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Hit-Gorgon - Spirals

Key: FD, MC, FF, Freeze

Description: A young catgirl finds herself the target of a Gorgon for hire.

This story is based on several images created by Crimson Gorgon

    It was a lovely summer day, and Kitty was out for her normal lunchtime stroll. This afternoon she was set to meet a friend for a chat in the park. But as luck would have it, he had to cancel just as she got there. “Oh well, at least it’s a nice day!” she thought as she wandered around the park and stretched out in the sun.
    There were small trees and shrubs lining the walkways with larger, more established, trees along the outer walls. It was peaceful, and the lovely young catgirl did so enjoy being out in the warm light of the sun.
    Sadly, she was due back at work relatively soon. She stood up from the bench and began to walk back towards the entrance of the park, taking her time and enjoying the fresh air as much as she could. Unaware of the figure that followed behind her. 

    From a safe distance, a Gorgon had been watching the lovely catgirl as she enjoyed the midday sun. She couldn’t help but be impressed by how punctual the young woman was. She arrived right on schedule, just as her client said she would. The gorgon slowly made her way through the park, timing her pace perfectly to remain just far enough out of sight. The young woman was almost in the spot she wanted her to be in, the spot that would be just close enough within her reach to affect her.
    The gorgon watched her prey as she moved directly into the spot where she planned to spring her trap. All she had to do was wait until the catgirl stepped into the small little courtyard, beside a bench and a pedestal. As soon as she did, the snakes on the gorgon’s head began to focus on the cat girl and, all at once, their eyes started to glow.

    Despite the gorgon being behind the cat girl, Kitty couldn’t help but feel a wave of fuzziness wash over mind. “Whoa…” She said as she wobbled on her feet and put her hand to her head. “Wow. I just…got…real…really…diz…di….” She mumbled, trailing off.
    Behind her the gorgon began to take small careful steps towards the young woman. She knew that her prey was struggling, and that if she moved too quickly that the girl would find a way to break free. And she didn’t want that, not when she was this close.
    With every step she could feel the energy from the snakes on her head sliding deeper and deeper into the young woman’s mind. Slowly slithering through her thoughts, one by one, coiling around them and squeezing until they disappeared. The normal background noise of her thoughts was slowly being drowned out by a constant hissing, deep in her mind.
    Kitty’s face was a mixture of confusion and relaxation. And as she stood there, her muscles would loosen and relax for a brief moment as her face went slack, while her eyes darted around as if they were searching for a thought. She knew, for the briefest of moments, that something wasn’t quite right…but then the thought was gone, and the feeling faded. And the warm, soft hissing sound clouded her mind once more. The thoughts that she had tried to grab hold of simply faded away, as if they were being blocked by something. Instead, her mind felt more foggy…more fuzzy…and all she could do was sink into the feeling as the moments passed.
    The gorgon smiled as she felt the last of the young woman’s thoughts slowly fade away as her mind fogged over, into the gentle, hissing fuzz of the background noise. “That’s a good Kitty girl…” She said softly, smiling as she watched the catgirl’s arms fall limp at her sides while her tail began to droop behind her. “Such a very good Kitty girl.”
    The gorgon knew that she still had to be cautious, even though the young woman’s mind was deeply hypnotized. She knew that if the catgirl put her mind to it, she could find a way to break free. It was her job to ensure she didn’t have a mind to put to it, so she stayed behind the young woman and let the snakes do their work. “It’s such a warm day…” The gorgon said, softly enough for Kitty’s feline ears to hear. “So nice to just…bask in the sun. To feel its warm, soothing rays along your skin, along your body.” She stepped closer to the hypnotized catgirl, smiling seductively.
    Kitty couldn’t help but notice how nice the sun felt along her skin as her hands moved without thought and slid along her stomach, slowly under her shirt to lift it over her head. She dropped it to the ground beside her and let the sun warm her body even more.  
    “That’s a good Kitty girl…” The gorgon hissed as she moved behind the young woman. “The more sun you feel along your skin, the nicer you feel. The warmer, and more relaxed, you find yourself.”
    Kitty’s face remained completely slack and relaxed. Her bright green eyes stared ahead, seeing nothing as her hands moved down her breasts and to her corset. She began to slowly undo the laces, one at a time, allowing the constricting device to fall away until she was completely topless.  
    A soft sigh and the hint of a smile slipped from the enthralled cat girl’s lips as she felt the warm rays of the sun shining down on her skin. Her hands moved without effort down to her skirt, slowly over her butt as she unzipped the skirt and let it slide gently down her legs.
    Behind her, the gorgon couldn’t help but smile as she moved closer until she stood beside the young woman. “So nice to just feel the sun warming your skin, relaxing your mind, making you more and more sleepy, more and more…fuzzy and calm now…”
    Kitty didn’t seem to notice the gorgon standing next to her as she slowly bent over, sliding her hands along her legs, one at a time, and sliding off her stockings and shoes. She took a few slow steps forward, leaving her clothes behind.
    The gorgon smiled and moved again, placing herself in front of Kitty this time. “One last piece, my dear kitten, that's all that stands between you…and the warm light of the sun.”
    Kitty almost seemed to smile at the word “kitten,” but it faded as quickly as it appeared. Slowly, lazily, she leaned down, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and sliding them halfway down her thighs before letting them fall to the ground.

    The gorgon smiled again and moved in front of the young woman. She knew that the catgirl was too far gone, too fuzzy to really see her anyway. “That’s a good pretty kitty…” She said, smiling seductively.  
    Kitty stared ahead blankly as the gorgon looked her over, her eyes sliding over every inch of the young woman’s exposed body. “Yes…” she thought to herself “I can see why the client went to all the trouble.” The gorgon raised her hand and aimed it at Kitty as an unseen energy moved from her fingertips to wrap around the helpless young woman’s form.
    Kitty’s body jerked in surprise as her arms tried to shift and move in defense. But they only managed to move an inch or so before they just seemed to…stop. Likewise, her head, which had been dropping to her chest, looked up as she tried to focus on the gorgon. All at once, everything seemed to stop. Her entire body went from being relaxed and limp, to stiff and rigid. She couldn’t move, couldn’t think, she could only stand and stare.

