Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Snake Charmer - Hypnosis Session Log

Key: MD, MC, Snake hypnosis, Helpless

Description: The girls come across a snake charmer that is able to charm more than just the snake.

The hypnosis session in this log was used to create the real hypnosis video Snake Charmer!

There is a Follow up log, of what was done once the girls were hypnotized. You can find that log here: Snake Charmer - Hypnosis Session Log - part 2

Sleepyhypno: 12:01 AM
Ok consent form time... do you ladies all consent to me hypnotizing you for the purpose of writing a hypnotic script to be used for a hypnosis video and logging the session to post publicly for all to see... the session will include hypnosis, control, loss of control, pleasure, orgasms, and potential hypnotic enslavement on a temporary basis... or longer as needed. (kidding about the last part) ... (or am I?)

Princess: 12:02 AM
Where's the X to sign by?

Ivy: 12:02 AM
I may need to seek legal counsel on this one

Sleepygirl: 12:03 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:03 AM
that is a pathetic line so i hope you ahve a short signature

Psyco: 12:03 AM
Pricks finger and drips blood on the tiny line
Done and dusted.

Ivy: 12:04 AM
But yeah, okay, I consent
Wait a minute, haven't you sign in blood before?

Psyco: 12:04 AM
two or three times.

Sleepyhypno: 12:04 AM
repeatedly... and i almost aways make the same joke about it bein ga little extreme

Sleepyhypno: 12:10 AM
also because it's a fun side note. I have commented to all of your before that I actually get really nervous before these scripting sessions.  nothing serious just normal stage jitters... but today I have my fitness tracker on...  and can comment that my heart rate is a solid 100 BPM... my resting heart rate is usually around 68-70 BPM

Princess: 12:11 AM
Take a deep breath
In and out
As you let yourself

Sleepyhypno: 12:11 AM
lol thats my job =cP
also nice use of typos feels just like one of my scripts =cp

 Princess: 12:12 AM
Just learn from the best is all

Sleepyhypno: 12:12 AM
aww. thats sweet hugs

Ivy: 12:12 AM
I'll second that

Sleepyhypno: 12:15 AM
Just allow yourself to get
into a comfortable position
a place where you can focus
on my words
and just feel your body
and your mind
starting to relax
starting to let go
feel yoruself taking a few
deep breathes
and just holding it
for a second or two
and then relaxing
and letting out
feeling your body just
down into whatever it is
that you are relaxing on
and just let everything go
and relax
down into trance
down into a nice
hypnotic fantasy
you can do that can't you ladies?

Ivy: 12:16 AM

Sleepygirl: 12:16 AM

Psyco: 12:16 AM

Princess: 12:17 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:17 AM
very good
and as this fantasy starts to form
just allow the world around you
to just fade away
and begin to see yoruself
walking through and outdoor market
someplace exotic
someplace warm and sunny
the buildings are all made or clay
and hand made bricks
and the people are all dressed
head to toe
to protect themselves from the sun
maybe you are dressed in a similar way
or maybe you just have
really good sunscreen
but just let the world around you
begin to form
hear the different sellers
chanting about their goods
and see all of the wonderful products
all around you
from hand made rugs
to exotic foods
you can even smell the scent
of incense
and oils
food being prepared
and other wonderfully exciting sensations all around you
just let that world
become clear to you
as you take step
after step
as you explore
you can experience that world now... can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl: 12:20 AM

Ivy: 12:20 AM

Princess: 12:20 AM

Psyco: 12:20 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:20 AM
very good
all of you are doing so very well
how do you feel now ladies?

Ivy: 12:21 AM
Feeling good

Sleepygirl: 12:21 AM

Princess: 12:21 AM

Psyco: 12:21 AM
Relaxed and warm.

Sleepyhypno: 12:21 AM
very good.
doing so very well.
as you move through the market
you come across a person
sitting in front of a basket
you can't help but notice that the person is...
quite attractive
the way they sit
confident and proud
a glint of playfullness in their eye
as they notice you moving twoards them
a slight smirk...
crosses their lips
as they lift up an ornately decorated
and begin to play.
the music is very beautiful
soft and flowing
the pitch changes rapidly
but the pace
the rythm remains

[Hypnotists Note: I am Incapable of spelling the word “Rhythm” correctly.]

completely calm
and steady
and then you notice it...
a snake...
a large snake
rising out of the basket
swaying to the music
hissing softly
as it's tongue flicks out of it's mouth
and it starts to rise up
higher and higher
it's long slender body
seeming to be almost
unnaturally held up
it's as high as the flute player's head
while they sit on the ground
playing their melody for the snake.
or are they playing it...
for you.
How does this make you feel ladies?

