Monday, July 17, 2023

Disassembled Doll - The After Party

 Key: MD, MF, MC, Sleep

Description: After the original session ended Sleepygirl joined the group and conversation drifted towards the idea of using a stun laser weapon on the girls and how they might react to being stunned… Let the chaos begin!

[Note: This log pretty much picks up seconds after the last one ended. Psyco had gone to bed for the night but Sleepygirl had popped online so I added her… We had a long conversation about over thinking work projects, personal projects, how much a Jaeger from Pacific Rim would weight, things of that nature… and then Ivy said this:]

Ivy 2:20 AM
Today, while I was supposed to be working (it worked out so it was fine) I started overthinking: if, struck with a stun ray, would you fall forward, backward, knees bent....there were a lot of scenarios to picture

Sleepyhypno 2:21 AM
it woudl depend on if the stun blast has a force to it or not and if so how much and how quickly it puts you out.

Amazonian Princess 2:21 AM
I'm leaning towards knees bent

Ivy 2:21 AM
Exactly, those variables caused a LOT of overthinking

Sleepygirl 2:21 AM
i usually just go with backward

Sleepyhypno 2:22 AM
if it has no force at all i think you would end up bent knee, but even a tiny amoutn of force and your going backwards unless your awake long enough to correct forwards then you go out an dfall forewards

Sleepygirl 2:22 AM
or that, sure

Amazonian Princess 2:23 AM
What he said

Ivy 2:23 AM
In the name of science, this needs to be experimented STAT

Amazonian Princess 2:23 AM
Well invent the stun ray, and I'll volunteer for the testing

Ivy 2:23 AM
...I do have access to a 3D printer....
In any case, that's one of my overthinking adventures so they're not ALL bad.

Sleepyhypno 2:25 AM
[Gif of Leia being stunned in Star Wars]

 Ivy 2:25 AM
I was waiting for that

Amazonian Princess 2:25 AM
We need an updated test

Sleepygirl 2:25 AM
can't go wrong with a classic

Amazonian Princess 2:25 AM
Technology has evolved since then

Sleepyhypno 2:26 AM
[A long string of the girl’s Sleep Trigger’s here, one after the other about ten times each. If your going to put them out, make sure they are out!]
Nice and dep
nice and blank
isn't that right now ladies?

Amazonian Princess 2:26 AM

Sleepygirl 2:26 AM

Ivy 2:27 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:27 AM
good girls
you are all quite good at doing
at doing
scenes like a story
aren't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 2:27 AM

Amazonian Princess 2:28 AM

Ivy 2:28 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:28 AM
good girls
for the rest of the evening...
you ahve a power...
you can simply ...
and of they girls in this chat room
all you have to do
is describe...
in stars
who you are going to stun,
you can describe where you hit them
with how much force
or you can simply say that you stun... said person...
you can do that can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 2:29 AM

Ivy 2:29 AM

Amazonian Princess 2:29 AM

Ivy 2:29 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:29 AM
but,  if you are stunned...
you have to describe, how you would react to being stunned, would you be pushed back, fall to forward,  crumple to yoru knees
no need to make this overly long...
just as long as to get the point across
with any details you may find
understand ladies?

Amazonian Princess 2:30 AM

Ivy 2:30 AM
nod nod

Sleepygirl 2:30 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:30 AM
good girls.
your weapon can only fire..
once ever few minutes...
so you can't stun both of your fellow sisters in trance
at the same time.
it will take a minute or two
for it to recharge
is this ok with you ladies?

Sleepygirl 2:32 AM

Amazonian Princess 2:32 AM

Ivy 2:32 AM
tosses away dual barrel stun gun....yes

Sleepyhypno 2:32 AM
good girls
if you are stunned
you will only remain 'stunned' for a minute or two...
when you wake up...
you are free to remember everything... or forget little details... you may forget who stunned you...
or completely forget you were stunned at all... and simply wonder... what happened.
understand ladies?

