Monday, July 24, 2023

The Sleepytime Cell - Hypnosis Log

 Key: MD, MF, MC, Sleepy

Description: Three lovely young ladies volunteer to have a custom hypnosis script run on them, a script that sees them chloroformed, bound, gassed, and ultimately hypnotized into relaxing. Be a shame to not add a few suggestions in there wouldn’t it?

This video was used to create the real hypnosis video The Sleepytime Cell

Sleepyhypno 12:33 AM
Ok standard disclaimer lazy 00:30 hours edition.... do you consent?

Sleepygirl 12:33 AM

Ivy 12:34 AM
In leu of Psyco's absense, I will consent with a drop of blood on the contract in her honor

Princess 12:34 AM
Thou doth consents

Sleepyhypno 12:34 AM
heheh alrighty =cP
everyone ready?

Ivy 12:34 AM
yeah, I'm all set

Sleepygirl 12:34 AM
im good

Princess 12:35 AM
Danger ZONE!

[Hypnotists Note: Princess has been watching Archer lately and as a running gag we keep sending one another Archer gifs usually revolving around the ‘Lana… Lana… Lana… LANA! … … … Danger Zone!’ memes.]

Sleepyhypno 12:36 AM
heheh, and away we go!
Just allow yourself
to get into a comfortable position
a place where you can simply
and let go
a place where you can easily
focus on my words
and allow the world around you
to just fade away
slowly and easily
you've been in this position before
a polsition where you realize
that you just need
to relax
and let go
where you just want to let yoru mind
and become blank
and open
just feel yourself sinking
deeper and deeper
more and more with everything breathe
and just allow yoruself to simply
deeper and deeper
down winto a nice
hypnotic Sleep...
you can do that for me can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:37 AM

Ivy 12:37 AM

Princess 12:38 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:38 AM
very good
as you si tthere
and just breathe
slowly and easily
just allow the world around you
to fade away
and all a new world
to take it's place
you find yourself
sitting in the waiting room
of a nurse's office
the room has all the normal things
that you would expect
chairs and magazines
fake plants
and a tv playing the worst
that day time television
has to offer.

[Ivy Note: This was excellent then but I forgot to comment on it so I will comment on it now, this is such a good line!]

[Hypnotist Note: This is an example of a ‘convincer’ it’s a line that you say that is true that helps the subject relate to you and proves that you understand them, the fact that this one was also mildly funny helps out in that it also helps the subject laugh a bit which helps them to relax. It was used intentionally, and as you can see from Ivy’s comment worked perfectly.]

Sleepyhypno 12:38 AM
it's a sterile
but inviting environment
soothing enough
which good
because you really
really do
need to relax
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 12:40 AM

Ivy 12:40 AM
Yes that's true

Princess 12:40 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:40 AM
very good
just as you start to get interested
in the next topic on tv
your nameis called
you move into the exam room
and find yoruself confronted
with the most attractive nurse
that you've ever seen.
their nurses outfit is tight
in all the right plces
and they have a warm and friendly smile
their is an auroa of
authority about them
but a nice...
soothing demeanor
which makes you feel
that you can trust them.
that they can help you
help you relax.
you can see that can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:42 AM

Ivy 12:42 AM

Princess 12:42 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:42 AM
very godo, how are you feeling now ladies?

Ivy 12:43 AM

Sleepygirl 12:43 AM

Princess 12:43 AM
Both those things

Sleepyhypno 12:43 AM
good girls
the nurse looks over yoru file
and nods with a serious look
they move to you and check your pulse
check your blood pressure
and gives you a consoling
pat on the shoudler
but a serious sigh
they ask if you've been stressed
if you've had
a lot on your mind
a lot of things keeping you
and distracted
you can't help but admit
that you've been going
very hard lately
constnatly moving
constantly solving
one problem
after another.
after another
after... another.
they give you a consoling nod
and tell you that they can help you
help you relax
how does that make you feel ladies?