Ivy: 12:25 AM

Princess: 12:25 AM

Sleepygirl: 12:25 AM

Psyco: 12:25 AM
Intrigued Sir.

Sleepyhypno: 12:25 AM
Good girls,
all of you doing so very well
so calm and relaxed.
as the person plays,
their hypnotic melody
you can't help but feel yourself
just a bit...
start to sway to the music.
your aware that your doing it...
aware that your body wants to let go
and just flow with the rythym
so your resist...
but the snake charmer,
can see your resistance

[Ivy Comment: I'm not sure I am able to truly convey how EROTIC these few stanzas are.]

Sleepyhypno: 12:25 AM
and a few more cords played on the flute
and the snake turns towards you...
it's head staying unnaturally high...
off the ground
while the rest of it's body slowly
slithers out of the basket
and along the ground
heading straight for you
for a moment
a part of you...
wants to back up...
wants to withdraw
but you find that ...
your feet...
simply don't move.
it's like they are stuck
froze in place
you are able to look down at your feet
surprised and wondering
exactly why...
you can't move
why your stuck.
you look up at the snake charmer...
and then feel the snake
slowly starting to coil
along your leg.
how do you feel as this happens ladies?

Ivy: 12:29 AM

Princess: 12:29 AM
very anxious

Sleepygirl: 12:29 AM
hearts racing

Psyco: 12:29 AM
Strangely aroused Sir.

[Hypnotists Note: When you're doing something like this, sometimes you get reactions other than your expecting. In this case seeing that Ivy was ‘shocked’ and that Princess was ‘very anxious’ made me realize that there was a possibility that either or both of them might have a negative reaction to the scene. (called an Abreaction, because hypnotists don’t like to be negative.) Now being shocked or even anxious is not necessarily bad, we all enjoy things that make us scared, like roller coasters and horror movies. But we are able to enjoy them ultimately because we know we are safe. So when I saw that response from the two of them I decided to take a moment to remind them that they were all safe, which is what your going to see below.]

Sleepyhypno: 12:30 AM
very good
finding that beng able to see
the responses of the girls with you
only helps you to just sink
and relax
focusing on your experience
but being aware
in the back of your mind
of theirs as well
each one unique
yet each one shared
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl: 12:30 AM

Ivy: 12:30 AM

Princess: 12:30 AM

Psyco: 12:31 AM
Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno: 12:31 AM
good girls
doing so very well
you try to move
first your leg once again
and then you lean down to try and grab the snake
but as you do
you find that your hand...
almost seems to stop
almost seems to just
hand there
aimed at the snake.
but unable to reach it
unable to grab for it.
but the snake is easily
able to move
to your hand
and start to slide along your arm.
sliding up
along your arm
to your shoulder
and slowly
down along your back
along your stomach
you can feel the tail of the snake
slide along your leg
and then up onto your arm
the snake is heavier then you imaged
but yet
not too heavy.
you can easily support it's weight
as the snake coils along your body
you find yourself
standing back up
straight and strong
feeling the snake
moving along your torso.
along your chest
slowly  up your body
how does this make you feel ladies?

Princess: 12:34 AM
grossed out

Ivy: 12:34 AM
kind of anxious

Sleepygirl: 12:34 AM

Psyco: 12:35 AM
Enjoying the sensation of it's scales.

[Hypnotists Note: Again we are getting some negative reactions from Ivy and Princess, so I took the opportunity to again remind them that this was just fantasy.]

Sleepyhypno: 12:35 AM
good girls
knowing you are safe
it's all just a fantasy
and i would never do anything to scare you
without at least warning you first
you are all safe here with me
safe with each other.
you know that don't you ladies?

Sleepygirl: 12:35 AM

Princess: 12:35 AM

Ivy: 12:35 AM

[Ivy Comment: This is true and very much appreciated.]

Psyco: 12:36 AM
Yes Sir.

