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The Spirals Spa - SHR - Part 1

 Key: MC, MD, MF, Hypno, Freeze

Description: Sleepygirl recounts a dream where she ends up in a very special spa. One that helps to completely relax her body and erase her mind.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 2-12-20XX
Subject: The Spiral’s Spa!

    So I had another interesting dream last night that I thought you might like to hear about. Weirdly enough it was just me in this one, which was kind of a nice change of pace - as interesting as it is to see what kind of trouble (because let's face it, it's usually trouble) my friends get themselves into in my dreams, having one with just me was...well like I said, a nice change of pace. Forming coherent sentences is a challenge today, give me a break. Anyway, here it is while I can still remember it, enjoy :oP

    I was walking down a street, interestingly enough, towards a spa...I'm pretty sure I've had a dream about it before, only I was with friends the last time if I remember correctly. But in any case, as I walked up to the front I saw there were mannequins in the window display, of men and women. All of them were practically naked, not entirely but in very little clothing and in sexy poses. As I walked in I couldn't help but think how they actually looked almost life-like. I walked through the door and there was a girl at the front desk, staring ahead in the direction of the mannequins, with a blank look on her face. She was completely oblivious to the fact that I had just walked in. As I stepped up to the desk she seemed to come to life and smiled pleasantly at me and then asked how she could help me. I shrugged off the blank stare she had on her face a few moments before and told her I wanted to get a massage. She led me back to a small locker room where I undressed and put on the robe that had been hanging in the room, then made my way through another door into a room with a leather massage table. I undid the front of the robe and laid down on it, feeling the cool leather on my skin, and a few minutes later I felt the robe being removed by the masseuse that had come into the room while I was daydreaming and not paying attention. He started rubbing my shoulders and back at first, squeezing my shoulders deeply and then sliding his hands up and down my back, working out any knots he found in between. His hands slid up my shoulders to my neck, working on it deeply and gently, making my head tilt to the side softly as the muscles relaxed, then he squeezed my neck gently and slid his hands down the length of my back again, this time to my butt...he squeezed it firmly and massaged it for a few moments, then moved to the back of my thighs. He continued massaging the muscles deeply and worked toward my inner thigh...and as he continued massaging me, I noticed a girl on the table next to me being lifted off of the table and carried away. Her body looked completely limp and even though she looked awake, it was like she couldn't move as the man picked her up and carried her out of the room, cradle style. As I started to wonder how that had happened to her, I felt the masseuse slide a hand under my hip and flip me over on the table, then pour some oil onto his hands and begin to rub it on my body. It felt warm to the touch and was even more relaxing as he massaged my feet and legs and worked his way up my body, covering it with oil...and at that point I noticed that the more oil he massaged with, the more my body seemed to relax, to the point of being completely limp and unable to move at all. I was too relaxed to care as I felt myself going more and more limp while his hands started to wander. He squirted more oil into his hands and slid them over my stomach, gliding up and along it smoothly, then moved up to my breasts. He started fondling them, rubbing and squeezing them deeply, covering them in the oil, and then rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger until they were stiff...he kept feeling me up for a few more minutes and then slid his hands back down my stomach and waist, down to my vagina where he started to run his fingers along the outside of it, one at a time, slowly and teasingly..then he slid them inside and started fingering me, working the oil inside of my sex, sliding against my clit and all around it. He kept it up for a few minutes, rubbing deeper and harder until I came. Then as I caught my breath and relaxed against the table, completely limp and helpless, unable to move at all, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me from the table and into the steam room.
