Monday, July 10, 2023

Disassembled Doll - Hypnosis Log

Key: MD, MF, MC, Freeze, Sleep

Description: A real hypnosis session in which the participants are hypnotized into believing they are being transformed into a doll. But what happens when it comes time to disassemble the dolls and put them away into storage?

This video was used to create the real hypnosis video
Disassembled Doll.

[Note: These sessions usually start off with those who are available sitting in a Discord chat waiting for the rest to hop online. Usually not much happens hypnosis wise but this time was an exception so I included that portion of the ‘before party’ below]

Sleepyhypno 12:00 AM
Ok, so I think Kitty is out cold for the night, so everyone get yourselves comfy and use the abthroom if you need it i'll be back in 5 and we can start =cp

Psyco Turnip 12:01 AM
Gotcha gotcha.

Amazonian Princess 12:02 AM
Let the shenanigans begin...

Sleepyhypno 12:02 AM
hehe of course as i said that Kitty just seemed to have popped on...

Amazonian Princess 12:05 AM
You summoned her

Sleepyhypno 12:06 AM
possibly, although she hasn't responded so it may have been her phone or something logging on on it's own.

Psyco Turnip 12:07 AM
Our Overlords are finally rising up?

Amazonian Princess 12:07 AM
Let the revolt begin....

Psyco Turnip 12:07 AM
Took 'em long enough.

Sleepyhypno 12:07 AM
[A gif of a person turning off a light switch. Which is really the only proper way to handle a machine uprising.]

 Ivy 12:07 AM
As a, the Overlords are not ready

Amazonian Princess 12:07 AM
You can't turn us off
We're just getting started

Ivy 12:08 AM
Nope, I take verbal triggers, thanks

Sleepyhypno 12:08 AM
So like [Ivy’s Sleep Trigger], is that it?

Ivy 12:08 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:09 AM
Poor Ivy.

Amazonian Princess 12:09 AM
She fell right into his hands

Ivy 12:09 AM
I have a really hard time NOt doing that

Sleepyhypno 12:09 AM
how do you feel ivy?

Ivy 12:10 AM
surprised  and chill

Sleepyhypno 12:10 AM
good girl
[Princess’s Sleep Trigger]
and now there are two,
surprised and chill
relaxed and calm
isn't that right?

Psyco Turnip 12:11 AM
[A Gif of a man dripping sweat]

Ivy 12:11 AM
nod nod nod*

Psyco Turnip 12:11 AM
Super calm.

Ivy 12:12 AM
reaches for Psyco

Amazonian Princess 12:12 AM

Ivy 12:12 AM
join joiiiin

Sleepyhypno 12:12 AM
Would you ladies like to help psyco join you in trance?

Ivy 12:12 AM
grin yes yes yeeeeeessss

Amazonian Princess 12:13 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:13 AM
I think you both know how.

Ivy 12:13 AM
[Psyco’s Sleep Trigger]

Amazonian Princess 12:13 AM
[Psyco’s Sleep Trigger]

Sleepyhypno 12:13 AM
good girls
how do you ladies feel?

Ivy 12:13 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:13 AM
Blank and relaxed Master.

Amazonian Princess 12:14 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:14 AM
good girls
it's probably poor form to do the disclaimer while you're asleep...
so in a moment I'm going to wake you
your going to remain calm and focused
relaxed and centered
but when I ask you to approve the disclaimer...
if you are ok with it you will respond with a simple affirmative answer of yoru choice and then your own sleep trigger,  putting yoruself
right back down into trance.
you can do that can't you ladies?

Amazonian Princess 12:15 AM

Ivy 12:15 AM
oh yes....devious..i approve

Psyco Turnip 12:16 AM
Yes Master wake and agree.

Sleepyhypno 12:16 AM
good girls
wide awake
well now that your primed =cP

Psyco Turnip 12:17 AM

Amazonian Princess 12:17 AM
Like a steak

Psyco Turnip 12:17 AM
Primed like a steak?
Do you prime steaks?

Ivy 12:17 AM
marker pen
You prime a paint pen, too

Sleepyhypno 12:18 AM
an engine...
you prime and engine so that it will start up more easily.