[Hypnotists Note: The best part about this example is that I was completely right! Here is a message I got from Princess the next day, and used with permission.]

[DM from Princess: I will say this, I was not having it that first half with the snake. The not being able to move and it slithering up my leg was making me extremely anxious. Borderline stifling. I debated telling you privately I was gonna just back out and watch. (I don't know why though. You've done other snake themed trances, and I've been fine. I'm not a huge snake fan, but I don't have any major issues with them, so I don't know why I was tripping so bad. Maybe because the feet were stuck. Couldn't move away so felt helpless I suppose.) Then you reassured it was all fantasy. That we were safe with you and the others around and that helped calm me down a lot. I don't know what you saw that caused you to put that in when you did, but it was much appreciated. I was able to relax a lot after that. I guess just the trust/confidence I have in you and then not being alone with the others, pointing it out was what I needed. ]

[Hypnotists Followup: and this is how you should work with your subjects. That level of trust is what allows them to go into trance and let go, it makes for a much smoother experience, and opens up far more possibilities for adventures for both you and them!]

Sleepyhypno: 12:36 AM
very good ladies
thank you for trusting me.
and as you feel the snake
coiling along your chest
under your arm pits
you can't help but notice
that the music
is almost
sinking into your mind
you can feel it
in your thoughts
like the rythym of the flut
is now the ruthym of your mind
your thoughts,
flow with the music

[Ivy Comment: I'm TELLING YOU, you should do more music based stuff, this part here is goooooooood]

Sleepyhypno: 12:36 AM
even if most of the thoughts
are simply about the snake
coiled along your body
but then you get distracted
by the snake
it's head
moving up in front of your eyes
angling to look at you
you can't help but notice
that it's eyes...
appear to be glazed
appear to be passive
you realize that the snake
is deeply hypnotized
by the snake charmer...
how does that make you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl: 12:39 AM

Ivy: 12:39 AM
very intrigued

Psyco: 12:39 AM
Jealous Sir.

Princess: 12:39 AM
impending doom

[Hypnotists Note: Notice Ivy has now moved from a negative feeling to one of more intrigue, and the tone of Princess’s comment has taken on a bit more of a light hearted nature. The issue is basically solved at this point but I continued to watch Princess especially for signs of any kind of negative reaction but from this point on she didn’t seem to have any issues.]

Sleepyhypno: 12:39 AM
very good ladies..
how deep do you feel now?

Ivy: 12:40 AM

Psyco: 12:40 AM
89% Sir.

Sleepygirl: 12:40 AM

Princess: 12:40 AM

[Hypnotists Note: This was my final clue that Princess was ok… all of the girls here are relatively lightly hypnotized on their scales. But at this point Princess is double or triple the depth that she usually gets too. That little bit of fear and anxiety that could have been a deal breaker for her was instead used effectively to help her focus on the fantasy more and put her deeper. All I had to do was remind her that she was safe and it was a fantasy.]

Sleepyhypno: 12:40 AM
good girls
all of you are doing so very well now
as you look at the snake
it's blank
hypnotized eyes staring at you
it opens it's mouth and hisses
and as it does...
it also opens it's hood
revealing that this isn't just any kind of snake
it's a cobra
as it's hood stretches out
it's tongue flicks towards you
and you become aware
of a pattern in it's scales
it appears to have...
shiney eyes
in the pattern of it's hood

[Ivy Comment: Unexpected, I loved this part.]

[Hypnotist Note: In general this part of the script seemed to really affect everyone, I heard from 3 of the 4 participants that the hood opening up really hit them all pretty hard. Which is funny to me because it was a spur of the moment thing and I had to do a quick google search to find out what a cobra’s hood actually looked like. And also to discover that a Cobra, and  Viper are actually two totally different things.]

Sleepyhypno: 12:40 AM
eyes that sparkle
and flicker
eyes that instanly
and completely
draw you in.
the gentle hissing sound
and the flicking of it's tongue
only seem to pull you in
more and more deeply
you fele yourself gasp in shock
but then the music
the sparling 'eyes' in the hood
and the nervousness
the tension from the snake
all get to you
all at once
and you feel your mind...
simply shut down now…

[Princess Note: Stuff like this
"All get to you, all at once", "simply...stop", "mind simply turns...off"
Language like that fired one after the other made it a million times simpler to simply drop as deep as possible as quickly as possible. You feel like that is the only and best option. And once it happens, your body experiences things, but your mind is just an unengaged spectator in the background.]