    The gorgon stared at her prey as she skillfully twisted her invisible energy around Kitty’s body. The young catgirl's skin began to slowly shift, transforming from flesh and blood to solid stone. It started at her feet as they slowly began to turn gray and smooth, with flecks of gravel visible through the smooth stone that ultimately became the catgirl's feet. Slowly, the transformation continued up her body.
    Kitty couldn’t help but feel her slowly turning to stone, not that she was aware of it on a conscious level. She was far too deeply hypnotized to notice. But her body could feel the difference, and unlike what you might expect, the feeling of being turned to stone was quite pleasurable, quite exciting. Every part of her body that transformed into cool, smooth stone came with a near constant rush of pleasure, not only through the rest of her body, but through the parts that were petrified. To Kitty it felt like a deep massage, or the shiver of an orgasm frozen in that part of her body. The higher it went, the more pleasure she felt. And as the wave of petrification moved over her groin, she felt an even bigger shiver run down her spine as a full orgasm washed over her body, freezing deep inside her and locking her in endless wave after wave of pleasure. She felt as if the muscles inside of her more intimate area had contracted in bliss and never released. She was petrified in orgasm, and the transformation was far from over.  
    The gorgon watched as the transformation moved higher up the young catgirl’s body,  over her hips and along her stomach. She thought she noticed a brief gasp of pleasure as the catgirl’s nipples hardened to stone, and she could only imagine the wave of pleasure that had accompanied it.
    The wave of petrification continued higher up Kitty’s body as her shoulders and arms turned to stone next, moving along the back of her head and over her scalp. Every individual hair on her head slowly faded to solid gray stone, and her once twitching and playful ears solidified on her head. Her mouth opened ever so slightly as the pleasure began to overwhelm her body, but then her mouth transformed to the same cool, gray stone. Her eyes widened as the constant pleasure of the frozen orgasm overloaded her, until finally her eyes and mind turned to smooth, blank stone. The feeling of pleasure continued washing through her body, as if her orgasm was on pause. She was living out the pleasure as if every second were the first…and the last…all at once.

    The gorgon took another step closer to her petrified prey. Although this was a job, a commission, a way of earning a living, it didn’t mean she couldn't enjoy the benefits. She let her hand slide along the frozen woman’s form, along her arms first, then her back, and finally her butt. Satisfied, she leaned in and kissed her petrified lips and smiled. “You truly are a work of art, aren’t you Kitty girl?”
    She laughed as she let her hands slide along the petrified woman’s breast while  her other hand slid down her thigh, to her groin, and along her frozen vagina. She watched the petrified woman’s face, as if she expected her expression to change. The fact that it didn’t, not even a millimeter, turned her on even more.

    “Oh how I wish I could keep you for myself.” She said softly, sliding her finger along the frozen woman’s groin. “But you were a commission, a job… “ She leaned in again as her nose slid along the statue of the catgirl. “Someone went to a lot of trouble to put you on display.” Her tongue licked the statue’s upper lip. “I do hope he is pleased.” She let herself indulge one more time and leaned in, pressing her lips to the petrified cat girl’s mouth before pulling away with a sigh.  

    Xander stood in front of his petrified friend and smiled. She had been perfectly positioned on a pedestal in the gallery that he had rented out, and she made an absolutely exquisite display. He couldn’t help but admire her as she stood, perfectly posed, in the same warm sunlight that had ensnared her.


   A moment later his phone rang. “Hello…” He said with a devious grin. “Yes, I am just admiring your handiwork now. You definitely earned your commission.” He started to move slowly around the statued form of his friend as he continued the conversation.


 “You said she’ll be like this for the next month, at least, correct?” He paused to listen to the answer as he admired just how lovely the catgirl’s tail looked in petrified form. The different shades of color in her fur still managed to be displayed perfectly as she stood there, still and unaware of the conversation happening in front of her.

    “Month at least, six weeks at the most. Got it. Will she remember anything?” He asked, taking in every inch of the petrified young woman’s body.
    He laughed at the response he received. “So she’ll remember being stone, but not what happened around her or how she ended up that way? Interesting. Any alterations on her feelings of being a statue? If she wakes up pissed off about it, that won’t be good for anyone.”

    He nodded, still smiling. “Part of the process huh?” He said, letting his hand slide along his friend's stone thigh. “Well, who knows, if she only remembers the pleasure she felt as a statue she may want to do this again and again in the future. I’m very impressed. Are you open for more work?” He asked deviously.


   “Excellent.” He responded to the obvious affirmative response. “You see, this garden is quite large. I wouldn’t mind having a few more statues added for a party I'm having in three weeks. That should be well within the time that everyone would be still in statue form. Do you think you would be able to gather a few more in that time for me?” He stepped back to admire the young woman’s form a bit more clearly. “Excellent. Money is no object, I have a financial backer and a rather large budget for this. There may even be a bonus for you in the end. If you are interested of course.” He finished with a sly smile.
    "Well then, your next target is an angel…a very old one, with wings burned black, and a jewel encrusted necklace that slides all the way down her left arm.” He paused as the description caught the attention of the gorgon on the other end of the line. “Yep, that’s her. Her name is Veo. Think you can handle that?” He asked with a knowing smile.

The end, for now.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Xander, Kitty
Mentioned: Veo
Gorgon is owned by Crimson Gorgon

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