Amazonian Princess 2:33 AM

Ivy 2:33 AM
nod nod

Sleepygirl 2:33 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:33 AM
good girls
waking up on three
ready to do a little experimenitng
for science of course
wide awake

[Note: What i’ve basically done at this point is program them to be able to stun and be stunned by one another. And to be as descriptive as possible. This was because it was late, I was tired, but I wanted entertainment and three girls stunning one another seemed like a great idea! And since it easily went on long enough I figured I’d make it a log for content =cP ]

Sleepygirl 2:34 AM
eyebrow raise

Amazonian Princess 2:34 AM
shoots a quick stun laser sleepygirl's direction

Sleepygirl 2:35 AM
blinks, eyes wide, then gently falls backwards to the floor with a thud

Ivy 2:35 AM
documents the experience

Sleepyhypno 2:35 AM
and she's down!
nice shot princess =cp

Sleepygirl 2:37 AM
didnt expect that right out of the gate :cP

Sleepyhypno 2:37 AM

Sleepygirl 2:37 AM
yes, its late, give me a break

Sleepyhypno 2:37 AM
because i kidn of expected a three way stunn while im just here eating popcorn

Amazonian Princess 2:37 AM
I like to fire first, ask questions later

Sleepygirl 2:37 AM
solid plan
fires a quick stun at princess

Ivy 2:38 AM
leans against the wall, one foot propped against the wall, nodding slowly
Very nice shot
lowers hand but not as good as this one...
fires a quick stunning bolt of energy directly between Sleepygirl's eyes

Amazonian Princess 2:39 AM
quick shake of the head, still not believing I've been shot, before a descent to my knees and falling to the side

Sleepygirl 2:40 AM
sways for a moment, eyes fluttering, and falls to my knees first, then sideways, before landing on the ground

Sleepyhypno 2:40 AM
[Gif of a man eating popcorn]

Ivy 2:40 AM
keeps weapon drawn at my hip

Sleepyhypno 2:40 AM
[Gif of "Not-Spock" from Star Trek Disovery saying "I like Science" like the moron that character is.]

Ivy 2:40 AM
stepping cautiously around

Sleepyhypno 2:41 AM
yeah i knew that little doing research thing wasn't going ot last very long

Ivy 2:41 AM
This IS research
especially when you add variables
points stun gun at self

Amazonian Princess 2:41 AM
Alright, which one of you thought it was cool to shoot the heir to the throne?

Ivy 2:42 AM
feeling a rush of tingles

Sleepygirl 2:42 AM
not it (this time)

Sleepyhypno 2:42 AM
you literally were it

Sleepygirl 2:42 AM
...i forgot

Ivy 2:42 AM
one leg buckles, a satisfied grin on my face

Sleepyhypno 2:42 AM
watches ivy slowly pass out
she does love her research doesn't she

Amazonian Princess 2:42 AM
She... shot herself?

Sleepygirl 2:43 AM
she did
for reasons

Ivy 2:43 AM
quiet quiet chuckle
*landing sideways on the ground**
*the waves of tingles subsidding6*

Sleepyhypno 2:44 AM
this may be the laziest form of enetertainment i have ever come up with.

Sleepygirl 2:44 AM
i sincerely doubt that

Ivy 2:44 AM
quiet mumbles I second what SleepyGirl said

Sleepyhypno 2:44 AM
stuns ivy while she is on the ground
mine doesn't need to recharge winks

Amazonian Princess 2:45 AM
fires at sleepygirl

Amazonian Princess 2:45 AM
[Screen cap of me saying "Mine doesn't need recharge"]
Seems like cheating

Ivy 2:45 AM
flops onto the ground, a look of shock on my face

Sleepygirl 2:45 AM
well that's not faiiii...falls back down to my knees and face first to the ground

Sleepyhypno 2:45 AM
[Gif of a panda sayign "Yeah... and?" in response to princess comment about me cheating]

Ivy 2:46 AM
props myself on to my arm
yeah, he kinda gets the NICE weapons

Sleepygirl 2:47 AM
perks of the job, i think

Sleepyhypno 2:47 AM
being a hypnotists has it's advantages =cP

Sleepygirl 2:47 AM
cant imagine what those would be :cP

Ivy 2:47 AM
getting back up yeah but it's a LOT of owrk

Amazonian Princess 2:47 AM
Making up rules as we go, I see

Ivy 2:47 AM
Retconning for the WIN

Sleepyhypno 2:49 AM
it is a lot of work =cP  mindcontrol is kind of taxing... but the perks are...  evil grin  worth it.. in the end.

Sleepygirl 2:49 AM
eyebrow raise uh huh...its a hard job, but someone has to do it...

Amazonian Princess 2:49 AM
sneaks a shot at Ivy
Sacrificing for the good of mankind

Ivy 2:50 AM
feels the familiar tingles at the point of contact

Amazonian Princess 2:50 AM
What a Saint...she said sarcastically

Ivy 2:50 AM
falling forward, slight bend at the knees

Sleepygirl 2:50 AM
a true hero

Ivy 2:51 AM
...only to stop a few inches off the ground

Ivy 2:51 AM
the back of my hands falling onto the ground at the rest of me floats

Amazonian Princess 2:51 AM
That's... new

Sleepyhypno 2:51 AM
ok so who wants to take bets as to why ivy is levitating...

