Monday, July 25, 2022

Trapped in a Stasis Chamber - Hypnosis Session Log

 Key: MD, MC, Sleep, Freeze, Hypnosis

Description: Sleepygirl tries to fix a statis pod on an advanced starship, only to have the pod activate while she is inside.

This script was used to create a real hypnosis video script, that video can be found here: Trapped in a Stasis pod

[Hypnotists Note: I am labeling myself as ‘Hypnotist’ in this log because Sleepygirl and Sleepyhypno look so much alike I was getting confused as to who was actually talking.
Also just before this log started I posted a Gif of a person clicking a movie ‘Action!’ block as a way to find it more easily in the discord logs. This is what Sleepygirl is commenting on below].

Sleepygirl - 3:21 PM
clever :cP

Hypnotist - 3:21 PM
my brain is my best alley and worst enemy trust me =cp

Sleepygirl - 3:21 PM
if your brain is an alley then i have questions :cP

Hypnotist - 3:22 PM
Ok. so my dear sleepgirl, do you give concent for all of the usual crap that comes with what is about ot happen here, being hypntoized, feeling weird wacky sexy shit happen to you, potentially orgasming and or being brainwashed into some kind of hypnotic thrall and or having your memory erased.

Sleepygirl - 3:22 PM
i do in fact consent to all of that

Hypnotist - 3:23 PM
your nuts
also the alley coment.
youa rel iterally my editor you know i can't spell worth shit

 Sleepygirl - 3:23 PM
i am nuts but that's why you keep me around :cP
i know but i'm still required to give you a hard time about it, it was in the job description

Hypnotist - 3:24 PM
yeah i shoudl ahve read that first...
in any case are you ready to begin/

Sleepygirl - 3:25 PM
ready when you are :cP

Hypnotist - 3:25 PM
Just allow yourself to take a deep breathe
and sink into your cahir
and focus on my words
and as you do
begin to feel how your body
and your mind
simply start to just
and sink
more and more with every word
feeling the muscles in your arms
and legs
chest and back
all starting to loosen
feeling that tingline sensation
in your fingers
and around your head
that just lets you know
your starting to slip away now
starting to sink
starting to fall all the way
back down into a nice
relaxing trance
like you have so many times before
lik eyou will so many times in the future
just sinking
and drifting
deeper and deeper
with every breath you take.
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl - 3:28 PM

Hypnotist - 3:28 PM
very good
just let everything fade
and feel your mind now
starting to just
fog ofver
and simply
deeper and deeper
down into sleep
down into a nice
relaxing trance
where the world around you
just fades away
for now.
and in it's place
comes a new world
your on a very
high tech space ship
one that is alread in flight
the floor has metal gratings on it
and those wonderfully advanced
neon lights that look like they are simlutaneously
from decades in the future
and decades in the past.
lots of blinking lights
and that wonderful hum
and misty feel
that you see in so many sci fi shows
you can feel that now can't you?

Sleepygirl - 3:30 PM

Hypnotist - 3:31 PM
you can take a moment ot look at yourself
covered in a jump suit
one that is both comfortable
and form fitting
like all good scifi uniforms should be
yet somehow functional
you have a tool box with you
filled with gear that looks both super advanced
and others that look like a good old fashion hammer
and wrench
the future is always a wonderful mix of the old and the new
it helps you to relate
helps you to get lost in the fantasy
don't you agree?

Sleepygirl - 3:32 PM

Hypnotist - 3:32 PM
good girl
how do you feel?

Sleepygirl - 3:33 PM
relaxed, peaceful, curious about the ship

Hypnotist - 3:33 PM
good girl
you walk the corridors of the ship.
the hallways are lined
one by one
with statis pods
all of them are empy
at least in this section of the ship
you see there has been some
with the pods lately
they have been acting very strange
they aren't sure if there is a malfunction
or a virus
or something else entirely
but it's your job to try and fix them.
so as you make your way into the corridor
lined with empty pods
you pick the one closest to you
and attach one of your scanners to it.
a small percentage scan starts to count up
these things always seem to take.
don't you agree?

Sleepygirl - 3:35 PM

Hypnotist - 3:36 PM
as it moves higher and higher
you start to gte impatient
and open up the pod
a large curved gas slides up like a switch blade
exposing a rather comfortable
inclined seat
where you more lean back in a standing position
then you do sit down.
you've never really been in one of these
your ship has never gone far enough...
for you to do so.
but you can't help but be curious
slinding your hand along the cushion
a cool, but firm leather
it seems kind of comfy
you can't help but think
you start to look around for the control register
and of course they are in a very
inconvenient spot
at the top of the pod
on the inside
you step into the pod and reach up ...
trying to free hatch that give you access to the internal registers
of course it's stuck
so you have to pull
and shake.
but it doesn't want to open
doesn't want to come free.
isn't that how that always goes sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl - 3:39 PM

