Monday, March 13, 2023

Sith Attack - Hypnosis Log



Key: MC, MD, MF,

Description: In this real hypnosis session, Sleepygirl finds herself hypnotized into believing she is a rebel on a starship trying to defend itself from a Sith lord. But will she be able to resist his hypnotic abilities?

[Sleepygirl Note: Spoiler alert… no, I will not be able to resist.]

This log was used to create the Patreon exclusive video: Sith Attack

Sleepyhypno11:28 AM
cool, dropping a gif so i can find it in the logs later.
Alrighty, disclaimer time!  Do you consent to be hypnotized with the purpose of using the session to create a hypnotic video and or  a hypnosis log that will be publicly posted after editing and approval?

Sleepygirl 11:30 AM
yes, yes i do :cP

Sleepyhypno11:31 AM
do you consent to having your mind completely erased, altered and reprogrammed, your will subdued, your thought processes restructured and more then likely being made to orgasm publicly for the reading pleasure of the viewers?

Sleepygirl 11:32 AM
also a resounding yes :cP

Sleepyhypno11:32 AM
You are a girl

Sleepygirl 11:32 AM
girls were made to be hypnotized
yes...yes i am, what's your point?

Sleepyhypno11:33 AM
just stating the obvious for record keeping purposes.  Legal department is up my ass all the time about this shit.

Sleepygirl 11:34 AM
im sure you could subdue them easily enough

Sleepyhypno11:34 AM
I'll take that as a compliment =cP
all ready to be hypnotized?

Sleepygirl 11:35 AM
yes, you may proceed :cP

 Sleepyhypno11:35 AM
Thank you miss
Just allow yourself to get into a comfortable possition
a place wher eyou can just focus on my words
and relax... and let go for just a while.
and as you relax
as the words start to slide, more and more gently
into your mind... you find that you start to just
and relax... all the way down
you feel your mind and body
slowly, easily... coming to a nice
as your just feel your self
deeper and deeper down
taking in a deep breath
and letting it out very slowly
very gently
and just allowing your mind to fall
into a nice...  deep.... relaxing
Sleep... now...
you can do that can't you?

Sleepygirl 11:37 AM

Sleepyhypno11:37 AM
very good
doing so well now...
just allow the world around you
to simply... fade away
and allow a new world to form
in your mind...
you find yourself on a very...
pristine... shiney space ship
the floors and walls are all polished
and shiney
pure white without a hint of dirt
everyting is clean
and high tech.
you find yourself wearing clothes that both
look and feel familiar...
but with a different cut. a different material
tis' like they were similar to something you could wear
but slightly more... futuristic
you also notice that you have a weapon...
a blaster on your hip
this feels so relaxing to be here
as you simply take a moment to look
out the window and gaze out
into the stars
a distant nebula giving you
a lovely
colorful view to just
sink into this image
and take it all in.
you can see that can't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 11:40 AM

Sleepyhypno11:41 AM
good girl
But as you watch out the window
you notice... a ship...
it's on a direct course for yours
and its not slowing down.
The emergency alarm sounds in the hallway
as the ship opens fire
green energy blasts slam into the shields
and yoru ship rocks from the impact
people around scurry to their battle stations
as a few more shots shake your vessel
a paniced sounding crew members announces
over the intercom...
that the shields are down.
All security teams prepare to be boarded.
you watch out the window
and notice the attacking ship
moving towards one of the docking areas.
an area not far from where you are.
as several uniformed security troops start to run past you
you grab your weapon and follow them
reaching the docking area
you get behind a wall
and steady your aim...
and simply...
how do you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 11:45 AM
on edge, waiting to see what happens

Sleepyhypno11:45 AM
you feel your ship shake just a bit...
a loud metalic clunk as the docking collar makes  a seal
everyone waits...
steady on the outside
but shaking on the inside.
and then the door simply... opens...
and a cloaked figure steps through
thier clothes are black
with a long cape and hood concealing their face
but you can't help but notice just how...
attractive, the parts of them that you can see
appear to be.
They are clearly in shape...
their features and attire designed to be just as
as it is functional
and under the edge of the hood
you can see their mouth
curl into a grin
how do you feel seeing this Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 11:48 AM
curious, nervous, but drawn to them