    As he carried me into the room and set me down gently, I noticed there were three other girls in there, sitting on the other side of the room. One of them looked completely zoned out and was just staring ahead blankly. As the man sat me down he moved over to her and picked her up, then carried her from the room. The girl next to her was being engulfed in a cloud of steam, so much so that you almost couldn't see her at all, and was starting to look just as zoned and oblivious. I recognized the other girl as the one who had been next to me on the other massage table, she still looked relaxed and limp from the effects of the massage as the steam started to descend over her too. While I could still see her, I watched as her eyes took on a faraway, glassy look, until her face went completely slack as her jaw dropped open ever so slightly. As the minutes passed she seemed to go even more limp and sag against the wall and her seat, looking more and more empty. Finally, after another few minutes, the steam stopped and left her just as zoned as the other two girls that were sitting next to her, helpless and blank. As it finished pouring over her the vent over my head opened and steam started to cover me too...admittedly, it felt warm and relaxing as it slid over my skin. And the more it covered me, the more I started to notice it getting harder to every bit of steam that covered me wiped away another thought. If I'd been looking at myself, I was sure I probably had the same glassy, blank expression on my face. I don't know how long it kept up, just that every minute made my mind feel a little more empty, and made me feel a little more zoned. Eventually the steam stopped and I felt the masseuse picking me up again and carrying me out of the room. As we left the room I watched as another group of girls, that must have come in while I was too zoned out to notice, started to get steamed as well. Just as I processed that we entered another room with a hot tub and I felt myself being slid into it. The water swirled around me as I sat there, blank and empty and just letting everything slip away while it relaxed me even more. As I sat there I felt headphones being placed over my head, once they were in place I heard a voice start speaking softly, giving me first they were suggestions about feeling more calm and relaxed, and enjoying my life more, allowing myself time to go out and do things, and unwind, etc, but after a while they became suggestions about obeying, giving pleasure when I was told to, and feeling a strong desire to return and to bring others with me. Eventually they started looping and I lost track of what suggestion was what, only that they were slipping deep into my mind. While the headphones programmed me with the suggestions, the masseuse slid into the hot tub next to me and I felt his hands start to move over my body. I stared ahead blankly as his hands slid up my sides, across my stomach, and fondled my breasts. Squeezing and caressing deeply, he leaned in and kissed my neck, nibbling and sucking on it while his hands explored my body. He kissed up my neck until he found my lips and slid his tongue into my mouth, and not long after I felt him slide into me and he began to rock in and out slowly and deeply. I floated in the water, limp and helpless as he moved inside of me, getting harder and bigger by the moment, all while the suggestions worked their way into my mind. He deepened the kiss as he started pumping faster and faster, until finally I felt him orgasm inside of me, and felt myself start to cum, too. I think I came about 4 or 5 times before I felt him slide out of me, and heard the suggestions in the headphones begin to change to just the word 'sleep', looping over and over again, except for the last word I heard before they were removed - 'forget'. When I woke up I was naked in the hot tub, but didn't seem overly concerned with that, even as the masseuse helped me out and I noticed the girls in the various other hot tubs in the room, all being made love to and looking completely oblivious as they stared blankly ahead, all wearing headphones. The masseuse escorted me out of the room toward the shower, I noticed on the way down that we passed another area with chairs, where other girls seemed to be getting their hair washed and dried (noting that I would need to have that done next time). I stepped into the shower, not really paying attention to the girl in the adjacent stall who was simply standing there, unmoving while the water ran over her body. I turned on the shower and let the water run over me, letting it relax me as it ran coolly over my skin. I didn't even pay attention to the fact that as I stood under the water longer, I started to move slower and slower...I just stood there as the water ran off my body, barely able to move until finally I just came to a complete stop. The water continued flowing over me as other girls filtered into the showers and eventually became frozen statues as well, standing there blank and empty just as I was. Eventually I felt myself being moved from the showers, over to the front windows to be put on display, fondled and groped as I was posed, one hand behind my head and my chest out while the other one was draped across my stomach. That was the last thing I remember before waking up, was being placed in the window and posed as people walked past the window.
    So there you have it! I must have really enjoyed it because I feel like I was kind of re-living it as I was typing this again, to the point where I was feeling kinda zoned out and even orgasmed a few times, then felt kind of frozen at the end. Suffice to say I think I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I could see my friends enjoying something like that too. A devious part of me even wondered if it would be more entertaining to recruit them for something like that or just have you hypnotize them :oP, but that's just a random passing thought. In any case, I hope you enjoyed reading and I will talk to you later. *hugs you* Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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