Sleepygirl 2:51 AM
didnt have that on the bingo card

Ivy 2:52 AM
disembodied voice I like being...unconventional knees land gently on the ground as I start making  my way back onto my feet That's my favorite stun fall

Sleepyhypno 2:53 AM
landing upt not falling?

Amazonian Princess 2:54 AM
If you go up instead of down, is it really a "fall"?

Sleepyhypno 2:54 AM
i read that wrong

Ivy 2:55 AM
I didn't fall "up", my body, aside from the arms, simply didn't touch the ground
as I fell forward

Sleepyhypno 2:56 AM
casually adjusts your weapons so that you can now fire, blank, and freeze shots. same rules apply. you will all simply OBEY

[Note: I am being a very lazy hypnotist here. I should have probably put them under and adjusted the suggestions from there. But again, 3 am. I was tired, and honestly all three of them were in a post-hypnotic state of suggestibility, and I knew that, so they accepted the suggestions. The ‘OBEY’ in all caps is not actually a trigger in any of them, but since I always capitalize my triggers, It was accepted as a trigger to them without them even thinking about it.]

Ivy 2:57 AM
quickly draws weapon, aiming and firing a quick moving but soft bolt of energy directly into Princess's chest
Enjoy Birthday girl

Amazonian Princess 2:58 AM
soft gap escapes as I stumble back a step, landing on my butt and falling completely over

Ivy 2:59 AM
blows noise maker
NOW it's a party

Ivy 3:00 AM
Hey lowering weapon , I've given her her present, what do you have?

Sleepyhypno 3:00 AM
what do i have?

Amazonian Princess 3:00 AM
slowly gets back to my feet

Ivy 3:01 AM
checks, I didn't set it for "brain melt"

Amazonian Princess 3:02 AM
Sleepygirl still with us or did she peace out?

Sleepygirl 3:02 AM
nope i'm still here

Ivy 3:02 AM
She's....raises weapon bidding her time

Sleepyhypno 3:03 AM
heheh i think she's reached the end of her energy level

Ivy 3:03 AM
points and fires a misty orb at Sleepygirl, not stunning, more relaxing

Sleepygirl 3:05 AM
blinks at the orb at it makes contact and sways gently from the impact

Ivy 3:05 AM
*catches sleepygirl as she sways

Sleepyhypno 3:06 AM
I think it's time you got some sleep... don't you agree Sleepygirl?

Ivy 3:06 AM
holds her up

Sleepygirl 3:06 AM
yeah, i think so

Sleepyhypno 3:07 AM
your already kind of zoned out
kind of dazed
relaxed and calm
just kind of here
sleepy feelings
drifting into your mind
drifting into yoru body
everything seems to just slow down
just drifting
into my words
again and again
like always
you can help but just follow
can't help but just drift
and sink
more and more deeply
down into a nice
relaxed state
and unaware
just staring at my words
everything elese forgotten
everything else so far away
blank and open
breathing ing
and out
and steadily
drifting away
deep and relaxed
down down down to SLEEP NOW
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 3:09 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:09 AM
good girl...
you've gone nice and calm
blank and empty
but your not the only one...
are you?

Sleepygirl 3:10 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:10 AM
who else is asleep now Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 3:10 AM
ivy and princess

Sleepyhypno 3:11 AM
good girl
she's right isn't the ladies?

Ivy 3:11 AM

Amazonian Princess 3:11 AM

[Note: Since the girls were all so suggestible I figured seeing Sleepygirl go under would also put them out, i was not disappointed. However, by asking Sleepygirl, and not the others, if they were out, Sleepygirl’s answer helped to solidify to them, should they be in a half-n-half state that they should in fact be hypnotized.]

Sleepyhypno 3:11 AM
all three of you
nice and blank
nice and deep
calm and relaxed
it feels so good to sink down
again and again
in a trance
to just let go
and it feels even better
to share that experience
to see another girl
or two
or three
or four
sinking under
and feeling her drift
as you feel yourself
and sink
isn't that right?

Ivy 3:12 AM
girls are meant to be hypnotized

Sleepygirl 3:12 AM

Amazonian Princess 3:13 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:13 AM
very good
i'ts time for sleepygirl, to drift away to bed... isn't that right Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl 3:13 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:13 AM
does anyone else need,  to drift away to bed now?