Sleepyhypno11:48 AM
A moment later... you see them move
the cloak falls away
and their face is revealed
equally as attractive
and confident as you thought they might be
they pull a handle from their belt
and a blade of energy
red... energy
lights up their end of the hallway.
The troops around you open fire
laser blasts streaking down the hallway
but the attacker deflects them.
one by one.
spinning and twirling their body and their weapon
every shot deflects into the hallway
They spin around and pull a blaster from one of the troops.
making it fly across the room into their hand
A tiny click is heard as it's switched from kill. to stun...
and they turn and start to fire
blue rings of energy fly down the hallway
striking one soldier after another
their bodies flashing light blue
as they are pushed back and fall to the ground
but helpless
how does this make you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 11:52 AM
nervous, full of adrenaline

Sleepyhypno11:52 AM
You continue to fire, down the hallway
the attacker spinning and blocking all of the blasts
coming their way
stun shot after stun shot
being fired down the hall at the troops
as one by one they fall around you.
the person in front of you is hit
and falls back against you
knocking you out into the hallway
the attacker smiles as you
and stuns the last of the troops in the hallway
then drops their stolen blaster
and steps towards you
you raise your weapon and fire
but i'ts deflected
again and again
until they simply flick their hand
and your weapon flies out of your grip
landing in the hallway behind you
you turn to charge the attacker
but they wave a hand at you
and your feel as if your thoughts
just... suddenly, inexplicably

[Sleepygirl Note: f there's anything i'm admittedly weak to, it's mind tricks...exhibit a]

Sleepyhypno11:52 AM
you wobble on your feet
trying to figure out what is happened.
what you were doing...
and why.
the person before you steps closer
and closer
twisting their hand
as you feel yourself
becoming light headed
how deep are you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 11:56 AM

[Note: For her this is a relatively normal depth for most trance with with her, she can go much deeper as you’ll see]

Sleepyhypno11:56 AM
good girl
you can't help but watch the figure moving cloesr to you
easily navigating the hallway full of stunned troopers
you you can't seem to remember... what you were doing
or why your here...
or even... who this person is.
a small thought flicks through your mind
that something here isn't right.
and then they simply... snap their fingers
and you feel your mind shut down
everything goes black
and fuzzy
you hear your body sigh
as you are put into a deep
deep sleep
your body starts to fall
start to rapidly sink towards the floor
but then...
you never hit the floor
you seem to almost...
be caught
but nothing
your arms hand limp
your legs turn to rubber
but you just
hang there
your feet pick up off the ground
as you float
suspended by some magical force
holding you in place.
how does this make you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 11:59 AM
helpless, ddeeper

Sleepyhypno11:59 AM
you feel your body float...
more closely
more gently
down the hallway to the person
the person that seemed to be able to just
turn you off... with a flick of their wrist
you hear them laugh
and comment how you will do..
very nicely...
their hand sliding along your body
along yoru face
and down
down along your form
all th ewhile another hand
gently reaches out
and touches your head
and you feel a flood of energy
drifting into your mind
your thoughts are being..
while you feel them slide their hands
over your body
exploring more nad more..
and private places
in your mind and body
how deep are you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 12:01 PM

Sleepyhypno12:02 PM
godo girl
they easily find...
all of yoru secrets
and a part of your body that just
seems to make you tingle
when they touch it
they find out why your on this ship...
you've been naughty
a rebel... fighting against the government...
naughty naughty...
every secret in your mind
seems to be picked over
one by one...
you feel your mind trying to resist
hiding the secrets
but a simple...
of yoru body
and a shiver of pleasure
and that secret slips
out into the open
one by one
again and again
as they explore your body
explore your mind
deeply... intimately...
isn't that right Sleepygirl

Sleepygirl 12:04 PM

Sleepyhypno12:04 PM
you said before this session Sleepygirl
that you were in a bit of a
defiant mood
didn't you?

[Sleepygirl Note: When am I not?]

Sleepygirl 12:05 PM

Sleepyhypno12:05 PM
and how are you feeling now ?

