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A Convenient Trap - Part 4

Description: A satisfied Nyx, enjoys the fruits of her labor.

Present time…
    Bridget unties the sleeping Nyx, waking her with her own smelling salts, eventually Nyx stirs, notices the vial balanced on her nose and commands her thrall to carefully remove it. Once done Nyx absconds with her two lovelies. Nyx, Bridget and the unconscious Amethyst escape into the sewer systems, winding down endless corridors till Nyx twists a certain brick in the wall causing it to melt away, revealing a secret passageway. One of many that lead to her various laboratories strewn about the city. Deep in that hidden lab Bridget stands at attention, one leg slightly bent, shifting her weight, giving the pose a sexier appearance, glassy eyes staring ahead at nothing, completely unaware. She stands in a shadowed alcove awaiting instructions from her thoroughly distracted Mistress.
    Straddling a bound and unconscious Amethyst Nyx was enjoying herself immensely, her hands questing Amethyst’s unconscious form, freely groping her pliant flesh. Nyx deeply kisses Amethyst, forcing her tongue into Amethyst’s mouth passionately. Amethyst’s eyes began moving about rapidly behind her closed eyelids, the drugs used to keep her asleep clearly beginning to wear off. To Nyx’s great delight the drugged and slowly wakening heroine’s body began responding to the kiss, her tongue started dueling with Nyx’s invading one and Amethyst’s head tilted ever so slightly, allowing greater access. A quiet moan escapes Amethyst’s body as she responds to the external stimuli.
    Nyx couldn’t keep the giggle from boiling forth, her malicious joy filling her to bursting. Through her drugged out haze Amethyst hears a familiar sound of mirth, her mind feeling like it was filled with cotton still immediately recognized the voice….. She wasn’t making out with Sam…she was making out with her nemesis, Nyx! With a snarl Amethyst attempts to buck Nyx off her, though fastened as she is she barely shifts her weight on the gurney though she does succeed in biting the tip of Nyx’s tongue before she is able to pull away. Amethyst does her best to lunge after her adversary but quickly realizes she is restrained by a truly ludicrous number of straps….if she were a regular human, she is a superhero after all. Nyx scowls as she checks the damage to her tongue, massaging the tip of her tongue “Good morning to you too Amey”
    Nyx slowly circles Amethyst’s bound form, she traces a finger along Amethyst’s body, starting at her thigh and sliding up her body slowly with a lovers caress, ending as she traces her jawline. Amethyst attempts to bite her finger and spits in her direction when she misses, eliciting a smug laugh from the white haired beauty “Still feisty I see, good…good” Nyx shamelessly rests her hands on Amethyst’s breasts, resting her chin in Amethysts cleavage as she smirks up at her target. “You’re quite impressive you know, you’ve only been knocked out for about…” She casually checks her pocket watch “three hours, bravo. Although the record remains with Wonder Woman who woke after just under an hour so, you know…life goals” Nyx chuckles as she condescendingly taps Amethyst on the nose, deftly dodging another bite.
    “Let! Me! Go! Right…NOW!” Amethyst chews off each word through gritted teeth as she thrashes on the gurney. “Now, now my sweet Amey” Nyx smirks and sensually licks her lips, doing nothing to hide her blatant lust directed at the bound heroine. “I went through all this trouble to get you here, in this room, with me in control. Do you have any idea how much work this took?” Nyx circles Amethyst again, gliding over to the blank Bridget, she casually gropes the woman “Acquire this lovely specimen, all to lure you to this facility, she makes truly excellent bait wouldn’t you say?” Nyx squeezes Bridget’s face between her thumb and two fingers, waggling her head back and forth. “The trap was sprung almost perfectly, you almost ruined everything but that bleeding heart of yours proved to once again be my saving grace. My backup plan and a headache are easy prices to pay for success” Nyx chuckles as she winks, lifting a small bottle of Aspirin and shakes it, quickly downing two capsules.”And I came prepared for that too”
    Amethyst keeps thrashing as best she can, she felt she was starting to make headway, the gurney begins to rock and shake. “Let me go and I promise you won’t remember your own damn Name when I’m through with you!” Nyx rolls her eyes “Well I’m convinced, let me get right on that” Nyx hears the tell tale sound of leather restraints tearing, she chides herself, she has time of course but her monologuing has lost her more than one scheme, she smirks knowingly “Struggle all you want, it wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t at least attempt to break free though I came prepared for that too!” Nyx condescendingly pats Amethyst’s cheek before making her way to Bridget. She raises her hand to her lips and blows a kiss to the actress, a fine pink dust envelops the young woman “Breath deeply my thrall” Nyx coos. Without hesitation Bridget breathes in deeply, the dust vacuums in through her nostrils and open mouth. At first nothing happens, Bridget returns to her previous stance, glassy eyes continuing to stare at nothing, completely unaware of anything. Soon enough Bridget’s eyes begin to flutter and she lets out a quiet sigh, her head droops slightly before all her muscles go limp and she crumples to the floor in a heap.
    Out of the corner of her eye Amethyst watched the actress succumb to what she assumed was some type of sleep dust “What have you done!? What did you do to her!?” Amethyst cries, more buying time then wanting or even expecting an answer from the smug Sorceress. Little did Nyx know Amethyst’s right hand was nearly free and that would be more than enough to beat that pesky Nyx black and blue, saving the day. Sadly Nyx wasn't going to give her the time she needed, she advances on the bound heroine, delight clear on her face and presents her hand, another pile of pink dust prepped and ready to go. “I’ve always been more of  a show don’t tell kind of girl, sweet dreams~” Nyx blows the cloud into Amethyst’s face, following it up with a quick hammer blow to her solar plexus causing Amethyst to gasp, getting a lungful of the dust. Amethyst tries to cough and hack the dust out but it was already too late, her vision began to blur, yet still she struggled. “Shhshhshhh…. That’s enough my sweet heroine, our fight is finished, just relax and let it happen” Through gritted teeth and flecks of foam gathering at the corners of her lips Amethyst give one final push and tears through the last stitches of the strap restraining her right arm and promptly slugs Nyx in the jaw. “Shhurrrendrr….’r..elssss….”
    Unfortunately the punch had no strength behind it, Nyx jerked back more out of reflex than pain as Amethyst’s hand fell limply on her chest. “Or else what, hm? Are you going to…beat me up for great justice?” Nyx laughs while condescendingly slapping the spot Amethyst just struck “Come on… six, maybe seven more like that and I might start feeling woozy” Nyx traces Amethyst’s jawline once again “Please do continue though, I do love to watch you struggle and squirm! Watching the fight bleed out of my targets is the best part” Nyx steals another kiss from the straining heroine. Amethyst tries to turn her head away but finds her neck unresponsive, her tongue, feeling thick and leaden in her own mouth, was being thrown about by Nyx’s aggressive make out session. Nyx watched with glee as Amethyst’s eyes dilated and the fight slowly but surely drained out of her.
    Amethyst mumbles through half lidded eyes “I’lllll….Gett yuuuu….Biiii…..” Despite her best efforts Amethyst lets out one final sigh, her fluttering eyes roll up in her skull showing only whites and her body finally sags into unconsciousness, the dark encompassing her entire world. Nyx gives a satisfied smirk, pinching Amethyst’s face between her thumb and forefingers “I’m sure you will my precious” She kisses Amethyst’s forehead and steps over to her workstation. She retrieves a saline bag filled with a custom cocktail of various drugs and solutions, all geared to properly brainwash her awaiting victims. “I made this just for you O’ Mighty Amethyst, I hope you’ll enjoy it. I worked very hard on it” Nyx coos into Amethyst’s ear, setting up the bag, inserting the needle in her arm and sets the saline bag to drip and sets up the various screens  to loop the conditioning video she prepared.