Psyco Turnip 12:18 AM
Ya that tracks. ^^

Amazonian Princess 12:19 AM
Is that where Optimus Prime came from?

Sleepyhypno 12:19 AM
... maybe?!
heheh we are getting off track again,  and it's going to get late before we know it. =cP

Psyco Turnip 12:19 AM
He is optimal.

Amazonian Princess 12:20 AM
Steer us back on course then Captain

Sleepyhypno 12:20 AM
Do you consent to being hypnotized with the purpose of of using the session to create a script for a video, and a log to be publicly posted so that the whoel of the internet can watch you lovely ladies succubming to hypnosis, being manipulated and controle dand probably orgasming?

Amazonian Princess 12:21 AM
Consent granted

Ivy 12:21 AM
I consent to the consent
[Ivy’s own sleep trigger]

Amazonian Princess 12:21 AM
[Princess’s own sleep trigger]

Psyco Turnip 12:22 AM
Yessir, I consent to being manipulated and controlled.
[Psyco’s own Sleep trigger]

Sleepyhypno 12:22 AM
good girls
I thank you for your consent, and trusting me with things like this.
and im sure the ladies and gentlmen of the internet reading this
also thank you for your time, and energy... and minds.
if you'd be so kind....
just allow yoruself
to get into a comfortable position
a place where you can simply
focus on my words
and allow your mind
and body
to simply
and relax
to feel your muscles all
just letting go
and loosening
while your mind simply
begins to drift
and fog over
your thoughts simply fade away
and you allow yourself to just
and relax
and to just
deeper andd eeper
down into trance
down itno my words
relaxed and calm now
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 12:24 AM

Amazonian Princess 12:24 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:24 AM
Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 12:24 AM
good girls
as you relax
just let the world around you fade away
and allow a new world
a new fantasy
to take it's place.
finding yourself
simply walking down a hall way
step by step
towards the door at the end of the hallway
with every step you take
you find yourself becoming
more focused
focused on the fantasy
on the world forming around
you become aware that you are
going to a job interview
an interview
for a modeling agency
looking for someone to
model their clothes for them
you may find that thi smakes you feel
equal parts
confident and sexy
while also being
but that nervousness
just helps you to simply
fall into the fantasy
to make it more vivid
to allow yourself to be more
in the fantasy now
isn't that rightl adys?

Amazonian Princess 12:27 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:27 AM
Yes Sir.

Ivy 12:28 AM
working on it

[Ivy Note: I wanted to mention that I was working on it because modeling and fashion in general have never been an interest of mine which made falling into the fantasy take longer than it normally would.]

[Hypnotist Note: This was something that I realized pretty early on that was going to be an issue with the trance based on their responses. So I took a little extra time to try and clear away those issues and see if I could help them. It worked to a point, but eventually once the dollification part started they just fell right into it.]

Sleepyhypno 12:28 AM
it's ok if it takes a moment
just let your minds
and relax
see the hallway around you
and let yourself simply
closer to that door at the end
every step helps you to just
helps your mind to clear
you may have a lot on your mind
i knwo we all do some times
but it's ok to just let that all
fade away
for a while
all of the things you need to remember
need to focus on
will be there when you wake up
but for now just let them fade away
and hear the soft
gentle steps
of your feet
as you move closer
and closer
to the door
feeling how excited you are
how eager you are
you really want this job
really want to try
being a model
to be seen
and appreciated
isn' tthat right ladies?

[Ivy Note: As a follow-up to my previous comment, this actually helped quite a bit, since I wasn't connecting with the modeling aspect of it I did connect with the feeling of appreciation that he mentioned which helped the fantasy take a stronger hold.]

[Hypnotist Note: Clearly helping them to get into the role worked just fine at least for Ivy]

Amazonian Princess 12:31 AM
Ivy 12:31 AM
nod nod- yes

Psyco Turnip 12:31 AM
Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 12:31 AM
good girls
after a few
you arrive at the door
and knock.
a rather...
attractive individual
answers the door
and escorts you inside.
you swear for a moment
you catch them looking you over
in a less then... professional manner
but you brush it off.
they start to explain to you
the details of the job...
the usual for what you'd expect from a model gig
put on some fancy clothes
let people see you in them.
collect paycheck.
it all seems rather simple
and you find yourself feeling
very confident
that you will get the position.
thats always a good feeling, isn't it ladies?