Sleepygirl 12:07 PM
trying to be defiant, but too deep..too helpless

Sleepyhypno12:07 PM
you feel a surge of energy..
slide into your mind
as you find that not only are you
surrendering yoru secrets.
but your also starting to feel
more compliant
more obedient
it's like your very core
your very loyalties
are being rewritten
being transformed
deep inside of you
of course you resist
you ahve to resist
don't you?
but yet
their hand sliding along yoru body
seems to find
every place
every intimate
deep place
that makes you tingle
makes you shiver
they slide their hand
under yoru clothes
and maneuver it
to touch you..
along your most...
intimate of places
how is your defiance going now Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 12:10 PM
still trying...but it's so hard..

Sleepyhypno12:10 PM
it is hard
their hand seems to trickle with energy
almost electricity
as it slides along your most
intimate area
your most intimate of places
tingling and arousing you
sliding the energy up and through your body
as you float there
the last of yoru secrets seems to just
be surrendered
as they start to dive more deeply
into your thoughts
into your personality
your loyalties
yoru desires
your fantasies
all of them on dispaly
as you feel their hand
stimulate you more deeply
more completely
then you've ever felt before
and you do feel that now, don't you?

Sleepygirl 12:12 PM

Sleepyhypno12:12 PM
they seem to find... your core personality
your loyalties
deep in yoru mind
as they explore deeply into your pleasre
of your body
they simply ... easily
flick away your loyalty ... to your silly rebellion
as they stimulate more nad more deeply
into your body
trickles of pleasure
making a soft moan
escape yoru lips
you can't help but just
give in
it feels far too good
to not give in to their touch
their pleasure
this feels..
or is it right
no.. no it's wrong..

[Sleepygirl Note: throwing in wording like this basically creates a vicious cycle of wondering whats right or not before your mind pretty much just shuts down...not that i mind of course]

[Hypnotists Reply: That’s why I did it]

you feel the last part of your resistance
being surrounded in your mind
on all sides
closing in
how do you feel?

Sleepygirl 12:15 PM
hhelpless...cant..need to confused..

Sleepyhypno12:16 PM
what are you confused about?

Sleepygirl 12:17 PM

Sleepyhypno12:18 PM
why woudln't you want to surrender Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 12:19 PM
feels..wrong..but right

[Sleepygirl Note: im admittedly surprised that i was able to struggle this long]

Sleepyhypno12:20 PM
you just need a little more of a push...
a little more
to give in
don't you ?

Sleepygirl 12:20 PM

Sleepyhypno12:20 PM
you feel then sense your resistance
they give you a smile
and rotate your body
slowly closer to them
their hand sliding along your head
along your most..
intimate of areas
stimulating you
as you feel their energy
their will
sliding deeper into your mind
intoyour thoughts
surrounding that last tiny bit
of resistance
you hear them whisper
Just give in...
you can't resist...
you... are mine...
you feel them kiss you
as you feel a massive surge of energy
of pleasure
flood your body
deeply inside
and can'thelp but simply
release your pleasure
and feel yourself
hard and deep
deep inside
the pleasure ripples through your body
and you let out a deep
satisfied moan
as your defenses crubmle
and the last of your thoughts
are penetrated
but your captor
you feel your thoughts being
your loyalties
the person with you
kissing you
giving you so much pleasure
is not your energy
they are your lover
your commander
the one you have dedicated everything to
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 12:24 PM

Sleepyhypno12:25 PM
how do you feel?

Sleepygirl 12:25 PM

Sleepyhypno12:25 PM
good girl
all of that resistance is washed away
you find yourself
feeling completely compliant
and obedient
to the person you are kissing
the one whom you obey
and their cause
as your body slowly calms down
from your climax
yo ufeel yoruself being lowered
to yoru feet
your body starts to wake up
as you return the kiss deeply
and passionately
your once former attacker
is now the center of your world
you would do anything for them
you would do everything.
for them
wouldn't you?

Sleepygirl 12:27 PM
yes, anything

[Note: for her to openly agree that she would do anything for the person controlling her, is a great sign that she is very deep at this point and the suggestions really affected her.]