Several hours later
    The sun begins peaking over the horizon, illuminating the unlit living space of Nyx’s apartments, Nyx herself is draped across her couch, stark naked. To her left is Bridget, equally naked and freely exploring Nyx’s body, caressing and groping her right breast while suckling gently at Nyx’s left. Swirling her tongue along the nipple and then pulling it into her mouth, with a long, slow suck and then letting it pop out to repeat the process. Between Nyx’s legs was a third beauty, Amethyst greedily slurps and licks at Nyx’s pussy, stabbing her tongue deeply into Nyx’s eager sex. Both girls worked passionately at their respective tasks though made no sound or any reaction at all to their own pleasures, a dull green glow illuminating their vacant eyes, a side effect of the saline solution. Nyx caresses Bridget’s face, a cheshire smile glued to her lips as another orgasm rips through her, she arches her back and basks in her thrall's dedication.
    Nyx wasn’t certain if either of them was awake or asleep, as long as the solution ran through their veins they would remain completely obedient to her and Only her. The solution would begin to break down within a week for Bridget and Nyx guessed Amethyst would need a new dose in four days, maybe three. That's why she planned to readminister every two days, it just wouldn’t do to lose her prize after so much work. Pleasure begins building again between her legs, Amethyst apparently knew what she was doing down south “Mmmmm….worth every penny” Nyx whispered to herself, pleased as punch despite being drenched in sweat from the nights…activities, good and bad.
    Nyx chuckled to herself, she petted Bridget and squeezed Amethyst’s head between her thighs affectionately. “You ladies don’t mind if I take a little nap, do you?” Neither girl responded, mindlessly intent on their given tasks of pleasuring the sorceress without cessation. Nyx smirks smugly “I didn’t think so” she moaned aloud as the pleasure built to a crescendo. Regaining her composure Nyx smirks as a naughty thought fills her mind, she snaps her finger and in a commanding tone says “Thrall two, lay on the coffee table” Bridget immediately crawls off Nyx and lays back on the coffee table staring up at the roof. Nyx carefully lays a line of fine pink powder across Bridget’s left breast, lines it up and snorts it in one quick motion, she sniffs and blinks, the heavy sluggish feeling already beginning to settle on her, she lays back on the couch and sloppily snaps her fingers “Back to work Thrallssss…” Both hasten to obey, returning to their respective positions, Amethyst lunges, burying her tongue deep in Nyx who gasps, already drooling “Shooooo…gooooodd…nniissshhlll…” Nyx trails off unintelligibly as her body tenses and relaxes all at once, an orgasm washing through her sleeping form… The first of many in her near future.

The end. 

Written by Psyco Turnip, and Sleepyhypno

All Characters belong to D.L. who commissioned this story!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page! 

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