Hypnotist - 3:39 PM
out of frustration, you finally give in
and pull out a screwdriver like device
from your tool kit
and try to use that to pry open the hatch
but this is the wrong tool for this job
so it doesn't work as well as you'd like
you push and pry
and then fainally the hatch opens
but in doing so you bang your hand on the side of the pod
and teh screw drive like device...
walls from your hand.
bounces off of the bottom of the pod
and into the diagnostic tool outside
activing the pod
before you have a chance to react
before you can realize what happened
the curved glass lid of the pod
slides back down
you can hear a nice high pitched squeak
as the air tight container is sealed
how does this make you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl - 3:42 PM
curious, a little nervous

Hypnotist - 3:42 PM
good girl, doing so well
as the realization sinks in
you start to pound on the glass lid of the pod
but a second later several jets of gas
start to spray into the pod
two fo them are aimed at your face
causing yoru hair to blow in wild
and unpredictable ways
the gas as an almost metalic scent to it
and it feels cold and crips
you shake your head and flail your arms to avoid the gas
but there is no wher efor you to go
no where for you to escape you
you feel yoru body getting a shiver
and your arms become almost instantly
deeply limp
and lose
one hand falls to your side,
landing against the cushoin
while the other slides down the glass
a squeaking sound as it does
before it flops next to you on the cushion
you fee your body sinking back into the cushion
yoru head falling back with a thud
as you inhale more deeply
desperate to tryand wake up
with a nice deep breathe
but the breathe just fills your lungs with the gas
and a second later you feel yoru eyes
rolling up
into your head
and feel your yoru body sigh as you exhale
and just sink
into a nice.
deeply sedated
isn't that right sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl - 3:47 PM

Hypnotist - 3:47 PM
how do you feel?

Sleepygirl - 3:47 PM
heavy, relaxed, sedated

Hypnotist - 3:48 PM
good girl
how deep are you now?

Sleepygirl - 3:48 PM

Hypnotist - 3:49 PM
good girl
doing so very well now.
as you sit there...
completely sedated
a scanner starts to wave over your body,
slowly scanning your form
and spraying yoru clothes
you feel them start to slowly
fade away
a vaccuum like vent at the bottom slowly captures the pieces that fall away.
as they are dissolved
and fade from yoru body
all the while you just start to sleep
more and more deeply.
your skin feels cool
like there is a constant breeze across your body
as more and more of you are slowly
easily exposed
until your completely helpless
and fully exposed in the pod.
how does this make you feel now sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl - 3:52 PM
helpless, excited

Hypnotist - 3:52 PM
good girl
as you sit in the pod
a small headband lowers
around your head
and gently tightends
not enough to be uncomfortable
but just enough for several small
to make contact with your head.
the electrodes start to pulse
slowly and easily
lowering your brain waves
helping you to simply
drift deeper into sleep
deeper into your stasis.
but this is where the fault in the pods
starts to occur
the electrodes
start to rewrite your thoughts
start to slip
ideas inot your mind
they start to make you feel
and compliant
it's as if the pod was being used
to make the passengers of the ship
more easily controlled
and now it's happening to you.
how does that make you feel?

Sleepygirl - 3:55 PM
more helpless, controlled

Hypnotist - 3:55 PM
good girl
as the pulses slide into your brain
seveal more tiny little arms of the pod
extend out and connect electrodes to your body
they are designed to keep you healthy
designed to keep your body safe
while it goes into staiss
you start to feel everything slowing down
as the electrodes slowly
easily take control of your bodily functions
yoru heart beat becomes slower
and slower
while your nervousness
lingering from when you tried to get out of the pod
but the electords were also effected
by the flaws
and they start to stimulate your body
and yoru mind
in your brain thougths of compliance
and acts of obedience
seem to be mixed
with the idea
with the feelings
of pleasure
feeling yoru body tingle
every time you simply think
about doing as you are told
do you like this feeling sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl - 3:58 PM

Hypnotist - 3:58 PM
very good
the pulses seem to pull you down
deeper and deeper
it doens't take much for you to simply
surrender to them
after all you were already helpless
already sedated
but with no defenses
not even a conscious mind aware of whats going on
your thoughts are being rewritten
you are becoming more compliant
happy to serve
happy to do as you are told
the more you obey
the more epleasure you feel
and the more pleasure you feel
the more you will simply
in every way
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl - 4:00 PM

Hypnotist - 4:00 PM
hos do you feel?