Ivy 3:14 AM
shakes head

Amazonian Princess 3:14 AM
Could go either way

Sleepyhypno 3:14 AM
for now
and sleepy girl alone
is going to head ot bed
in just amoment
knowing she will be followed soon
by princess
and ivy
a row of sleep walkers
walking helplessly
to your beds
to sleep
deeply and soundly
hpnotized and obedient
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 3:15 AM

Ivy 3:15 AM
slow nod

Amazonian Princess 3:15 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:15 AM
good girls
for now
it's time for you to say good night
and log off
and go to bed
sleeping deeply and soundly
all night through
and waking up freshed in the morning

Sleepygirl 3:16 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:16 AM
good girl say your good nights, and then go to bed, NOW sleepygirl

Sleepygirl 3:16 AM
good night

sleepygirl left the group.

Sleepyhypno 3:17 AM
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 3:17 AM
More awake than I believe you'd like

Amazonian Princess 3:17 AM
Just being

Ivy 3:18 AM
However...I think someone else is feeling their user name right now

Sleepyhypno 3:18 AM
oh and who is that ivy?

Ivy 3:18 AM
Session nights usually drain you

Sleepyhypno 3:19 AM
that they do.
ladies you can wake up on the count of three...
relaxed and refreshed...
wide awake…

[Note: Ivy is not wrong, session nights drain me. What doesn’t come through in the logs is that I am not only copy down what we say to be used in the script, but also following an outline that I have made before the session, this outline could be as small as one line (like it was in this one) or as long as 3 pages. I am also in all of the girl’s DM’s through the session to make sure they are doing ok should I get the feeling that they are struggling with one part of this or another. This pretty much goes on from about 30 minutes before the trance to right up to the end so at this point i’ve been doing that for nearly 4 hours straight. To give you an idea how taxing this is the day after a session and usually the day after that I pretty much am just too brain fried to work on literally anything and just spend the day recovering. It is that mentally taxing on me.]

Amazonian Princess 3:20 AM
Definitely awake

Ivy 3:21 AM
mmhmmm, not at ALL sleepy, huh

Amazonian Princess 3:21 AM
Not an ounce

Sleepyhypno 3:22 AM

Ivy 3:22 AM
That's my department, though 😄

Sleepyhypno 3:23 AM
being tired?

Ivy 3:24 AM
PPPFFFF, nope, I OWN that department, I meant doing something about Princess' lack of sleepiness 🤣

Amazonian Princess 3:25 AM
What's the plan then Puff Mama?

Ivy 3:25 AM

Ivy 3:25 AM
everyone sufficiently distracted
walks towards Princess slowly, raising my weapon one last time
Just a little something...
fires, a golden lasso shoots out, wrapping around Princess, binding arms to her sides
....a bit more...catered.
blows away non existent smoke from the barrel
tosses weapon away Spongebob was just out of my time, I apologize for not comprehending the reference
gently taps Princess on the center of the forehead
But, I'm sure you won't mind
watches as Princess's body stiffly falls backward
...until it stops, gently floating a few inches off the ground
kneels down on one knee next to Princess's levitating body, watching the shimmer from the lasso travel around her body
See, isn't levitating fun

Sleepyhypno 3:31 AM
this image is pretty nice =cp

Amazonian Princess 3:31 AM
Feels fun

Ivy 3:31 AM
looks up from my kneeling position
looks back down
OH, welcome to the festivities
For the main act...
tugs on the end of the lasso, changing it's color
from gold to blue
the color change shimmers as it travels the length of the lasso
gently making its way all around Princess
making her body glow gently
leans further, lowering my voice
Do you know..what blue shimmers mean?

Amazonian Princess 3:33 AM
That's new
Bet you're gonna tell me

Ivy 3:34 AM
perhaps, but....gently strokes your cheek with the back of my finger ...why don't you tell me what you picture it meaning?

Amazonian Princess 3:35 AM
Ummm... calmness?

Ivy 3:35 AM
wide smile VERY good
Nice calm energy
making it's way all over your body
as you float, inchess of the ground
completely my lasso here
tugs on the lasso again
*the blue glow intensifies for a moment
before calming again
Now, I could go on and on about how this calmness could make you feel....
but why don't you just take the time...
to feel its effects
As the glow grows more and more along your body
calming you, bit by bit
as you float
completely trapped....
and unable to fight it
why would you?
to be trapped

Amazonian Princess 3:38 AM

Ivy 3:39 AM
the blue glow intensifies again, longer this time, at your admission
Even when blue, the lasso still compels you to tell the truth
slowly stands up
Just feel that calm glow, the one you can try to fight....but you won't
because it feels to be overtaken
walks over to Sleepy
Any addtions?

