Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Snake Charmer - Hypnosis Session Log - Part 2

Key: MD, MC, Snake Hypnosis, Control

Description: With the girls already deeply hypnotized they agree to continue sinking deeper, and allow me to have them put on a little bit of a show.

[Hypnotist Note: When we last left our lovely young subjects, they were all completely hypnotized imagining themselves kneeling before the Snake Charmer completely blanked out and essentially turned ‘off’ in their mind. I would get LOTS of feedback afterwards that this feeling of being ‘off’ was very enjoyable for them and that they would like to do that more in the future, so who knows these ‘after party’ logs might become more of a thing in the future.]

Sleepyhypno: 1:19 AM
i've heard from all of you
just ironing out the last few...
little details
good girls
all four of you have answered
all four of you are deep
and relaxed
open and blank
and all four of you
have choosen to stay this way...
although one of you ...
has to leave
isn't that right ladies?

Princess: 1:20 AM

Ivy: 1:20 AM

Psyco: 1:20 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepygirl: 1:20 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:20 AM
good girl
just feeling yourself
blank and calm
on your knees
on pause
like a toy that has been turned off…

[Ivy Comment: Oooo, nice one!]

waiting for the music
waiting for instructions
waiting for commands
you can see the other girls
maybe they are dressed like normal
or maybe they are dressed in something more...
setting approriate
it's all up to you...
but it feels nice to know
that you are all...
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy: 1:22 AM
yes yeees

Sleepygirl: 1:22 AM

Psyco: 1:22 AM
Yes Master.

Princess: 1:22 AM

 Sleepyhypno: 1:22 AM
good girls
but one of you has to leave...
so i want psyco...
and only psyco now...
to hear the music flowly slowly
and easily
into your mind
the other three will see her rising up
to her feet
but wont' move a muscle
the other three are asleep
while only psyco
listens to the commands i'm about to give
you can all do that can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl: 1:23 AM

Ivy: 1:23 AM

Princess: 1:23 AM

Psyco: 1:23 AM
Yes Master.

[Hypnotists Note: if your doing a group trance and you want to give suggestions to just one person in the group it’s very important that you tell everyone what is happening, you don’t really need to go into the detail that I did here, but you definitely have to make sure they know at least somehow what is expected of them.]

Sleepyhypno: 1:23 AM
good girls
while you hear the music
in a moment you are going to let the music
carry you away...
you'll be able to log off yoru computer...
and feel yoruself slowly
gently dancing your way
to take your shower...
finding that while you shower...
you can easily do so in a very
and sensual way
hearing the music
and if you want
feeling the snake with you
coiling around you
while you gently clean yoruself up
is that ok with you my friend?

Psyco: 1:25 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno: 1:25 AM
when you are done
you will find yourself drying off
in the same way
and slowly
dancing your way through
any other last minute chores
or anything else
you need to do before you sleep
before you rest
and once you are done
you will climb into bed
and simply let yourself get comfortable
and then hear the music come to a stop
and feel your mind
shut down
just like the other three girls here with you now
completely off
completely blank
and helpless
only unlike them...
you will drift away into a deep
relaxing sleep
understand psyco?

Psyco: 1:26 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno: 1:26 AM
Good girl
do you have any questions... comments, or suggestions you'd like to say before you follow your orders?

Psyco: 1:27 AM
No Master, nothing comes to mind.

Sleepyhypno: 1:27 AM
good girl
then you may follow your orders... NOW Psyco.... good night

Psyco: 1:28 AM
Good night Master.

Sleepyhypno: 1:28 AM
and now for the rest of you ladies...
all deeply hypnotized
completely blank
feeling yourself on your knees
and calm
how did you ladies enjoy seeing psyco programmed?

Ivy: 1:29 AM
love it

Sleepygirl: 1:29 AM
enjoyed it

Princess: 1:29 AM
enjoyed it

Sleepyhypno: 1:29 AM
good girls
but the three of you...
are all still here...
blank and helpless
sinking more and more deeply
with every line.
and the three of you
to puton a slittle show...
isn't that right ladies?