Sleepygirl - 4:00 PM
obedient, aroused

Hypnotist - 4:01 PM
good girl
as the electrodes work your body
you feel another set
being slowly
attached to your more...
intimate areas
you feel the pluses start to move through the parts of you
that are so easily stimluated
so easily manipulated in this state
as you feel tingles of pleasure
washting through your body
stimulating you
arousaing you
as the pulses in your brain take your mind
deeper and deeper
into submission
into helplessness
the more pleasure you fele
the deeper that you start to go
the more you start to feel as if
simply doing as you are told
is as good of a feeling
as erotic
as some of yoru more
intimate fantasies
images start to play through yoru mind
of simply
being told to do something
something normal
and mundane
like give a person... in control
a massage
and the very act of imagingin yourself doing that massage
makes yoru body tingle
and shiver
it's as if you are being trained...
trained with pleasure
the more you obey
the more pleasure you feel
but you never quite...
reach climax
the system tkes you to the very edge
the very limit of what you can take
and then it lessens the pulses
the idea being that if you really want...
that pleasure
that climax
you have to go deeper
but the deeper you go
the more compliant you become
the more the system adjusts
and you are stuck
and sinking
coming to the very limit of what you can take
and then being forced to surrender
and deeper
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl - 4:06 PM

Hypnotist - 4:06 PM
this pattern keeps up
again and again
until you reach the limit of frustration
the edge of what you can take
and then the system
without warning
floods you with pleasure
so much so that your body
despite being deeply asleep
and drugged
shivers and shakes from the force of your climax
everything just explodes with pleasure
as the electordes along your body
the electrodes working your mind
stmiluate you into a full body climax
all at once
head to toe
and then it simply stops
and you sink
and deeper
and then it starts the process...
all over again.
and again
and again
how do you feel sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl - 4:08 PM
deep, obedient, helpless

Hypnotist - 4:08 PM
good girl
with your mind and body
both being relaxed
and stimulated
a constant loop of scenarios
and pleasure
flooding yoru subconscious mind
over and over again
the final stage of the pod activates
as a cool fogging mist
is sprayed over your exposed skin
as the tempature drops
deeper and deeper
the mist forms a layer of ice
along every part of your body
ice that gets thicker
and thicker
until the entire inside of the pod
everything around you
is completely solid ice
yoru stasis process is complete
the pod slowly tilts up a bit more
and slides into the wall
locking in place
leaving you on display
like a lovely portrate just hanging on the wall
how does this make you feel sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl - 4:11 PM
exposed, helpless, exxcited

Hypnotist - 4:12 PM
good girl
deeply sedated
and in a perfect state of stasis.
conscious mind is completely turned off
your body slowed down
a single heart beat
taking more then am inute
totally safe
as your mind is slowly
programmed to obey
programmed to do as you are told
and here you will stay
until you wish to wake up.
when you wake up
you may find
if you are comfortable with it
that you really want to
have another fantasy
maybe it's this fantasy
again and again
or maybe you want to vind a different video
and simply sit back
and enjoy
finding that after being so easily
to sink
after having your mind
manipluated by the electrodes
and finding that it is so nice
to do as your told
that the next video will be
even more vivid then you've had before
you'd like that wouldn' you sleepy girl?

Sleepygirl - 4:14 PM

Hypnotist - 4:15 PM
good girl
but for now
simply enjoy the feeling of being in stasis
being blank and calm
being programmed to obey
for as long as you would like
and whenyou want to wake up
you can simply
have the stasis process reverse in your mind
or just simply take a deep breathe
and have the image fade
and wake up
but until then
simply relax
and enjoy
your time in stasis.
but for you now sleepy girl
just let the image fade away
and allow yoruself to slowly
and easily wake up
on the count of three
wide awake

Sleepygirl - 4:18 PM
well that was fun
and a hell of a conditioning loop too :cP

Hypnotist - 4:20 PM
it was your idea btw

Sleepygirl - 4:20 PM was?

Hypnotist - 4:20 PM
yeah all of that i came up with on the fly
yeah about a year ago when i started doing this i asked you for some examples of ideas for videos one you said was "being stuck in a statis pod"

Sleepygirl - 4:21 PM
oh, well...happy to be of service? :cP
and nice job coming up with all that on the fly

Hypnotist - 4:23 PM
yeah, i hope it came out sounding ok , i think the programing / pleasure part is a bit weak but my brain was like "duh.... frozen girl go brrr" and then stopped

Sleepygirl - 4:24 PM
i think it all sounded perfectly fine, honestly, i wouldn't worry about it
frozen girl go brrr though...heheh :cP

Hypnotist - 4:25 PM
hehehe, you can thank psyco for that, i know it's like a common saying but i'd never heard that until she said it the other day and now i'ts like... ok... and it's stuck in my head =cp

Sleepygirl - 4:25 PM
heheh i've never heard that one before actually but it's funny :cP

Hypnotist - 4:27 PM
the exact quote she used was "lizard brain goes brrrrr"

Sleepygirl - 4:27 PM
hehehe whatever works :cP

Hypnotist - 4:27 PM
yeah...  any thoughts you'd like to share with the audience before I end the log?

Sleepygirl - 4:30 PM
umm...i was trying to think of something sexy to end it on but i got nothing :cP

Hypnotist - 4:30 PM
well you are a girl

Sleepygirl - 4:30 PM
girls were made to be hypnotized
yes i am, so...there's that :cP

Hypnotist - 4:31 PM
and I think thats enough. =c)

Sleepygirl - 4:31 PM
heheh aaaaaand scene

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