th eone that controls you

but the deeper you sink

the more pleasure you feel

the more it moves through your body

stimulating you

until your body simply can't hold out

any longer

and you feel a wave of pleasure

crash through your body

crash through your mind

as it pulls you deeper

the waves of pleasure

get more and more powerful

deeper and deeper

letting you sink down

further then before

and the further you sink

the more open to the pleasure

you'll be

you can feel that pleasure washing through you now

as you sink completely and totally

deeply into helpless

obedient state

isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 12:06 AM

yes yes yes!

Psyco 12:06 AM

Yes Master.

Sleepygirl 12:06 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:07 AM

how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:07 AM


Sleepygirl 12:07 AM

helpless, obedient

Psyco 12:08 AM

Controlled Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:08 AM

very good.

doing so very well ladies

the special device will stay with you

coiled along your body

for the entire time that you are here

that you are suspended

and helpless

slipping you deeper

and deeper

into trance

the deeper you go

the more pleasure you will experience

and the more pleasure you experience

the deeper you will go

you have no cohice

your helpless ot resist

you can only


isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:09 AM


Ivy 12:09 AM

yes obey

Psyco 12:10 AM

Yes Master, only obey.

Sleepyhypno 12:10 AM

good girls

as you hand there

slowly swaying form side to side

you hear the one that controlls you

tell you to open your eyes

you feel them open

glazed and helpless

the position of the ropes have your head

angled up

towards your feet

twoards the pully

but on the pully is a small device

a device that is flashing

a slowly gentle

ever shifting pattern of colors

across yoru eyes

you hear a familiar hum

filling your ears

as you the device

pulls your already helpless

already hypnotized mind

more and more deeply


deeper then you ever though possible

deeper and deeper

under their control

isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 12:12 AM


Sleepygirl 12:12 AM


Psyco 12:12 AM

Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:12 AM

you feel yourself swaying from side to side

as you look at the light

and hear the hum

unaware that your being wheeled

out of the van

and down the ramp

helplessly swaying.l

you feel the cool night air

slowly fade to something warmer

as the ambient light

seems to change

yoru inside the bank now

being wheeled in your suspended harness

through the bank

and into the vault

you feel they swaying slowly subside

as the lights

and the hum

pull you down

deeper and deeper

your not sure how long you are there


or days...

it's all meaningless to you now

in this state

your helpless

and blank

your unaware of the morning shift at the bank

finding you in the vault

blank and hypnotized


unware of more and more people

seeing you



as you swing

sinking deeper into the lights

unaware of the media showing up

and taking pictures

and video

video of you

in your weakest point

and showing the world

but all the while you simply


into the bliss

and joy

of obedience

isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:15 AM


Ivy 12:16 AM


[Notice that Psyco did not respond here. That’s because a suggestion that I put above tripped one of her Real Life red lines and she woke up. She was so deep in the fantasy that to her the suggestion seemed real and she snapped out of trance and sent me a message in DM letting me know. More on that at the end!]

Sleepyhypno 12:18 AM

doing very good now ladies

it may be some time

till someone with enough skill

and knowledge

arrives to help free you

till someone can figure out how to turn off the device

and allow you to finally wake up

finally be free

free form your suspension

free from you trance

but they won't know to look deeper

won't know to look into yoru mind

where the real control lies

deeply inside of you now

for now.

you can simply

hang here...

and relax

you can hang here

for as long as you'd like

just letting the people in the room

comment in the distance

watching you

helplessly swing

and when your ready to wake up

you'll simply let the fantasy fade away

you can be freed first if you want...

or just remain swinging in the fantasy

and then wake up in real life

relaxed and refreshed

nkwoing you are safe

but being able to enjoy this fantasy

again and again any time you'd like

for now simply let yourself


and swing

deeper and deeper

until your ready to wake up..

and now ladies

when you are ready to wake up

simply let yourself take a deep breath

and wake up

when your ready .

how do you ladies feel?