Princess 12:45 AM

Ivy 12:45 AM
hopeful and grateful

Sleepygirl 12:45 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:46 AM
very good.
They ask you to stand
and to focus on a spot on the wall
you feel them move behind you
and whisper in your ear
that it's ok to relax
it's ok to let go
just focus on that spot
and exhale
let all the air out of yoru lungs
and then
take in a deep breathe
but as soon as you
they place a thick
damp cloth
over your face
you can't help but feel a sweet
thick scent
moving into your lungs
your gasp in surprise
and inhale even move of the fumes
more of the scent.
it's so sweet
so strong
you can easily smell it now.
isn't that right ladies?

Princess 12:48 AM

Sleepygirl 12:48 AM

Ivy 12:48 AM
sweet , yes

Sleepyhypno 12:48 AM
you feel yours start to struggle
almost on instinct
on autopilot
arms and legs moving to flail
moving to protrect yoruself
but they have leverage on you
leaning you back so you are off balance
their arms stragetically placed
so no matter how much you flail
you just can't get to them
just can't seem to reach them
they seem to be...
very skilled at this...
you hear them whisper
into yoru ear
in a soothing voice
that it's ok...
just relax
your safe...
just breathe
and relax
and let go...
they whisper even more softly
almost s4eductively
into your ear
that they.
have you... and they won't let you fall
just sink
and sleep...
you can feel that can't you ladies?

Princess 12:50 AM

Sleepygirl 12:50 AM

Ivy 12:50 AM
sinking yes

Sleepyhypno 12:50 AM
very good doing so well
you feel your arms getting heavier
the flailing slowly
gets harder
and harder
your arms seem to just
and hang at your side
and realxed
you feel their body holding up yours
and heavy
and calm
they whisper to you
that's it... just relax
just sink
and sleep
you feel your eyes fluttering
fluttering down
more andmore
as the room blures away
and you sink
into a nice
deep sleep...
how do you feel ladies/

Sleepygirl 12:52 AM
heavy, relaxed

Princess 12:52 AM

Ivy 12:53 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:53 AM
very good
how deep do you find yoruself now ladies?

Ivy 12:53 AM
0-100 , 70

Princess 12:53 AM

Sleepygirl 12:53 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:54 AM
godo girls
all of you are doing so well
so very well
just relaxed
and calm
and safe
you enjoy being chloroformed after all... don't you ladies?

Ivy 12:54 AM
oooo yesss

Sleepygirl 12:54 AM

Princess 12:54 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:54 AM
very good
you feel yourself
being held by the nurse
as your body goes completely limp
they keep their promise
you don't fall
a moment later
you feel yourself
being carried
maybe by the nurse alone
or maybe they have another nurse
help you
help to carry you
and safely
feeling your body swaying
with every step
limp and loose
you feel yourself being sat down
in a very comfy chair
as the hands of the nurse
slide over your body
partially a massage
but partially
because they are stripping you
piece by piece
your clothing
falls away
is that ok with you ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:56 AM

Ivy 12:56 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:57 AM
very good...
are you still with us princess?
it's ok if you are...
it's ok you fell asleep...
just focus on the images
in your mind
the sensations
and just sink
and relax
just like the other two...
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:58 AM

Ivy 12:58 AM

[Hypnotists Note: you’ll start to notice here that Princess is not responding. Her online indicator kept blinking between online and offline, making me think that she was falling asleep. Turns out it was her internet cutting out.]

Sleepyhypno 12:58 AM
very good
you feel your clothes
being slowly removed
little by litter
exposing your skin to the cool air
of the room you are in
and the comfy feeling
of the chair you are in.
the nurse's hands are soothing
and practiced
they know just how to massage you
just how to make your muscles
and let go
it helps you to feel very..
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:59 AM

Ivy 12:59 AM
cozy and safe

Sleepyhypno 1:00 AM
very good
the next thing you feel
is a nice
leather body suit
being placed on your body
form fitting
and warm
there is a soothing feeling to it
its tight
and hugs your body
but allows you to feel
a peace
it's like a warm blanket
wrapped around you
feeling it sliding over your arms and legs
feeling on your chest
and your groin
feeling it all the way up
around your neck
and even
over the back of your head
tucking your hair
neatly into the leather body suit
you can feel that can't you ladies?