[Hypnotists Note: I’m noticing that my typing is starting to go to shit more than usual. Always a good sign of things to come =cP ]

Sleepygirl: 1:30 AM

Princess: 1:30 AM

Ivy: 1:30 AM
id like to just watch

[Ivy Proofreading Comment: Here's an example of being able to say what it is you want to your hypnotist - I was really enjoying just sitting and relaxing, a spectator to the show rather than a participant - Don't be afraid to be honest about your desires.]

Sleepyhypno: 1:31 AM
i think that woudl be ok ivy... is it ok with the you two if ivy jus twatches... for now/

Sleepygirl: 1:31 AM

Princess: 1:31 AM

Ivy: 1:31 AM
thnk you

[Hypnotists Note: Always, always, ALWAYS! Ask your subjects if what you are planning is ok, and in a group if you have one person that just wants to do one thing, always ask if the others are comfortable with it. You don’t want to inadvertently put one person on the spot by having them do something they thought would be a group thing only to end up with half the group or even just them being the ones doing it.]

Sleepyhypno: 1:31 AM
good girls ...
and are you two ok if we continue to log this to be posted?

Princess: 1:32 AM

Sleepygirl: 1:32 AM

[Hypnotists Note: it should go without saying, but if you get consent for one thing and then pivot to another, ask for consent again. Ten seconds of effort can save you a lot of trouble down the line.]

Sleepyhypno: 1:32 AM
good girls
all doing so very well now...
all three of you drifting
all three of you dropping
more and more deeply
it doesn't matter if your about to put on a show
or simply about to watch one
your mind is simply off
and deep
sinking down more and more deeply
with every word
whether it's said by me
or by one of the other girls
every word you read
takes you deeper
and deeper
making you realize you are safe
you are calm
everyone here is either hypnotized...
or the hypnotist
your completely safe
completely free to express yourself
in whatever ways you find...
the most enjoyable now
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl: 1:34 AM

Ivy: 1:34 AM
nod nod

Princess: 1:35 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:35 AM
good girls
and as you sit there...
you all three start to hear...
the flute playing again...
but the flute will have...
a very different effect
on each of you...
one of you...
simply wants to sit
simply wants to be peaceful
and you can all hear the music
but you can almost see it...
notes swirling their way into the mind...
of Ivy...
helping her to simply be...
to be calm ...
letting her mind become...
more and more blank
more and more open to suggestion.

[Ivy Proofreading Comment: gulp ...this...this is niiiice!]

you can feel how the music effects her
puts her deeper
and deeper
you can see how the notes
each flow into her mind
blanking her
you can all see that... feel that... happening to Ivy now... can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl: 1:37 AM

Princess: 1:37 AM

Ivy: 1:37 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:38 AM
and how does this make you feel now ladies?

Princess: 1:38 AM

Ivy: 1:38 AM
blank adn peaceful

Sleepygirl: 1:38 AM
deeper, blank, aroused

Sleepyhypno: 1:38 AM
good girls
you've all choosen to stay asleep...
and just like psyco...
your going to stay asleep
for the rest of the night...
until i send you to bed.
is that ok with you ladies?

Sleepygirl: 1:39 AM

Princess: 1:39 AM

Ivy: 1:39 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:39 AM
godo girls
when it gets to that time...
be sure to let me know... in private
until then...
you will remain hearing the music
breathing slowly
and gently
watching it effect the others
feeling it effect them
if you wish to join them
you are free to message me and let me know
but until then you will answer
when a question is asked
and just
deeper under the spell
becoming more and more
isn't that right?

Ivy: 1:40 AM
yes master thts right

[Hypnotist Note: Notice here that Ivy called me master. This was due to several factors. 1: The nature of the trance lead being her under control of someone lead to that seeming natural to say. Let's face it if you're in the hypnosis community for anything but self-help you're going to encounter something with the Master - Submissive dynamic in it probably on your first day. 2: Ivy is VERY deep right now. So the normal filters that she has in her mind are dropping away. And 3: she has been working with the group here for probably about a year or more at this point, she feels comfortable with them and with me to simply let go and relax into the fantasy a bit more. Now the fun thing to watch for, will be how the other two start to react to it.]

