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Phasmophobia - N.C.U. - Part 5

 Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: Christine finds Carly in an empty room. Inside is an out of place, ghostly item, waiting to help her fall under its spell.

    “Hey, wait a second!” Christine’s voice came over the radio, more excited this time. “I think I see something glowing near one of the doors down the hall. I’m going to go check it out!” The radio went silent as Eve watched Christine move out of range of the camera and into the darkened hallway of the south wing.

    Christine moved to the closed door and noticed that there was a handprint visible in the UV light. It appeared to be about the size of hers, if a little thin and dainty. “What could have made this?” She wondered out loud, noticing that the handprint completely disappeared when she turned off the light. She turned around and scanned the hallway, finding another door several rooms down with the same print on it. “How many more of these are there?” She wondered again as she slowly examined the second print.
    The second one matched the first exactly, a perfectly clear human handprint that glowed an eerie white in the purple light of the UV flashlight. As Christine moved closer to the print, she shined the light down the hallway and noticed another door at the very end. The same white glow was coming from it, however this one was cracked open ever so slightly.
    She made her way to the door and happened to shine the flashlight inside as she examined the third handprint. As the light illuminated the outline of a person she let out an ear splitting scream until she realized the person in question was Carly. “Oh my god you scared me!” She said, laughing despite her annoyance.
    Carly was standing in the middle of the empty classroom, staring in the direction of the desk and chalkboard. Her face was slack and her hair seemed unusually disheveled as her shoulders sagged. She didn’t really seem to move at all despite Christine’s scream, instead she just swayed on her feet and continued staring at nothing.

    Christine, who wasn’t quite as oblivious as Jessy, immediately noticed that something was wrong immediately and stepped into the room, placing a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Hey, are you alright? You look…well, kind of like you saw a ghost.” She asked worriedly, before lightheartedly adding “Or just in desperate need of some coffee.”
    Carly wordlessly began to raise her hand. After a few moments she extended her finger and pointed at the teacher's desk, still completely silent except for the slow, rhythmic sounds of her breathing. Christine followed her finger as it pointed toward the desk. “What’s up?” She asked in confusion as she stepped over to take a look.
    Sitting on the desk was a Ouija board. “Oooh! I’ve used one of these before!” she said excitedly, glancing back at Carly. “It didn’t really work, though. Do you think there might be a ghost here?” She asked her friend curiously.
    Christine jumped in surprise as the sound of the pointer sliding across the board answered her question. As she looked down, she noticed that the board was glowing, as if it had a back light inside to make it easier to see. “How did that turn? Wait…it’s moving…all on its own!” She exclaimed as she watched the pointer slowly move to the answer of “Yes.”
    “Holy shit!” Christine exclaimed in surprise, looking back at Carly, who was slowly moving towards her. She looked back down at the board. “Hmm…what to do, what to do. Umm, how many ghosts are here?” She said, asking the first thing that came to mind.
    The board slowly moved to the number two. 
    “Two…” she mused, not bothering to look at Carly this time, unaware of how close she was getting. As she started to realize what was happening, a giddy grin formed on her face as she began to giggle incessantly. “This is so cool!” She said, practically bouncing in place. “Do you respond to everyone?” She asked next.
    The pointer slowly slid along the board again, this time up to the corner and clearly to the word “No.”
    Christine blushed and glanced over to Carly, who was now standing blankly next to her “The ghost must like us!” she said, winking and looking down at the board again. “Do you think we are pretty?” she asked.
    The slider moved, smoother and easier along the board, and back to the word “Yes.”
    The blush on Christine’s face deepened.. “Never been hit on by a ghost before…” she said, enjoying the interaction. “What do you what?” She asked next, a hint of seduction in her voice.
    The board began to move, quicker and smoother than ever before as it slid down into the lettered portion of the board and stopped. “...I…” Christine said aloud as the piece began to move again the moment she acknowledged it. She followed the slider and repeated the letters as it hovered over them and stopped. “... W… A…. N… T…  Want… I want…” she said with her eyes glued to the board as the slider continued to move. “...Y… O… U…  You… I want you?” she asked, blushing again as the slider continued to move.  “... T… O… I want you to…” She hesitated for a moment, suddenly feeling nervous.. “... S… L… E… E… P… Sleep… I want you to sleep?” She asked, although the slider kept moving. “... C… H… R… I… S… T… I… N… E… Christine? How does it know my name?!” She exclaimed, quickly looking at Carly as her attention turned back to the letters on the board. “...S …L… E… E…. P…” Christine waited. The board appeared to have stopped moving. “I want you…to Sleep Christine Sleep?” She asked.
    The moment she said the words, a wave of dizziness washed over her body. She glanced up at the slack features of Carly. “Why does that sound…familllliii….” She never finished the sentence. The ghost had used the Ouija board to spell out a hypnotic trigger given to her at the sorority meetings. A trigger she didn’t know she had…at least not consciously. Carly’s subconscious, however, and by extension the ghost that was possessing her, did know. And took full advantage of it.
    As soon as Christine’s mind registered the trigger, her shoulders instantly sagged as her arms fell to her sides while her head lolled forward. She let out a deep, almost exhausted sigh as her eyes drifted closed. She sank first to her knees, and then to her side on the floor, eyes rolling into her head as she did. Her short curly hair bounced as she landed and then she was perfectly still, save for the gentle rise and fall of her ample chest as she breathed.
    A few moments passed as she lay there, breathing slowly and easily, until all of a sudden her body began to convulse as the second ghost in the room slowly moved into her body to possess her. She was silent except for the sounds of her body and clothes shaking on the ground. Finally, her body was still and her eyes opened, vacant and unseeing. 
    Her body jerked, almost unnaturally, onto its back. Her knees rose as her feet were planted firmly on the ground. After another few jerks her butt rose off of the ground next, followed by her back, then her shoulders. She slowly stood up, in the most unnatural and uncomfortable way you could imagine. Rising off of her back. slowly into an arch and then twitching and contorting it until it was upright. Her hair fell along her face and her mouth hung open as she stared at Carly, who stood in a similar position.
    The blank and helpless bodies of both girls slowly twitched and turned until they began to lumber toward the door and out into the hallway. 