Princess 1:02 AM

Sleepygirl 1:02 AM

Ivy 1:02 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:02 AM
do you like this feeling ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:02 AM

Ivy 1:03 AM
liking hte warmth , the tightness

Sleepyhypno 1:03 AM
very good...
doing so well ladies..
once the leather suit
is wrapped completely around yoru body
you feel your arms
being placed
in a rather unusual piece of attire
a straight jacket...
your limp form easily being placed in the straight jacket
and your arms being wrapped
around your body
as the jacket it tied
behind your back
leaving your arms tightly pressed
just under your chest
your feel the nurse
tilt your head up
and give a little giggle
you can feel a smile
as they let the professional mode slip
just a bit
and comment on just hwo cute
they think you are..
you feel them give you a soft
flirty kiss
and then your head leans back
and you feel a piece of tape
being placed over your mouth
gagging you...
this is ok with you isn't it ladies?

Princess 1:06 AM

Sleepygirl 1:06 AM

Ivy 1:06 AM
i can continue it is a new feeling

Sleepyhypno 1:07 AM
always remember
that you are safe
this is all just a hypnotic fantasy
you can feel whatever you want
as vividly
as you want
but you can also simply
pull away...
and watch from the outside
like it's happening
to an avatar
like it's happening to someone else
that helps you to feel safe
and calm
doens't it ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:08 AM

Ivy 1:08 AM
yes it  does

Sleepyhypno 1:08 AM
very good...
you feel yoruself rest
for a moment
breathing slowly
and gently
through your nose
your body limp
in the nice tight body suit
arms wraped around you
tied behind your back
and asleep..
you feel yoruself start to wake up
and notice that you are in
a padded room
there is a comfy looking bed in the corner
but then you become aware
of your situation
yoru binds
the tight leather
and gag over your mouth
you start to struggle
but strangely
not to get free
you start to feel your body wiggle
and shift
not in frustration
but in pleasure
you can feel that pleasure, can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:10 AM

Ivy 1:10 AM

Princess 1:10 AM
Not really

Sleepyhypno 1:11 AM
woudl it help if i described a little more. why your feeling pleasure princess?

Princess 1:11 AM

[Hypnotists Note: The reason that Princess was having issues going under and visualizing was two fold. For one her internet kept cutting out, and she was constantly having to scroll up to read what she had missed and the scene itself was something she wasn’t really familiar with. I did message her privately and ask if she was ok, and if she wanted to continue, she said yes, so I listened and went forward. Sadly in the near future she would lose internet completely and simply stay offline for the night.]

Sleepyhypno 1:11 AM
your wish is my command
the more you move
the more the tight leahter body suit
slides along yoru skin
it's so tight
that even the slightest wiggle
make sthe while thing shift
just a bit
almost vacuum sealed to your body
it slides along your chest
along your groin
you feel it in every single
pelasure area
all at once
the more you wiggle
the more it slides along those places
it doesn't matter where you like to be touched
where you like to be caressed
the body suit seems to hit every single place
all at once
the more you struggle
the more you shift
the more the suit stimulates you
and arouses you
and the more it arouses you
the more you find yoruself wiggling
and struggling
not to get free
but to continue the pleasure
building inside of you
more and more deeply
feeling yourself getting closer and closer
to release
you can feel that can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:14 AM

Ivy 1:14 AM
odd but yes

[Ivy Note: Odd because I don't typically do leather, so I really don't think about how it would feel, including the tightness.]

Princess 1:14 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:15 AM
very good
i know it' sa new feeling
anew sensation
just let go
and enjoy it
your always safe
always free to pull back
should you want too
you know that don't you ladies?

Ivy 1:15 AM

Sleepygirl 1:15 AM

Princess 1:15 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:15 AM
godo girl
you feel your arousal building
but just as you feel yoru body coudl release
the door opens
and the nurse walks in
their professional uniform has been replaced
by somethign omre
nice and tight
but with all the medical insignia
still on their now leather uniform
they are also wearing a surgical mask
after all
they ahve to be professional
they give you a playful wink
and in a flirty tone
say that they are happy to see you getting
with yoru situation
and that you are in very good hands
their hands...
they slide a hand along your shoudler
and say in a very serious tone
that your diagnosis was pretty severe
you have an abundance of stress
mixed in with an acute deficiency, of enjoyment.
it was decided... that you needed immediate care
so you were prescribed a visit to the naptime cell...
how does that make you feel ladies?