[Ivy Proofreading Comments:  My filters are very strong...but that doesn't mean I won't let them slip away if the right feeling sets in. [Also] Very true! I trust each and every one of them to know how I'm feeling - it's nice :)]

Sleepyhypno: 1:40 AM
good girl
but now
Sleepygirl, and princess...
you also feel the music
sliding into your minds
you can feel it
slithering in
almost like a snake itself
see it
moving into your ear
into the ears of the other girls
sliding into your mind
becoming your thoughts
filling you
taking you deeper
and deeper
every note
every word
blanks your mind
even more
but unlike ivy
you find yoruself
not being still
but rising to your feet... in your mind
you find yoruself starting to dance
starting to sway
you can feel that... you can see that... can't you ladies?

Princess: 1:42 AM

Sleepygirl: 1:43 AM
yes master

[Hypnotists Note: As I mentioned, calling me master would start to spread. Although, in a more private conversation with Sleepygirl she had reached the same point as Ivy at about the same time, but didn’t even really notice that Ivy had done it first. But the reasoning appears to be the same which I stated above.]

Sleepyhypno: 1:43 AM
good girls
doing so very well...
you can see the snake...
start to slither around you as well
completely hypnotized
then two...
then three...
whether you are starting to dance...
or sitting
sinking deeper and deeper
does the snake start to slide along your body... or does it simply dance around you... never touching you

Ivy: 1:44 AM
slide along

Sleepygirl: 1:45 AM
slide along my body

Princess: 1:45 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: always easier when your subjects agree to the same thing at the same time.]

Sleepyhypno: 1:46 AM
good girls
just feel the snakes
sliding along your bodies
letting them gently start to move
start to col around you
like a prop...
like a dance partner
a seductive lover
every coil
every swirl
taking you deeper
and deeper
you can feel tha tcan't you ladies?

Sleepygirl: 1:47 AM

Ivy: 1:48 AM
nod nod nod

Princess: 1:48 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:48 AM
good girls
all three of you... are very much.... story tellers
like me...
in your own way
you each have a unique...
special way
of describing things...
a special way of wording things
each different
but each beautiful in your own way...
i'd like for you ladies...
specifically Princess, and sleepygirl...
to take a moment and describe... where the snake moves...
how it moves along your body
how it makes you feel
and how you react...
the more you describe
the more vivid it will be for you...
ivy ...
since you are blank and helpless
you are free to do this as well...
or simply sink deeper
and become more and more blank
just breathing slowly...
and easily...
whlie you type..
or while you wait...
for your fellow sisters in trance
to type
feeling the snake along yoru skin
feeling the music
deep in your mind
pulling you down
deeper and deeper...

Princess: 1:55 AM
Snake moves from arm, slips under clothes at neckline. Slithers in a circular fashion around torso, touching every pat on its way out from under the shirt yo the leg. Scaling down the leg in the same circular motion, it reaches the foot. Amd begins backtracking back to the opposite arm.

Moves to the other arm and slithers on top of clothes down to ground before climbing up the opposite leg amd redoing it's journey

Sleepygirl: 1:56 AM
my body sways gently from side to side while the snake coils along me...sliding along my stomach and up my chest at first, making me shiver as it slithers along my skin. then it slides its way up one of my arms while they are raised above my head, then sliding down the other arm as my head sways with the rest of my body, brushing against the snake as it slides down my arm almost in a caress. the music swirls through my blank, empty mind while the snake coils itself down my back next, over my butt and between my legs...slithering especially slowly as it passes between them and making me gasp, despite how deep i am...

