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A convenient Trap - Part 3

Description: Nyx gives a little flashback to exactly how she went about Kidnapping Bridget and setting up her plan to capture Amethyst.

Twenty four hours previous...
    Bridget was determined to explore this city, she'd been cooped up for too long, being dragged to gallas, wining and dining with all the self important "influencers” Keith kept insisting are integral to her career.... She'd had it! Nearly two years in this city and she's barely stepped foot in it. After yet another wine tasting she bribed her driver to take her somewhere fun for the afternoon. After assuring him four times she would be fine Bridget headed for the outdoor market, she wrapped her face in a scarf and a toque(wool cap for you American folk) to hide her face and began wandering in earnest. She bought and gorged herself on so much street food, starting with a mustard pretzel, then a hotdog followed by a bag of mini donuts, enjoying them all the more simply to spite Keith. In her wanderings Bridget spoke with nearly anyone who would talk to her, her ultimate goal, the BEST cup of coffee in town.
    Speaking to dozens of people, some....a little spacier than others but who was she to judge, most of them told her of a small hole in the wall business called Grinder that served the best coffee, following the directions she was given Bridget found herself looking at a unassuming building, it barely had any advertisement saying it was a cafe "This places PR guy should be fired" Bridget muttered under her breath as she entered, the tell-tale jingle of bells notifying her entrance, she was immediately assaulted with the heavy aroma of dozens of different coffee grounds, she breathed in deeply sighing happily as she swam in the delightful fragrance. "That's what mama needs!" Bridget begins checking the various blends of coffee, smelling them and just savoring the experience.
    "Welcome miss, is there anything I can help you with?" Bridget's reverie was interrupted by a solid eight out of ten old woman if her stark white hair was anything to go by, Bridget didn't see a single wrinkle or blemish on her skin but was well versed in the majesty of botox and anti-age cream. Still, her regiment must be killer to keep herself looking so youthful "Nothin' much yet luv, just browsing for my perfect cup o' joe, you know the struggle don't 'cha?" The employee nods in understanding "Of course miss, if you need any clarification or any assistance at all, I'll be right behind that counter, happy hunting~" The woman smiles warmly before turning away, her smile slowly curling into a more devious grin as she returns to the counter, kicking the real and unconscious employee deeper into the footwell of the desk with her toe.
    Nyx watched Bridget wander the isles, calmly waiting for her to grab the right blend, eventually she grabbed the forest green bag of Irish cream from the shelf, the bag was coated in a contact solution that made the target feel dizzy and highly suggestible. The drug worked quickly, Bridget's eyes dilated almost immediately as she breathed in it's scent deeply, swaying slightly, Nyx smirks knowingly "Like that one do ya? If your interested I can let you have a free sample from the bosses secret stash, follow me" Bridget blinks and before she realizes it she is sitting at a table in the cafe's back room, waiting as delicious smelling coffee is being brewed, she scrunches up her face as she tries to remember how she got here, yet before she knew it a mug of steaming hot coffee is presented to her.
    Bridget gratefully accepts the mug and sighs happily, warming both hands, she breathes in deeply then takes a sip. It's one of the best cups she has ever had though it's after taste is.....weird, she can't put her finger on it but it tastes.....dreamy? What does dreamy taste like? As she is contemplating that the kind woman gestures to her "Don't let it get cold miss, you need to finish it all quickly" and snaps her fingers for emphasis, Bridget automatically takes another deep gulp, she begins to feel legitimately woozy as she looks at the empty mug "Itshhh alll gonnne...Why?" Bridget's eyes lose focus as her jaw relaxes, drool begins to pool at the sides of her lips, running down her chin and staining her shirt drip by drip, she doesn't seem to notice.
    Nyx waves a hand before Bridget's face, it takes the actress almost four seconds to register the movement, slowly looking up at her with glassy, vacant eyes. Nyx smirks "Perfect! She should be ready" She thinks to herself as her pointer finger begins emitting a bright purplish light. Nyx traces a sigil before Bridget's eyes, drawing a slow lazy spiral before her, she places another mug of coffee in front of her and whispers into Bridget's ear "Drink up and watch the glow miss, you just want to relax, watch and listen to me~" Bridget sat back in the chair, nearly sliding out of it as she sipped the coffee, spilling some from the corners of her mouth as her head slowly swayed in a circle watching the gaseous spiral spin before her, she attempts to speak but gurgles coffee all over herself, not seeming to notice the hot liquid spilling all over her "shhhhhhh...." Nyx places her finger on Bridget's lips, silencing her "enough of that, just relax my puppet~" Bridget's body goes fully limp, her eyes lidded as she fights to keep watching the spinning lights. Nyx continues to whispers into Bridget's pliant mind until she eventually passes out, the spiral wisps away as her head slumps through it "Sleep tight sweety"
    Groggily Bridget stirred, feeling the worst hangover of her life, she attempts to rub her temple with her fingers only to realize she is restrained. Her eyes snap open only to be blinded by the surgical light above her, she groans in pain as she squeezes her eyes shut and turns her head away, weakly attempting to struggle free of her bonds. "Finally awake I see, good, I was beginning to worry" Bridget hears a familiar voice dripping with condescension, she cracks an eye open seeing the white haired woman hovering to her left. Bridget lunges for her, attempting to bite her nose but doesn't move an inch, Nyx dances away regardless while snickering. "Feisty! I like it, welcome to my humble abode, a home away from home if you will" "Let me go! Do you know who I am!?" Bridget wails, thrashing on the table. "Of course I do Miss Regan though who you are isn't nearly as important as what you are" Nyx gives her a predatory grin.
    "You won't get away with this! My fans and the heroes will find me, you'll get nothing but jail time!" Bridget snarls as she continues to struggle, Nyx simply laughs at her. "Poor deary, I'm not after your money or notoriety. I don't even care that your a famous actress, no I'm keeping you because you're a Somnambulist'' Nyx scowls at Bridgets confused expression "Someone who is quite adept at actively moving in their sleep, you are able to function nearly as well as if you were awake... Or a sleep walker in layman's terms' ' All while giving this clinical explanation Nyx is tightening restraints and clearly preparing Bridget for something. She puts Bridget's head in a brace, forcing her to look straight up at the surgical light, Nyx reaches up, fiddling with the light above her.
    Nyx replaces the regular bulb with a device that looks similar to a DJ lighting orb; it begins emitting a kaleidoscope of colours that snare Bridget's attention nearly immediately. Bridget tried to close her eyes or turn her head, neither were successful, the light pulsed through her eyelids and the brace held fast, her thrashing lessened more and more as her body began to relax. "Sleep deeply my sweet bait, sleep and obey..." Nyx cooed in her ear "Once you are deep in hypnotic sleep the fun shall begin my sweet somnambulist, you shall become my willing slave, obeying me in every aspect! Including helping me catch my real target!" Nyx cackles and continues gloating but Bridget hears none of it, fully snared as she is by the flashing lights. Bridget's consciousness fades away, Nyx begins whispering mantras into her pliant mind a self assured smirk on her face the whole while.         

To be Concluded…

Written by Psyco Turnip, and Sleepyhypno

All Characters belong to D.L. who commissioned this story!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page! 

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