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Kidnap Kove - SHR

 Key: Md, MC, MF, Sleep, Chloro, Stun, Hypno, freeze

Description: Sleepygirl recants a hypnotically induced dream where her and a group of other girls are… collected… while relaxing on the beach.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 4-20-20XX
Subject: Kidnap Kove!

    Good morning Sir! So I had a little fantasy the other day, I knew you were bored at work so… Here's your porn for the day (yeah, I have no filter today Sir, so I'm just calling it as I see it).
[Hypnotists Note: I may be responsible for her lack of filter… just saying.]

    I was standing on the edge of a beach when this one started. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary. I mean, there were people laying on it, tanning, reading, talking, things like that. Birds were flying overhead, waves were gently crashing against the shore, it all seemed fairly normal. Then again, that's how most of my dreams seem to go. I was just kind of standing around, observing the people when I saw a group of people standing at the far edge of the beach, all wearing identical bathing suits and sunglasses. Basically looking rather…suspicious, and a few were rifling through their backpacks. Not knowing what they were up to, I decided to hide from them for the time being. They started moving out into the crowds of people and one of them found Julie, who was laying down attempting to get a tan. Her eyes were closed, so she didn't see him coming, and he didn't notice I was watching either. He knelt down next to her and pulled something that looked like a sci-fi ish style gun out of his bag, as he was doing this she opened her eyes and was about to say something, but he put the gun up against her neck and squeezed before she could say anything. Some kind of pulse came out of the gun and there was sort of a ripple effect over her body as she seemed to go limp against the sand, and her eyes fluttered closed again as her head tilted gently to the side. He also put a flower next to her, for reasons I never really figured out.
    Once he put the flower next to her he started moving towards another person that was laying down, who turned out to be Laura, and he started taking something else out of his bag. He knelt down next to her too and I saw that he was holding a rag in his hand, this was about the time she noticed he was there. She looked surprised and confused to see him and started to sit up, as she did he smiled at her and slipped a hand around her waist before she could stand up, as she tried to struggle against him he placed the rag he was holding over her mouth and nose, his grip on her became a bit stronger as she struggled, but after a few moments her struggles start to get weaker and weaker, she started to sag against him as her head drooped, she kept up the struggling for a few more moments until finally she saged back against him, completely asleep. He did the same with her and placed a flower next to her after he laid her back down
    After that he got up and started moving in the direction of Jesse  who was sitting under a tree reading - but not before he pulled out something that looked like a small flashlight out of the bag. In the middle of moving her way he ran into another girl, who I didn't know....he raised the flashlight to her face, pushed a button on it, and a quick pulse of light flashed into her face. The rest of her body looked like it went completely limp, but her eyes stayed open and she just stared ahead at him...kind of reminded me of a neuralizer, actually. He laid her down, too, and started moving towards Jesse again. She was engrossed in her book and didn't notice him moving closer to her, so he moved around to her side almost to make it look like he was looking over her shoulder at the book and got the flashlight ready. A few moments after that she finally notices him and gives him a friendly smile, and looks like she's about to ask a question or something, when he quickly pressed the button and the light pulsed into her face. Just like the other girl, her body went limp but her eyes stayed open and staring ahead with a glassy look to them. He closed her book, and put another flower down next to her.
    I got up from my hiding place at that point and was looking around to see if I knew anyone else, but before I could do anything there was a hand grabbing me around the waist and pulling me back against him. I tried to struggle but the next thing I knew there was a cloth moving over my nose and mouth, and they were being filled with a sweet smell. I kept trying to struggle but it only led to me inhaling more of the scent, and soon I start feeling light headed and dizzy and slump back against the man a little, my eyes start to droop as I keep inhaling more of it, It didn't last long and a few minutes later the scent overpowered me and I feel myself drop back against him, completely unconscious
End of act one :oP (it seemed appropriate to say)
    I woke up in what I can best describe as a holding area of some kind (it works, go with it). There were about half a dozen other girls in the room with me, but Jesse was the only one I recognized. They were all still in bathing suits and all of them looked to be unconscious, but Jesse's eyes were the only ones that were open. I saw an open door in the room and walked over it to look outside, where there was a hallway with four other doors along the side and one at the very end of the hallway. I decided to just start going through doors, and as I went into the first one I saw another group of girls, these were all on beds. The only ones I recognized were Laura and Julie, who I tried to wake up but had little success actually doing that. Seeing that they weren't waking up, and not knowing how much time I had, I went back out to try another room, this one had yet another group of girls in it - I recognized Eve and Klaire in there, who I hadn't even seen at the beach...I tried waking them, too, but had no luck. So I decided to try the last door, which of course had another group of girls. Although I didn't know anyone in this group, they were all sitting straight up wearing headbands. They seemed awake but they were just kinda staring ahead blankly. I wasn't sure what the headbands did so I took one of them off of one of the girls, who seemed to blink awake once it was removed. She was kinda confused and angry, though, about not knowing where she was or what was going on and was about to...well...cause a scene, pretty much. So I had to quickly put the headband back on her, which blanked her out quickly and easily again. I was about to move out of the room when I saw a man walk past the door. I looked out to see that he was entering the room with Jesse so I decided to follow him into it. He had headbands for all of the girls in there (including me) and placed them on everyone, then flipped the buttons to turn them all on. They all sat straight up as the headbands were turned on, almost like they (the girls) were being activated. There was something along the top of the headband that he ran his finger over on Jesse's, and as he did that it was almost like she was cycling through different personalities. The first made her seem very submissive, the next just blanked her, another made her kind of...slutty, and then (randomly) another seemed like it was the personality of a cowgirl. He must have just been testing it, because he moved it back to blank and turned to leave the room. I followed along after him as much as I could without being caught, and watched as he moved into the room with Eve and Klaire. He did the same thing as the previous room, placed headbands on all of the girls and then moved down to the last room with Laura and Julie, and did the same thing. After that he went through the last door that was at the end of the hallway, where I followed him as well.