Sleepyhypno: 1:57 AM
very good
free to enjoy what the others girl write

Princess: 1:57 AM
Feels warm amd tight like a tight hug. Squeezing just enough to show how strong it is. Too blank to care that it's moving along my body so no reaction occurs. Simply moving in time with the snake no matter where it is on the body

Sleepyhypno: 1:57 AM
free to enjoy what they feel...
seeing them experiencing what they describe
while you feel what you described...
and just let that feeling
buildin in your mind
whlie we wait for the last little snippet
the last little description
hearing the music in yoru mind
and feeling the snake along your body
as you simply sink
and surrender
more with every note
more with every sway of your body
more with every breathe
more and more deeply
with every slither and squeeze of the snake

[Ivy Note: I had told him via DM that something had come to mind at that prompt and I was typing it up...the problem is that while I am normally a swift typist ...I was not, AT ALL, in a normal situation so it...took a bit :D]

Ivy: 1:59 AM
one snake, shorter than all the others, slithers up my thighs in a serpantine fashing, one thigh then other the other, making its way up my body over each curve until reaching the base of my neck. Its coils feel cold, even after slithering over the hot ground. I feel its tail glide straight up my chest, between my breasts and stopping at the front of my neck. The snake, very slowly, glides its tail up to under my chin, lifting my head, revealing my glazed and blank stare.

[Ivy Comment, to Ivy’s response in trance session: ....yep, the typos [facepalm] Those are good indicators I am SO GONE right then.]

I feel my head tilt to the side, the tail slithering over to catch and hold it. I feel the snake slide along my neck, flicking its tongue up and down along my neck as i stare off.

Sleepyhypno: 2:00 AM
very good ladies
you've all done so well...
take a moment to simply read what the other girls wrote
to enjoy what they felt
to see them...
dancing... or kneel
as the snakes slide along their bodies
along yoru bodies
and tell me how you feel... after reading the other girls descriptions

Princess: 2:03 AM
Excited amd captivated

Sleepygirl: 2:03 AM
helpless and enthralled

Ivy: 2:03 AM

Sleepyhypno: 2:03 AM
good girls
and how did you feel... writing that description for us to read?

Ivy: 2:04 AM
it felt almost real

Princess: 2:04 AM
Felt snake

Sleepygirl: 2:04 AM

Sleepyhypno: 2:05 AM
good girls...
your all doing so very well...
how deep are you ladies?

Princess: 2:05 AM

Sleepygirl: 2:05 AM

Ivy: 2:06 AM
80s 90s hard to tell

[Hypnotist’s Note: Wow!]

Sleepyhypno: 2:06 AM
your all aware... on some level... of your own depth, and what is deep for you...
but your all, also aware... of your fellow subjects....  depth gages...
and what is deep for them...
aren't you ladies?

Ivy: 2:07 AM

Sleepygirl: 2:07 AM

Princess: 2:07 AM

Sleepyhypno: 2:07 AM
and your all aware... that each of your fellow subjects... your sisters in trance... are very very deep...
much deeper then i think we've ever had them in a group chat...
you do realize that now...
don't you ladies?

Sleepygirl: 2:08 AM

Princess: 2:08 AM
yes master

Ivy: 2:08 AM
oh yess

[Hypnotist’s Note: And now Princess has joined in as well, in a private conversation she did mention that she felt more comfortable saying ‘master’ after the other two started it, but had basically reached the same point that they did previous.  You’ll notice that they go off and on in saying it and not saying it. That basically just boils down to in a trance you usually don't’ want to write a lot all the time. Some people are wordy more than others. Ivy for example will give detailed responses on a regular basis, whereas others just type a one word answer, but in general people tend to not really want to type all that much.]

Sleepyhypno: 2:08 AM
but it's not just the others that are very very deep...
each and every one of you...
is deeply...
and completely hypnotized...
to use the term that one of you used in private...
you are all...
and totally...
aren't you ladies?

Ivy: 2:09 AM
yes master , goneee

[Ivy comment: knowing nod]

Princess: 2:10 AM
Yes Master

Sleepygirl: 2:10 AM
yes master

[Hypnotist’s Note: Cue the ‘Ego Overload’.]

Sleepyhypno: 2:10 AM
good girls...
and do you know how,
other then you saying how deep you are...
that i know the three of you...
are completely, and totally... Gone now ladies?

Ivy: 2:11 AM
by us using your title

Sleepygirl: 2:11 AM
called you master

Sleepyhypno: 2:11 AM
good girls...
thats something that only happens... when you are very....
very deep...
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl: 2:12 AM
yes master

Princess: 2:12 AM
Yes master

Ivy: 2:12 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 2:13 AM
and how do you feel... saying that... in open chat now ladies?