Sleepyhypno: 12:40 AM
you feel your thoughts
you may even hear a soft
as your mind simply turns...
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl: 12:44 AM

Psyco: 12:44 AM
Yes Master.

Princess: 12:44 AM

Ivy: 12:44 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:44 AM
good girls
doing so very well now
with your mind turned off
your resistance is...
and the music sinks even more deeply
into your mind.

[Ivy Comment: I really can't get enough of music sinking deeper into your mind - style imagery.]

you feel your body
starting to sway
gently to the music
your hands moving above your head
as your torso
and belly
start to sway
your legs moving
in such a way that your entire body
seems to sway
like the snake did
when you first saw it
all the while
staring down
into the snakes
blank eyes
and somewhere in the back of your mind
you can see your own reflection
reflecting off the snakes eyes
you can see your own face
blank and relaxed
calm and passive
your own eyes
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl: 12:47 AM

Princess: 12:47 AM

Psyco: 12:47 AM
Yes Master.

Ivy: 12:47 AM
yes yes

[Ivy Comment: ......I might drop again just by reading this....]

Sleepyhypno: 12:47 AM
very good.
how does this make you feel ladies?

Ivy: 12:47 AM
much calmer

Princess: 12:47 AM

Psyco: 12:48 AM
Helplessly aroused Master.

Sleepygirl: 12:48 AM
calm, blank, excited

Sleepyhypno: 12:48 AM
Good girls
with your now...
completely hypnotized...
completley helpless
the snake start to coil...
along your body
only this time they slip
under your clothes
and start to slide along your skin
you can feel the muscles
of the snakes body
massaging your own
as your body sways to the music
your feet finally able to move
as your body starts to sway and dance
around the tiny little space
that the snake charmer has made theirown
the busy market is forgotten
the people watching you
watching you dance
are all forgotten
all the matters is the music
and the dance
and the feel of the snake along your skin
you find yourself
slowly removing
some of your clothes
maybe just a little
maybe more...
showing off some skin
showing off your body
as the snake coils more and more along your body
and seems to find
just the right place
maybe along your chest
maybe along your stomach
or maybe along your more
private areas
to stimulate you
you feel your body
and heating up
despite the warm
desert climate
the snake still loves
body heat
and it coils more and more along you
every sway
every movement
seems to to be rewarded
with a tingle
and caress
as the snake stimulates your body
arousing you
bringing you pleasure...
more and more..
how does that make you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl: 12:52 AM

Princess: 12:52 AM

Ivy: 12:53 AM
getting aroused

Psyco: 12:53 AM
Helplessly aroused Master.

Sleepyhypno: 12:53 AM
very good
how deep are you now ladies?

Princess: 12:53 AM

Sleepygirl: 12:53 AM

Ivy: 12:53 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:54 AM
good girls...

Psyco: 12:54 AM
160% Master.

[Hypnotists Note: the imagery here is really starting to affect the girls. Psycho is now twice as deep, and Sleepygirl has dropped more than three times where she was the last time I asked.]

Sleepyhypno: 12:54 AM
very good
you feel the snake
sliding along yoru body
the more you sway
the more you move
the more the snake seems too simply
find all the places that you enjoy
all the places that stiulate you
that build your pleausre
that make you more.
and more aroused
as the music fills your mind
you can't help but simply sway
and twist
while the snake moves
along all of those
special places
you feel yourself becoming
in every sense of the word
and this only encourages the snake
only makes it find
more and more ways
to stiulate your body
flicking it's tongue
over some of the most
sensitive places
that it can find
making you tingle
making your shiver
and making your body
build it's pleasure
deeper and deeper insid eof you
maybe it finds a way
with it's body
to coil along a particularly
sensitive spot...
or finds a way to wrap itself around
a part of you
that just pushes your buttons
or maybe...
it moves between your legs
and finds the most...
intimate of places
that it can stimulate
and arouse
do you like that feeling ladies?

Sleepygirl: 12:57 AM

Ivy: 12:58 AM

Psyco: 12:58 AM
Yes Master.