Ivy 12:33 AM
oh yes

Amazonian Princess 12:34 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:34 AM
Yes Sir, very much so.

Sleepyhypno 12:34 AM
The interviewer,
ask you to simply
strike a pose
something sexy
and alluring,
something that you could hold
for a while.
you find yoruself moving
rather naturally
into a position that you find to be
just right for you
for your body
for your attitude
being sure to look at the interviewer
as you pose
and simply stare at them
a small
almost hidden smile
as you just stare at them
radiating confidence
and charisma
you feel that you were simply
made to be on display
that htis is exactly what you want
feeling the thrill of posing
you can feel that ca'nt you ladies?

Ivy 12:37 AM

Amazonian Princess 12:37 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:37 AM
Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 12:37 AM
very good
doing so well ladies.
the interviewer is clearly impressed
as they start to move around you
telling you to simply
hold still
completely still
for as long as you can
you find yourself letting them move
out of your field of vision
tempted to follow them with your eyes
but not wanting to break your pose
you control your breathing
control your blinking
completely in control of yoru body
and then you feel something cool,
something plastic
being stuck onto your body
maybe it's the small of yoru back
or your shoulder
maybe your arm or you leg
whereever would make
the most sense for you
and your position.
but the moment you feel
that cool plastic
touching your skin
your entire body
comes to a complete
rigid stop
you can still type
still breathe
still blink
but everything else is completely
and totally
paused now ladies
how do you feel?

Ivy 12:40 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:41 AM
Still Sir.

Amazonian Princess 12:41 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:41 AM
good girls
doing so very well
you can't help but wonder
can't help but be curious
about what just happened
you can't move
the more you try
the more stuck
and still
and rigid you find yourself becoming
but that isn't all
you feel a very
unusual feeling
starting from where you felt
the cool plastic touch your skin
you feel as if your body
is transforming
slowly radiating out from the point
of the cool plastic
you feel your body coming...
you feel your skin
turning to plascit
a cool
shiney plastic
you can feel that can't you ladies?

Ivy 12:43 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:43 AM
Yes Sir, hollow right arm.

Amazonian Princess 12:43 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:44 AM
good girls
how deep are you now ladies?

Amazonian Princess 12:44 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:44 AM
87% Sir.

Ivy 12:44 AM
0-100, 54

Sleepyhypno 12:44 AM
good girls
the more you freeze
the more you are transformed
the deeper you will go
the more you will simply
let go
and relax.
isn't that right ladies?

Psyco Turnip 12:45 AM
Yes Sir, let go.

Ivy 12:45 AM

Amazonian Princess 12:45 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:46 AM
good girls
you feel that plastic
hollow feeling
moving through yoru body
in all directions
and as it does you feel a peace
a calm feeling
moving through you

[Ivy Note: And that's the best feeling when being frozen!]

Sleepyhypno 12:46 AM
you feel it move through yoru chest
through your legs
out of the corner of your eye
you spy your reflection
in the window
and see the wave of the plastic
moving along yoru skin
similar to yoru skin color
but clearly
clearly shiney
and fake
as it moves further and further
along yoru body
you can't help but wonder
who this is happening
what will happen to you
what the interviewer
will do with you
but then you see the plastic wave
wash over your face
over your head
and yoru thoughts
simply stop
your mind turns to plastic
hollow and light
but blank
just staring ahead now
isn't that right, my good little mannequins?

[Ivy Note: Try it, reader, picture the plastic just emptying your mind out, and stare straight ahead...trippy!!]

Psyco Turnip 12:49 AM
Yes Master, unthinking but aware.

Ivy 12:49 AM
yes good mannequin

Amazonian Princess 12:49 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:50 AM
good girls
you find your entire body to be
cool and light
you feel the hand of the interviewer
sliding along yoru body
examining you
commenting that
you will do, just fine...
that you are...
absolutely perfect.
you even feel them
moving yoru body
your arms and legs
noticing that you now
only move in specific places
but not the normal places
that you would
as a human
your a mannequin now...
a display doll
you have specific places
where your, 'parts' connect
and you can feel them
rotating those places
those parts.
it feels different...
but good
the sensation makes you tingle
makes you feel liek this
is exactly how you should be now
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 12:52 AM
nod nod nod yeeees

[Ivy Note: Charmer!]