Ivy: 2:13 AM

Princess: 2:13 AM

Sleepygirl: 2:13 AM
further gone

Sleepyhypno: 2:13 AM
good girls
always interesting to see your fellow subjects... your fellow charmed thralls responses...
to get a little glimpse
into how they feel
during the same situation...
and how do you feel...
knowing that the two girls with you
are so deeply hypnotized
so completely... and totally...
that they don't even hesitate to be open completley now?

Ivy: 2:15 AM
so glad for them

Sleepygirl: 2:15 AM
feels good to see

Princess: 2:15 AM
Feels exciting and fun to see

Sleepyhypno: 2:15 AM
good girls
you have all done so very very well tonight
I am very proud of all of you..
is it getting late for any of your currently
or are we good to keep going
with our little charming play?

Princess: 2:16 AM
Keep going

Sleepygirl: 2:16 AM
ok to keep going

Ivy: 2:16 AM
im good but will like to continue being still

Sleepyhypno: 2:16 AM
you will be still ivy
completely still
feeling the snake slide along your body
feeling the snake sliding along all of yoru bodies
one of you still
and helpless
head tilted up
blank and open

[Ivy Comment: ...and that almost got me just now!]

Sleepyhypno: 2:16 AM
the others dancing
shwoing off your bodies
letting them wiggle
and sway
for the crowd...
or for your sisters
or for the one who has charmed you...
or maybe...
even for yourself...
it's all up to you...
but i would like you...
to take a moment
and look at yourself
in your mind
as you sit... or dance...
and tell me...
in as much... or as little detail
what you see yourself wearing...
how muc hor how little clothing...
and what kind of clothes they are...
the more you describe
the more vivid the image will be for you now ladies

Princess: 2:22 AM
Decorative teal bra, long flowy skirt the same color and if similar pattern, skirt is slightly see through as it has a sheer type texture. Gold accent jewelry, necklace and bracelets

Ivy: 2:23 AM
a very simple two piece ensemble with protective head covering, made of light weight light colored fabric, the top has quaterlength sleeves, the pants run just above my ankles

[Ivy Comment: Even in trance, I'm very practical :D]

Sleepygirl: 2:24 AM
dark green flowing skirt, sleeveless white shirt

Sleepyhypno: 2:24 AM
good girls
all feeling so very
dancing or sitting
shwoing off your form
showing off your body
it feels so freeing ot just move
move to the music
mor and more
as it echos in your mind
your empty
still mind
body working on autopilot
or sitting
breathing gently
and easily
as you feel the snake
coiling around your body
sliding along your skin
moving under your clothes
moving along your form
did you enjoy being...
by the snake ladies?

Ivy: 2:26 AM
enjoying the touch yes

Sleepygirl: 2:26 AM
yes master

Princess: 2:27 AM
Prefer it's constant movement

Sleepyhypno: 2:27 AM
good girls
and where...
if any particular place
do you enjoy feeling the snake...
the most along your body
any special places
that really seem to
stimluate you?

Ivy: 2:29 AM
around my breasts, it slithers between them, follows the curve of one all the way around, slitherin gbetween them again and slithering around the other, repeating its move ments over and over

Sleepygirl: 2:29 AM
along my stomach and chest, between my legs

Sleepyhypno: 2:30 AM
very good ladies
doing so very well...
just feeling hte pleasure  along yoru body
feeling the nsake
moving along yoru skin
and deeply
more and more vividly
as you feel it
move again in front of you
it's blank eyes staring into yorus
as it's hood
opens up
and sparkles
it's shiney
eye like scales
into your mind
the flashes
the pattern

[Ivy Comment: I've really come to enjoy this visual...A LOT!]

Sleepyhypno: 2:30 AM
just seem to help you
sink even more deeply
even more completley
whether you are moving
and dancing
or simply sitting
the sparkles pull you in
the sparkles
make you so much more...
and deep
and make the whole situation
the whoel experience
so much more
vivid for you now..
doesn't it ladies?