Princess: 12:58 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:58 AM
this pleasure that you feel
just makes your body move
and sway
more and more with the music
making the snake
more active
the warmer you become
the more...
it seems to have
the more it stimulates you
massages you
and builds your arousal
completley inside of you
your mind is off...
the music is all you can hear
no thoughts
just the music
and the pleasure
building deeper and deeper...
all the way inside of you
your heart racing
half from the dance
half from the stimulation
ready to just feel your ultimate release
your ultimate wave of pleasure
and just as a small
smile forms of your face
you feel that snake hit
just the right place
and just the right time
and your body simply
hard and deep
and your mind simply finds a way
to shut down
even more deeply now.
just let that pleasure flow through you ladies
and tell me how you feel...
when your done
just feel the pleausre...

Ivy: 1:02 AM
feeling lethargic

Sleepyhypno: 1:03 AM
good girl
just relax...

Sleepygirl: 1:03 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:03 AM
very good
just relax and let the others
enjoy them climax
and whe you ladies have finished
simply tell us how you feel now.

Princess: 1:04 AM

Psyco: 1:04 AM
relaxed and satisfied Master.

Sleepyhypno: 1:05 AM
very good all doing so very well now...
how deep are you ladies now?

Ivy: 1:05 AM

Sleepygirl: 1:05 AM

Psyco: 1:05 AM
230% Master.

Princess: 1:06 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:06 AM
good girls
with your body feeling the pleasure
and the snakes body
coiled along yours
the two of you seem to start
to simply move
dancing as wone
as your arms move up
over your head
the snake seems to coil
up one arm...
and then down the other
slithering along yoru gorm
every sway
a different place for the snake to move
a different feeling
as it's strong
muscular body
moves along yoru skin
along yoru arms
along your legs
along your stoamch
and chest
along all the places
you really enjoy
being touched
and caressed.
do you like this feeling ladies?

Psyco: 1:08 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepygirl: 1:08 AM

Ivy: 1:08 AM

Princess: 1:08 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:08 AM
very good
all of you doing so very well
after a while...
the music seems to change...
and you find yourself
slowly dancing
over the to snake charmer
to the person that simply
and easily...
charmed not only the snake
but you as well.
you find yourself
slowly kneeling down
in front of the basket the snake was in
and extending your arm.
you feel the snake
slowly coiling alon gyour arm
and slidign into the basket

[Ivy Comment: I like this visual of nonverbal communication between us and the snake.]

Sleepyhypno: 1:08 AM
feeling it's weight
slowly sliding off of you
inch by inch
until it is completely in it's basket
you find yourself
gently kneeling
watching the snake charmer
play their hypnotic melody
for a few more seconds
and then they stop
and as they do
you feel your eyes...
and your body
just relax
your head falls to the chest
and you simply sit
in the busy market
just like the snake
blank and waiting
completely unaware
completley helpless
completely charmed...
how does that make you feel ladies?

[Ivy Comment: Gone; in complete and utter content.]

[Princess Comment: This felt really good. Just utter silence. No thought interruptions. Just free to be. Focused and relaxed all that are asked of you.]

[Sleepygirl response to Princess: that was kind of my thought too, actually]

Sleepygirl: 1:11 AM
helpless, excited

Ivy: 1:11 AM

Psyco: 1:12 AM
Powerless and aroused Master.

Princess: 1:12 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:12 AM
Good girls
you like the idea of just being...

[Ivy Comment (while proofreading): *nods*]

of just being helpless
maybe for another song...
maybe for the one who charmed you
to simply take you for a more...
private showing...
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl: 1:13 AM

Ivy: 1:13 AM
yes yes

Princess: 1:13 AM

Psyco: 1:13 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno: 1:14 AM
good girls
this is the end of the script...
the end of what i have planned for the video.
i could simply wake you ladies up....
or leave you hypnotized like this...
maybe send you to bed...
or maybe have you put on a little show...
i know it's later for some
then it is for others
so you are free
to tell me what you might like to do...
in a private message now ladies
doing so well now ladies..

[Hypnotists Note: At this point I talked to the girls one on one in DM so that they didn’t feel any kind of pressure from the others, they were able to tell me what it was that they wanted. In this case, Psycho needed to go to bed as it was late for her, Princes and Sleepygirl were ok with putting on a little show, and Ivy just wanted to sit and enjoy the feeling of being blank. However, I am going to save this part of the story for next time!]

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