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The Gallery of Statued Temps

 Key: MC, MD, Statue

Description: Stacy, a temp working at the museum, investigates a hidden gallery of statues said to turn any woman who enters into stone. But that can’t be real…can it?

This story is based on the picture above made by Crimson Gorgon

    Stacy sighed as she made her way up another flight of stairs. “Turn girls to stone…” She muttered to herself. “What utter nonsense! I’ll show them.” She continued to stomp up the stairs until she finally made her way to the rooftop gallery of the museum where she had recently started working.
    To her surprise the door was unlocked. She gave it a nice, hard push and the large wooden doors opened to reveal a courtyard on the building’s fourth floor, lined with brick walls on every side. The museum itself continued up for a few more floors, but this special little courtyard was completely hidden from the outside world. Unless you knew where the staircase was, you would never know it existed.
    “Oh wow!” She said as she stepped out into the light of the sun and began to look around. Aside from the impressive architecture, the courtyard was filled with various stone statues. All of which were…unsurprisingly…of beautiful women.

     Stacy couldn’t help but admire the statues as she moved between them, sliding her hand along each one she passed. They had all taken up a variety of poses, several of which were everyday still life of young women going about their day. One even had a book in her hand, as if the statue was depicting a teacher in front of a class, but the oddest part was that the book the woman was reading...was real? As Stacy’s fingers trailed over it, she felt the thin pages and binding beneath her fingers. “That is some impressive sculpting.” Stacy murmured to herself as she looked at the statue before her.  
    For a split second she felt a wave of dizziness wash over her mind. Her head shook as she chuckled to herself. “Guess I ran up the stairs a bit too quickly.” She said as she regained her composure and moved to the next statue in the gallery.


   It was a surprising piece of a catgirl standing in a defensive pose. Her arms were positioned as if she had just been startled and was in the middle of jumping back and shielding herself with her arms. Her face was a lovely look of shock and determination. “This is beautiful!” Stacy said as she slowly began to undo her shirt, one button at a time. “The creativity it must have taken to think up a situation like this and capture it so elegantly in the form of a statue is just…amazing!” She finished as she slid her shirt off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, landing next to the statue of the catgirl.
    The next statue in line was an impressively fit looking young woman with well defined abs and strong, muscular thighs. “I wonder if this is modeled after a real person?” She thought as she let her hands linger over the statue’s muscles, absentmindedly stepping out of her left shoe. “She must have a hell of a workout routine!” She continued, stepping out of her right shoe this time. Her gaze slid higher up the statue until she noticed that the woman was wearing a kind of gauntlet on her left wrist and a collar around her neck. To say nothing of the twin pistols she held in each hand. It was then that she noticed that the leather collar was wrapped completely around the statue’s neck, and that its hair was just far enough away from the neck of the statue for the collar to fit completely around it. “Wow…” She said softly, removing her socks and letting her bare feet slide along the hard cobblestone of the gallery floor. “That's really impressive craftsmanship!”

    She turned to her left and saw a statue of a very muscular woman beside the others, standing in a battle pose complete with a full battle ax in hand. As she moved closer to the statue, she undid her slacks and allowed them to slide down her legs as she walked. Stepping out of one leg, then the other, making her way towards the statue in only her underwear. Her mind, meanwhile, was completely unaware of her ever increasing state of undress.
    Her hand slid along the form of the woman depicted in the statue, still appreciative of it even though her mind was too foggy to provide any commentary. The woman’s muscular thighs and shoulders, her strong powerful arms, it all seemed so detailed, so real. She couldn’t help but just stare in the face of that statue. A face of determination, of power, of confidence. She gave the statue a tiny smile as she unhooked her bra without a second thought and let her arms hang at her sides. As she turned to move to the next statue, the motion of her body caused her bra to slide down her arms and fall to the cobblestones below. Stacy never even noticed.

    Across the courtyard she spied several more statues, and began to slowly make her way towards them. Every step she took seemed to take a little bit longer than the one before. Her feet almost seemed to feel heavier as she walked. Her thumbs slipped into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down just below her hips, allowing gravity to do the rest as the last of her clothes fell to the floor. Forgotten long before they had ever hit the ground.
    Stacy couldn’t help but notice a tingling sensation starting in her body. It felt like it was moving through her all at once, but that it was more focused on her left side than her right. She tried to take a step, only to discover that her left foot would no longer lift off of the ground. “Huh?” She asked in a bit of a daze as she stumbled forward, catching herself with her right leg. “What…what's going…” She started, just before she felt an intense wave of pleasure move through her body. A soft, almost aroused, moan slipped through her lips.
    Had she been more aware she might have noticed that her left side was slowly turning to stone. A lovely, potted gray stone, just like the rest of the statues in the gallery. She struggled to stay upright while her left leg became completely solid and cool. Her left hand had also turned completely to stone, although she didn't realize it as she slowly lifted her hand to try and remove her glasses. But as her arm bent at the elbow it solidified just as her knee and hip turned to stone as well.