Sleepygirl: 2:35 AM
yes master

Ivy: 2:35 AM
yes yes master

[Hypnotists Note: It was about this time that Princess fell asleep. And the rest of us, myself included started to feel the lateness of the hour.]

Sleepyhypno: 2:35 AM
you are free to simply feel this snake
coilidn galong yoru body
as it's eyes
as it's scales
blakn you rmind
making you deeper
and deeper
if you want...
you can feel it's tail
finding that most
special place in your
in your body
and feeling it...
finding just the right way
to stimulate you
to drive you to the edge
and beyond
or you are free
to just sit
and stare
at it's eyes
as you go deeper
and deeper
into trance
free to relax
free to sink
free to surrender
into whatever you would find the most...
pleasureable now
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl: 2:37 AM
yes master

Ivy: 2:37 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 2:38 AM
good girls.
how do you feel now ladies?

Ivy: 2:39 AM

Sleepygirl: 2:41 AM
deep, blank, floaty

Sleepyhypno: 2:41 AM
good girls...
I think we have lost princess...
i think she looked...
too deeply
into the snakes scales
and slipped away to sleep
just like psyco
asleep on the ground
witht he snake
coiled around each of them
blank and helpless
simply feeling the snake
moving over their bodies
as the music sinks
deeper and deeper
into their minds
thats a lovely feeling
isn't it ladies?

Ivy: 2:42 AM
oh yes

Sleepygirl: 2:42 AM

Ivy: 2:42 AM
lovely sight, too

Sleepyhypno: 2:42 AM
but now the question becomes...
what to do...
with the two of you...
it's getting late...
were getting tired...
and soon the music
will stop..
and you will drift
deeply and completley
down to sleep.
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy: 2:43 AM
yes master

Sleepygirl: 2:43 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 2:44 AM
like psyco....
when the time comes...
the two of you will move to your beds...
youa re a free to dance
or walk in a trance
to your bed
hearing the music
and feeling the snake with you
massaging those tired
tense muscles
making your body simply
and let go
moving you to tyour bed
and getting comfortable
and then you'll hear the music
and feel yourself shut down
feelin gthe snake
with you
massaging your body
maybe to relax you
or maybe to stimulate you
maybe helping you to just let go
or maybe stimulating you in your sleep
it's all up to you ladies
you can see that now can't you?

Ivy: 2:46 AM
nod nod * yes master

Sleepygirl: 2:46 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 2:46 AM
the question now remains...
what will you feel... and what will you reember... when you wake up tomorrow...
will there be any residual effects
will you remember what happened
or will it be a big blank in your mind.
what do you ladies think you would like the most?

Sleepygirl: 2:48 AM
have a blank in my mind

Ivy: 2:48 AM
a bit of both, remembering trying to resist the music, it getting hazy from there, feeling myself kneeling, the eyes but nothing other than that

Sleepyhypno: 2:48 AM
good girls...
do you think it would fit both of your interests... to simply have your memory end... more or less around the time of your mind... shutting down... when you heard that soft little..
deep inside...
that being the last clear memory you have.
maybe a little flash.. here or there
or maybe simply nothing
after that
would that be ok with you ladies?

Sleepygirl: 2:49 AM

Ivy: 2:50 AM
yes master, nicce and simple

[Ivy Comment: I don't tend to forget events entirely, I do get a quick series of images in my mind that we've dubbed "flashes", which is what he is referencing here.]

[Hypnotists Note: making a subject “forget” is a complicated thing, it is physically impossible to make a person ‘forget’ something with hypnosis. The brain simply doesn’t work that way. What you can do is have a person push their experience into the back of their mind. The same spot you used to keep the homework assignments you didn’t want to do when you were a kid, or the information that you need to do laundry now that you're an adult. Forgetting is like any other suggestion, it is a conscious decision to behave in a specific way. In this case to behave as if you have forgotten. But like all things in hypnosis every single subject is going to go about that a little differently.]

Sleepyhypno: 2:50 AM
good girls
and will there be any residual effects... from your time being charmed...  or will you be back to normal?