    It had kind of a laboratory/workshop setup and there were different types of 'equipment' all over. A few things looked like pedestals and...yeah, just a bunch of similar things really. He moved in front of some kind of control panel and pushed a button, and a few moments later one of the groups of girls (the one with Laura and Julie) walked into the room. The other men that were in the room started to strip all of them, and looked like they were examining them for something. The man who was "examining" Laura slid his finger along the panel on her headband and moved the personality on there to "slut", she blinked to life as soon as he did this and started flirting with him immediately, and had her hands all over him, etc. He took her hand and walked her to one of the back rooms and closed the door, suffice to say I think we can figure out where that was leading. :oP The rest of the girls in the group were stripped naked, re-dressed (I'm assuming to fit their new personalities) and either frozen or sedated in some way. One of the men dressed Julie in something resembling a cowgirl outfit and then moved her headband to match the personality accordingly, so she started acting like a cowgirl. Then he led her over to one of the pedestals that were sitting off to the side, she stepped onto it and he pushed a button...once the button was pushed a blue light moved up her body from the bottom of the pedestal, and as it moved over her she froze in place bit by bit.
    At this point the man who had taken Laura to the back room emerged with her, and I should note that her clothes were rather...disheveled. He left her for a moment and started talking with the other men about how there were only seven girls in one room yet there should have been eight. Well apparently that clicked in all of them and they realized I was missing and awake, and all ran out of the room at the same time to try and find me. Given that there weren't too many places in the room to hide, I went for the control panel that I'd seen earlier. I gave it a quick glance over and saw that there was an option to deactivate the headbands, so I went for that option first. As I flipped that switch Laura and a few other girls' in the room woke up. There were sounds from stun guns and other devices coming from the hallway so I grabbed Laura and we hid behind the control panel.
    At that point a few other girls ran into the room, Jesse, Eve and Klaire were with them so I waved them over as quickly as I could. They had just started running towards me when about half a dozen energy blasts came through the open door and managed to connect with all of the girls I didn't know, and Klaire as well. Eve and Jesse managed to dodge the blasts but Klaire wasn't fast enough (apparently) and in mid run it hit her, and she slumped to the floor unconscious. There was quiet for a moment and then one of the men walked into the room. I noticed weapons along a wall across the room from us at that point, and pointed them out to Jesse in hopes that she might get one. She started to sneak out from behind our hiding spot and managed to make it about halfway across the room before the man noticed that she was there and fired one of the blasts at her quickly.
    She wasn't quick enough and passed out, unconscious, as soon as it hit her. I was running out of options at this point but saw another stun gun closer to us, so I pointed it out to Laura. It was close enough for her to crawl to it, but she still managed to get spotted by the man, who fired yet another energy blast at her. And funnily enough the spot where she landed was almost dead next to the gun.
    That left me and Eve, I told her she could probably just go attack the guy as some kind of distraction, which she readily agreed to and ran out to do just that. This took the guy pretty much completely off guard, and while he was trying to fight her off I grabbed the gun that Laura had been trying to get, and pointed Eve. There was a 'freeze' setting on there so I set it to that and fired it at her. In the middle of her fighting off the guy, the beam hit her head on and just froze her in mid fight.
    This, unfortunately, caused the guy to notice me, but he looked mildly confused so I took advantage of that and fired another shot aimed for him. He unfortunately managed to dodge and fired another energy blast at me, which this time I was able to dodge. But in trying to set up another shot aimed at him, he fired off another one that managed to connect with me. I didn't have much time to react as I was passed out pretty much instantly as soon as the blast hit me.
    The next thing I knew I was waking up, still in the lab, but completely stripped naked and now with a headband on my head. Everyone else that I knew was behind me, frozen on various pedestals. Before I could question anything one of the men pushed the button on my head to activate the headband, and everything went blank for me. I assume I was staring ahead at him, blank and glassy eyed, just as Jesse had been when I saw her earlier. He must have played with the other panel on the headband next, because I went from feeling completely blank to very submissive.
    He moved in closer and said to show him how much I enjoyed being submissive to him. So I started running my hands along his body and leaned in to kiss him deeply, as I was kissing him I felt his hands keep moving all over me and then I felt him slide into me and start fingering me. Then he must have pushed the button on the pedestal because as he was doing that I felt my boy start freezing. Which is pretty much where the dream ended, me frozen and locked in an infinite loop of arousal and submissiveness.
    So that was that Sir. And I have to say that that was really rather vivid and definitely a strong dream, too. I woke up this morning and I swear I still felt like I was frozen for a few minutes. And on top of that I've still felt really aroused and submissive all day today. So not only was I turned on when I started writing this email, but recanting it has definitely pushed my buttons and increased that more than I expected. And the submissiveness is still there in full force too, as I think I've demonstrated quite well Sir. :oP Although admittedly I'm not sure why my mind is expressing submissiveness in the form of calling you Sir, as I've found myself almost calling you master more than a few times throughout the course of this email. So go figure, Sir..or master...whichever, really. :oP So if you want anything or want to ask anything, now might be the time to do so because I don't think I'll be able to argue very well...or at all. :oP Anyway, that was that. I hope you enjoyed it! :oP Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Julie, Laura, Jessy, Eve, Klaire, and Sleepygirl

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