Psyco Turnip 12:53 AM
Yes Master, exactly right.

Amazonian Princess 12:53 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:53 AM
very good.
how do you feel now, my helpless dolls?

Ivy 12:54 AM
unworried , blakn

Psyco Turnip 12:54 AM
Frozen and aroused Master.

Amazonian Princess 12:54 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:54 AM
very good
doing so well
you fele the interviewer
slide then hands along your body
along your now plastic skin
massaging and caressing
cleary they have gone from testing your body
to fondling it
you feel the caress
the touch
but as it moves
inot your plastic form
it seems to echo
through your whole body
moving from the point of contact
and around
rippling through every part of you
you feel your clothes
being slowly removed
piece by piece
as their hands caress along your legs
along your chest
along your groin
your body may be plastic
but it may also still be
anatomically correct
or you may find that your more
private areas
have been replaced by smooth
cool plastic
it's all up to you
all up to whatever you find
more appealing
what do you find appealing ladies?

Ivy 12:57 AM
correct not smooth

Amazonian Princess 12:58 AM

Psyco Turnip 12:58 AM
Anatomically correct smooth plastic Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:58 AM
very good
whichever you choose
you find that your interviewer
seems to enjoy
the plastic form of your body
you feel their hands
thier tongue
sliding along your more private places

[Ivy Note: OH! .... forgot about that!]

Sleepyhypno 12:58 AM
caressing you
teasing you
as you feel a pleasure
buliding inside of you
a pleasure that seems to echo
seem to ripple through your plastic form
but as it does
it becomes a part of you
like a paint sprayed over plastic
the pleasure just seems
to stick
deep inside of you
and layering
more and more pleasure
inside of your form
with every touch
every kiss
every caresses that pleasure builds
and builds
you can feel that can't you my dolls?

Psyco Turnip 1:01 AM
Yes Master, feedback pleasure.

Ivy 1:01 AM
yes , odd bu gooood

Amazonian Princess 1:01 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:02 AM
you hear th einterview let out a soft little laugh
as they lean up
and tell you are you
in every way
just waht they were looking for
you feel them kiss
your plastic lips
and run their hands over your more
more private of places
and feel that layering of pleasure
more and more
until you feel yoru body
explode in a climax
as the layers of pleasure build
one on tp of the other
deeply inside
but seem to just
hang there
still and steady
frozen and blank
empty and unaware
and now
loaded with a pleasure
a pleasure tha tsimply
like paint on plastic
coated deeply inside of you now
you can feel that pleasure now
can't you my dolls?

Ivy 1:04 AM
yes yes yes

Psyco Turnip 1:04 AM
Yes Master.

Amazonian Princess 1:04 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:04 AM
very good
how do you feel now dolls?

Ivy 1:05 AM

Amazonian Princess 1:05 AM

Psyco Turnip 1:05 AM
Aroused and blank Master.

Sleepyhypno 1:05 AM
very good
the pleasure will linger with you
for the entire time
that you are a doll
for the entire time that you are plastic
and frozen
it will be a part of you
deep inside of you
no matter how you are moved
and posed
you will be in a constant state
of pleasure
isn't that right?

Amazonian Princess 1:06 AM

Ivy 1:06 AM
yes master

[Ivy Note: Aha, there it is!]

[Hypnotist Note: more or less all of the girls will default to calling me master if they are deep enough. It’s kind of a part of the fantasy to be so deeply hypnotized that they are controlled, and well if you're controlled, then the person controlling you is your master.  Some of them fall into it at a more shallow trance than others. Psycho is very shallow, Ivy is pretty deep, Princess, Kitty, and Sleepygirl are all pretty rare and have to be very deep to use it. It’s basically an indication of depth for their trance.

Psyco Turnip 1:06 AM
Yes Master, constant state.

Sleepyhypno 1:07 AM
very goo d
how deep are you now my dolls?

Ivy 1:07 AM

Amazonian Princess 1:07 AM

Psyco Turnip 1:07 AM
263% Master.