Sleepygirl: 2:51 AM
maybe some residual effects

Ivy: 2:51 AM
like still feeling the snakes coiling?

Sleepyhypno: 2:51 AM
the effects could be anything you'd like...
what kind of residual effects.  would you two ladies... like to feel tomorrow when you wake up...

Ivy: 2:52 AM
I cant thin k of any personally

Sleepyhypno: 2:53 AM
Sleepygirl... what kind of residual effects. would you like to feel tomorrow... when you wake up.... whether you realize them or not?

Sleepygirl: 2:53 AM
maybe still hearing the music occasionally...or seeing the snakes eyes

Sleepyhypno: 2:54 AM
good girl
both of those will help you to simply relax
and drift
and maybe even... dance...
if you can do so safely
would you like that residual effect as well ivy?

Ivy: 2:55 AM
it does sound fun

Sleepyhypno: 2:55 AM
good girls
then you know what you will feel when you wake up tomorrow...
and what you will remember
and what you will forget...
don't you ladies?

Ivy: 2:55 AM
nothing after the ping, maybe flash or two, hearing the music and seeing the eyes

Sleepygirl: 2:56 AM
yes master

Ivy: 2:58 AM
yes that would be alright, id be grateful

Sleepyhypno: 2:58 AM
good girl
you are both completely blank
both completely relaxed
hearing the music
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy: 2:59 AM

Sleepygirl: 2:59 AM

Sleepyhypno: 3:00 AM
you both sank...
very deeply...
both watched others
very deeply
didn't you?

Ivy: 3:00 AM

Sleepygirl: 3:01 AM

Sleepyhypno: 3:01 AM
you both ended up in a very... special place...
on your knees
blakn and helpless
what were you.. when you were like that ladies?

Ivy: 3:02 AM

Sleepygirl: 3:02 AM
a thrall

Sleepyhypno: 3:02 AM
and you are still...  a deep... relaxed thrall...
aren't you ladies?

Sleepygirl: 3:03 AM
yes  master

Ivy: 3:03 AM

Sleepyhypno: 3:03 AM
one of you is still... so very deep... so very helpless...
but the other has drifted back
just a bit
still deeper then they were when we started
but not as deep as they could...
which one of you is deep...
and which one of you needs to become... deeper...

Ivy: 3:04 AM
i need to be deeper

Sleepygirl: 3:04 AM
i am deep

Sleepyhypno: 3:04 AM
good girls...
and you'd be willing to let your siser in trance... help you to sink deeper... wouldn't you ivy?

Ivy: 3:05 AM
yes i would

Sleepyhypno: 3:05 AM
good girl...
Sleepygirl.... put Ivy deeply into trance again please

Sleepygirl: 3:08 AM
[Hypnotists Note: At this point Sleepygirl typed, 35 separate instances of Ivy’s sleep trigger… effectively knocking the poor girl out cold.]

[Ivy Comment: It was like a train HIT me, I wasn't expecting it!]

Sleepyhypno: 3:08 AM
good girl...
how do you feel now ivy?

Ivy: 3:09 AM
bombarded -  in a good way

Sleepyhypno: 3:09 AM
how deep areyou now ladies?

Ivy: 3:10 AM

Sleepyhypno: 3:10 AM
good girl...
you are both tired...
both ready to drift away to sleep
aren't you ladies?

Ivy: 3:11 AM
yes master, close

Sleepygirl: 3:11 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 3:11 AM
good girls
i am so very proud of you both
and very thankful that volunteered to ehlp me tonight.
is there anything you would like to tell those who will read the log, before you slip away into sleep?

Ivy: 3:13 AM
While ear snake my not be replacing ear worm for a catching tune anytime soon, it could just lead you to feeling your own snakes coiling up and around you

[Ivy Comment: Hmmm, I was trying to get at something here....]

[hypnotists response: what that was… the world will never know.]

Sleepygirl: 3:13 AM
nothing i can think of

Sleepyhypno: 3:14 AM
good girls.
for now... thank you so much for helping me otu tonight
and thank you to princess and psyco... be they asleep
and for now ladies...
you may follow your orders and go to bed...

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