    The transformation moved gently along her body, turning her entire left side to stone and causing more of an aroused gasp as her left nipple solidified in a nice, erect position. Just before she could remove her glasses, her shoulder petrified, leaving her arm bent as the pleasure began to build inside of her body. A deep, almost orgasmic, moan escaped her lips as her most intimate of places turned to stone and pleasure flooded her body. The moan, however, was cut off as her face slowly solidified, starting at the left side of her head and washing over her face. Her left eye turned completely solid and smooth as she let out another gasp and was about to scream in pleasure. Instead, all that filled the courtyard was silence as her lips, although parted ever so slightly, turned to stone. Finally, her chest turned to stone as the pleasure continued to wash through her still and silent body.
    The wave of stone and pleasure moved across to the other side of her body, over her stomach and chest and down her right arm and leg. Her arm struggled to move as she desperately tried to touch herself, any part of herself, but never made it anywhere close before turning solidly to stone.         
    The only remaining piece of Stacy that was flesh and blood was her right eye. Deep within that eye there was a swell of pleasure as her mind slowly came to a stop, her pupil dilated for barely a few seconds before her right eye turned to a solid smooth orb of stone.
    There she stood, rigid and beautiful. Naked just like the rest of the gallery, save for her glasses, which she had never managed to remove. Her short dark hair had solidified around them, making them seem as if they had almost been carved into the statue that Stacy had now become. No doubt the next girl would find the intricate sculpting required to make that happen just as intriguing and impressive…before she joined the others on display, of course.

    Across the courtyard, Xander smiled to himself and carefully closed the lid on the case holding the Medusa Stone. Its green glow was slowly being blocked by the solid lead case that he and his cohort were very careful to avoid standing in the light of.
    “Well now…” Xander laughed as he turned to look at his protege Liam, who stood next to him. “I told you she wouldn’t be able to resist. They can never resist!” He said, looking out at the courtyard. “Every single time we tell them “Don’t go to the courtyard, there is something there that will turn you to stone. Stay away!” And every time…every…damn…time, what do they do? They go to the courtyard! This one didn’t even last a day! We just mentioned this to her at lunch!” The incubus laughed, shaking his head.
    “You’re sure she’s going to be alright?” Liam asked nervously as looked at the lead case containing the magical stone that Xander had purchased online. “You’re sure the process can be reversed? Right?” he asked worriedly.
    “Yes.” Xander said with an exasperated sigh, even though he understood where his young friend’s fears were coming from. “I tested it twice before I brought it up here, and I’ve already free’d and released two young women who had appointments that they needed to keep. I’m only keeping them here as long as they won’t be missed, I promise.” He finished seriously, enough that Liam could tell he was being honest.
    “Alright.” Liam said as his shoulders relaxed. “Why did she strip anyway?” He asked. “Did you hypnotize her beforehand?”
    “No, actually…” Xander began with a smile. “The stone itself does that. It has an almost magical, hypnotic power that makes anyone who stands in view of it become affected by it. It kind of blanks their minds and just makes them kind of…want to strip. The longer they are in view of it, the more power it has over them. And once they are naked, the stone turns them to… well…” He gestured to the group of petrified young women in the courtyard before them. “Into statues!”
    Liam looked closely at the scene before him as his nervousness returned. “And you're sure…completely sure…that this is safe, right?” He asked again.
    Xander sighed and rolled his eyes. “Would you relax already? I told you, twice, it’s safe!”
    “Alright…” Liam said hesitantly as he pulled his phone from his pocket and began to scroll through it.
    “What are you doing?” Xander asked curiously.
    “Well, we’re going to need another temp aren’t we?” Liam said as dialed a number and held the phone to his ear. Xander looked at him in confusion before he realized what his young protege was doing. “Laura! Hi!” Liam said with a smile. “You mentioned that you were free for the next week or so, right? Great! Yeah I was wondering if you might like to join me over at the museum. Yeah, that one. There is a great exhibit I’d like to show you.” He finished with a devious smile.
    Xander couldn’t have been prouder.  
Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Xander, Liam
Mentioned: Laura
Stacy is owned by Crimson Gorgon

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