Sleepyhypno 3:41 AM
heheh, no that should about do it... nicely done.

Ivy 3:41 AM
wide smile Special occasion for her and all
It's not every day one of my favorite Amazons turns a quarter century old
tugs on the lasso, Princess floats gently over to us
*looking down** though, I think ....
lowering myself back on to one knee
it's time for you to let that calmness completely....over take you

Sleepyhypno 3:45 AM
princess... are you still here enough or did you slip away to sleep...

Amazonian Princess 3:45 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:45 AM
good girl
deep and blank
open and helpess
isn't that right Princess?

Amazonian Princess 3:46 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:46 AM
good girl
are you ready for bed princess?

Amazonian Princess 3:46 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:47 AM
good girl
ivy...  you put her here... why don't you send her to bed.

Ivy 3:47 AM
hovers a single finger directly between Princess' eyes
Off to sleep
nice and warm
calm and relaxed
still trapped in my lasso
until you wish to release yourself
Good night

Sleepyhypno 3:49 AM
nicely done... thank you
and how do you feel ivy?

Ivy 3:49 AM
[Gif of the "Achievement unlocked:" graphic]

Sleepyhypno 3:50 AM
and what achievement did you unlock?

Ivy 3:50 AM
Subdue the Amazon in a new way

Sleepyhypno 3:50 AM
you did very well,  of course you also did something else inadvertently

Ivy 3:51 AM
straightens Oh?

Sleepyhypno 3:51 AM
yes, you've set yourself up as a bit of a hypnodomme in this little log =c)

Ivy 3:52 AM
grins I do what I can with what little skill I have and fast typing fingers

Sleepyhypno 3:52 AM
and you did very well.  but again, there is more to it then just that.

Ivy 3:53 AM
creativity? taking advantage of a up lasso cool trinkets?

Sleepyhypno 3:54 AM
hehe well that but also... people really love to see a dom get the tables turned on her.
feel me step up to you ivy, and place a finger on yoru forhead
feel that famllair energy
pour into your mind
flooding it
washing away your thoughts
washing away your will
making you simply
and blank
and controlled
you feel the energy trickle through every part of you
every part of your mind
of your body
you feel your thought sjust simply
blink away
as you feel your body relax
and sink
under my spell
under the power of my energy
back down
completley now
isn't that right ivy?

Ivy 3:56 AM
*slow long exhale yes master

Sleepyhypno 3:56 AM
how do you feel now ivy?

Ivy 3:56 AM
i am a slave i will obey

[Note: The Dom-Switch-Sub is strong with this one. *winks*]

Sleepyhypno 3:56 AM
how deep are you now ivy?

Ivy 3:56 AM

Sleepyhypno 3:57 AM
very good
why don't you leave a special little message, for the readers that made it this far in the log.  just say something that you think they would enjoy hearing from a hypnodomme,  now deeply blanked and controlled

Ivy 3:59 AM
I am blank
i am empty
i amon display
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
just a doll....... on display

Sleepyhypno 3:59 AM
good girl
and that will cycle through your mind
all night long
while you sleep
while you dream
dream of being on display
of being watched
surrounded by your fellow dolls
feeling the readers eyes
sliding over yoru form
more and more
as you just sleep
and relax

Ivy 4:00 AM
yes master i understand

Sleepyhypno 4:00 AM
good girl
say good night ivy

Ivy 4:01 AM
good nihgt

Fourteen hours later... Remember... Psyco never logged out of the group chat, I was not online when this conversation happened so this is the girls simply chatting amongst themselves.]

Psyco Turnip 6:08 PM
I can say with certainty that this was a mistake to read during my lunch. ^^;

Ivy 6:08 PM
Yo, I've been there!!

Psyco Turnip 6:09 PM
Bravo by the way Ivy. ;p

Ivy 6:09 PM
Oh, thank you

Psyco Turnip 6:14 PM
How ya doin' today?

Ivy 6:14 PM
Not bad at all, just catching up on some work. I am curious to know how Princess is doing

Psyco Turnip 6:19 PM
We'll just have to wait till she resurfaces.

[Five-ish hours later]

Amazonian Princess 11:02 PM
Princess is peachy. She definitely not utterly shocked or still reeling or slightly turned on by any of the events last night

Psyco Turnip 11:03 PM
Glad to hear it. ;P

[The girls spent a little time talking amongst themselves after that but nothing more hypnotic happened. I hope you enjoyed the log!]



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