Ivy 1:19 AM
confused but intrigud

Princess 1:19 AM
No different

Sleepygirl 1:19 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:20 AM
They seem to playfully
rub their hand along yoru body
doing so seems to make the body suit
and shift
at their touch
casuing it to stimulate you eve more
they give you a wink
as they pick up a small electrode
and place it on your temple
they tell you not to worry
this isn't going to hurt one bit
as they place another on yoru other temple
they tell you it's a ery special kind
of brainwave generator
it will help you brain
to clear
to relax
the take out a rather large
anestesia mask
and tell you taht it's ok
yoru safe
and palce the mask over yoru face
any respense you try to say
gets mumbled by the gag
and you feel the mask seal around your face
and thena  very sweet
smelling gas
filling your lungs
nice and cool against your skin
and so relaxing
as you just breathe
slowly and easily
you can breathe for me can't you ladies?

Ivy 1:23 AM

Princess 1:23 AM

Sleepygirl 1:23 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:23 AM
the nurse gives you a gentle pat on the cheek
and tells you that what your breathing
is called the 'sleepytime mix'
a special blend of anestetics
and muscle relaxants
a little hint of an amensiac,
to help your mind
and for you to simply
all of the things that are stressing you out
the more you breathe
the more you feel your body
and letting go
yoru stimluation still building
every breath helping you to build that pleasure
you may even find that you
as your body relaxes
and lets go.
all the while taking slow
deep breathes
of the very special gas
that is helping you to just
drift away
more and more deeply
and clearing your mind
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:25 AM

Ivy 1:26 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:26 AM
doing very good ladies...
just let yoruself breathe
and deeply
every breathe helping you to just sink
into the feeling...
how deep are you now ladies?

Ivy 1:27 AM
feeling limp , dreamy

Sleepygirl 1:27 AM

Ivy 1:27 AM
120 ish

Sleepyhypno 1:28 AM
very good
as you sit there
breathing the gas
you feel the electrodes
no yoru head
a wave of energy
pulses into your brain
and makes it so that your thoughts
if you have any left
are simply
over ridden
simply stopped
like waves in the ocean
canceling each other out
your brain waves are simply
and blanked
your mind can't help but simply
and relax
breathing in the gas
and gently
as the waves of energy
flood into your mind
emptying it
and totally
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 1:29 AM

Sleepygirl 1:29 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:30 AM
you hear the nurse softly shiwper
that the energy
will clear your mind
and stop you from struggling
emptying your thoughts
so you can simply relax
so that you can just sleep.
they give a playful little laugh
as they explain this cna also
make you very aroused
as the energy trickles through your body
the gas and energy
the leather outfit
all stimulating you at once
you feel their hands
moving along your body
to all the places that you like to be touched
feeling the arousal buildin g
as they touch you
and they whisper into your ear
that the side effect is that yoru memory is a bit
a bit... foggy.
you probably won't remember
that you were ever here...
but you'll feel a pull
to return
to come back for more..
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 1:33 AM

Sleepygirl 1:33 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:33 AM
the combination of the gas..
and the touch
the leather
and the energy
overlaods your body
you can't help but just
feeling your body twitch in your binds
and just sink
more and more deeply
but the more you relax
the more the gas effects you
the more the electrodes stimulates you
and your arousal builds
and agin
slowly overloading you
and making your clamx
and then sink
and sleep
and overload
and climax
until your body simply
surrenders to sleep
the pleasure cycle continuing
but youa re deeply
and complately
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:35 AM

Ivy 1:35 AM
yes master!

Sleepyhypno 1:36 AM
very good ladies...
just let yourself slip away
feeling safe and calm
as th epleasure builds
and climaxes
and you sink down
more and more
you feel yourself
being moved
to the bed
secured in a comfortable position
the gas being turned up a bit
to keep you deeply
and completely
the electrodes keeping your brain
in a constant state of blanked, arousal
as your body continues the cycles
of arousal
and again
feeling all of your tension melting away
as you simply building your arousal
and then
sleep more deeply
and start again
and again
you can do that can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:38 AM

Ivy 1:39 AM
ywe yes yes yes!1

Sleepyhypno 1:39 AM
how deep are you now ladies?