Sleepyhypno 1:08 AM
very good
all of you are doin gso very well
and aware or just how deep
just how relaxed
and blank
the other girls are
the deeper they sink
the more you sink down with them
the more they feel
the more you feel
and the deeper you go
the more you feel
the deeper they go
deeply down
completely and totally
relaxed adn blank
perfect dolls
on display
isn't that right my dolls?

Amazonian Princess 1:09 AM

Ivy 1:09 AM
yes master

Psyco Turnip 1:09 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 1:09 AM
you find yourself...
blank and empty
being posed...
different positions
different stances
you feel yoru body being moved
at the connection joints
at the now plastic body
every piece of your being moved easily
even your head
sliding along a connection point
between your jaw and your shoudlers
rotating slowly
all the while blank an dcalm
you feel yourself being
in various different outfits
and position
the distance memory of a camera flash
and then another,
and another
and then redressed again
and posed
and again
how does that make you feel my dolls?

Amazonian Princess 1:12 AM
no feeling, just accepting

Ivy 1:12 AM
more and mre blankness

Psyco Turnip 1:12 AM
Aroused and exposed Master.

Sleepyhypno 1:13 AM
very good
are you enjoying yourself my dolls?

Ivy 1:13 AM
ooo yes master

Amazonian Princess 1:13 AM

Psyco Turnip 1:13 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 1:14 AM
very good
you feel the interviewer
after dressing you
one more time
in something sexy
and revealing
pic you up
you are light as a feather
plastic and hollow
as you are easily carried
easily moved
down to a display window
facing the street
you find yoruself possed
and placed on display
people walking past you
staring at you
you can feel their eyes
sliding along yoru body
almost as if they were touching
as they move past
some just look at the clothing
some... look at you
you catch a smile or two
from peopel that cant help but subconsciously
respond in a way they would
had they just seen something they were attracted too
some even laugh at the idea
that they just checked out a mannequin
a doll in a display window
and shake their head
as they move on
never knowing that you are a person
but unthinking
and on dispaly
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
just a doll on display
isn't that right laides?

[Ivy note: That ought to sound familiar to frequent readers!]

[Hypnotists note: I do use this mantra a lot, I did not write it however, I got it from the story “Taking the Tuckerverse I think, written by: Zero, FreezAntix, and Dmuk you can find it here:]

Psyco Turnip 1:17 AM
Yes Master, doll on display.

Ivy 1:17 AM
y es master

Amazonian Princess 1:17 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:17 AM
very good
it's ok to let go
and just feel that mantra
moving through your mind
blank and calm
no need ot think
just a doll on display
over and over again
just sinking down
and feeling the pleasure
building as their eyes
wander along yoru body
and taking you down
deeper and deeper
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
just a doll on display
isn't that right my dolls?

Psyco Turnip 1:20 AM
Yes Master, display.

Sleepyhypno 1:20 AM
very good
your not sure hwo long your on display
how long you stay
in the window
you have a vague memory of it getting dark...
and then light
and again
the peopel have all bleneded together
but then you feel...
somethign new
a whisper...
into your ear
echoing through your plastic
hollow mind
that it's time for you to join,
a more private collection
you see the person that was interviewing you
slowly move in front of you
and start to twist your arm...
until it pops off....

[Ivy note: Wasn't expecting that the first time around.]

[Hypnotists Note: No one was expecting it as I did not give them the details of the trance going forward, I offered them the option to know but most turned it down, the one that did accept opted to not join the trance.]

Sleepyhypno 1:20 AM
at first you can't understand what happened
but you find that you still feel
and whole..
you can feel them holding your arm
despite it not being connected
you can feel them sliding their hand
along yoru arm
as they gently put it
into a large travel case
you realize
in the back of your hollowed mind
that they are going to disassemble you...
but yet you find yourself
still very calm
still blank
it feels as if you are together
yet apart
still aware of allof yoru pieces
but witha  very
strange lag time
like the distance
is greater
is this ok with you ladies?

Amazonian Princess 1:24 AM
can't grasp dismemberment

Ivy 1:24 AM
odd but yes

Psyco Turnip 1:24 AM
Yes Master, limbs missing but still feeling them.