Sleepyhypno12:28 PM
I thought so...
you feel their kiss break
as you look into their face with pride
and admiration
it was so... sexy... watching them invade the ship
watching them subdue your comrads
so easily
so skillfully
with a smile they open their hand
and your discarded weapon
flies into it
they had you your gun
and tell you to follow
you can't help but simply nod and whisper
yes of course...
they make their way to the bridge
and smile as they tell you to open it
you give them a flirty smile
and tell them that everything.
is open for them...
you push the button
and the door opens
the crew on the bridge are relieved to see you
that is until you raise your weapon
and fire
one by one
stunning the crew
before turning to your controller
and whispering
that the bridge... is theirs.
how do you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 12:31 PM
so happy to please them, eager to obey, to give them anything

Sleepyhypno12:32 PM
how deep are you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 12:32 PM

Sleepyhypno12:33 PM
how is that resistance of yours doing?

Sleepygirl 12:33 PM

[Sleepygirl Note: yeah there is something about seeing yourself freely admit that any part of you is 'gone' thats just...very stimulating]

Sleepyhypno12:34 PM
you will obey won't you

Sleepygirl 12:34 PM
i will obey

[Note: Not unusual to see her in this state, but it is a very stark difference from her usual snarky self.]

[Sleepygirl Reply: yes it is, i am a defiant rebel, damn it]

Sleepyhypno12:35 PM
how does that make you feel?

Sleepygirl 12:35 PM
helpless, submissive, obedient

Sleepyhypno12:35 PM
good girl
As the one you obey
the one who controls you surveys the bridge
they smile at you and comment that there is just
one member of the crew... left awake
you can't help but smile as you simply
turn the blaster towards yourself
and wink
commenting that you can
fix that for them...
if they'd like.
the smile at you and comment
that yes...
they would like that.
as you give them a wink and say
that you are happy to serve
and pull the trigger
you feel your body hit by a blast of energy
a brief flash as your whole body
glows from the hit
you feel your muscles instantly go limp
and loose
your mind fades
you hear a sigh as the weapon
falls from your hands
as you land with a thud
on one of the stunned crewmemembers
completely asleep
instantly helpless
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 12:38 PM

Sleepyhypno12:39 PM
how do you feel?

Sleepygirl 12:39 PM
deep, helpless, obedient

Sleepyhypno 12:39 PM
godo girl
You will remain deeply stunned
for a time...
if you'd like...
you may find that you wake up
in their quarters
aboard their ship
helplessly commited
to their pleasure
or you may find yourself
waking up tied up
and undergoing some more...
some more pleasure based
thought alterations
or if you want...
you can simply wake yourself up
after a little bit of time
while stunned.
it's all up to you.
what do you think you woudl like Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 12:41 PM
be helplessly committed to their pleasure

Sleepyhypno 12:42 PM
good girl
how did you like this little trance?

Sleepygirl 12:43 PM
enjoyed it very much, liked trying to resist and failing

Sleepyhypno 12:43 PM
good girl
in a moment
i am goign to wake you.
but you will find that you are still
very compliant
very obedient
after all you were...
mentally transformed
weren't you?

Sleepygirl 12:44 PM
yes master

[Note: and she’s more or less gone at this point =cP]

Sleepyhypno 12:44 PM
good girl
and how deep are you now?

Sleepygirl 12:45 PM

[Note: See?]

[Sleepygirl Reply: I don't remember anything having ever knocked me that deep before]

[Hypnotist Reply: The key word there is “remember” The deepest I have seen her get is somewhere around 1,300,000]

Sleepyhypno 12:45 PM
good girl
you'll find when you wake up
that you are still very open
all of your thoughts and feelings will come out very easily
in the back of your mind i'll know you are still being logged
so anything you really... don't wnat to say
you are free to keep to yoruself
but otherwise you'll be very open
and obedient
wn't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 12:46 PM
yes master

Sleepyhypno 12:47 PM
good girl
any questions, comments, or things you'd like me ot suggestion before you wake up?

Sleepygirl 12:47 PM
don't think so

Sleepyhypno 12:48 PM
good girl
waking up on three
compliant and obedient
helpless and controlled
wide awake

Sleepygirl 12:49 PM
and back :cP

Sleepyhypno 12:49 PM
how do you feel?

Sleepygirl 12:50 PM
very...compliant and open, and more than a little aroused

Sleepyhypno 12:51 PM
andhow were you before this script started?

Sleepygirl 12:51 PM
much more stubborn and defiant

Sleepyhypno 12:52 PM
i told you going into this that it would end up being broken didn't i?