    Eve sat at the computer, once again flipping through the cameras as quickly as she could. “Where the hell is everyone?” She muttered, pressing the button for the radio. “Hello… hell….” She stopped trying, realizing that the radios had once again gone to nothing but static. “What the hell is going on in there?” she asked no one.
    “I have no idea.” Rayne said, leaning over Eve’s shoulder to look at the screen.
    Eve, of course, lost her shit. She screamed at the top of her lungs and jumped back from the computer, rapidly spinning around to face Rayne. That, of course, caused Rayne to lose her shit and jump back against the wall of the van, holding her chest as she tried to calm down.
    “Don’t do that!” Both girls said in perfect unison as they tried to catch their breath.
    Eve finally spoke up once her heart rate lowered to a more acceptable 150bpm. “The radio has gone to static again.” She said, panting.
    “I know.” Rayne said, having recovered slightly quicker. “That’s why I came back here, I couldn’t find anyone at all in the building. It's like they all just disappeared, so I figured I would come and check on you. I’m glad you were here, otherwise I was going to get the fuck out of dodge.” She said matter-of-factly.
    “I know, right?” Eve said, sitting down and looking at the camera again. “I get a glimpse of a person every now and then, but nothing concrete.” She said, flipping through two more cameras and coming to a stop. “There!” She said, pointing to the screen.
    Rayne leaned in and both girls examined the screen as a clearly human figure appeared at the far end of a hallway. Unfortunately they were also surrounded by a good deal of maintenance equipment. “I can’t tell who it is?” Rayne said nervously.
    Eve peered in more closely, squinting at the screen. “I think It's Laura.” She started. “I can’t tell for sure, but she’s the only one with a ponytail that fluffy.” Before either of them could confirm who it was, the figure turned down a hallway and out of range of the camera. Eve sighed in frustration and moved through the other cameras, attempting to locate her again, but to no avail. “And…she’s gone.” She sighed, falling back against the chair.
    “Are we sure they are still in there at all?” Rayne asked, clearly becoming more unnerved by the situation.
    Eve spun around to grab what looked like a pill bottle from the desk as she pointed to the map board behind Rayne. “Yeah, I’ve been able to keep track based on the movement and sound sensors. Everyone seems to still be inside. I’ll get a hit on one end of the building…” Eve paused for dramatic effect and, as if on cue, one of the motion sensors went off in the hallway. The same one they thought they had seen Laura in just moments ago. “See?” She continued. “And then in a little bit we’ll get another reading somewhere else. So everyone is still in the building, I am just having a hell of a time telling who is who. And they seem to be just randomly wandering. And since the radios keep going out more often than Christmas tree lights. I can’t really coordinate anything with anyone.” She finished with an air of frustration as she popped open the pill bottle and downed the entire contents. She casually tossed the empty bottle over her shoulder, where it landed in a small pile of other medicine bottles on the floor in the corner behind her.
    “Ummm.”  Rayne began, looking rather concerned about what she had just witnessed Eve do. “What was that?”
    “Sanity Pills.” Eve chewed the pills as she reached into the drawer next to her and pulled out a bottle, extending it to Rayne. “Want some?” she asked, mid chew.
    Rayne quickly took the bottle and read the label. “Sanity Pills: Fukidol, 50MG. Take one pill until you are calm. Repeat as needed.”
    “You shouldn’t take pills you don’t…” Rayne paused as she finished opening the bottle and looked inside. “Are these M&M’s?” She asked, confused.
    “Yup!” Eve said, swallowing the candies. “Dark chocolate ones, too!” She said with almost no expression, turning back to the computer to examine the cameras.
    Before Rayne could respond they both heard a strange clicking noise and turned to look at the end of the van, into the open school foyer. “What was that?” Rayne asked nervously.
    Eve turned to look at the screen again and flipped through a few of the cameras. “I don’t know for sure, but it looks like we blew the main breaker. All of the lights that were on in the school seem to be off.” She sighed in annoyance. 
    “But how are the cameras working?” Rayne asked, confused.
    “They have a battery in them.” Eve responded. “When the breaker is on it charges the battery, so they will still work for a while before they die.”
    Behind Rayne the motion and sound sensors started to go off, enough to imply that the girls in the school were either moving or making noise. “Sounds like they are all freaking out in there.” Eve said in frustration.
    “Yeah… Yeah…” Rayne said in annoyance as she knocked back the entire bottle of Sanity Pills. “I’ll go get the breaker. '' She said, more annoyed than before as she grabbed the largest flashlight she could find off of the shelves. With a sigh, she turned it on and headed into the pitch black school. 

To be continued…

Curious what it might look like to see Christine possessed in a completely different way? A way involving a ghost writing in cursed book? You can find the alternate chapter available here: Phasmophobia - Part 5 - Alt Scene!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Rayne, Klaire, Laura, Christine, Jessy, Eve, Carly

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