Sleepyhypno 1:24 AM
it is a bit of a stretch
an odd feeling
it's ok if you can't grasp it
you can simply pan out a bit
and see the fantasy
as if it were happening to someone else
always safe
always free to do whatever you need
to feel more comfortable
are you ok with continuing this ladies?

Ivy 1:25 AM

Amazonian Princess 1:25 AM

Psyco Turnip 1:26 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 1:26 AM
very good
you feel yoursself slowly
piece by piece
being disassembled
your other arm
popping off
feleing it in their hands
and then in the case
feeling yourself being laid down
a leg popping off
and then the other...
and if your comfortable with it
you can feel them
gently disconnect your head
and place it in the case
you feel all of your body
all at once
like you would any other day
any other time
surrounded by soft
gentle felt
soothing and protective
there is just
a lag to it
a delay to the feeling
every part of you surrounded
and protected
is that ok with you ladies?

[Ivy Note: I have said it before but it is worth repeating, especially with something like this: it is supremely important to feel safe.]

Psyco Turnip 1:29 AM
Yes Master, safe and protected.

Ivy 1:29 AM
yes they are taki ng slow caful car e

Sleepyhypno 1:31 AM
just relax for a moment
let yorueslf feel how it feels
to be in the case.
safe and calm now.
you find yoruself staring
blanking out at the street
as you feel the case
close around you
and all stimulation
simply stops
you are in a void
blank and calm
flaoting so gently
so easily now.
nothing ot thin kabout
just safe
in the void
feeling your body
but whole
at the same time
always safe
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 1:35 AM
alwys safe like priceless art

[Ivy note: I mean, who doesn't want to be a priceless work of art??]

Psyco Turnip 1:36 AM
Yes Master, disassembled but whole.

Amazonian Princess 1:36 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:37 AM
good girls
doing so well
i know it's an odd feeling
but you are always safe with me
always able to VETO out if you need too
and always able to pull back and see the scene
from a third person point of view
safe and calm
this my dear friends
is the end of the script...
and i thank you for your time and energy
i'd like you to feel yoruself
being slowly
put back together...
piece by piece
feeling everything
back into place
feleing yoruself simply
mind still clear
still empty and blan k
but your body is simply whole
once gain
you can feel that can't you ladies/

Ivy 1:39 AM
nod nod**

Psyco Turnip 1:39 AM
Yes Master.

Amazonian Princess 1:39 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:39 AM
very good
of course in the video
the person watching will be left to be...
in storage for a while
but you ladies now
can feel your bodies
slowly turning back to normal
feeling your skin
becoming soft
and warm
feeling your breathing
becoming aware of your heart beat
slow and steady
feeling the plastic receeding
and disappearing
leaving you once again
flesh and blood
warm and mobile
but still
and calm
and relaxed
isn't that right ladies?

Amazonian Princess 1:41 AM

Ivy 1:41 AM

Psyco Turnip 1:41 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 1:41 AM
good girl s
in am oment ladies
im going ot have ou close your eyes
and take a slow
deep breathe
and let yourself wake back up
in your own time
letting your midn process the feelings
that just happened
and allowing yourself to simply
wake up
knwoing you are back to nkormal
and that you were always safe

Ivy 1:42 AM
yes master

Amazonian Princess 1:42 AM

Psyco Turnip 1:43 AM
Yes Master, back to normal.

Sleepyhypno 1:43 AM
good girl
now take a deep breath in
and let it out slowly
close your eyes and allow yourself to wake up. in your own time... you may start this process.. NOW

Amazonian Princess 1:46 AM
We just say when we're good, or...

Sleepyhypno 1:46 AM
hehe yeah that will work =cp

Psyco Turnip 1:48 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:48 AM
welcome back =c)

Psyco Turnip 1:49 AM
Howdy. ^^;

Ivy 1:49 AM
I'm still groggy but aware

Sleepyhypno 1:50 AM
howare you ladies feeling?

Ivy 1:50 AM
in a cozy sort of way

Psyco Turnip 1:51 AM
You know what phantom waves are?
Like in a pool

Sleepyhypno 1:51 AM
kind of?

Amazonian Princess 1:51 AM
Explain it for those in the back

Psyco Turnip 1:53 AM
When in a wave pool or the ocean your body feels the current/waves, when you hop out you can still feel the motion of the water, that is known as phantom waves.