Sleepygirl 12:52 PM
yes master, you did warn me that

Sleepyhypno 12:53 PM
so when your charcter got shall we say... altered... you got altered as well?

Sleepygirl 12:53 PM
i think it's safe to say that, yes

Sleepyhypno 12:54 PM
oh but I want you to say it.

Sleepygirl 12:55 PM
yes master ..when my character was altered, i was altered too

[Note: always seems to be more fun to make the subject admit to what was done to them, especially if it’s something they normally wouldn’t say]

Sleepyhypno 12:55 PM
good girl
and you did all of this in front of an audience.  how does that make you feel?

Sleepygirl 12:56 PM
more helpless and aroused, especially since i failed to resist

Sleepyhypno 12:57 PM
be honest, you were never going to succeed at resisting

Sleepygirl 12:58 PM
no master i wasn't, i never succeed at resisting

Sleepyhypno 12:59 PM
then why do you try?

Sleepygirl 12:59 PM
because i enjoy trying to be defiant and stubborn, only to end up being put in my place and
ending up compliant and obedient

Sleepyhypno 1:00 PM
and where is your... place?

Sleepygirl 1:01 PM
on my knees, obeying

Sleepyhypno 1:02 PM
how do you feel knowing these answers will be read by whomever reads the log?

Sleepygirl 1:03 PM
it's arousing to think about, especially given how helpless  and open i feel

Sleepyhypno 1:04 PM
would you normally admit to that?

Sleepygirl 1:04 PM
no i wouldn't

Sleepyhypno 1:04 PM
then why are you admitting to it/

Sleepygirl 1:05 PM
because i can't resist, master

Sleepyhypno 1:05 PM
good girl
and what do you plan to do when this session is over?

Sleepygirl 1:07 PM
take care of some more...personal things, before i take care of my errands

Sleepyhypno 1:07 PM
don't want to be more... descriptive?

Sleepygirl 1:08 PM
some things are better left to the audiences imagination

Sleepyhypno 1:08 PM
good girl
is there anything you'd like to say to your audience?

Sleepygirl 1:09 PM
nothing that comes to mind that would be good to end the session on

Sleepyhypno 1:10 PM
why don't you thank you audience, for helping you to feel so much more helpless while you surrender

Sleepygirl 1:11 PM
yes master...thank you all for helping me feel so much more helpless while i surrendered and obeyed

Sleepyhypno 1:11 PM
good girl
one small point i didn't t4ell you about this script, was that this was requested, specifically for a person for their birthday. I thought it would be a good one to run on you. was i correct?

Sleepygirl 1:12 PM
yes master, you were very correct

Sleepyhypno 1:13 PM
why don't you wish the requester, a happy birthday, in as sexy of a way as you feel comfortable with.

Sleepygirl 1:14 PM
yes master
Happy birthday...and i hope this script was everything you hoped for...and then some...after all, I am here to please smiles seductively

Sleepyhypno 1:15 PM
good girl
do you want to remember this session, or forget and read it later for the first time when you approve it?

Sleepygirl 1:17 PM
maybe only remember fragments for now, and then remember more when i read and approve it

Sleepyhypno 1:19 PM
Good girl...
then like your character in the fantasy why don't you put yourself back to sleep now, and we'll end this log.

Sleepygirl 1:19 PM
yes i stunning myself or triggering myself

Sleepyhypno 1:20 PM
whatever you would think would be more ... stimulating for you

Sleepygirl 1:21 PM
yes master....
[At this point Sleepygirl triggered herself… TWENTY-SEVEN TIMES! Holy shit she just knocked herself cold!]

Sleepyhypno 1:23 PM
good girl
how do you feel

Sleepygirl 1:23 PM

Sleepyhypno 1:24 PM
good girl
how deep are you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 1:25 PM

Sleepyhypno 1:25 PM
godo girl
did you enjoy your session/

Sleepygirl 1:25 PM
yes master

Sleepyhypno 1:25 PM
good girl this is where the log will end.  tell our dear readers good bye.

Sleepygirl 1:25 PM

[Sleepygirl Note: well this was an...interesting read, given that i barely remembered anything about this entire experience]

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