Ivy 12:25 AM

real dazed

Sleepygirl 12:25 AM

still waking up, kinda dazed

Sleepyhypno 12:25 AM

what did you guys think?

Ivy 12:30 AM

Not bad, at ALL, for my own purposes I changed a few things in my mind as we were going along, but very minor things

Sleepyhypno 12:31 AM

im curious as to what?

Ivy 12:33 AM

1. my heroine wears a helmet, the helmet had to be removed at some point, for me it was as she was climbing into the van 2. rather than ropes, I was picturing something flat, like resistance bands, it felt more comfortable 3. when wheeled into the vault, I pictured her being draped in something, anything really 4. no media, morning shift bank people, ok, but no media

Sleepyhypno 12:34 AM

yeah i might remove the media part of the script it didn't seem to go over well

Ivy 12:34 AM

and that's why we're here, quality control 😄

Psyco 12:37 AM

I'm in agreement on the lack of media.

Sleepyhypno 12:38 AM

hehe thanks however i'd prefer to not use my friends as minesweepers =cP

And this brings me to what I was talking about earlier. I made a mistake in this trance, so I’m going to point it out, and show how these things happen. How to prevent it, and also how as a hypnotist to handle it when it happens, but also to show how Psyco as a subject handled the situation exactly right!

The mistake in question was when I had the girls imagine the media taking pictures and video of them suspended and putting it out there for the world to see. That kind of thing can be a hot button issue with many people. Generally, a suggestion like that would be vague, something like “maybe, if you’re ok with this… in your fantasy they even share the image with others.” something like that. I was very tired and didn’t think about it at the time… BUT… I should have. It was my mistake. As a hypnotist it is my job to make sure that the people I am hypnotizing have a good time, and I failed to notice or realize that the suggestion I was giving three of my closest friends, was horribly worded. This… happens. It will happen to every hypnotist and every subject. The important thing is to learn from the mistake, and to handle it properly!

First from the hypnotist point of view. When Psyco messaged me telling me that she was up, I immediately asked her if she was ok? I don’t care what you are in the middle of if your subject wakes up, make sure they are ok! She told me what tripped her to wake up. She has a hard line of no pictures or video. A line that I am well aware of, and respect (despite teasing her from time to time about it playfully). I didn’t think a fantasy element like this would trip that line, but what I think, as a hypnotist, is irrelevant here. It tripped the line, and even Ivy said she felt uncomfortable about it. I asked if Psyco was ok, she said yes, I then asked if she wanted to be put back under to finish out the script. She declined. Now… you will see this happen in stage shows and youtube videos all the time. Where a hypnotist will have a subject wake up and they immediately go to put them back out. DON’T DO THAT! Had I done that to Psyco yesterday it would have shattered the trust I have built up with her, to say nothing of our friendship. If your subject wakes up, find out why! Then ASK them and if they say no respect it!

Secondly, the subject side. I see a LOT of confusion online about the subjects responsibility in a hypnosis session. Subjects absolutely have a responsibility, mainly to their own safety, but also to express to their hypnotist how they are feeling. I normally help this along by giving every person I hypnotize for any length of time a trigger that allows them to fizzle out any suggestion that they don’t like. But the issue here was Psyco was so deep in the fantasy and so invested in it that it felt real to her. So when a real life hard line was crossed it felt real to her. Fortunately Psyco is a very experienced and self confident subject. She did everything exactly right. She woke herself up, removing herself from the situation she wasn’t comfortable with, and then contacted me to let me know what happened. As a subject that is exactly what you should do. And then from there it’s in the hands of the hypnotist to make it right. If they don’t… it’s time for you to walk away from that hypnotist. Fortunately, I’m not an idiot (I only play one online) and I handled the situation in a way that hasn’t hurt the friendship between Psyco and I. 

Hopefully you found this log entertaining and were able to learn a little bit about real hypnosis from the blunder that I made!

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