Ivy 1:40 AM

Sleepygirl 1:40 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:41 AM
very good ladies...
you feel the nurse
gently place a plush toy in your arms
you can help but feel calm
and peaceful
your mind deeply asleep
blan kand empty
as your boyd simply
more and more
you are aware of the nurse
leaning in
and whispering to you
nighty nighty...
before giving your mask
a soft gentle kiss
and then you start to feel...
more then hear...
words echoing in your mind
You are a sleepy girl
you must sleep
you must skin
you must relax
over and over again
you can feel those in your mind
can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:43 AM

Ivy 1:44 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:44 AM
there you go
just relax
and rest
feeling the pleasure building
and climaxing
all the while you just drift
more and more deeply
deeply down
into sleep
and again
and again...
you are a sleepy girl
you must sleep
you must sink
you must relax...
you... are a sleepy girl
you must selep
you must sink
you must relax
after all
girls were meant to be hypnotized
isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 1:46 AM
girls were meant to be hypnotiized

Ivy 1:46 AM
yes msster girls are meant to be hypnoitzed

Sleepyhypno 1:46 AM
very good
how do you feel now ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:47 AM
blank, relaxed, arousaed

Ivy 1:47 AM
so gon e

Sleepyhypno 1:48 AM
how deep are you now ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:48 AM

Ivy 1:49 AM

[Hypnotist Note: they are both pretty much gone at this point, you love to see it]

Sleepyhypno 1:49 AM
good girls
and what are you now ladies?

Ivy 1:49 AM
sleepy girls

Sleepygirl 1:49 AM
a sleeepy gril

Sleepyhypno 1:50 AM
very good
and what will you remember... when you wake up ladies?

Ivy 1:50 AM
nothing just haze

Sleepygirl 1:50 AM
nothing, fuzzy

Sleepyhypno 1:51 AM
good girls
but you'll want to do something
won't you ladies?

Ivy 1:51 AM
yes rturn

Sleepygirl 1:51 AM
come back for more

Sleepyhypno 1:51 AM
very good.
that feels...
so nice...
doesn't it.
to just have your thoughts
clearly laid out for yoyu
so you don't need to worry
you just need to sink
and sleep
and obey
isn't that right/

Ivy 1:52 AM
sooo nice master

Sleepygirl 1:52 AM
yesss master

[Hypnotist note: it’s rare to get them both to the point of calling me master. Just sayin]

[Ivy Note: I don't recall ANY of this!]
[Sleepygirl Response: yeah i don't remember anything of pretty much this whole log, to be honest…]

Sleepyhypno 1:53 AM
very good.
i was wondering if you were both going to let go... deeply enough
to end up calling me master...
you both wanted to do that for quite a while..
didn't you

Ivy 1:53 AM
yes since ealy on

Sleepygirl 1:53 AM
yyes master

Sleepyhypno 1:54 AM
but the gas
and the electrodes
the soothing sensations
the pleasure
again and again
helpes you to just
let go
and surrender
and easily
isn't that right/

Ivy 1:54 AM
oh yes master!

Sleepygirl 1:54 AM
yesss master

Sleepyhypno 1:55 AM
good girls
and as it happens
the two that are left
are the two partners
linked in your minds
for some time now
finding it so easy to feel what the other feels
to experience
and share
what you experience
with them
the deeper one of you sinks
the deeper the other sinks
more and more deeply
and blan k
and open
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:56 AM
yyesss master

Ivy 1:56 AM
yess master!

Sleepyhypno 1:56 AM
godo girl s
and how are you ladies feeling energy wise..
do either of you need to go to bed?
do either of you need to go to sleep?

Ivy 1:57 AM
no master, i can continue

Sleepygirl 1:57 AM
not yet..ok for now

Sleepyhypno 1:58 AM
good girl s

[Hypnotists Note: This is where the log will end. The two young women spent the next hour or more getting dropped more deeply, and made to relax, as we were all pretty wiped out that night. It was relaxing for them I’m sure. I’m just not sure they remember.]

[Ivy Note: Nope!]
[Sleepygirl Note: Spoiler alert: they do not.]

[Hypnotists note: Well there you have it, a successful trancing and successful suggestion to simply forget.]




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