Ivy 1:53 AM
lingering sensations

Sleepyhypno 1:54 AM
happens  if you spent time on a boat as well. you'll lay in bed and you feel like your still bobbing up and down in the water

Amazonian Princess 1:54 AM
Gotcha gotcha

Psyco Turnip 1:55 AM
exactly yes. I'm kinda feeling the....limb disconnect still, its an odd but fascinating feeling.
Like a step up from your arm being asleep.
before pins and needles ya know.

Ivy 1:55 AM
mmmhhhmmm mmmhhhmmm
Funny enough, the dismemberment wasn't even the hard part for was the notion that I would want to go be a model
THAT felt farfetched to me
Then I eased into it

[Ivy Note: This isn't self-deprecating or anything: I would make the worst model, I can't pose at all!!]

Sleepyhypno 1:57 AM
LOL i caught that actually

Psyco Turnip 1:59 AM
Me too, I've been working on my suspension of disbelief not nuking anything having me on display. I think I did quite well wouldn't you say.

Sleepyhypno 1:59 AM
yeah you seemed to fall int oit pretty well.  and the few course corrections i did will ake great learning moments in the log

[Note: for those following along, the learning moment is that I had a situation here where the group was photographed. This is a MASSIVE no fly zone for Psyco specifically and most of the group in general. This didn't even register in my brain while I was doing the session. It should have, it was a flaw on my part. However, because I have such a good relationship with my subjects and have explained to them all at various times before that if something happens that they dont like they can simply ignore it, it didn’t interrupt the trance as Psyco and the rest were able to just set that suggestion aside and continue with the trance.   This is not to say I didn’t make a mistake here. I absolutely did, but it was one that was prepared for in advance. Learning moment for everyone =c) ]

Amazonian Princess 2:00 AM
We live for teachable moments

Ivy 2:00 AM
One thing that really helped, along with what you did was me thinking to myself that the person was taking great care with the pieces
Like one would handle a priceless work of art, very gently, very respectfully

Sleepyhypno 2:01 AM
the disassembly part was the main drive of the commission, it was very much, a unique thing for me.

Ivy 2:01 AM
I gathered that, yes 🙂
But it helped
Like, I pictured them gently stroking different pieces gently before settling them in the felt in the case
It was oddly soothing

Amazonian Princess 2:03 AM
The pictures, was that you or the commission?

Sleepyhypno 2:03 AM
that was me, the commision was one line and basically "turned into a mannequin and disassembled"  everythign else was all me.

Psyco Turnip 2:03 AM
That strikes me as Sleepy.

Sleepyhypno 2:04 AM
LOL see

Ivy 2:04 AM
It took me a second to recall; oh, yeah, there were pictures taken
Ooooh, BUT, the whispering in the ear...that was good

Amazonian Princess 2:05 AM
Whispering is always fun

Psyco Turnip 2:05 AM
The echoing pleasure in my hollow body was my favorite.

Ivy 2:05 AM
slowly nods in agreement

Sleepyhypno 2:06 AM
i was particularlly proud of that point =cP

Amazonian Princess 2:07 AM

Psyco Turnip 2:07 AM
It was a great visual sensation.
One of my favorites you've ever done.

Sleepyhypno 2:07 AM
and that for those keeping track of what is and is not outlined, was literally spurr of the moment.

Ivy 2:07 AM
Having experienced that before...yeah, it's a niiiiice addition

Amazonian Princess 2:08 AM
The whispering or the hollow body?

Ivy 2:08 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:08 AM

Amazonian Princess 2:08 AM

Ivy 2:08 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:09 AM
i may be a touch too predictable

Psyco Turnip 2:09 AM
The correct answer is yes. XD

Ivy 2:09 AM
No, you've got a certain style but still innovative

Sleepyhypno 2:10 AM
my wife says that i am 'predictably unpredictable, while also being unpredictably predictable.

Ivy 2:10 AM
Try putting THAT on a business card

Amazonian Princess 2:11 AM
I feel like in his line of work, that's one of the best tag lines he can have

[Note: At this point Psyco needed to go to bed, but the other two were still awake and active and Sleepygirl had just hopped online, so we went into a bit of an after party trance, but that is for another log.]



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